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    American from California. Did graduate studies in Switzerland, got a PhD in cell biology, married to a Swiss woman, currently live in Geneva. Hobbies include or included archery, firearms (but I'm not a right-wing Republican!!!), and hanggliding.
  1. Poor Katie, She comes back and so many people want to know about mod updates I would throw in a welcome back, but I wasn't around Arma 3 when she left, so it seems a bit weird for me to say welcome back I guess it should be "hello and welcome" Unfortunately, I must be like the quotes ones above... I am interested in any potential updates to the LCAC or Mk10 landing craft. Will you update them with Vehicle in Vehicle loading from Apex?
  2. I would like to make a small pack to improve the options available to players for conducting aerial assaults, or fighting starting from an offshore position. Right now, the NATO side can do this pretty well with the use off offshore carriers + Black Wasps for Air superiority, and the use of Marshalls/Rhinos + Blackfish for medium armored support to ground forces. CSAT does very poorly however. Its best air superiority option from an offshore position is probably the Xian, carrying only 4x short range Sahr-3s, and a radar with only a 5km range (which is basically useless against the black wasp, as even the non-stealth variant will be detected at only 4km, which is when the IR sensor would detect it too) For armored support to ground forces, the best CSAT can do is MRAPs (do those even qualify as light armor?), or very slowly swimming a Marid out (the worst APC, still just light armor). Thus I want to remedy this situation somewhat. NATO and CSAT will both get VTOL fighters (so the offshore base could also be an island without an airfield, or a user created offshore base/platform instead of a carrier, or a flotilla of destroyers, etc) For NATO, it will be the F-35F which I will also keep as a standalone variant: For CSAT, it will be an "Air Dominance Variant" of the Xian, with a very powerful radar (equal to the static ground radars). Each pylon will also be able to mount 2x R-77s or 3x R-73s, in addition to what they can now. Countermeasure capacity, and cannon ammo capacity will be doubled. Top speed and agility will be slightly increased. Transport capacity will be gone. I may get around to giving the AAF a port of the Harrier... maybe To remedy their poor ability to give support from ground vehicles, an "Assault" variant of the Marid has been added. This will be slingloadable (I've already made a variant with slingload memory points, but I still had to use the setMass command to lower its mass enough to allow a Taru to lift it) so that CSAT can give their troops something more durable than an MRAP. Its torque and engine power have been decreased, in anticipation of its lower mass. As the Marid lacks the firepower to go up against other APCs/IFVs/armored vehicles (such as the marshal with its 40mm autocannon, or the rhino), its firepower has been improved. The assault variant's HMG fires 12.7x108mm APDS rounds, instead of 12.7x99m Ball rounds. I'm also considering giving similar firepower upgrades to all the MRAPs (using the currently unused 12.7x99mm SLAP rounds in the HMGs of the AAF and NATO MRAPs). Similarly, I'm considering upgunning the UGVs with SLAP/APDS rounds, and increasing their hitpoints to make them less vulnerable to SAF (since a standard HMG will shred them really fast right now). CSAT does have one advantage for airborne assaults though... logistics. The Taru can slingload all zamak logistics variants except fuel (civy fuel trucks can be used in that case though). NATO must slingload repair offroads/vans/ambulances/ammo boxes, or ViV load civy fuel and repair zamaks. I'm thus considering making NATO Ammo & repair variants of the civy Boxer truck and/or NATO variants of the Zamaks for use with the Blackfish (lets say they are contributions from eastern European NATO members). Lastly, I'm considering porting ZSU-23-2s (static and Ural mounted), and adding slingload points to them... for CSAT, syndicate, or AAF - not sure yet. At the moment, I've only got the F-35F, the R-77 and R73 missile racks, and a slingloadable Marid firing APDS rounds. Anyone interested, or have suggestions for what could be changed/added to improve amphibious/airborne assault options (without requiring entirely new models, and knowing that the 3d models of BI arma 3 assets can't be modified)?
  3. Yes, I had already seen these, and they are what I'm using at the moment. The problem for the "openBayWhenWeaponSelected" is that it doesn't discriminate between weapons. Ideally I would like the bays to open when rocket pods are selected (I plan on including the memory point with the hatch selection, so the rocket pods should swing out with the hatch doors), since a delay in firing those is fairly undesirable. For guided weapons like scalpels and AMRAAMs, I would like the bays to stay closed when the weapon is selected, and just have the bays open and eject out of the bottom when one pulls the trigger. I'm unsure what will happen if I do a 6x AMRAAM loadout (2 pylons with 1x AMRAAM each, 2 pylons with 2x AMRAAM each), with 2 of the pylons assigned to bays that open when the weapon is selected, and 2 where the bay stays closed (particularly as I may have two defined bays use the same doors, where the outer pylons just open the outer hatch doors, while the inner pylons open inner and outer hatch doors). So... I think I may want "openBayWhenWeaponSelected" to be set to zero, and a separate script to animate the doors when DARs or DAGRs are selected. On another note, it seems the AGM-88C HARM is bigger than I thought, and I'll need to change the bay dimensions a lot to have it not clip the front, back, and top. Its also a little silly that its the AGM-88C, when the AGM-88E entered service in 2010, and But... I don't have a model sample to edit for it, or any similar looking missile... I'm thinking of introducing a fictional AGM-99 ALARM (Advanced Light Anti-Radiation Missile), that would use the Zephyr model, and have a weaker warhead (I'm thinking half the Hit, indirectHit, and indirectHitRange values of the HARM) So... at the moment, I have a working HUD, animated VTOL/control surfaces/weapon bays, working pylon loadout (still needs a picture for the F-35 instead of the buzzard in the pylon loadout menu), sensors and stealth. I still need to get an animation working for the stick in the cockpit, and do something it improve the textures. I also still need to improve the 2x AMRAAM pylon so that 2 AMRAAMs are actually visible. I also need to add memory points for wingtip vortices.
  4. Mod updated, has the sounds, flight model (mostly), and HUD of the black wasp... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1583193287 I don't know why it starts to pitch up when you reduce vectoring a little, anyone know what parameter I should change? As for the LHD: Well I don't have permission, I downloaded Atlas:LHD Plus... its quite outdate, but it works (you just need to do some text editing of a mission file to place it in, after that copy and paste is fine). The biggest problem is that it adds weapon systems which use vanilla weapons, but with new magazines... it seems to redefine the magazines that vanilla weapons accept, and the result is that pylon magazines for the ASRAAM do not get recognized (I think it may also screw up some other magazines). Other pylon weapons work fine (AMRAAMs, BIM-9, scalpel, etc) I used hexedit to directly edit the binary file, and also change some things that enabled simulation inside the map editor... But I don''t have the files to rebinarize it and sign the output file. I think a simple config to load after the atlas LHD would fix the pylon problem... but I don't know how else to get rid of the annoying simulation in the map editor after its been placed (the direct editing of the binary file is quite a crude method). Its unsigned, so I don't think it can be used in MP. To the community, I shouldn't upload this LHD thing, right?
  5. I think I already found how, just haven't had the time to implement it. The Blackfoot uses something called a holster value or something like that, but from what I've read, it only works for helos
  6. Ok, so its WIP, I still need to: 1) Give it a working HUD (I think I can just copy the right text from the Black wasp config... although maybe its harder than that) 2) get the weapon bays to animate (I think I know what I need to do), ideally with a script to have the bays open if DARs are selected 3) improve textures 4) Tweak the model to resemble an F-35 more and an X-35 less 5) Uhhh... I think I had something else to do as well, but it escapes me now... I'm open to suggestions But I'll share the file for now: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1583193287
  7. I suppose you could use the attachto command, and just have a trigger so that when you get close to it, it attaches to you https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/attachTo and later use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/detach
  8. Weapon tests

    @oukej Is it intended that a 7.62x 51mm LMG can kill all the occupants of an AMV-7 marshal? Firing from straight ahead at the driver's hatch will easily kill the driver. Firing perpendicular to the turret sides can kill the gunner (firing from one side of the turret) and the commander (firing from another side of the turret). The commander and gunner are fairly resistant to the .308 shots (they penetrate, but not very far, multiple shots are needed), but a 50 hmg will go right through one side and out the other, killing both the gunner and the commander. From straight on, the driver is vulnerable to SAF. From the turret sides, the gunner and commander are moderately vulnerable to SAF, and very vulnerable to HMGs. Is this vulnerability of the crew intended? it might be lightly armored as a trade-off for packing the 40mm cannon, but then it seems the gorgon is preferable. Of course, the marshal is airmobile with the blackfish, but this vulnerability was around before there was a blackfish afaik. I'm not complaining, it still protects the crew against 6.5mm weapons and below. The gunner and commander are pretty safe from 7.62 rounds as long as they aren't fired from close range. In a hull down position with the turret facing the enemy/direction of incoming, the crew is safe from incoming rounds, and will basically survive as long as the vehicle does... unlike in a potential urban scenario where MMG or sniper fire (marksmen MMGs/rifles, Lynx, M320) can kill the crew and leave the vehicle in nearly pristine condition. Despite the crew's vulnerability, the AI doesn't really seem to kill the crew, whereas I've been killed in a Nyx by AI firing HMGs multiple times
  9. of course I'll do "what makes [me] happy", but if there's no interest, then I there's little purpose to status updates in a thread and workshop uploads. That said... I think there would be some interest in some of the things I proposed, based on some "likes" i got in a suggestions thread I made a while back. Basically I complained about Opfor being a bit OP in a scenario with both sides on the same landmass (and both controlling an airstrip, or neither controlling an airstrip)... but that the situation completel reverses if Opfor needs to cross water/do an airborne assault/ only has an offshore based for fast-mover airpower (ie the Xian). Blufor has airmobile armor... Opfor has only MRAPs. Blufor (and Indfor) has amphibious autocannon equipped armor, Opfor has only the marid with an HMG/GMG Making the Marid's firepower (and an Ifrit's) more competitive with an autocannon (through the use of APDS rounds) would be a good start, and allowing a taru to lift it would be great. Their fast-mover airpower is limited to the Xian if they don't control an airfield (such as a scenario starting with an offshore base), while Blufor can have the offshore base be in the form of the USS Freedom, and it can thus operate black wasps (although with appropriate scripting and papering over the US flag with CSAT flags, CSAT can also operate fast movers from it... but.... its not great). But the Xian is not great at all for A2A combat, even with scripts setting A2A missiles on the pylons (due to its very limited radar range).... so a pure combat variant with better A2A capabilities would be nice. But in other scenarios (such as no airfields, no USS freedom)... a pure combat VTOL for Opfor would be OP'd against bluefor... so Blufor needs its own combat VTOL... I figured the F-35 would be the greatest challenge, so I'd do that first as a standalone, and if I manage it, put out the little pack afterward (which would be mostly just config changes). Although I still would want to go farther (harrier for the AAF, airmobile static ported ZSU-23s, ural ZSU-23's for syndicat, and a AH-64 port for blufor), I don't think I have time for porting the rest of those.
  10. You aren't allowed to do more than that? can't you edit the 3d model too? I'm using the F-35B (Ie X-35B) p3d model from arma 2 samples, and changing the model a bit (like giving the exhaust pipe a sawtooth edge, making a bump where the EOTS should be, changing the cockpit for better visibility, etc)... that's still allowed, no? *edit, oops, confused binarized arma 3 models, with Arma 2 sample models, since the OP asked about the "FV510 Warrior (Mora?)", since the FV510 Warrior was from Arma 2, but the Mora in arma 3 is basically the same model, just updates (and most importantly now, with interiors).
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVehicleTIPars Set the vehicle heat signature to 1 (on a scale of 0-1), and it will show up as an IR target for quite a while whether or not it has the engine on.
  12. TBH, reporting cardinal directions is actually more useful... they just need to fix the wording. If the squad is moving east, and they report "right" I'd think that I should look south, but if they reported "East", I'd look in the right direction
  13. Very WIP version here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1583193287 Still needs: 1) improved textures 2) animated weapon bays, pilot controls 3) further tweaked model 4) properly configured hitpoints so that the engine, sensors, controls, etc can be damaged while the plane hasn't been completely destroyed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I noticed, years after Arma 3 has been out, there are still very few mods for an F-35B, and none are standalone. Alternatives: So I decided to try to make my own port, and in the process to modify the model to be a bit more F-35-like and a bit less X-35-like, and also to make some changes to stats that are simply judgement calls So at the moment, I've got a standalone VTOL F-35 with a working targeting camera, sensors suite+stealth properties, dynamic loadout system, and animations working (pilot controls still aren't animated). I will try to make the textures look better soon (it is way too bright under mid day direct sunlight). I haven't uploaded this latest version yet, hence the discrepancies with the text and linked file above the line. Misc. Pics: I'm trying to give it a more versatile weapon's loadout, so that it won't just be limited to a pair of bombs (or SDB racks) and a pair of AMRAAMs I was going to give it an integrated 25mm gatling gun with 300 rounds (yea, I know, only the A model has this, and with only 180 rounds, I'll probably lower the ammo count for this "F" model later), and 4 weapon pylons. However, the 25mm still in the game files is actually worse than the 20mm gatling after its recent buff. Also for a space an weight limited V/STOL model, a smaller 20mm cannon makes sense, so its getting the same 20mm cannon as the blackfoot (which should be based on the real world XM301 gun, which is a 3 barrel version of the good old M61 Vulcan, and is said to be "the world's lightest 20 mm Gatling cannon", so it seems a good fit for a V/STOL fighter) I'm also going to add a new missile type, a smaller version of the HARM, the AGM-99 ALARM (Advanced Light Anti-Radiation Missile, I'm going to try and tweak its blast so that 1 is not sufficient to take out a Tigris/Cheetah, but it will kill static radars and Nxy recons). I can't stand the name 20mm minigun, so I will clone the weapon and rename the clone "20mm gatling", since a goal of mine is that vanilla assets will be completely unmodified when using the mode. Each of the two outer pylons will support: 1x ASRAAM/Bim-9x/AMRAAM D/ALARM/1x12 DAR Pod, still considering a 1x12DAGR pod These pylons will be on the doors and will swing out with the doors when fired. Each of the two inner pylons will support: 2x AMRAAM D/2x ALARM/4x SDB/4x Scapel/1x GBU-12/1x CBU-85 I'm considering making a 3x ASRAAM rack for the inner bays, (to be something like a MSDM/CUDA type missile: So an A2A loadout could be, for example 6x AMRAAM, or 2x BIM-9, 4x AMRAAM A CAS loadout might be 24x DAR, 4x scalpel, 4x SDB A SEAD loadout might be 2x ALARM, 8x scalpel... if I allow DAGRs, I could see that changing to 24x DAGR and 4x ALARM Top speed is about even with the Black Wasp for now (I think I'll scale it back a little). Radar stealth is the same as the black wasp, radar range is the same as the black wasp. Its IR stealth is a 20% reduction in detection range (a 0.8 multiplier). Its IR sensor is the same as that found on the A-164 wipeout, except not limited to view distance settings. Fictional lore for the F-35F in armaverse:
  14. I'll try the discord later after work... but I basically started directly using the Arma 3 samples plane, just changing the faction to Blu_F and the crew to B_Fighter_Pilot_F (also changed the weapons to just CMFlareLauncher, gatling_25mm, and Laserdesignator_pilotCamera ... pylons to be added later) Then I added points to the model and stuff to the config to allow a targeting camera to work, and tweaked the geometry a little (added a physX LOD) I put in the file paths for the textures and rvmats (and pathed to some Arma 3 equivalents that I couldn't find in the Arma 2 samples) I even kept the same folder structure in the addon (CA\Air2\F35B etc). I initially didn't touch the animations, and only some stuff in the cockpit worked. So far every attempt to modify the model file has just not worked, or broken the cokcpit displays that were working... so it seems there's something not quite right about the samples...
  15. I'm pretty sure that the LODs have the same named selections... might it be a problem of inheritances... since I assume the plane and vehicle configs that it inherits from are different between arma 2 and 3?