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    American from California. Did graduate studies in Switzerland, got a PhD in cell biology, married to a Swiss woman, currently live in Geneva. Hobbies include or included archery, firearms (but I'm not a right-wing Republican!!!), and hanggliding.

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  1. Mirroring of pylons now works. I fixed the issue with it taking a long time to come to a stop when you do a rolling landing. I've added a variant named F-35B with doubled IR, active radar, and passive radar sensor ranges, and doubled weapon ranges for the ARM missiles and A2A missiles, now it just needs some better SAMs and fighters to oppose it. Also a slight tweak, the external pylons variant can mount 19x DAR pods
  2. I don't think it is. If it is, I'd be very interested, and I would try to make a Blackfoot variant with external stub wings for more weapons carriage
  3. So I've ported the F-35 from Arma 2, but it takes a lot of runway to come to a stop even when landing under 200 km/h. I've added a couple zeros to the brake torque, but it seems to have no effect, can anyone assist? relevant parts of the config:
  4. I like to have ship or offshore platform based missions, but one issue I have when using an LHD addon or the USS freedom with vehicles ferried by the Blackfish is that when one is landed on the ship/offshore platform and selects the action "unload vehicle", instead of unloading the vehicle behind the blackfish (or Xian, anything with ViV functionality really), the unloaded vehicle spawns over the side of the ship, and falls into the water. It seems the only way to unload a vehicle onto the ship/platform is to hover just above the ship/platform, and then unload the vehicle. I was wondering if there was any good way to get around this with a scripted solution. I don't really know how to write Arma 3 scripts beyond simple things like "this addweaponTurret ...", so any help would be appreciated If I had to start stumbling my way into writing a script, here's how I would start: I'm sure there will be problems, and I wouldn't know how to start fixing them. Can anyone assist?
  5. Hmmm, I can fix the mirror thing, I never actually have used mirror before, so I never noticed it. With only 4 pylons, I always set them manually. As for the landing gear sound issue, I've never used the F-35 in multiplayer, so I didn't realize that, I'll take a look and see if I see anything that might be the cause.
  6. Ex3B

    Lore friendly hub for CTRG

    Which is? I agree, it didn't have any plot holes really - unless you consider the ability of the FIA to hide to be a plothole (I forgave it, limited view distance, and limited scale, scale the island up, add civilians to blend in with, and its better. After all they passed roadblocks posing as civilians and such... happens on Altis in A3 as well) It had infantry missions, it had stealth missions, it had tank missions, it had helo missions, at had a plane mission. It had missions where you get dominated, or do the dominating. Sure, the story was fairly conventional (rogue general, has nuke, must be stopped. Red dawn-ish scenario where the tide turns). The helo missions were fairly simply, and the plane mission was super simple. Resistance: didn't get the expansion pack when it came out, played it much later. Was enjoyable, but I missed having a few vehicle missions in the mix. Further digression from the topic: A3's campaign was relatively good if you don't think about the larger plot, but just individual missions (still many plotholes, and I'm not a fan of the magic- eastwind device). I think it lacked in combined arms combat (well, on your side, it always felt like guerilla forces vs a competent enemy, even after the NATO invasion). There was a lack of vehicular combat content. The Steel-pegasus and tanks DLC stories that tied into the campaign solve this partially, but it still lacks aeriel missions (just how does the fixed wing showcase or jets DLC demo mission fit into the campaign? I don't think they do). Its a shame, too, because A3 has a lot of mechanics that make for even better possibilities for combined arms scenarios. Fastk movers doing Air superiority missions, then SEAD, followed by Blackfish dropping buttloads of infantry and medium armor/ Helis dropping off infantry, MRAPS, Nyxs, etc. SDVs swimming up an inlet and showing up in an unexpected place, take down an ADS, and secure an LZ for the airmobile MRAPs, tankettes, and medium armor... couldn't be done without VERY heavy scripting before. The big limitation is CSAT, their airmobile ground combat vehcile assets are horrible (MRAPs, LSVs, and that's it, vs NYx's for the AAF, and MRAPs, Rhinos, and Marshals for NATO), going with amphibious assets doesn't help much (marid with an HMG and GMG vs NATO's marshall with a 40mm autocannon, and AAF with a 30mm autocannon and AT missiles). Its why I modded a Marid variant that is airmobile, and can fire APDS rounds (and its GMG can fire "saboted" 20mm cannon shells at higher velocity for more range, but still significantly lower velocity than standard 20mm cannons such as on the Nyx and buzzard).
  7. Ex3B

    Russians in Arma 3

    Contact did not say that Russia joined CSAT. Contact said that Russia was considering joining CSAT. At least for the T-140 you have a generic dark grey camo scheme or 2 tone green that could fit the Ruskies well. The CSAT helos have a plain black color scheme that should work well for Ruskies too. If only this didn't have the CSAT insignia, or the hex stuff at the front (I forget, doe neophrons have a similar color scheme, or was that from a mod?)
  8. I basically cheated and looked online to determine where they were. I found the first one on my own. The thing is that the "bouncer" has such a small radius that it doesn't really help you find anything, as the After checking online, I reverse direction for all of about 15 seconds, and got another "danger zone" with a red circle indicating the danger area (luck that I was that close, I guess?), and that made it obvious where to look. It seems the radius of the danger area is wider than the bouncer scan radius... so...? As for the "points of interest",
  9. Ex3B

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    So I've seen people ask for there to be free variants of other ARs with underbarrels shotguns (ie, Promet SG clones), now they ask for the map to be free. The expansion was basically some weapons, a drone, a scripted campaign, and a map+reskins to use the map. People have asked for the weapons and map for free. That means what you'd get by paying is the scripted campaign, and a small drone. If you don't think that's worth the money for the expansion now, then it certainly wouldn't be if you got less by actually paying. The *more* stuff you get by paying, the less you feel overcharged. In your desire to get free stuff, those who paid will feel ripped off, and no one will pay more. Sorry, it just doesn't work this way.
  10. Ex3B

    Project Livonia

    Honestly, at the vehicle level, its just AAF-light. Every LDF vehicle seen in official BI conent is an AAF reskin except for the mini-UGV and the pickup. This mod adding the nyx, mohawk, and Gryphon makes it a little more so. Countering that is the trainer. The LDF doesn't need an amphibious apc rrally, and all wheeled ones are amphibious... Armed offroads in LDF camo would be nice (dont really need a mod for that though), but the LDF would still lack an MRAP... Possibly a hunter? They could also get the AH/MH-9, and they'd be mostly a AAF/NATO hybrid in the vehicle area. Maybe give them T-100's to reflect their former USSR status, and slow-ish move towards NATO? That could make them not an AAF in woodland camo clone, while still filling out their roster - enough that the AAF isn't obviously better than them (as they are based on assests available in the stock editor)
  11. Ex3B

    Lore friendly hub for CTRG

    I also feel uncomfortable with this... but only in the context of a campaign/mission series. On a single mission, as an infantryman, its fine when there's not need to zoom the map out to see more than several km or terrain at once. From the boots on the ground perspective, the terrain seems huge. Once you start traversing it with helos, or doing several missions as in a campaign where you are advancing across the terrain, you realize how small it is. All the way back to OFP... could the rebels really have hid in that castle in plain view of St. Pierre for so long? Nope... (but back then the view distance limit of 900 meters also made things seem bigger) Its surprising to me that map size hasn't increased all that much from 1999 Back in OFP, the largest terrain was 57 km (yet somehow back then I thought everon was larger). By 2002, we had a 95 km terrain. This was nearly doubled by 2009. From 2009 to now, the largest terrain is still Altis, at 270. Only 1.5x the size of A2's terrain, and 4.7x the size of OFP vanilla's terrain. The detail has increased much more, so ports of the old terrains seem to run faster, but the size hasn't increased to the point that the scale isn't limiting. I think map layout also has a big effect. Digression: One thing that helps with the scale now is the use of offshore assets like carriers and destroyers. The base no longer seems to be right on top of any objective. Planes can launch and not immediately do a 360 and have a radar scan of air threats over the whole island, etc. Even 30 km off shore, with a Blackfish transporting your squad, you can reach the objective in about 4 minutes... about 3 minutes if using a Xian.
  12. I also tried to limit the killing of LDF. I managed to find a suppressed SPAR, and later on a MOS (no need for a NVS with all that moonlight, but I found one of those later too). There's one point in one mission where I could have optionally hacked a UGV, but in the end I didn't. I did headshot a single LDF soldier that was exactly where I needed to go, and I got the objective done with one LDF death (different objective from the one you're talking about). However, I suggest that you kill as many LDF as you like. If its simpler to kill them, kill them. If its safer to evade and misdirect, then do that. As to why I say this, spoilers: Well, this seems like a good point to respond to and give my thoughts. As far as gameplay, there are a few instances where stuff spawns/despawns while within the players FOV or really close to the player... which is not very good. Having an enemy just pop into existence right in front of you, or in a place that you just checked is not good. Having a unit be there one moment, and gone the next is also a bit bad... I only saw the appearing enemies once, and the disappearing unit once, but I've read a complaint about enemy spawns elsewhere on the forum, that was clearly not the same place I saw it happen... so its something that could be improved. in my case:
  13. Ex3B

    Project Livonia

    Very well, most of it is in spoilers now. I don't think that was much of a spoiler though... just mentioning the equipment that the LDF apparently has, without saying what it was doing
  14. Ex3B

    Project Livonia

    Well, I just finished the Contact campaign, and without spoiling too much: The LDF does have Gryphons.
  15. Ex3B

    Contact campaign thread

    A suggestion: