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    American from California. Did graduate studies in Switzerland, got a PhD in cell biology, married to a Swiss woman, currently live in Geneva. Hobbies include or included archery, firearms (but I'm not a right-wing Republican!!!), and hanggliding.

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  1. Ex3B

    Change Missile Position

    The pylon position is specified by the proxy is the model. Which one is used is determined by the priority value or just the order that they are specified in the config (I forget) Ui position just specifies where the box is to select the loadouts in the editor
  2. Ah, I missed that page, it seems I need the memory points. For the rest of the information: I was using the cfgHUD.hpp provided with the TestPlane in the arma 3 samples, and I was using the model from the pilot view of the test plane, I should have thought to look in the memory layer too.
  3. I'm porting (and modifying) an SU-34 for the purpose of making a CSAT carrier based multi-role fighter. My problem is that the old Arma 2 HUD kind of sucks/lacks features present in the arma 3 HUDs, and I would like to use the Shikra HUD. I'd even settle for the Buzzard's HUD.. so I took the hud of the TestPlane 01, and copied and pasted it into the SU-34's pilot view (deleting the old HUD), and referenced the HUD .hpp config like so: class MFD { class HUD { enableParallax = true; #define PosY0Center 0.10-0.019 #define PosYCenterHorizont 0.4-0.019 #define PosX0Center 0.51 #define SizeX10deg 0.775 #define SizeY10deg 0.61 //#include "\EX3B_SU34\SU34\cfgRU_HUD.hpp" #include "\EX3B_SU34\SU34\cfgHUD.hpp" }; }; In bold are the only things I changes The problem is... it doesn't seem to work. What can I do to enable an arma3 HUD in my SU-34 port? At this point, I'm thinking of having it inherit from the F-181 to get the HMD, and then just delete the HUD structure... 😕
  4. I think that requires modifying the .cfg file, unfortunately
  5. Glad to hear that your start from scratch worked. However, what I see around line 268 is this: I think that " { " is the problem. You closed class cfgWeapons after your vests section. It seems you weapon to reopen it (defining it twice) for your headgear section. You then commented out the class cfgWeapons, but not the " { ". Delete the }; from the end of your vests config (this part:) and that } from the start of your headgear part, and that problem should be solved.
  6. I know, it makes it hard to give CSAT a decent ship based air superiority fighter without just doing a reskin of the BW, or porting something from A2 and reskinning+ changing the model and giving it an animation (I did something similar with the buzzard, *cough* I mean the test plane from the arma 3 samples) So given that the shikra is not suitable for ship operations and can't be made to be in a believable manner (you could make it vtol, but thats not believable given the model)... Why not just remove the word "Navy" from the texture?
  7. How are the height maps stored? I've only played with terrain height maps for a different game, Kerbal Space Program, in which the height maps for the planets/moons are stored as greyscale images (black = lowest terrain, white = highest terrain), is this how it works for Arma? is there a height map resolution limit? I guess if there's a resolution limit, then increasing the size leads to that terrain detail loss that you describe.
  8. Hmmm, I don't know anything about porting and modifying terrains (only porting and modifying arma 2 assets and very simple retextures). I don't know what limitations you speak of, but I will take your word for it. I saw this abandoned version (chernarus 2035) https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1113631358 and hoped for something like that with Utes placed farther away. It seems bigger than the original chernarus... So I thought it would be a simple increase of grid size, and copy and paste of the utes terrain. Its a pity that its not like that
  9. It says navy... But has no arrestor hook?
  10. Currently working on a modified C-130 Hercules port, mostly scaled up by 1.2x, and made into a vehicle (only) transport. I'm going to give it a CSAT Skin, and make the Marid too heavy to sling load again. CUrrently calling it the Chong-Ki Boi (It is a "chonky" boy) CSAT will thus only be able to slingload Qillins, Ifrits, and Kindovs, to NATO/AAF's Prowlers/Hunters/Nyxs. While NATO's blackfish can transport Rhino's and Marshals (and Zamacks), CSAT's CHong-ki Boi can transport Marids, Zamacks, and I made it juuussst big enough (and set the mass limit just high enough) to transport 1x T-100 Varsuk. So CSAT would be able to move MBTs by air, but would need to secure an airfield to land it, in contrast to the Blackfish which can land anywhere. And.. I'm going to give it a tailhook, although its too big to operate from the LHD based light carrier, a reskinned USS freedom is just big enough.
  11. I'm loving the idea of Chernarus updated with Livonia assets, but what would be be far the most awesome would be a combined Chernarus+Utes map with Utes ~16 km offshore (so ones doesn't take off and immediately be within SAM range of ground sams based on Chernarus).
  12. Bump, Updated and uploaded a WIP Vodnik BPPU port (Kindov 30mm CTWS), and a "light carrier" modification of the LHD without national markings (has a catapult and arrestor wire functionality). Added a CSAT Buzzard (To-198 Alca) that has an arrestor hook (model is WIP), allowing CSAT to operate a fixed wing aircraft from offshore aside from the Xian (the lower RCS of the buzzard really helps when taking down SAM radars with the ARM missiles)
  13. "All the scripting commands to change flightheight do not work for loiter action." Can't you use flyinHeightASL to stop it? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/flyInHeightASL I could swear that I've tried it before and it worked.
  14. I'm actually working on a mod related to that subject right now... but through scripting alone ... I don't think so. For an aircraft to use the tail hook, it needs to have a memory point and tailhook selection defined in the model See this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_AircraftTailhook Which from the extracted files is this script: What I've done in the past for a mission, is to put a trigger linked to a named Shikra, the trigger area was a rectangular area right over the arrestor wires, with a very low height limit, and some conditions for the shikra's heading and velocity (using getDir, getVelocity, etc), so that if that shikra entered the trigger area in a certain speed and heading range, a setvelocity command would execute and lower the speed enough to stop. If you're interested in shikra's landing on carriers... you might be interested in my mod "offshore assault" which I will update soon. I also notice a lack of CSAT options for operating from ships, so I've made a version of the ATLAS LHD with no american insignia or colors stuff, a Xian variant with a much better radar, that can carry up to 12 air to air missiles, a CSAT A-143 buzzard variant that has an arrestor hook, and placeable arrestor wires and aircraft catapults to allow one to turn the no-insignia LHD into a light carrier. I also added a port of the Vodnik from Arma 2, in CSAT camo, that can be slung load... something to compete with the Marshal and its 40mm cannon being deployed by the blackfish (the vodnik port can be hoisted by the Taru)... although this stuff I mention will be in my next update (aside from the Xian and base LHD)
  15. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgWeapons_Vehicle_Weapons PylonRack_3Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F for macers (maverick ATGMs) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgMagazines#PylonRack_3Rnd_Missile_AGM_02_F PylonRack_2Rnd_BombCluster_01_F (for CBU 85s) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgMagazines#PylonRack_2Rnd_BombCluster_01_F Have you not tried these?