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    American from California. Did graduate studies in Switzerland, got a PhD in cell biology, married to a Swiss woman, currently live in Geneva. Hobbies include or included archery, firearms (but I'm not a right-wing Republican!!!), and hanggliding.

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  1. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Oh yeah, aesthetics are much better, as is gameplay by not having the same turret profile as a gorgon It's just that the role is redundant Oh yeah... Although I can get by without the namer/ panther by giving the mora a NATO skin. An upgunned marid should also be configured with slingload points, so that those with the desire can use the setMass command to allow them to be slingloaded for a specific scenario
  2. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    And my hopes were not in vain, awesome Also looks like we got new armored vehicle variants, but while they are good, I am slightly disappointed. The BTR-T fills the same role as the BTR-K, but it looks better and doesn't reuse the gorgon turret The new Marids fill the same role as the old ones, just a different turret look (but still an HMG). An upgunned marid would have been nice and performed a new role
  3. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Insert plug for hexacopter drones with shorter ranged weapons: lim-85, Adr-97, etc
  4. Yes, you need to edit the config. Ethically, this A-35 is derived from an open source share-alike licence, so if I understand right, I am not allowed to stop others from editing as they want Nah, that's fine, the y axis goes from 90 up (straight up) to 90 down (straight down), as it goes from straight up to straight down across 360 degrees of the x axis, that does give full spherical coverage
  5. I will have to check that out, it shouldn't be able to do that. 1) that is the display radius, not the radar range. The shikra also has a 16km display mode, even though it's radar is only 13km (I think it's passive anti-radar sensor works out to 16km) 2) I know it's short for reality, but that's the way the vanilla units are. I balanced it to fit in with vanilla units. I would consider making a version with all sensor and missile ranges doubled... I did that for the f-35f *Edit* well, at least doubling the range of anti-air radars+radar guided AA and ARM missiles, but then I would have to make versions of everything relevant: shikras, gryphons, buzzards, SAMS, nyx, perhaps the Tigris/cheetah (although they lack radar guided missiles, it's relevant if they are data linked to sams), etc .. Yea, I don't know how to add that...
  6. #1) I am pretty sure that the radar range is 15km, like the F-181 #2) to my knowledge, weight of stuff on the pylons doesn't matter to Arma, it would be cool if I was wrong. That said, each variant does have a different flight model, the stealth variant has a better TWR at zero speed than the non-stealth and semi stealth (and a lower drag coefficient). It's meant so that the non stealth variant is not VTOL (just STOVL) but you still have full vectoring control Well, I could make the VTOL control more sluggish 😛 That comes from @AveryTheKitty's Aegis mod's development of Ollie's mod, I can't take much credit here (I did get the mfd displaying stores to sort of work) As those aren't vanilla features, I don't know how to add them. Regarding DAS though, it sort of does have it in the form of 360 degree IR sensor coverage (much better range than found on the f-181)
  7. Thanks Sorry, it was set to private, I changed it to public now I'm curious as to what mod the old F-35 vtol mission is from? Firewill? Cup? My old "f35f"? Double front wheel is gone in the standalone, one of the tweaks 😛
  8. The base mod hasn't been updated with small tweaks to the AV-35B. The base mod also includes the LHD (already available as a standalone, although I should update it with a tweak to the optional ViV piece), and the V-22 variants, which I haven't put up as a standalone yet.
  9. Ok, standalone "A-35": https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2754316499 Incorporates some minor tweaks/improvements. Standalone AH-99: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2754318278
  10. Yea, my most popular upload is the standalone LHD. I know that I don't like to load certain mods (cough CUP cough) because there's just too much that I am not interested in. To be fair, the AH-99E mohawk mod already did that. It uses 2 pylon slots to add the stub wings (EFAMS) via pylon rail proxies. Despite using 2 pylon slots for this, one only gets to choose between 8-10 scalpels for thise 2 pylon slots (the other 4 pylons function as normal). My change is that you can now select mixtures of scalpels and ASRAAMs, in addition to a new short range arm missile inspired by the real anti-radar sidewinder variant. You can now have 8 scalpels, 2 ASRAAMs, and 4x DAR/DAGR pods (48 rockets), for a loadout a little better than A2's AH-1z. My other issue is that the sensors to stealth ratio of the Blackfoot is inferior to the kajman. They both use only LG or infrared guided weapons, but the kajman's IR ground sensors have 50% more range. A 30% radar sug reduction and no IR reduction for the Blackfoot doesn't offset this. So I buffed the visual and IR sensors of the Blackfoot to be equal to the kajman's. At the same time, the stealth variant got some buffs to IR and radar sign. I mean... it's a mod, all mods (except cdlc if you count those) are free. That title seems less descriptive. Plus I want to make another small pack with some CSAT assets.
  11. Just realized that the last minute untested change I made broke the animations, uploaded a fix
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2747026822 Hello all, I've been slowly turning an F-35C model into a pseudo- F-35B model. This comes from Ollie's original MakeArmaNotWar entry of the FC-37 thunder (APL-SA), through @AveryTheKitty's Aegis mod. (still need to change some things, particularly the nose wheel). I'm dubbing it the A-35. Its got 2 variants: The A-35C (carrier version, minimally modified), and the AV-35B (VTOL version, uses Arma 2 assets as well). Each has 3 sub variants (Stealth/Semi-Stealth/Non-stealth) Unlike other planes, each variant has a different flight envelope, so the stealth variant flies slighty better than the semi-stealth, which is itself slightly better than the non-stealth - to reflect extra drag and loading. I also modified @deltagamer's Ah-99e mohawk (APL-SA). It is now the AH-99 (EFAMS). Instead of using 2 pylons with only the choice of 4 or 5 scalpels each (one where the original missile would go, plus 3 or 4 on the stub wing), I now have 2 variants: One which uses one pylon to add 8x Scalpel/ASRAAM on 2 stub wings, and the other pylon is used to add 2x Scalpel/ASRAAM. Similarly, the other variant has a 6/4 pylon distribution. I think this gives more flexibility in loadout. V-22 (Arma 2 port) - Comes in a vehicle transport variant (can transport a nyx or prowler), a troop transport variant, and an AWACS variant. Now optionally armed via the pylon system with miniguns and 2 missile pylons - One of the pylons is slaved to the Pilot camera, so you can control a minigun turret with the pilot camera LHD (From J0nes' improvement of the Arma2 version) I may do just a standalone A-35 and a standalone AH-99 EFAMS Pics: I think the added internals are all too covered in shadow, I need to work on that
  13. Ex3B

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    I'm more enthusiastic about using the up armored off-roads with syndicate... That and further making a pseudo "Tanoan Defense Forces" faction based on Syndicate, with the zsu-23s for some air defense and fire support
  14. Ok, that's one piece of the puzzle, how to change the PiP effect. The second piece is to link these PiP effect changes with the player induces camera view-mode changes. If I go into the targeting camera, and switch to NV mode, I want the PiP to display in NV mode when I exit, for example.
  15. So I have a PIP in an aircraft cockpit, with the camera aligned with the pilots targeting camera. Right now it's always in thermal imaging with white = hot. Is there any way to have it change view modes ( night vision, black = hot, normal DTV) based on the virwmodes of the pilot camera? Bonus if the camera fov can also change accordingly. Can anyone provide a sample with something like this working?