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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I've just seen the new announcement for the Western Sahara CDLC from Rotators Collective - https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-creator-dlc-western-sahara-is-coming-soon I figured we should have an unofficial discussion thread. I hope this fleshes out the setting developed by @Lexx's great 'Dunes' mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1731998436), and alluded to in Bohemia's own Tac Ops DLC. It's interesting that we're playing as ION again - do you think we'll see a similar portrayal as in Arma 2 PMC DLC? Just fyi for the devs however - 'Assistance' is spelt incorrectly on the side of this helo - (FIXED)
  2. UPDATE: Mod found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919803068 Hi, my names Anthrax and im proud to announce the development of my first mod, a retexture of the Livonian Defence Forces to a desert/arid camo pattern, which in my view will enable missionmakers to use the faction and its equipment in terrains outside of Eastern Europe. The scope of the mod is to replicate the LDF Faction for BLUFOR and INDFOR in my geometric desert camo pattern, right now the features scheduled for an eventual release (deadline cant be given at this stage) include: Infantry, infantry equipment, infantry groups, basic ground transport vehicles. Here is a photo showing my progress with the mod so far, note the LDF Soldiers & Equipment (Please note that in this image, Render Worlds is used and the lighting in that is not the same as the lighting in most other maps) All uniforms except for CBRN Gear and the Helicopter pilots outfit have been made. I'm not familliar with forums but hopefully i'l be able to provide progress logs on this website, lemme know what you think of the mod so far. Cheers 😛 CREDITS -Avery for providing me the original LDF camo sample and the textures for the modular vests -The other members of the A3 hub for providing me invaluable assistance with general modding concepts
  3. acoustic


    TERRAIN HANDED OVER TO @Igor Nikolaev , PLEASE REFERENCE HIM FOR ALL FUTURE WORK. BEEN A FUN RIDE WITH ARMA FOR ME, SEE Y'ALL LATER! Gila is a re-imagining of my first terrain, Vacant. I learned a tremendous amount in my first year of terrain creation, and decided to apply that new knowledge to an already existing terrain location, rather then move onto a completely new project. Just to clarify, although it shares a similar setting, this is in fact a completely new terrain. Much improved in every regard. I hope you enjoy this creation of mine, as much as I have enjoyed making it. Good luck on surviving the harsh environment of Gila! Map Size: 10km by 10km Cell Size: 2m Required Addons: None Recommended Addons/Tips: Ravage EO's Addons Enhanced Movement For best visuals, I recommend using 105 Saturation, 105 Brightness, and 105 Contrast from the in game color settings (settings were used for all the screenshots). These are also my settings I use for any other terrain, for what its worth. Special Thanks: Everyone over at the A3 Terrain-Dev Discord (without them, none of this would have been possible @haleks and the Ravage community (for creating a mod that inspired a simple mission maker to venture into the world of terrain building) Everyone in my gaming community that put up with me bouncing countless ideas off them (-WWF-) The team over at Chernarus Redux for a lot of inspiration Any questions, criticism, comments, or pictures are welcome here. Download Link/Photo Gallery: (Steam Workshop) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1817171402
  4. acoustic


    TERRAIN NOT SUPPORTED ANYMORE, FUTURE WORK HANDED OVER TO @Igor Nikolaev Vacant is a post-apocalyptic terrain located in the South-West region of the United States. It is a very arid-desert climate that is home to small highway towns, rough mountains, and even some surprising hidden locations. Try not to get lost, and watch out for snakes. Map Size: 8km by 8km Cell Size: 2m Required Addons: None Project has been my baby for the last 5 months. Certainly a pleasure to finally release it, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I will! Special Thanks: Everyone over at the A3 Terrain-Dev Discord (without them, none of this would have been possible @haleks (for creating a mod that inspired a simple mission maker to venture into the world of terrain building) OlaHaldor (for his amazing color map basis that he designed specifically for this terrain) Everyone in my gaming community that put up with me bouncing countless ideas off them (-WWF-) Any questions, criticism, comments, or pictures are welcome here. Download Link: (Steam Workshop) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754027265
  5. lexx

    ArmA 3: Dunes

    It is about 2 years since the release of Callsign Minotaur. I'm still hard at work on my follow-up project, but after such a long time, I really needed time off of it. I had a bit of vacation as well, so I used this to do something radically different: Create something, anything in one week. And thus, this is what I did. Years before the "East Wind" crisis, a small group of CTRG operators make their way through the dunes of North Africa to collect tangible information on CSAT's secret weapons project. Overview Dunes is a (very) short, story driven campaign scenario that comes with a desert themed map. This project has been made within the scope of 7 days. (Well, almost. Issues with the voice over production sadly resulted in a delayed release.) Dunes is also my very first terrain in this engine. I've started experimenting with map creation about one or so weeks prior, to learn more about its creation process. After a couple initial hiccups, it started to shape up quite nice, though, which then sparked the plan to not just throw it on the workshop and be done with it, but to turn it into something better... and bigger. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, this is still nothing but a small project which I have used to test heightmaps, textures, clutter, and everything else related to map making. Download > Steam Workshop Mods Dunes doesn’t require any mods to run. Any gameplay changing mods should be disabled while playing the campaign, as these can cause negative side effects. Supported languages
  6. Does anyone know of any completely flat open source desert terrain? Anything 10x10km would be nice.
  7. Monument Valley - Old West Map Description: Since my first attempt on creating a map wasn't successful, I've started working on a new, working one map for my Wild West sandbox - Old West. Monument Valley - namesake of a place in USA, Arizona and Utah. It's size is 2048x2048 m. It takes place in the mid 19th century, in a time of Wild West era. Geography: Terrain is mainly consists of desert. Other half of it is mountains and plateau. It will have little towns, farms, villages and also some of the Native American tribes when I'll finish working on a topo relief and flora. Plans: Finish making topographical relief Update new sat map to a high-quality one (very boring and not necessary) Map mask can be changed too, but is good already Add foliage Add buldings and other objects Release it Requirements: Apex DLC CUP Terrains - Core Mattaust Buildings Pack Maybe something more in the future Snapshots:
  8. Altiplano by Major Desync Background: Altiplano is situated in the Andes along the borders of several South American nations. It is a high plateau, only sparsely populated due to its aridity and extreme altitude (at least 3,700 m above sea level). Once the almost exclusive province of mining companies, the great open-cast pits became econonomically inviable. Their closure left abandoned mining camps and other infrastructure strewn across the high desert. These bases were soon repurposed to support the construction of solar energy plants by the Agola Corporation in an attempt to revitalise the region. Later, Altiplano came to be used for other more clandestine purposes. Regional governments constructed clandestine research installations far from the prying eyes of oversight committees or the media. Drug cartels, meanwhile, also appreciated the border region’s isolation. Their smuggling camps dot the rugged mountains and dry canyons, moving constantly in an unending game of cat and mouse with national and international drug enforcement agencies. Recently, tensions between NATO and CSAT have led to new frontlines being drawn in the plateaus of the Andes, as each bloc backed its own proxies among the nations of South America. The old mining camps and aerodromes are now occupied by international “stabilisation forces”. Ostensibly deployed to prevent long-smouldering border disputes igniting into brush fire wars, this military build-up has only added more fuel to the pyre. As NATO and CSAT face off around the world, it takes only a single spark to set Altiplano ablaze. Features: Terrain dimensions: 20.5 km x 20.5 km Terrain area: 420 sq. km Height map resolution: 5 m/pixel Elevation range: 3727 m to 4495 m Approx 400,000 objects - all A3 only; no map addons required. Vast majority of buildings enterable. High-altitude desert terrain, with salt flats, dry riverbeds, rocky canyons and mountain ridges. 1 large military base with extensive fortifications, barracks, offices, hospital and airmobile facilities. 1 large biosciences facility, with research domes, offices, fortifications, and a construction site. 1 air-base, with associated navigation and early warning radome installations. A range of industrial facilities including 6 solar energy plants, 2 factory compounds, junk and container yards, and several isolated outlying installations. Note: Altiplano’s high altitude affects the aerodynamic performance of helicopters and planes. The following aircraft cannot take off in Altiplano: NATO: AL-6 Pelican; AR-2 Darter; UH-80 Ghosthawk; AH-99 Blackfoot. CSAT: Jinaah AL-6; Tayran AR-2; Mi-290 Taru. Independents: AL-6 Pelican; AR-2 Darter; CH-49 Mohawk; WY-55 Hellcat. Civilian: All drones; FH-302. Additionally, the NATO AH-9 Pawnee and MH-9 Hummingbird and the civilian M-900 lose lift and cannot operate above 4,000 m. Altiplano’s size, topography, ground cover, and locations make it perfect for large scale motorised, mechanised and armoured warfare scenarios. It is also well suited to hit and run raids by insurgents or special forces against well-fortified installations. This addon is released under the Arma Public Licence Share Alike (APL-SA) licence. Required Addons: None. Screenshots Downloads: Steam Workshop Armaholic Known Issues: 1: AI vehicles intermittently have difficulty pathfinding across road bridges. 2: Fog does not function properly. It cannot be set above 1,000 m in Eden and produces odd visual effects in Zeus. 3: Having the Alitplano mod active will make the small thorn bush clutter models on Stratis, Altis and Malden turn black. An interim fix is to not have Altiplano active if you're playing on these terrains. Credits & Thanks: Silola for the X-Cam mod which was used to place most of the objects in this terrain. Mikero, whose tools underwrite most of the the Arma modding community. BIS for producing the Arma series. This terrain is dedicated to the memory of Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017).
  9. MAD MAX Fury Road for A3 (road combat in Australia map) [sP/COOP/PVP] up to 32 players WHAT A DAY! WHAT A LOVELY DAY! Imperator Furiosa managed to smugle out all Immortan Joe´s wives (We are not objects no more!) and with the help of brave road warrior Max Rockatansky (aka MAD MAX), is trying to lead them to the promissed land, a land of the free, full of shoppings, polls and glamour restaurants: Perth! You can play as either Furiosa, Max, Immortan fighting wives or the War Kids (AFF soldiers), on SP or MP(PvPvE)/COOP(PvE), there is room for 32 players on all sides! (on SP, just hit the U key and you can switch between all the playable units) Playing as Furiosa: order everyone to board the vehicles, get as driver on the Battlebus and drive all the way South, following the waypoints till downtown Perth (safezone on the Perths PD) Download links: Steamworkshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=619600691 Dropbox - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6382845/MADMAX_ArmA3.rar Armaholic - MAD MAX Fury Road PvP-32 (@) Disclaimer: it needs a helluva amount of mods, but mostly on steam, so just subscribe to them and dl the external when marked! As AI is terrible at driving, this mission plays better on MP, but you may enjoy it on SP as well (plenty of bots to shoot at or drive over lol) Dependancies: Australia 4.04 map by Aussie(map)/Mattaust(custom buildings) - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28882&highlight=AUSTRALIA Mad Max mod by in005 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32034 Zee Identity Packs (aka Femal3) by Zeealex - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26170&highlight=IDENTIZEE CBA_A3 - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 CUP terrains core - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30044&highlight=CUP%2BTERRAINS%2BCORE Battlebus by HCpookie - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30281&highlight=BATTLEBUS at last but not least: Sandstorm script by Austin_Medic (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27610 but you don´t need to download it, it´s a script, it is included on this mission) Media: Acknowledgements (Thanks to/Inspired by): George Miller masterpiece movie franchise Zee for her outstanding Femal3 units HCpookie for the amazing Battlebus (or else this mission wouldn´t happen) in005 for the Mad Max mod and all we could... WITNESSSSS!!!!! Austin_Medic for the sandstorm script and at last but not least: Aussie (map creator) and Mattaust (custom buildings) for the uncanny Australia map (other must have for this Fury Road recreation) so.... spray metallic ink over your mounth and: WITNESS!!!! (and have your post-apocaliptic fun ;)
  10. lawndartleo

    Paint jobs

    Why do the APEX versions of all the vehicles have the same paint schemes as all the pre apex vehicles? The Prowler comes two different schemes, tropical and arid, but none of the other vehicles.
  11. This terrain (as some will know) comes from the world of A Song of Ice & Fire or more commonly known as Game of Thrones. It is the entire continent of Westeros (plus the Stepstones). I have been wanting to start a new terrain project and decided on going with this. I think it will be a great terrain for Arma 3 because besides its GoT connection, it offers various biomes and topography. It will also give me a reason to build a bunch of castles on the map :P. I am working out the total size of the map still, but it is looking like it is going to be at least 30km x 30km. Any and all updates I have on the terrain will make their way here.
  12. The mod is now redundant: the textures are part of RHS: AFRF since patch 0.4.1. This mod adds desert themed retextures of several vehicles found in RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. I am not affiliated with Red Hammer Studios, and these retextures do not necessarily portray actual paint jobs used on their real world counterparts. That said, the content is meant to look authentic/believeable. All textures in this mod originate from RHS: AFRF or the data released by BIS. I'm too lazy for a proper photoshoot, but here's an album: https://imgur.com/a/bOsQL List of retextures TV: 2S3 VDV: BMP-1/2, BTR-70, BTR-80, GAZ-66, UAZ, Ural VPVO: ZSU-23-4 All variants of vehicles mentioned above are included, excl. armed UAZs. Additional vehicles (e.g. T-72) might be included after the next RHS patch. Dependencies RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation License 1. If you re-use any content in this mod, the credits specified must be retained or added to, but never removed. 2. This content can not be used on monetized servers, even if the server is approved for monetization by BIS. 3. Do not upload this mod, or any derivative of it, to the Steam Workshop. This is because the original authors (Red Hammer Studios) have the same policy. 4. Adhere to the terms of the EULA bundled with RHS: AFRF, which is required to use this addon. The terms apply to the content of this Arma 3 addon and any derivative works, must be bundled with the addon and must not be altered or otherwise discarded. The terms can only be lifted by the original authors (Red Hammer Studios) and their EULA. Credits Red Hammer Studios: original textures BIS: original textures Bear: new texture variations Thanks Red Hammer Studios for their kind permission and Splendidâ„¢ work Team One Tactical Links Red Hammer Studios www.rhsmods.org Team One Tactical www.teamonetactical.com Download (28 MB) Armaholic Play withSIX It's modular, just make sure you keep main.pbo.
  13. Just a quick reskin addon + replacement of all the USMC units, I made it for myself to play on Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village, but maybe someone else might find it useful: Rapidshare.com Download: Desert USMC Units Armaholic.com Download: Desert USMC Units ArmA2Base.de Download: Desert USMC Units Desert USMCs MG Solider with desert marpat backpack: Rapidshare.com Download: Desert USMCs desert marpat backpack version Armaholic.com Download: Desert USMCs desert marpat backpack version the units can be found under USMC -> Men(Desert) Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  14. 1. Give us car indicator in light vehicles like hummer and uaz (the same like in tanks in upper left corner). Often it's very hard to see, where a car has his front regarding to grenade launcher or machine gun (barrel or body of gun blocks view). 2. I've observed that people from Razor team (at random) don't hit the dirt after command 7-8. This is very annoying because sneaking of all squad is compromised (the same situation with the 7-2, some guys don't fall at all). 3. Smoke grenades don't smokes (ATI card) or this smoke is like little mist. 4. If i will be hit in car, i can't dismount (consequence is ignor by medic = death). 5. During ride on dam (NW of Krasnostaw) or through wooden bridge (somewhere in wood) by hummer (didn't try with other vehicles) there are hmmm... invisible, shallow "wholes" (i suppose on connections between 3D elements). 6. AI is soo f..king accurate when i am leaning behind corner, that i am really impressed. The same is with grass: AI see everything on short distance. 7. I am notice some cracking noises (SoundBlaser Audigy2 OEM, newest drivers) during playing. 8. Often i have problems with recognition of particular persons sentences between the lines of dialogue. Give us some, even little interline of nothinghess and little underscore of person who told it. 9. When i use alt+tab parallel with go to desktop, i am making action connected with alt key. 10. And finally: polish translation. Generally is good, but there are many letter fixes. Do you know that in polish translation is option which in reverse translation means "steering helmet"? It concerns floating head during run. All reports are catastofical: whithout polish inflection. But campaign dialogues (especially idioms) and breafings in most cases are good. Best regards. I've even don't mention about super-hero-Prizrak and lack of command during conversation with AI which is part of campaign.