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  1. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Quickfix on Steam (and Armaholic shortly) v 1.51 (05/05/18) FIXED: Some misplaced objects from v1.5
  2. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    One more update....live in Steam now, Armaholic soon. v 1.5 (04/05/18) ADDED: More Apex and Malden objects across the map. FIXED: Some misplaced objects from v1.4
  3. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Update: Live on Steam now and Armaholic. With Altiplano done - I finally got around to doing some long overdue fixes and additions to Sugar Lake. I'm not done adding APEX stuff yet, so consider this a first instalment. Beta v 1.4 (14/04/18) TWEAKED: Water colour now changed to muddy delta brown (props to Bludski and the Cambodian Playground dev team for the config settings) ADDED: 1 new industrial area in the port featuring APEX objects ADDED: Scattered APEX objects to the oil facilities and town areas FIXED: Map glitch (fixed by A3 update) FIXED: Issue with bulletproof windows in some CUP A2 buildings (fixed by CUP updates) FIXED: Issue with CUP A2 army hut objects (fixed by CUP updates). FIXED: Buzzards now land without stalling on autopilot (fixed by A3 update)
  4. major_desync

    Altiplano [420 sq km desert terrain]

    Thanks for your feedback and kind words! @Bitesrad: Good to know it resembles the real thing at least a little. I might add a few of those houses around the civilian settlement areas - but probably not too many. I left a lot of scope for people to add their own stuff to missions via Eden if they want to. You'll notice there's a few flattened(ish) FOB/camp type sites in the western hills just for this purpose. I'll also take another look at the airfield to smooth out smaller lumps and bumps, but as for the larger scale"waviness" it looks like the real thing is does follow the contours of the land like that (the airstrip is 3 km or so long!). @tpw: Good to know. I'd wanted to add those clutter bushes to this map, but had that problem when I did. I didn't know it affected other maps too when the mod is active. Must be a config thing as you say. That at least gives me a lead to work on - so thank you! I'll add it to the known issues.
  5. Altiplano by Major Desync Background: Altiplano is situated in the Andes along the borders of several South American nations. It is a high plateau, only sparsely populated due to its aridity and extreme altitude (at least 3,700 m above sea level). Once the almost exclusive province of mining companies, the great open-cast pits became econonomically inviable. Their closure left abandoned mining camps and other infrastructure strewn across the high desert. These bases were soon repurposed to support the construction of solar energy plants by the Agola Corporation in an attempt to revitalise the region. Later, Altiplano came to be used for other more clandestine purposes. Regional governments constructed clandestine research installations far from the prying eyes of oversight committees or the media. Drug cartels, meanwhile, also appreciated the border region’s isolation. Their smuggling camps dot the rugged mountains and dry canyons, moving constantly in an unending game of cat and mouse with national and international drug enforcement agencies. Recently, tensions between NATO and CSAT have led to new frontlines being drawn in the plateaus of the Andes, as each bloc backed its own proxies among the nations of South America. The old mining camps and aerodromes are now occupied by international “stabilisation forces”. Ostensibly deployed to prevent long-smouldering border disputes igniting into brush fire wars, this military build-up has only added more fuel to the pyre. As NATO and CSAT face off around the world, it takes only a single spark to set Altiplano ablaze. Features: Terrain dimensions: 20.5 km x 20.5 km Terrain area: 420 sq. km Height map resolution: 5 m/pixel Elevation range: 3727 m to 4495 m Approx 400,000 objects - all A3 only; no map addons required. Vast majority of buildings enterable. High-altitude desert terrain, with salt flats, dry riverbeds, rocky canyons and mountain ridges. 1 large military base with extensive fortifications, barracks, offices, hospital and airmobile facilities. 1 large biosciences facility, with research domes, offices, fortifications, and a construction site. 1 air-base, with associated navigation and early warning radome installations. A range of industrial facilities including 6 solar energy plants, 2 factory compounds, junk and container yards, and several isolated outlying installations. Note: Altiplano’s high altitude affects the aerodynamic performance of helicopters and planes. The following aircraft cannot take off in Altiplano: NATO: AL-6 Pelican; AR-2 Darter; UH-80 Ghosthawk; AH-99 Blackfoot. CSAT: Jinaah AL-6; Tayran AR-2; Mi-290 Taru. Independents: AL-6 Pelican; AR-2 Darter; CH-49 Mohawk; WY-55 Hellcat. Civilian: All drones; FH-302. Additionally, the NATO AH-9 Pawnee and MH-9 Hummingbird and the civilian M-900 lose lift and cannot operate above 4,000 m. Altiplano’s size, topography, ground cover, and locations make it perfect for large scale motorised, mechanised and armoured warfare scenarios. It is also well suited to hit and run raids by insurgents or special forces against well-fortified installations. This addon is released under the Arma Public Licence Share Alike (APL-SA) licence. Required Addons: None. Screenshots Downloads: Steam Workshop Armaholic Known Issues: 1: AI vehicles intermittently have difficulty pathfinding across road bridges. 2: Fog does not function properly. It cannot be set above 1,000 m in Eden and produces odd visual effects in Zeus. 3: Having the Alitplano mod active will make the small thorn bush clutter models on Stratis, Altis and Malden turn black. An interim fix is to not have Altiplano active if you're playing on these terrains. Credits & Thanks: Silola for the X-Cam mod which was used to place most of the objects in this terrain. Mikero, whose tools underwrite most of the the Arma modding community. BIS for producing the Arma series. This terrain is dedicated to the memory of Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017).
  6. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    @Private Evans That'd be a fair amount of work - there's a lot of CUP items in place. So, while a version with Apex items added is still possible (assuming X-cam woes can be sorted), eliminating all the CUP stuff is unlikely. Thanks for the interest through!
  7. major_desync

    Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) Rest in Peace

    This is terribly sad news. My sincerest condolences to Paul's family and friends. I think it's fair to say that without Bushlurker a lot of community ARMA terrains simply wouldn't exist. Mine certainly wouldn't. His guides, his advice, and his endless patience were indispensable, and they'll be missed. If it's any sort of consolation, some part of him will live on in the memory of those that knew him and in the terrains he left us with - his own and the many others to which he generously gave his time. Rest in Peace, Bushlurker. There'll be a fine dram raised for you tonight.
  8. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Yeah - the yellow bushes in particular are pretty fugly right now, and some of the light green trees. I do like the willows for the concealment they provide, but I'll have to see about them. I was hoping the Apex assets would be available to map-makers on release, so I didn't take the fugly vegetation out after the 1.60 update in the expectations that I'd be swapping them out for Apex bushes and trees soon anyway. That doesn't seem to be the case though, so I might just go on a bushwhacking spree and do an interim release... :)
  9. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    You ask, I deliver (when it's not too difficult to fix). :) Another minor update for SL. On Steam now and other mirrors soon. Beta v 1.32 (23/08/16) FIXED: In-game map grid is no longer divided into two large-scale grid squares. This fixes some issues with the GPS coordinates and some features of ACE3. Thanks to Makhno for the pro-tip. Let me know if this doesn't fix your mod problems.
  10. major_desync

    Gorgona, Italy (terrain)

    Minor update to Gorgona now on Steam and on other mirrors soon. v1.51 released Changelog: FIXED: In-game map grid is no longer divided into two large-scale grid squares. This fixes some issues with the GPS coordinates and some features of ACE3. Thanks to Makhno for the pro-tip.
  11. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Hey - thanks for the feedback! Apex - I had planned to do this already (see previous posts), but so far as I know at the moment, BIS have not made the Apex assets freely available for use in 3rd party terrains (they're locked away in encrypted PBOs). When this changes (assuming it hasn't already), I will make an Apex update, probably forking SL, so that people without the DLC still have a version to work with (so there will be SL basic and SL Apex). In terms of what I'll change - it'll mainly be taking enterable Apex buildings and using them to replace and diversify the A2 buildings already used. Enterable is important here; I don't want to stick too many non-enterable buildings in, unless they have some other compelling feature (like extensive ladders, roofs etc). I will very likely also change out some of the A2 bushes and trees that don't look great with the new A3 lighting (assuming CUP don't fix them first). I did consider changing out a lot of the port stuff (piers, cranes etc), but it [a] would be a ton of work and would be only of marginal gain - the real life place SL is based on doesn't have the kind of cranes and piers you see in Tanoa. One thing I was a little disappointed with in Tanoa was the dearth of new underwater assets. Aside from mangroves (which aren't really underwater anyway), there really wasn't anything new to spice up the depths. So that's where we're at with an Apex-ized SL. If/when that changes, I'll let you all know! Map Grid - that is a PITA all right. I'll look to see what how this might be fixed. I noticed Makhno updated his terrain map grids, presumably for the same reasons - so there must be a solution out there. I'll stick this on the known issue list. Cheers for the bug report!
  12. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Announcing Sugar Lake v 1.31, a minor update to deugly the outside terrain on the north end of the map. Up now on Steam Workshop and other mirrors CHANGELOG: Beta v 1.31 (20/08/16) TWEAKED: Improved outside terrain.
  13. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    So no objects missing then? :) If so - .
  14. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    It shouldn't have! No buildings were removed - so if things have gone missing, then we have a problem. So - what areas, and does it look like some of the A2 buildings have gone missing (a problem with CUP be my first suspicion)?
  15. major_desync

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    Sugar Lake v1.3 is here. As you'll see in the change log, this is mostly visual optimisation, and hopefully SL is looking the better for it. I'm still not happy with how some of the A2 vegetation looks in the new lighting system (shiny green and yellow trees and bushes), so that may need further work - either removing them entirely, or replacing them with stuff from Tanoa (which would create an Apex dependency). Available now on Steam, and other mirrors soon. Change log: Beta v 1.3 (10/07/16) Visual Optimisation - Making Sugar Lake Sweet Again. ADDED: Some trees and bushes in marsh areas. TWEAKED: Config lighting settings. TWEAKED: Sat image to better match the default surface textures. TWEAKED: Some of the surface texture PAAs. TWEAKED: Heightmap - adding perlin noise to some underwater areas and smoothing the airfield runway, taxiways and aprons. Thanks to t800a and Cype_revenge for hints and tips.