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  1. Boss-Starstreams

    Move waypoints no longer work

    @pierremgi You could be right about the maps being ported, but these are maps from AO Zargabad, and Takistan and even other maps. @redarmy It can't be the AI vehicles considering WPs at greater distances, because I've placed AI vehicles are very far distances, like a town or more away and they just sit there. Even if I just put one long waypoint down, sometimes they will ignore it. The point is, I've been playing ARMA since OFP back in the 90s and I've never had these issues. I played ARMA II for years, and then even ARMA 3 for a long time. I stepped away from the game for a few years recently and then come back and this is happening. It's not an issue with stand alone IA units . Again I use to be able to drop a group with a vehicle , or anything I wanted and set waypoints and they would always move to the next waypoint. I've even done tutorials on waypoints on YouTube. I didn't do anything to the game. This issue happens even if I start a brand new map, it's all these updates the devs keep pushing out. I think they're breaking compatibility with mods. If you drop a mechanized group down, then click the box on top of the group and then place a move waypoint, it should move.
  2. Hello I don't know if there was a change to the waypoints in the last year or so, but it seems like when there are structures around, I can't seem to get groups of IA to move on waypoints. The mechanized group 5 infantry and one BMP just sits there and then the tank engine turns off. I've been making quick missions in the edit for 20+ years, all the way back to ARMA1, this is something recent. I honestly don't even know if it's related to what I said about structures because just tested this in an open field and the AI moved as expected. But for some reason on a few saved maps, I can't get them to work. Even if I delete the units and vehicles, and recreate them they won't move. The last test I did was only two move waypoints and then a cycle. I thought maybe there was a limit on using more then 3 or 4 move waypoints but sometimes even one move waypoint (or just using a hold waypoint attached to the group) would not work. These configurations were never an issue in the earlier releases of ARMA3. Definitely never an issue in ARMA II
  3. Boss-Starstreams

    After A3 update, CUP workshop mods giving script errors

    Harzach, so I spelled something wrong. Get over it, My eyes are bad. I don't even care anymore. I'm sick of this garbage. I didn't download a junky mod or what ever you want to call it. I'm sick of people always pointing at the end user. I've been playing this game for 22 years, (before this Steam BS corporatism of A holes who've destroyed the gaming industry). If Steam doesn't work, you're screwed, we have no other options. Think about that for a min. I'm not using some bogus mod configs, where are you coming from? I told you already that I downloaded the damn CUP files direct from CUP's website and removed the workshop files, since the workshop in steam is a pile of garbage that can't seem to handle large files. Didn't fix a thing. A3 was auto patched from a new update in the channel, and something got broke. Now CUP devs have to update their files once again. Also, since this last update, AI will not move along way points. The infantry gets into vehicles, but the trucks will not move to the next way point. Never had this issue. It's like everything is broke all sudden. I'm getting blue screens at random every time I run Steam. I'm sick of people telling me it's my computer. BSOD's can be a lot of things. If my computer were the fault, then why is this only happening with Steam? I play other games, I use Photoshop, I'm on the internet, I run 3dsMax, and dozens of other programs and I never get crashes. Steam is the issue. Now I just went to uninstall the 360 steam video player and now all the sudden my Steam library is show me ArmA 3 is not installed, WTF. All my DLCs are showing as not installed. How did that just happen? I'm am so fed up with Steam's flaky behavior. I'm about done with games. @R0adki11 If the hard drive were bad, it would just go. With NTFS, data will not write to bad sectors, but will be moved to good sectors because the journaling system verifies ever write before it completes a write. It's not the drive, it's Steam. Steam is crashing my computer. NOTHING ELSE - Nothing else. I run this computer every day 10 + hours a day/ I've tested my memory, voltages. PSU, updated my videa, audio, and chipset drivers. I'm A+, and Network + certified, I'm not new to troubleshooting computers. I've been working with computers for over 30 years. There is code in steam that is writing to a memory address it's not suppose to. And to answer your other question, what was I doing at the time? I'm not even in the game when it crashes. This time I was just download the installer since Steam removed A3 for no apparent reason. I don't know why the game immediately got uninstalled just because I removed the 360 video player. The entire game is now showing as uninstalled. Also, I can't even search things in the workshop. I have to go outside of steam on the net to find workshop content and then log back in even though I'm already logged in though the steam app. I NEVER had to go through this BS when OFP, and ArmA was sold in stores. I HATE STEAM. I HATE what it has done to the gaming world. I bought MaxPayne and the damn title is broke and there is no support. The game keeps braking the sound because it keeps updating itself though steam, and there's an issue with the sound which I patched. But the patch keeps getting overwrite, even though I've turned off auto update. I'm sick of all these kids out there who stick up for this corporate monopoly. screw it, No one is getting my money anymore.
  4. Boss-Starstreams

    After A3 update, CUP workshop mods giving script errors

    That is the Exact error I'm getting. Word - for - word Dedmen. But I'm also getting other similar messages, I need to get a screenshot of them. I was only making this post to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues. I don't have as much time as I use to working a full time trucking job and trying pay bills. I just wanted to know if this was happening elsewhere. Thanks for the tracker link, it seems like they know about some of the issues, but I'm not a script writer. I don't know how to change the voices to vanilla. I don't even know what they're talking about. On an unrelated note: I'm also getting random BSOD's from time to time (Buy only) when I'm in steam just viewing my library or other pages. This is before even loading any games. I've run 22 passes with memtest, 0 errors. I have absolutely no issues with any other program on this multi boot win7 computer. None whats so ever. It's only with steam. I've upgraded my nVidea drivers, Audio drivers, and checked the voltages on my PSU with a multi meter, and recorded the BIOS memory, CPU core voltages. Nothing is out of order. Again, the BSOD is only when I load steam, but not every time. I can just be sitting in steam looking at a page, and then the system will crash with a blue screen. I've run WhoCrashed, but the message faults are always different.
  5. Note: I'm not having an issue with the base game (all add-ons disabled) after the last update at the time of this post: Hotfix 1.82 ArmA3 vers, 1.82.144710, I'm getting a few script errors. Seems every major update for A3 breaks the mods. I don't blame BIS for that. But some people are saying to go to CUP's website and download the add-ons because the workshop can't handle huge files. Some are saying that BIS never anticipated such large downloads. What ever the cause, I thought the whole point of using the workshop was the have your mods kept up to date automatically. Has anyone else experienced this when adding CUP assets into the editor and then playing the game? No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CUP_D_RadarProtocal_RU/SentConvering.'. There's also another error I'm getting that's freezing the game temporary until the error leaves the screen. Something about a Transit function. Again, everything was fine till this last main update to A3. These CUP mods are HUGE, I don't what to have to download them all again, but I guess I don't have a choice. The only mods I'm running are CUP, CBA, Eden settings and RedHammer. These are are workshop subscriptions. I've tried the Repair feature on each and every mod. Everything show OK for the status. I don't know what to do with this, and ArmA3 is getting to be more work then it's fun. I'm always trying to fix things after each major update. Maybe I just need to turn updates off once everything is working and not update again until everything settles. EDIT Well I just downloaded all the CUP add-ons, added them manually to the launcher options, and I'm still getting bin, function.. ect..ect errors. Like I said, every time there is an update to ArmA3, something gets broke. I don't remember dealing with this as often back in the A2 days. I'm getting sick of spending all my time trouble shooting this game. BIS, stop releasing DLC's and focus on compatibility. 22 years I've been playing this since OFP, and I'm about to hang it up with this title.
  6. Like you said pierremgi, there's too many vague and ambiguous explanations. And then you have all these people in a thread asking different questions, and it turns into a situation where no one really gets a answer they can work with. I don't mind paying for 3rd party server service, but I don't get how to make the game communicate with what ever service I'm buying, and then things get more complicated when you have mods like CUP, CBA, Red Hammer.. ect. I can already tell by looking at this tutorial that something is going to go wrong, and it's not worth spinning my wheels. I'm not a programmer, someone such as the BIS team are, and I'm willing to pay them for a server, but it's got to be easy. When I played Benny's warfare in A2 back in 2012, There was a super easy server platform you downloaded, I installed it on Linux, and I wasn't even that experienced with Linux at the time. You copied your mission file to the specified folder, started the server and that was it. You could even save your progress with this server. Now I don't know where any of that stuff is for A3. Today we have all these complicated tutorials. I thought things were suppose to get easier with Steam The problem with this, and even Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool is that if you want to run the server on a dedicated independent machine at the house, you really need ArmA running on another machine so it has all the mod's in the workshop being updated for the server platform, which is difficult because you can only run the game on one computer unless purchase another license. This tutorial might cover all this, but good luck getting the common player to understand how to get this to work.
  7. Why doesn't BIS create a simple server that people can download and run on a separate dedicated machine for their game? This is ridiculous. They spend all this time making and trying to sell DLC's content rather than making something we need, such as a dedicated sever that can be EASILY RUN by anyone. We don't need DLC's - that's what the community does. There are hundreds of responses in this (and other) thread(s) across the net of people trying to get a dedicated server to work right. It's obviously not simple or we woun't have all these confused people. And with workshop mods being updated all the time, this situation is absurd. You have the issue of steams verification as well as ArmA's verification being locked to a machine preventing you from running two copy's on multiple machines which is a nightmare when updates come out. Compounded with all the config files that have to be prepared and put in the right folders, this is a nightmare for the common player who just wants to run their multi player game smoothly on a dedicated server. Some of us have to pay rent and mortgages. We don't all live at home and have the time to do all this. Why is BIS still making DLC's. We need an easy server to install and run. I think most of us can forward ports, but this tutorial is nuts. Who has time to do all this? Unless you still live with your parents. What good are multi player missions when the performance sucks because no one in the clan can figure out how to create a server. If setting this up requires the lowest level skill as the OP said, then we all must be stupid because I don't see too many people getting it right.
  8. Boss-Starstreams

    Server software for mod

    I've posted this question in the CTI Benny thread, I'm not getting answers. Would anyone know where I can find server software to run on a second machine for the Benny CTI Capture The Islands missions? I ran a headless Linux server for this mod under ArmA2 about six years ago, but I've been out of the loop with ArmA3. Another question I have is: If I'm subscribed to the Workshop for these missions, how would I go about using a paid 3rd party server if I wanted to go that route? Basically I'm trying to avoid being a host/ using my main gaming machine as the server - because it's too much to run the game and a server from my computer. Advanced Thanks
  9. Boss-Starstreams

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Guys, can I please get a hand. This forum use to be very helpful, now it's people arguing. would anyone be kind enough to give an old OFP, A1, A2, A3 veteran a hand? Thanks I had asked above if the 2013 Benny-CTI-Sari Versionare BECTI_0097 files are the latest? I don't know where to look for Bennny's latest mission files anymore, because his site is in another language. And my friend use to also have the mission folder to edit, but we only have the complied MPMission files now. Also, when I played this 6 years ago in A2, there was server software that we use to run on Linux to free up the CPU on the client computers. Is there anything like that today for Benny's CTI Warfare in A3? Thanks
  10. Boss-Starstreams

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Just wanted to get clarification on something: Fast Travel like in the old warfare from ArmA2 has been replaced by building a set amount of Forward operating bases near places you want to re-spawn? By the way, I've been out of the loop on this mod for about 6 years after I moved out of state. I currently have the Benny-CTI-Sari Version / BECTI_0097.rar files. Is this still the latest version? Or is there a steam workshop link to keep the files updated?
  11. Boss-Starstreams

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Please Delete this post also And I couldn't seem to remove the Quote box from the original post. I don't know how that got added, but it won't go away
  12. Boss-Starstreams

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    EDIT Sorry about the triple post, the site didn't refresh when I clicked submit and I thought my script blocker stopped the post. But now another post got added when I tried to edit the second post, and third post automatically got created. Please delete mods. I've been using forums for over 20 years and this has never happened to me.
  13. Boss-Starstreams

    Getting Workshop content for ArmA3, Strage issue

    Hello FallujahMedic -FM- I got it working in the workshop. I ended up entering my username and password a second time for the page outside of steam. If you need the page outside of steam, let me know. I think I just googled it. By the way, Nice Avatar. Dio. I seen them when they opened for Maiden when I lived near Chicago. Those were the days man, the 80s were the best. Now I live in Southern CA, and no one listens to rock and roll out here. I can't stand CA, the job market sucks here. LA use to be the music capital now it's all Rap BS or what ever people today call it. It makes me sick what's happened to our youth regarding music. If it's not Rap people in CA listen to, it's County, which is fine. I like some Country. But out here it's all this commercial Hollywood loving BS. That's what happens when the school board removes music appreciation as a requirement study in our American schools.They will never understand what the thunder of rock and roll was all about.
  14. Is anyone else having an issue at times when you search for a workshop mod to subscribe to, such as 3den Enhanced pages outside of the steam client has the mod, but you're prompted to log in - when you already are? When I searched for 3den Enhanced (Within) the steam client, the workshop pages within steam shows No results. However, if I search another page (posted at the link below) this page pops up from outside of steam, it tells me to log in. But I AM logged into steam. I emailed the support at steam about this before, and never got a solution. I was able to search all the addons such as CUP, Red Hammer.. CBA.. ect. And I was able to subscribe to them fine. But again, that was all done from inside the steam client a few weeks ago. But I'm not finding the 3den Enhanced addon from inside the steam client. This page below is the only page I'm able to find it, but the page below tells me I'm not logged in, but I AM logged into steam. Why am I getting privet pages outside of steam prompting me to log in? Why is that addon not coming up in the search option from with in the steam client? hxxp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623475643&searchtext=3den Thanks
  15. Boss-Starstreams

    What did the updates brake now

    What I mean is, when I go into steam, all the settings I had in the load options were cleared out for some reason. Not by me. Not a big deal, I added them back and the add-ons are working with the exaction of one new error that I'll hunt down when I have time.This is obviously a steam issue. Today I got a second blue screen when I clicked a friends name in my steam contact list. This is the second time I've had a blue screen error from clicking on an image in Steam. I've run 5 passes with Memtest86 and no errors. This is exactly my point when I say that steam just adds to the probability of more issues. It's common sense. The more things you have running on computers the higher chances of conflicts that can happen. This is why operating systems like Linux for example allow for headless operation with the bar minimal services loaded. (Because it's more stable). Period. . Years ago it was just ArmA running, now it's Steam along side ArmA with more things to go wrong. The new comers can defend it all day, but it's just a marketing leech suck to the side of a great game. Even though ArmA 3 is running fine, Now I'm forced to troubleshoot steam's issue. That would not be the case if it was just ArmA running. Again, more things = more headaches. LIke how old cars had less to go wrong, and when they did you could almost always fix your car on the side of the road. Now days, you're stuck getting towed and getting nailed with a huge bill. It's all relative.