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  1. ZackTactical34

    Armaholic is gone

    Arma 2 was already dying, but this was the fatal blow...
  2. ZackTactical34

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I would be 100% down to buy into Reforger if it meant mod support. OOP fam 🤙
  3. ZackTactical34

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    From a business perspective, I do wonder if rushing out a crowdfund is a good idea before the price is even agreed upon. That's all I'm going to say.
  4. ZackTactical34

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I wish there was a warning at the very least...
  5. Hey guys, thought I'd give ya'll a great suggestion for authentic wargaming. The series is known as Combat Mission, which has a variety of sims ranging from WWII to the modern era. Here's a great video produced by Hapless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKeDhPaxBes&ab_channel=UsuallyHapless Also, here's a great Discord community if you're interested in tactics discussions as well as online matches: https://discord.gg/thxS3kruhk
  6. ZackTactical34

    Arma 2 MilSim Unit (w/ Advanced AI)

    Here is some sample footage of Advanced AI in action: CQB: Open terrain: Breaking contact:
  7. Hey everyone. I’m getting together a MilSim unit where we’ll run core Arma 2 mods in addition to the Advanced AI Mix. If you’ve ever wanted to conduct realistic operations against a true AI opponent, now is your chance. I have many videos documented on my channel of the types of immersive behaviors these AI have to offer. If you are interested, join the Discord link below and I’ll see you guys there: https://discord.gg/rKTYWVzFWW
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