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  1. dalber24

    [SP] Mabuta pack, CWR² v.1.6 demo

    that's the Mabuta mission pack.
  2. dalber24

    [SP] Mabuta pack, CWR² v.1.6 demo

    here is http://www.mediafire.com/file/bjah866iubo062z/CWR2_The_Last_War_v.1.0.rar/file
  3. dalber24

    RH Pistol Pack 2.0 Redux

    RH Pistol Pack Redux 2.0 http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/file/5aac2f8b-0161-4f97-bcca-b05598e457dd
  4. dalber24

    Operation Black Dragon

    Very good job Chris, he looks great, 😎 I would like to play this campaign
  5. @jerryhopper When are you going to put www.armedassault.info back online? Any update on this project or was it discontinued? Thx.
  6. If I remember correctly, the guide explains absolutely everything, anyway here I leave a thread where someone asked the same thing and I made him a video of how to do it.
  7. Well I think this would be a good start for you. https://www.moddb.com/tutorials/arma-2-mission-editor-must-know-users-manual Download: https://www.moddb.com/games/arma-2/downloads/arma-2-mission-editor-must-know-users-manual
  8. here you have the classes of the structures
  9. that's one of the official missions of ArmA2 It is located in the addons folder, missions.pbo file
  10. yes of course, you have to unpack the mission and paste it in the folder \ArmA 2 Other Profiles\yournick\missions, then you open the game, enter the editor, load the map in which the mission is made, and load the mission, edit it etc, etc. Here is the program to unpack the pbo http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/file/676c90b1-2758-4424-9252-b3f348b1f95a here is a video I made to show how it's done https://youtu.be/j6NuFxW92Lw
  11. dalber24

    "Random" BattlEye kicks

    deactivate battleye from the server and issue solved, having battleye on the server makes no sense, it is an obsolete anticheat, it is useless.
  12. For which do you need the mission, ArmA2 Standalone or ArmA2 CO?
  13. yes, i have the mission, EVO FFA 1.05g Chernarus
  14. I put this in case someone else is looking for it at some point.