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  1. dalber24

    Activation keys & saved games issues

    try this: or this:
  2. dalber24

    SSL -Sky Sun & Lighting

    Thank you 👍, it may look a little washed, but you have 15 color profiles, with which you can make it look exactly as one needs, among those profiles there are some that you would like. Thanks .kju, I'll take a look, I saw some pictures, it looks very good.
  3. dalber24

    SSL -Sky Sun & Lighting

    That's very good, it would be interesting to take a look.😃 Here I change values from the cpp, trial and error, to make the color profiles use ppEffects Viewer.
  4. dalber24

    SSL -Sky Sun & Lighting

    Hi .kju, it's only for OA/CO, ArmA 3 already has better lighting than this. I will try to improve it since I am still modifying it, for example I still have to improve the sunrise a bit.
  5. dalber24

    SSL -Sky Sun & Lighting

    Thx Chris, I made some profiles thinking about your taste for strong colors. 😁
  6. A little history… SSL Mod has its beginnings in the middle of the year 2011, not compliant with the lighting of ArmA 2 and absolutely convinced that the lighting of Armed Assault was better, I put to work to use its configuration as a base for a mini mod that would replace the ArmA2 lighting with Armed Assault. I started making different changes, sometimes they were very good changes and sometimes really a disaster; Until I achieve what I was looking for, at least for my liking, to obtain a much clearer and more defined illumination. Over time I left him a little careless, in 2016 I decided to continue modifying him, and I give him the SSL name "Sky Sun & Lighting", in 2017 due to health problems the mod was abandoned, and in 2019 after my recovery I returned to work on it. Initially the mod was for ArmA2, currently it is for Arma2 Operation Arrowhead / Combined Operations. From 2011 until the writing of these lines, few people had access to this mini mod and they were the ones who encouraged me to release it. Description: It changes the global lighting of the islands, textures of the sky and prevents being blinded by light sources. Also has a module with 15 color profiles. Requirements: ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead or ArmA 2 Combined Operations. Installation: Extract the @ssl folder in the root folder of ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead. You can also visit the following: FAQ link at www.armaholic.com to see in detail how to install and launch addons. How to use: The mod is activated by default, the color profiles are loaded from the mission editor. Open the mission editor, select modules in the right panel of the mission editor or press the F7 key, then double click anywhere on the map, search the list of modules for SSL profiles and select the desired profile. SSL Colors module: The SSL Colors module currently has 15 different profiles, some have a specific name like Takistan, Falujah, etc., but any profile can be used on any island, those profiles were simply created trying to look good on that island specifically. There are also profiles that specify: Day/Night or only Day Day/Night Profiles: Looks good day and night Profiles Day: They look good by day, but at night they look very dark, at least for my liking. You can try it to see how it is, maybe you like it. Shadow profiles lvl 1, 2, 3... These profiles make the shadows/black color even darker. (in the pdf that is inside the @ssl folder there are images of samples of the different levels of shadows) Sample image gallery Video 1 Video 2 Thread on the armaholic forum DOWNLOAD - WWW.ARMAHOLIC.COM I recommend that you calibrate your monitor if you have never done so, or do not already have a color profile of the monitor itself. Why calibrate the monitor? simple, all monitors do not look or rather do not show colors in the same way, some are brighter, or more pale, some are dark, etc. Also sometimes we may have changed the configuration and leave it with too much brightness or more contrast, or leave it as when it arrived from the factory. With a calibration we make sure that we are seeing the colors correctly or in the best possible way. Here I leave some links so they can perform a correct monitor calibration LCD Monitor Test Online Monitor Test I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. GHOST
  7. Send me an MP and I will send you the file, I don't want to post much here since someone deletes the posts and threads without any reason.
  8. dalber24

    Funny & interesting videos

  9. dalber24

    Project RACS

    I'm still using project racs in ArmA2CO and sometimes in Armed Assault. I have ArmA 3 but I practically never play it, I prefer A2CO. By the way thank you for all your work in Armed assault and ArmA2 I have enjoyed Project Racs for years, and I still do.💪👍
  10. My humble opinion... Simply do a clean installation. You only have to backup the mods that you have installed if you have any, remove all the installations and install everything again in the location you want. Even if it's not what you want, you'll save time and space, believe me.
  11. First of all, clarify something because I see people posting in the wrong forum, mostly in ArmA and ArmA2, so .... is ArmA + ace + slx or is ArmA2 + ace2 + slx ?? To know what you need you have to look for ACE classlists, either ACE or ACE2. Edit: add medical classlist ACE ============================= (Bandage) ACE_Bandage_PDM (Morphine) ACE_Morphine_PDM (Epinephrine) ACE_Epinephrine_PDM BandageLarge: ACE_Bandage Bandage: ACE_LargeBandage Tourniquet: ACE_Tourniquet Morphine: ACE_Morphine Epinephrine: ACE_Epinephrine Splint: ACE_Splint IVBag: ACE_IV PlasmaBag: ACE_Plasma MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_Green_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_Brown_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_ACU_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_WMARPAT_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_DMARPAT_Medic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACE 2 im post here the classlist
  12. dalber24

    Need help with creating maps

    I forgot this manual, it's from Armed Assault (ArmA1), but it has things that serve a lot https://taskforce.realitygamer.org/downloads/editing guide.pdf regards
  13. this is ArmA2 forum, This is the ArmA 2 forum, if you need help with ArmA 3, you must create the thread in the ArmA 3 forum.
  14. dalber24

    Need help with creating maps

    Try using triggers... Here you have a very complete manual on mission editing http://taskforce.realitygamer.org/downloads/ArmA_II_Editor_Manual.pdf
  15. welcome back, a pity that you do not continue doing missions for ArmA2, although I have ArmA3 but I do not play it, I prefer A2CO, if you look, you will see that they have already done RWO for A3. regards.-