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  1. dalber24

    Project RACS

    I'm still using project racs in ArmA2CO and sometimes in Armed Assault. I have ArmA 3 but I practically never play it, I prefer A2CO. By the way thank you for all your work in Armed assault and ArmA2 I have enjoyed Project Racs for years, and I still do.💪👍
  2. My humble opinion... Simply do a clean installation. You only have to backup the mods that you have installed if you have any, remove all the installations and install everything again in the location you want. Even if it's not what you want, you'll save time and space, believe me.
  3. First of all, clarify something because I see people posting in the wrong forum, mostly in ArmA and ArmA2, so .... is ArmA + ace + slx or is ArmA2 + ace2 + slx ?? To know what you need you have to look for ACE classlists, either ACE or ACE2. Edit: add medical classlist ACE ============================= (Bandage) ACE_Bandage_PDM (Morphine) ACE_Morphine_PDM (Epinephrine) ACE_Epinephrine_PDM BandageLarge: ACE_Bandage Bandage: ACE_LargeBandage Tourniquet: ACE_Tourniquet Morphine: ACE_Morphine Epinephrine: ACE_Epinephrine Splint: ACE_Splint IVBag: ACE_IV PlasmaBag: ACE_Plasma MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_Green_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_Brown_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_ACU_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_WMARPAT_Medic MOLLE Medic Pack: ACE_Rucksack_MOLLE_DMARPAT_Medic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACE 2 im post here the classlist
  4. dalber24

    Need help with creating maps

    I forgot this manual, it's from Armed Assault (ArmA1), but it has things that serve a lot https://taskforce.realitygamer.org/downloads/editing guide.pdf regards
  5. this is ArmA2 forum, This is the ArmA 2 forum, if you need help with ArmA 3, you must create the thread in the ArmA 3 forum.
  6. dalber24

    Need help with creating maps

    Try using triggers... Here you have a very complete manual on mission editing http://taskforce.realitygamer.org/downloads/ArmA_II_Editor_Manual.pdf
  7. welcome back, a pity that you do not continue doing missions for ArmA2, although I have ArmA3 but I do not play it, I prefer A2CO, if you look, you will see that they have already done RWO for A3. regards.-
  8. dalber24

    General question related to add-ons

    The best way is to put each mod in its respective folder, eg, @cba, @eastweapons, @jsrs, @smk, etc. and load them with the launcher so avoid inconveniences and if there are any facilitate finding the problem. the mod folder structure would be like this @eastwepons and within this folder would be addons, inside addons the pbo files of the mod
  9. dalber24

    General question related to add-ons

    It is better to use this launcher, it is better to load mods, etc. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8241 I think what is happening to you is that the game is not loading as combined operations, it is only loading as Operation Arrowhead, I think. With this launcher you can run it as Combined Operations.
  10. I give you a hand with this, since the author has not logged in since 2013. http://www.mediafire.com/file/miusfni5deb5aid/OSOK_v1.rar/file
  11. then you only have the i44 loaded ??? that's really strange, for now I can not think of anything else, unless the mission you're playing is the problem. Have you tried opening the editor put some units and shoot them to see if the same thing happens?
  12. dalber24

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    No problem, I'm glad I could help!.👍
  13. Maybe you have loaded some other mod that interferes with i44, ACE or some medical mod I do not know, it's the only thing that comes to mind, because the truth is very strange, since unless you put (allowDamage false) in the units , they should die.
  14. dalber24

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Run steam as an administrator, test if it works, or reinstall baf