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  1. dalber24

    Stutter when turning

    try this Here are some threads where there are people who solved similar problems
  2. @lukin86 the only outdated thing is lingor, so here is lingor 1.5 https://www.moddb.com/addons/jungle-wars-island-of-lingor
  3. click on this link http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=authors&id=49 There you have all the content of @icebreakr to download. Addons : - Afrenian Army (v 0.9) - Afrenian Army (v 1.0) - MFP & Raiders Units (v 0.992) - Ibr Plants - Lingor Units (v 1.3) Islands : - Island Panthera - Isla Duala - Jade Groove - Island Lingor - Lite - Isla Duala Lite - Dingor Island MP missions : - CROOKS : Island Panthera Edition - JadeWars TVT/COOP/SP - co20 lingor specops - Pilot's Secret - The Collectors for Isla Duala Regards.-
  4. @SniperturtleYes, I knew that this was the latest version regardless of the file name, that's why I told you to look for it like this, I knew that this was the download you were looking for, otherwise I would have uploaded the file, but it was not necessary. your question was very clear, and my answer too 😉
  5. Maybe you didn't try the easiest... the google friend, you simply write arma 2 group link 4 and the first result of the search is the download that you are looking for.
  6. dalber24

    Sahrani Rearmed

    It looks like you haven't tried the links... a few messages above, the links are active. Click on the link https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/112030-sahrani-rearmed/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-2977977
  7. dalber24

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Actually it is very easy to find, in my case I have published it many times on steam when someone searches for it, in fact I have it hosted since 2015 and a second copy in rar. But in general it is easy to find, without the need to reach dark places and of doubtful reliability. So I take the opportunity to share the links in case someone else can't find it. 2015 original file https://www.mediafire.com/file/l7hcny0h14hmrxj/1_4_1_0.msi/file 2021 in rar file https://www.mediafire.com/file/3amegfqzsj34rcf/Sirited_Machine_ArmAII_Launcher_v1.4.1.0.rar/file
  8. dalber24


    here is
  9. dalber24

    OFP Addon request thread

    no problem, glad to help In my case, I haven't played OFP for many years, so I have no idea if there is the (M1A2 Tusk), maybe some of the active OFP users can answer that, but here are some that I have. M1A2 v3.1 and an M1A1, I think they were the best at the time. https://www27.zippyshare.com/v/5Dg1ElQY/file.html Here is the T14 Armata by @modemmaik https://www.mediafire.com/file/n6d4e7gyvpoykgj/modem_t14_1.01.7z/file This is an update of the t-14 addon by modEmMaik made by =SappeR= https://www.mediafire.com/file/hw31st62e69142w/T14_ARMATA_SappeR_edit_v1.1.rar/file
  10. bididentify doesn't seem to work anymore, at least it doesn't have any downloads.
  11. dalber24

    Takistan coop mission pack

    so how is this... are you another spam-bot? Or did you just not bother to try the download link that still works?
  12. dalber24

    Gaz-2330 "Tigr"

    No problem, glad to help. "It is seen that besides you there were more people interested in this mod, they have already downloaded it several times."
  13. dalber24

    Gaz-2330 "Tigr"

    I uploaded it here https://www.mediafire.com/file/0p5sf7tzt95dwn8/Gazt_Tigr.zip/file
  14. dalber24

    Question about Arma 3

    yes, take a look a this video