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  1. dalber24

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    No problem, I'm glad I could help!.👍
  2. Maybe you have loaded some other mod that interferes with i44, ACE or some medical mod I do not know, it's the only thing that comes to mind, because the truth is very strange, since unless you put (allowDamage false) in the units , they should die.
  3. dalber24

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Run steam as an administrator, test if it works, or reinstall baf
  4. dalber24

    Arma 2+OA -problem with ACE mod

    It is a fairly extensive topic to explain so I'll give you the basic information and the rest you have to investigate yourself, I hope it's useful. First you need tools to open the PBO files, this is the format of the ArmA missions and addons files. PBO Manager: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369&highlight=PBO%2BMANAGER Here you have a very complete manual of edition http://taskforce.realitygamer.org/downloads/ArmA_II_Editor_Manual.pdf Here you have a video tutorial on how to do a mission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcwYgrpxgWI And I can tell you how an explanation is too basic, you have to unzip the PBO file of the mission you want to modify, then you get a folder with the same PBO name, to that folder you have to paste it inside --> my documents \ ArmA 2 Other Profiles \ YourNick \ missions \ "here you paste the mission folder" Then you open the game, with the mods loaded, "the mods you want to use with the mission" go to the editor and load the mission, once you have done this you have to load the ace2 modules, add boxes of ammunition, or whatever you need. Then you record the mission, you can right there from the editor to test if the changes you've made work. I hope this helps you. Regards
  5. dalber24

    Fallujah 1.2

    that is strange, I have many active mods, many islands, units, vehicles, etc, etc, and fallujah works great, maybe the pbo is damaged? or are you unlucky that there are some mod that just bothering you, have you tried to put just one unit in the editor and try the map or have you just tried that mission? You could look inside the RPT file to see if it says something about the error. The problem could be some script in the mission. Image1 Image2
  6. Hello, does anyone know how to make a config that removes black faces? it's not racism I just got bored of playing with the "African army" a few years ago I tried to solve it and I could not, and for a while now I've been trying and I have not achieved anything, just the black faces appear as if by magic and I can not remove them , obviously without using setface, does anyone have an idea if it is possible to make a config that prevents them from appearing? Example, of four soldiers, 3 are black. http://oi65.tinypic.com/2wgvgok.jpg Thx (problem solved, I forgot to add {"CACharacters", "CACharacters2", "CACharacters_e", "CA_Heads", "CAData"}; to requiredaddons)
  7. dalber24

    Is it more realistic with tracers or not?

    Tracer ammunition is real, it is not something invented, and its function is just so you can see to which direction you are firing. So yes, it's realistic.
  8. dalber24

    Arma 2+OA -problem with ACE mod

    Do not use ACE with the training camp mission, the training camp was made with vanilla weapons, that's why you have that problem. Some missions you can play with mods and others do not, some missions have scripts and others that may not be compatible with the mod you are using and that is why certain problems appear. But if you want to play that mission with ACE, you can edit the mission to make it compatible with ACE, put the ACE weapons and ammunition boxes or directly change the weapons you need. I hope I have been clear enough, my English is not the best either.
  9. Maybe you can use something like this: Maybe you do a mix between script and unitcapute / unitplay, It's just an idea.
  10. dalber24

    Looking for ACE2 classlists

    Well here I have a version in htm, it is not the version that spoke in the previous post but I think it will serve, I'm sorry but the full version that I saved in pdf I have it in another computer in another room and I can not get to it , since I am in bed recovering from an operation, and in this pc I only remain this one that I leave here, this link will never be erased, it is permanent. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z661pydiox2zpjd/ACE2_Classlists.rar/file
  11. dalber24

    Looking for ACE2 classlists

    If you are still looking for the classlist, I saved the sixbrowser website in PDF.
  12. Hello Chris! good to see you ... or I mean read, 😄 I have an account in mediafire many years ago and upload everything there, nothing has been deleted that I have uploaded, I have files for many years, if you upload it in your account, nothing it's erased.
  13. dalber24

    CAA1 public release

    I have uploaded the utg oac core here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wrt2yu2zve35jpp/utg_oac_core.zip and here you have the clutter replacement: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8497 <----- do not worry this link is already updated I have given the file to Foxhound and it has been uploaded again.👍
  14. Here is http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8056 in fact on the first page, a little below is this same link.👍
  15. dalber24

    Fallujah mission

    Mission name or link please, You can try restarting the mission, maybe you have the bug of save mission