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  1. I think it does not check the content of the file because it never finds anything if the name is different or as I said before if you change lowercase to uppercase or vice versa. if the name is exactly the same as it had in armaholic, bidentify finds it otherwise not, at least every time I test it always happens that.
  2. example: bidentify scan -d C:\Arma\addons but the thing is that bidentify, only does a search for files exactly as they were named in Armaholic, if you changed the name or for example if you simply changed lowercase for uppercase, it will no longer find it. Currently I didn't see that bidentify could find anything if the compressed file name is different. I have also tried to download some things from about 15 downloads that I tried only two worked.
  3. so for armed assault is the same http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma/modules
  4. Congratulations on the release of your first mission, thanks for sharing it with the community, downloading and testing ... I will give you some feedback soon. Regards.-
  5. You can share your missions with us in this section without problems: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/84-arma-2-oa-user-missions unfortunately it seems that armaholic, will not return. I think there will still be ArmA2CO mods, at least for my part I assure you, I'm still cooking some things, a very nice urban island, new units, new heads with and without beards, etc. Of course, at least for me it is like that, I do not play A3, I only buy it to give my support to the developers, but I do not play it, and I think exactly the same, that's why I stay with ArmA2CO. how is it that you have random uniform changes? Please explain more in detail what is happening to you, @W0lle one of the creators of CWR2 mod, is always around here, so he sure has an answer for that. Regards.-
  6. dalber24

    Arma 2 ACE Missions

    i send you mp
  7. The tab modules button don't exist, but you can do this, write /modules at the end like this: http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma2oa/modules or http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma2/modules cheers
  8. dalber24

    COWarMod Release

    Thanks Gunter, I have this. If you need someone to upload one, just tell me.
  9. dalber24

    COWarMod Release

    Thanks Gunter, did you by any chance re-upload the Lite version and the one you made for i44? I have the others all, a few days ago I reinstalled i44 and when I went to look for cowarmod i44 did not have it ... and I saw that I was also missing the lite version. Thx
  10. Excellent ... thank you very much Gunter!👍
  11. Hello, I just tried it, it is not damaged, the problem for sure is that you have an old version of winrar, you have to download the new version. https://www.win-rar.com/download.html Cheers
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3amegfqzsj34rcf/Sirited+Machine+ArmAII+Launcher+v1.4.1.0.rar/file
  13. bugfixes for v1.7 never downloaded them, I missed it... you have to ask W0lle if he can upload it again, I have uploaded the campaign. https://www.mediafire.com/file/d1zxa8o2qp6pqn8/operation-mercury-cwr2-version-1.2.7z/file
  14. dalber24


    Download from here http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=addons&game=1&era=0&type=1&sort=date&order=asc http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma2oa/addons/vehicles/planes http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma2oa/addons/vehicles/chopper http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma2/addons/vehicles/planes http://bidentify.jerryhopper.com/files/arma2/addons/vehicles/chopper
  15. dalber24

    clay_zeroaddons.pbo problem

    It is exactly what the message tells you ... the key you have is different from the server's, so you can't enter, it's that simple and there's not much you can do, or you get the same key that the server has, or you remove that pbo.