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  1. a guide for you. https://guides.gamepressure.com/armaiioperationarrowhead/guide.asp?ID=9862
  2. There are still many people playing it, but do not expect answers to rain here in the forum, there are still some ArmA2CO communities, there are many servers, public servers there are many although most zombies, vanilla servers I think there are not, all servers use mods and A2 combined operations.
  3. dalber24

    Model and Skeleton binPBO

    what I say is not by way of criticism, it is that it really is in the wrong section and that perhaps people who know about the subject are not interested in the edition of missions and possibly you will lose that valuable help, you could try to communicate with the moderator so that move it for you.
  4. dalber24

    Model and Skeleton binPBO

    Maybe if the thread were in the corresponding section, you would have more luck with an answer, what you need, it has no relation to mission editing and scripting.
  5. dalber24

    RVMAT files

    try this... you don't need stage 6 and 7 because it is already defined in stage 1
  6. dalber24


    keep playing missions in A2 with Zeus 🤣
  7. dalber24

    SSL -Sky Sun & Lighting

    SSL - Sky Sun & Lighting update to v1.2
  8. This is what heavy machine guns are supposed to do, on the other hand, what you need, if it can be done, you have to edit the configuration of the weapon you want to modify and change the rate of fire value, example: if it has reloadTime = 0.5; you change it to reloadTime = 1.0; by increasing the value the rate of fire is lower.
  9. try this 20Rnd_762x51_FNFAL
  10. I have no idea, you should look at the dedicated server log "arma2oaserver.RPT" to try if you can see what happened.
  11. do not install anything but directx, just install windows server 2016, start the server, I got an error that I was missing directx dll so I installed directx ran it again and it worked without problems. I don't know what the problem you have there is, it's strange, did you try running it as administrator?
  12. ok, now I can confirm this, I have installed windows server 2016 and I have done the test, everything works perfectly.
  13. I can't be sure because I haven't tried it, but I never heard of someone who had that problem, now I'm downloading WS2016 to test. I think it should work without problems.
  14. I would say that it is some error related to .net frameworks or visual studios, it is the only thing that comes to mind
  15. fixed, he had a conflict with some files.