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  1. Hi, i'm familiar with, and i've played escape myself a bit before, but only the missions. Anyways basically with this you either run the mod, or the mission files themselves but not both. The mod format contains all the mission files already, thing is if your server is open to the public then the public players will also require the mods to play with just the mission files they will download those and can play np as long as they have the mods for RHS, CUP or whatever mod based versions of escape your running, looks like your running cup only. So just install the missions (pbo's) from the missionfiles folder, and not the addonfiles mod files, as again the mod files contain all the missions in their pbo's which are the same missions as in the missionfiles folder. Understand?
  2. Update 1st update of the new year! Added Singleplayer/Multiplayer Campaign Mission Mods Overthrow WW2 beta - WW2 free dynamic campaign based on Overthrow mod.
  3. Hello, Welcome to Bi Forums! Sorry to read about your troubles, seems you may have your mission file in the wrong location, and format It looks to me according your screenshot here ----> The @Co10_escape_cup im assuming is the mission correct? as i dont recall any mod being that from cup. From what im getting it looks like your running the mission as a mod rather then a mission and have it named incorrect as well. What you need to do is rename the mission, idk what map its on but if its on Chernarus then you need to rename the mission----> Co10_escape_cup.Chernarus then it needs to be in a pbo format and in your server's mpmissions folder. Only mods go in the main directory, missions for servers go in the mpmissions folder, just like on client side, and only mods will use the @ sign in front of them. Missions will have the format of a name and then the map their on as an example what i bolded the escape mission above. Mission folder will have the name, and inside it will be the mission.sqm along with any scripts, and a description.ext, then for the server the mission folder must be pbo'd. The server's command line will only run the mods, and the mission as said will be in the mpmissions folder, once you get to the server lobby where you choose your mission then the mission you want to play should show up there under the map. That being the maps are on the left, in this case Chernarus im assuming the map is on and the missions on the right.
  4. Gunter Severloh

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Whats up Faces of War fans, and Happy New Year! Something i did for the fans of the mod is i built a massive collection on steam workshop of about 70 Faces of War SP and MP scenarios seen here: Faces of War Steam Workshop SP/MP Collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1973359779 Terms i used was: Faces of war, WW2 scenarios, sp and mp There were about 40 pages i went through and collected about 99% of the missions there dealing with the mod, there were some fow missions with no description, so i didn't bother. If anyone who is interested sees any missions that is not in my collection please let me know. Hope my work here helps the FOW fans locate missions to play faster! Cheers!
  5. Gunter Severloh

    Having trouble getting a scenario to work

    Hi welcome to Bi Forums! The "Scenario" is actually a campaign, you have to load it like a mod. Follow my little tutorial: Go to your arma3 launcher, and let the launcher check for mods, vindicta should be or has been installed already. Load up the campaign mod including the required mods which are ace and cba_a3 Start the game with the mods, and once on the main menu of the game, then go to Singleplayer and then campaigns. When you subscribe to scenarios on the workshop look at the top right of the mission's page under the picture to see what it is, whether its a Singleplayer, multiplayer, coop, or a mod. For Vindicta this is what it says: Data Type: Mod Mod Type: Campaign Scenario Gameplay: Coop, Persistent Scenario Type: Infantry Since its a Coop, Persistent type mission, this means you will need to go to multiplayer, then host, fill in server info, and click on the Altis map on the left, and then the mission should be on the right. I've done all this and the mission doesn't show up for me in the list, and thats where its supposed to be, i would go to the campaign page here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1964186045 and then scroll to the bottom of the page where it says discord, join their discord and ask why the mission dont show up.
  6. Thanks R3vo, idk how i missed yours, im sure theres more out there, but thank you, added it to the Ammoboxes & Loadouts, Composition Tools, Missions Tools, & Files category under mission tools. Update added Ammoboxes & Loadouts, Composition Tools, Missions Tools, & Files Mission Tools 3den Enhanced - This modification adds new functionalities to the Eden Editor, without creating any dependencies for players.
  7. Gunter Severloh

    Buddy can't join my hosted server

    Hello, Welcome to BI Forums! Sorry to read about your troubles, take a look at this thread linked below as the posters there had the same issue, see my post there at the bottom with a tutorial for port forwarding, and other things you can do: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222988-wondering-if-i-could-get-assistance-with-the-dynamic-combat-ops/ Hope that helps.
  8. UPDATE Altis & VR versions only! Found a few issues after playing a bit. Changelog 1-6-20 v1.13 ===== - All Ammo caches now have at least 5 RGN & RGO grenades. - Updated Garrison code in enemy squad leader as all of the squad enemy wasn't garrisoning. - Fixed enemy squad spawn markers, and the center patrol marker solid again, seems AI would not respawn after being killed and also would not move to patrol. - Fixed and updated VR version mission as it had double tasks, markers and other things because of my port, sorry about that. =======
  9. UPDATE Altis & VR versions only! Another huge update! This one fixes, adjusts, updates, replaces, and basically fills in the holes of what was left to do in v1.11 at this point until i think of more things to adjust, fix, or do without sacrificing performance v1.12 may be my last update for the time being unless someone else has some ideas or runs into something, for now check out the changelog. Armaholic has the latest files, workshop and google drive are v1.12, also check out the video in my previous post, its an overview of the v1.11 Update along with a gameplay demo showing some tactics to best used on the map, among other things. Have fun with this one, this has turned out well, cheers! Changelog: v1.12 ===== - Added Pergolla building in the large open space by blue building giving more cover for that area. - Added a stair to a building that had only one way out. - Added sandbag wall to side of stairs that turned sharp, where player would run off edge. - Added new Stair access to one side of office building plank to get down to garage building. - Added RR Track plank access to next building over. - Added steps and RR track plank access on top of building that will now connect to next building. - Fixed a marker not deleting when all tasks completed related to the marker. - Fixed a hole by a RR track plank where player would fall through and get injured while crossing. - Fixed a doorway/patio that had a bad transition, where player would clip, or fall through the balcony floor and get injured. - Increased distance of sandbag wall and flag from player entrance as player didn't have much room to move when being engaged. Also added another Sandbag wall on top of existing wall for more cover. - Made all markers on the map transparent so you see only the ammo cache dots. - Made a sandbag wall larger to block player access because player would run off deck thinking there was a stair there. - Replaced all remaining wood planks to RRtracks and stone sidewalks, which also reduced the number of objects on the map, while also fixing clipping issues for two planks among them. - Spun a Pergolla building around to allow more access to move/cover when coming down a stair that was near it. - Updated Garrisoned enemy soldier task with correct number in task description. - Updated Skill.sqf for AI difficulty, lowering some points, increasing others based on level chose. ==========
  10. Gunter Severloh

    Question about forums

    Hi, this section of the forum would be ideal ----> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/162-arma-3-addons-configs-scripting/ since your working with the config aspect of your model, if your questions or help was needed for the model itself then this section would be ideal for that: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/165-arma-3-modelling-o2/ If your not sure about certain sections of the forum, they all have a brief description under their titles when you go to them. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  11. Gunter Severloh

    Project injury reaction

    Ya thats an interesting thought, i mean the swearing and what the units say is decent and fitting, maybe reduce the repetitiveness of it, and add something a bit more specific to it like when the guy gets shot in the leg hes saying my leg, or my arm, ect,. think that might add a little more immersion to it, but overall just the new animations are amazing.
  12. UPDATE Added video Overview and tactics gameplay demo for the v1.11 update
  13. Gunter Severloh

    co10 Escape

    Welcome, when you guys start the mission where you choose your roles, dont forget to go to the parameters at the top right and adjust the enemy skill, lower it to the bottom which would be cadet, also set enemy frequency to 1-3 players which is the lowest. Then you have the AI numbers below that, set accuracy to 0 (zero), this will give their shots more dispersion, just dont stand there and think they wont hit, at a large distance the dispersion will be more noticeable, up close they will be more deadly, and drop aiming speed, and spot time to 0 (zero) or 1 (one) see if that makes any difference. Scope out where they are all at first before you decide to grab any weapons, remember if you grab a grenade, alarms will go off, and the guards are now a threat, so dont grab any weapons until you have assessed the situation and their location. Just a suggestion for you, Escape is a challenging mission, i play it myself once in a while, and i dont want to derail the topic and send you elseware, but if you need to practice your shooting, cover, and movement skills while seeking out objectives, my Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena is a good place to practice and train and build your reflexes, timing, and shooting accuracy trust me you will get good with practice, plus its coop 😉 With some side practice, Escape will be a bit easier to handle when you enhanced your tactical shooting skills, just a thought, hope that helps!
  14. Gunter Severloh

    Project injury reaction

    Means theres to much of it, or to repetitive, once in a while is ok, i mean it fits the situation just not almost every soldier swearing, or saying "God dam".
  15. Gunter Severloh

    Project injury reaction

    Dude that video is pretty impressive, the detailed animations in response to direct hits in those areas really add to the immersion, the swearing is a bit to much but i know thats the game not your mod. Nice work!