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  1. Update Added: Helmets, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Statics, & Tanks Infantry Weapons GSTAVOs StG44 - This is the Sturmgewehr 44 also know as Maschinenpistole 43 and 44.
  2. WW2Epic

    Update - WW2Epic Hey guys, i want to let you know that i am still maintaining this Utube channel, i've gained a few subs in the past couple of weeks too, so the channel is up to 184 subs and still growing! I add new videos to the channel every week! If you go to the all created playlists here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCosib351gO_3VcwMJWBEr_A/playlists?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=1 theres a total of 33 playlists that have videos on a wide range of theaters, and subjects of the war. Here is a list of all the playlists on the channel and how many videos they contain, number (0) after the name is how many videos are on that playlist : WW2 Lost Evidence Documentary Series (10) The Winds of War (6) Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 (8) Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1940 (10) Poland - Polish Theater Documentaries (16) Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries (12) Famous Battles Documentaries - Stalingrad (17) Holocaust Documentaries (16) Pacific - Pacific Front Theater Documentaries (37) Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries (19) Finland - Finnish Theater Documentaries (24) Great Britain - English Theater Documentaries (15) Ostfront - Eastern Front Theater Documentaries (12) Africa - African Front Theater Documentaries (22) DDay & Western Theater Documentaries (39) Ships & Submarines (27) WW2 Cartoons (39) Nazi Occult & UFO Documentaries (16) Discoveries, Relics, & Treasures (23) People of WW2 (78) Tank Documentaries (41) Anthems, Marches, Music, & Songs (34) Weapon Documentaries (70) WW2 Tv Show - Twelve O'clock High (59) WW2 Tv Show - Colditz (24) Bombers, Fighters, & Planes (73) Short Films (95) WW2 TV show - COMBAT! (71) TANKS! Steel Tigers (5) TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz (5) German War Files (17) Documentaries (81) Full Movies (118) -----> 118 videos - 827,772 views - Updated 4 days ago (my most watched playlist!) So if your a fan of WW2 check out my Utube channel WW2Epic! The channel is a massive compilation of Full movies, Short Films, Documentaries, Music, & Photos of WW2 Link to the channel is at the top, and also in my signature! Cheers!
  3. Arma Commander: SP/Coop/TvT Game Mode

    Cool! Some of the features reminds me of Ragnarok'44 ;)
  4. Couldn't you review those scripts that already do it and see what they use? Like this one for example: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=713709341 Another idea i was thinking that could be fairly simple to do is have an option to be able to call for an ammo drop, have an option to be able to call for transport or an ammo drop.
  5. Yup for the A3 version i posted a thread on it a not to long ago, still a good script, for overall air support, but tbh i think in terms of the helicopter transport aspect, what we have here imo is a bit more realistic in terms of what you have to do, that was the whole idea initially back in 2014 to signal the chopper with smoke or flare. Other aspects in the script have some ideas that stemmed from Draper's script and i thought they were pretty useful in terms of providing feedback, you got to hand it to Rydygier tho, adding all the customizable options seriously makes the script more versatile and alot more fun to play with. Like Rydygier said it was mainly tested with just the Ghost Hawk, but i did try it out with a blackhawk from RHS and it worked the same, the only issue i ran into which i still cant put a thumb on it, it being a random bug. Apon the disembarking part, when the player got out, he was stuck prone on the ground, and you couldn't get out of it even a 2-3 AI of your squad did the same, it was a hit or miss, sometimes it happened sometimes it didn't but only with the RHS Blackhawk, haven't tested with any other heli's, that was with an earlier build of the script, not the current, latest version, I've yet to test with anything else yet. But please do test with other helicopters and let us know if you run into anything, maybe with your guy's feedback we can create a compatibility list, and also possibly figure out what what causes whatever bugs you may run into if any, hopefully none.
  6. Update Script now on Armaholic! Thanks to Foxhound for hosting! http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34661 Open the HAS_fnc.sqf and you can adjust all those parameters to your liking. Also seen in number 5 in the OP. In the video i have set in the userconfig: RYD_HAS_VoiceChat = false;//if there should be played kbTell sentences. If false - sidechat text sentences will be used instead Set to true so you will hear the player, and the pilot of the helicopter. RYD_HAS_AddHints = false;//if additional hint messsages should be displayed Set to true, so you will see the chopper enroute, throw daytime signal, signal spotted, ect,. these are the hints you see at the top right of the screen. RYD_HAS_AutoInOut = true;//if all RYD_HAS_STT units should be sent to embark/disembark RYD_HAS_Chopper automatically nomadd this is the code that does the autokick of the player and any AI, if you make this false then you'll have to manually get out, but fair warning the chopper might have the bug where he will land, and then take off while your still in it, so if you command any AI like in the demo, then just tell them to disembark before the chopper lands and the chopper will stay on the ground til all are out, and then RTB. This code from the userconfig you can have a radio required to be able to call the heli, or a backpack, or something else, in the demo on both maps as i have demo for Altis and Stratis, there is a table there in front of where the players start for stratis the table is at the base, but look in the editor at the code used in the radio and you can apply that to any object and it will be required to call the heli.
  7. Thanks, ya its alot of fun to use, the name and pic was Rydygier's idea, pretty fitting i must say. For the video, i actually had a video ready on the 2nd but, the way Rydgier works lol he kept fixing and updating the script, adding more user friendly options to it. I ended up rerecording the video this past Sunday morning, took me a number of takes to get it right because i wanted to say certain things at a certain time and also not miss anything important. So a couple hrs to record, and almost 4 to edit, turned out pretty decent and presents the script well.
  8. Thanks, ya it is a cool idea, adds some realism to the whole transport aspect. You got to give Rydygier most of the credit tho, as without his ability to write scripts like he does, and put ideas into code, this wouldn't have been possible. The idea for the throw smoke to call a helicopter started back in 2014, i presented the idea to Rydygier so he put together a small demo mission on my ideas to mess with, was very primitive at the time but worked. Few weeks ago i was working on a mission i've spent about a month on, was implementing the module for helicopter transport, and it sparked an idea, i ended up going back to the demo mission, i started playing with it, next thing you know i was getting all sorts of ideas, so i pm'd Rydygier and told him about the script he wrote, from there it took off, so this Hermes Airlift Services was a 2 week project. Known issues Just to let you guys know there were 2 "bugs" we were dealing with: 1. When the helicopter was looking for a spot to land, which we seem to have sorted but still needs further testing. 2. When the disembark when the heli lands you have 2 options you can set in the userconfig, either true or false, but true will force all occupants out of the chopper, set to false and you'll have to get out manually, this includes telling your squad mates to get out too if you have any under your command. Once in a while when the chopper lands and you get forced out, 1-2 other AI squad mates will be forced out too, but then the rest will remain on the chopper, so just tell them to disembark and the chopper will reland and let them off, and then RTB. This happens on rare occasions, so out of 5 tests it might happen once, or not at all, just remember if it happens tell your guys to get out, and all is good. Download In the download comes 2 demo missions, one on Altis, the other Stratis which you see in the video, also included is a readme in the zip. The demo missions are not pbo'd so they need to be placed in C:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3\missions Tested in MP lan works ok, but best in sp.
  9. Best Dedicated Server for Game??

    Welcome to Bis forums! For what game are you looking for a host for? You can also refer to my post here:
  10. by Rydygier & Gunter Severloh Download Dropbox - Hermes Airlift Services Script Demo Armaholic - Hermes Airlift Services Script Demo 1. Description Hermes Airlift Services is an easy to set up yet versatile and customizable script that enables heli airlift in a scenario. The mission creator defines the "base" game logic, heli(s) to serve as an aerial taxi for units to be transported on demand. HAS also provides an accompanying background chat for communications specific to typical situations, that could break procedure. The script is written mostly for singleplayer, so multiplayer compatibility is not guaranteed. 2. Features Airlifting for units to a chosen destination or back to base. Task initialized by radio call or by entering a helicopter at base. Map click to choose a destination. Helicopter will wait until all units are aboard and give the action to go to a new destination or RTB. Variety of customization options through the userconfig. Ability to cancel pending airlift. The ability to point to an alternative LZ if landing is not possible at the chosen coordinates. Daylight smoke, and night signals (flares) to mark the chosen extraction LZ. Text radio chat communications or audio & text from the vanilla airlift support module. Customizable call limits - set to -1 and have unlimited calls, set it to 4 and have only 4 call heli missions. Possibility of adding new units and helis on the fly. Logic handles special situations (not enough cargo space, heli destroyed/unable to fly etc.). Optional auto embark*/disembark, *except for player controlled units and player lead groups. On teamswitch all playable units defined in the userconfig will get the "call helicopter" action provided one being switched to is the player. 3. Script set up Paste HAS_fnc.sqf into mission folder Paste demo's init.sqf content into mission's init.sqf init.sqf if (isServer) then { call compile preprocessFile "HAS_fnc.sqf"; [] call RYD_HAS_Init; }; Adjust init variables located on the top of HAS_fnc.sqf Into RYD_HAS_STT array put names of all units, that will be using airlift. Optimally if all of them form a single group. At least one of them has to be player-controlled. In the editor, place at chosen point Game Logic named RYD_HAS_Base In the editor, place at least one helicopter to be used for airlifting (cargo space must be big enough for all transported units). Put names of all helicopters into RYD_HAS_allChoppers in the HAS_fnc.sqf Alternative way for one vehicle: name single helicopter as RYD_HAS_Chopper 4. How it works Once the mission initiates, all units named in the HAS_fnc.sqf RYD_HAS_STT array will get the "Call helicopter" added to their action menu giving them the ability to call an airlift. It is visible only to the player-controlled character (making a call require player action). The action represents a radio call for airlift. When used, if all is OK, the number of calls left will be decreased by 1 and after a short background radio chat, the closest heli able to perform the task will start and fly towards the caller's position. When approaching, the pilot will search for presence of any proper signal putting the extraction LZ around caller's position (of any origin, not only placed by the player!). The signal is typically a smoke grenade or flare. If there was no signal given before the helicopter arrives, the pilot will request a signal based on if its day or night and start to loiter over the area for set amount of time waiting for signal to be given. If the signal is not given in that time, the heli will RTB. If the signal is seen then the pilot will scan the area for a safe LZ spot. If not found, the player will be informed and asked to point to an alternate extraction coordinate via map click. This will be repeated until a suitable spot is found. When the LZ is found, the heli will land allowing units to embark. At this point the caller may cancel the airlift via another mouse action. When all units are aboard, the caller will get two actions: transport to another location (pointed via map click) or RTB. After the destination is chosen, the heli will fly there, land allowing disembark, wait until all units are out, then RTB. After the heli lands back at base a new call can be made. If units are closer than 100 meters to the closest of appointed helis, radio call is not available. In this case, or if player chooses, the airlift may be initialized simply by all units embarking in the appointed helicopter. Once inside the actions for choosing a destination will become available, returning back to base will not. The task will immediately end if: There's no more appointed helicopters alive for airlifting units. Chosen heli is destroyed or deleted. Pilot of the chosen heli is killed or deleted. Chosen heli is unable to fly due to damage or lack of fuel. Airlift is cancelled by the player. 5. User Customization Variables - (located in HAS_fnc.sqf) Changelog: 12-10-18 Release v1.0
  11. Thanks, will ask one of them and see if they would be interested.
  12. Thats an interesting thought kju, if anyone is interested in writing it, i would assume it would have to run as an addon correct?
  13. Hey guys, something been bothering me for some time with the editor, so i created a new task on the Arma3 feedback tracker (Phabricator) Feedback Ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T134894 Below is my exact post from the ticket: New feature/function editor adjustment When i start the editor, and choose a map to edit on, the list on the left should only show those missions for the map i am on. Why is all the missions i created showing for all other maps when i opened a specific map? This forces you to search and then search again, opening a map in the map list, and then looking for your mission in this new list of missions for all maps when your on a specific map. Important points: Expand the open mission box so all map and mission names can be read. Have a box you can tick in the open missions box to allow you to see only missions for that map when you get to that map in the editor, if left unticked then default, ticked box will stay ticked until you untick it. So if you wanted to go to another map say from Altis to edit, transfer, copy what have you, then untick the map box, and all the maps/missions list will show. Overall idea So the idea overall is to when you click on editor on the main menu of the game ----> choose map -----> missions created (if any) are only seen in the list just for that map, until you untick the missions list option to go to another map or open another mission. Video Here is a video of something i have done to take the search out of looking for missions for a specific map: Anyone know of another idea around the default way of see your missions for the map apon entering that map? other then what i did in the video which btw isn't new, already has a built in function for that.
  14. solved remove

    Maybe he sings to his own tune i dont care nor think about anybody but me, myself and i. I'm a friend to myself, but myself, for myself, forget anyone but me, yay for me, who cares about you, because im not you. I care not for you but me, not the community just me, the guy in the mirror loves me, not you. Oh you have the same problem, oh my, well i solved it, so long and bon fung you. ========== Tip of the day - help others and you help yourself, you get back what you put out, in this case .... nothing No offense but solutions to problems solves alot of issues among many people even BIS, if BIS sees a solution solved for something, they could change the code/fix for it and it would never arise again, problem solved for all, so know that your issue is never a one person issue with their game, it effects the community and of course that all depends on what you solved too, so its best to share, insights go far here. :)
  15. Best wait for Old Bear as he can better explain whats recommended, you definitely need more ram, at a higher speed tho.