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  1. Gunter Severloh

    CBS - Combat Battle Sounds (Arma2OA Sound Mod)

    Will never happen, not my mod, wouldn't know how. Just look at the sound mod in the mod.
  2. Gunter Severloh

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    No worries, welcome to BI forums btw love your avatar, isn't that from The Good the bad and the ugly?
  3. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

    Glory Road Frostbite 44 / Arma 3 WW2 / Coop
  4. I know this is a necro of the thread, and most mods are downloaded / Subbed through Steam Workshop, however manually downloaded mods are still about and can still be downloaded through various posts, and sites depending. I have a tutorial i had put together back in February of 2020, idk why i didn't post it here too but anyways if it may help any new folks to the game or anyone who dont know how to install mods manually in the game then this should help. Keep in mind that the tutorial was using Armaholic (when it was up) as a base to demonstrate two types of mods i downloaded then that you may encounter, regardless of where you download the mod these two ways i show you apply. Any questions or problems send me a pm, ask on the comments in the video, or reply here. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  5. Gunter Severloh

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    Maybe just ask me in the future considering i spent 2yrs on and off on my ISIL Foothold missions, i could have just given everyone a direct link to download Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux script. Which i can do here: From my google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/11_peKI50Etnz06T6nu3nzeRwsZUO47br/view?usp=sharing This is the original file if you were to download from Armaholic its a demo mission set on stratis, you can get the script from the mission itself. Look at the other files and basically replicate it in your own mission. In the future just ask unless your challenged, i'm always happy to help members of the Arma community.
  6. Update added Compositions Objects, Ships, Statics, Tanks, & Vehicles Objects World War II trenches (A3 SGM) - Compilation of WW2 trenches. WW2 Small Foxhole 1 WW2 Small Foxhole 2 Statics Flak 36 (88mm) Pack Composition (A3 SGM) - Flak 36 (88mm) anti-aircraft gun pack. All models are static, the Flak 36 works normally, but reflectors, power generator and car are only models to decorate. Tanks M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer (Semi-PVP) - The M36 combined the hull of the M10 tank destroyer, M4 Sherman's chassis and drivetrain and turret mounting the 90 mm gun M3. Vehicles Opel Blitz & Flak 38 Pack Composition (A3 SGM) - Pack of Opel Blitz Truck & Flak38 guns. Misc updates - Replaced IFA3_AIO_Lite's link with a new workshop page's link which the IFA3 team put up as an alternative link for download. Original link is still there but you cannot access the page because of steam issue with the mod, so its hidden.
  7. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

    Stuka - Reconnaissance & Targets of opportunity - Arma 3 WW2 / Coop
  8. Gunter Severloh

    Publishing a Mission

    If you need a visual
  9. Gunter Severloh

    Exit code: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

    For your rpt you had pasted, need a full rpt, thats only a partial which only shows the files of the game and not any code, or errors possibly being written. Suggest emptying that folder that the rpt is in, start without any mods and try to run vanilla itself if you aren't already and then let the game try to load if it does, and then grab the rpt. Here is the error on the wiki if you havent seen it, try what they listed there https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION Lastly if all else fails i would suggest asking these guys https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/187603-will-my-pc-run-arma3-what-cpugpu-to-get-what-settings-what-system-specifications/ your issue may be hardware related, maybe settings, or what have you, not really my area i can help much in. Theres a few regular members on that thread that do alot of testing, and research on parts, and different builds for Arma, they know the ins and outs of computers and performance when it comes to Arma 's engine, im sure one of them could tell you based on your specs what could be preventing the game from starting. Btw dont take what i said in my previous post as being rash against your post here even though there is already a thread you could reply too, i would just suggest in the future to reply to threads already discussing your error or whatever the subject may be, ideally thats one of the forum rules. Hope that helps!
  10. Gunter Severloh


    A vegetable since the game wont start.
  11. Gunter Severloh

    Exit code: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

    Search before you post please. If you can take the time to find this section of the forum and create a new thread you then also have the time to see what other threads there are that may have the same issues as yours, most especially pinned threads. Dont create a new thread to exclusively have your issue seen when there is a pinned thread with your exact error and many solutions that have worked. Less forum fluff.
  12. Gunter Severloh

    How to create unit insignias?

    Hello TrollEnjoyer, Welcome to BI forums! Take a look at the wiki page here on the subject https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unit_Insignia
  13. Gunter Severloh


    Welcome to BI forums! Post your computer specs and a full rpt so were not playing the 20 question guessing game.
  14. Gunter Severloh

    flaps are still useful?

    That was great information @ROGER_BALL, much appreciate your insights and knowledge something to keep in mind when i fly. I fly myself on occasion in the game but not modern planes, mainly WW2 planes and more specifically the Ju87 Stuka, as it has its own flight aspects to it for a slower plane, the combat tactics employed with its used be it divebombing, or using the bk37mm gunpods there is a level of skill needed to be proficient at such tactics. I am still working on my own flying and get plenty of practice through my own mission, and in coop on the weekends, i also fly in the game IL-2 if you have heard of that, that game is a bit more simulated to a more realistic level then Arma 3 is at least for the WW2 planes, but the planes are getting there thanks to the modders. My brother btw i ask him questions sometimes about flying as hes been flying since he was 13, and is about 36 now, he fly's a 737 all across the USA currently. As for the lowering of the flaps discussion for what i fly i normally dont lower the flaps when i'm coming in for a landing, until im almost on the runway itself, sometimes i come into fast and when i deploy the flaps i end up getting lift when im trying to land, so i find it to be something you have to time with your speed. For the Ju87 plane the based landing speed for that plane in real life was about 125km/h, ingame its about 135 thats just the mod, all that can be changed of course but i try to aim for that so distance from the runway, speed, ect,. make a difference, i learned is once you have everything set you got to just let the plane do its thing and just maintain it, a pilot with some hours under his belt can tell when to adjust but most times the nature of the situation will let you know how your doing. It takes a bit of practice to get it right, if a player is "serious" enough or is into what their doing rather and not just flying the plane for the sake of the guns it has and the fun of just flying some of the players i've come across when it comes to flying are in a rush to just get into the air, dont pay attention when they land if they do, its almost a careless act as if it probably be better if they just spawned in the air then actually take the time to land and follow an actual landing, and taxi procedure, but thats just me. Theres is a level for every player at which they give their attention and for those that do they are awarded with a proficiency in a skill.
  15. Gunter Severloh

    WARMOD release

    GL3 is the mod, its fairly big but in the Documentations file, i'll post here all the features and things it does, this mod does alot more then ECS. From the @WarMod/Documentation Features readme GL3 - Group Link 3 Group Link 3 Info Group Link 3 is a AddOn based AI Enhancement script, which is doing a lot of configuration's and setting's by it's own. So it's not necessary to initialize every group by putting "ge1=group this", "ge2=group this" and so on in the initializing field of each group. Group Link 3 is detecting every unit, group, object, which is used in a mission by it self. Group Link 3 Features 1. Enemy A.I. Features 2. Effect Features 3. Additional Features Group Link 3 A.I. Features: Enemy A.I. may do call in other units/groups as reinforcements. Enemy A.I. may do call in artillery support. Enemy A.I. may do call in airstrike support. Enemy A.I. may do drop smoke while unmounting/ejecting vehicles. Enemy A.I. react to gunfire. Enemy A.I. react to suppressive fire. Enemy A.I. may do perform house search. Enemy A.I. may do fire flares at night and drop smoke at day after spotting an target/player. Enemy A.I. in helicopters may do paradrop or unmount the helicopter at the conflict point. Enemy A.I. will return to their original vehicles and remount them, after an alert was cancelled. Enemy A.I. do rearm, if they are close to run out of ammo. Enemy A.I. which was called in as reinforcement, will look for empty vehicles, if they are not nearby the conflict point. Enemy A.I. may try to find cover, after they was detected by or after they had detected/spotted a target/player. Enemy A.I. which is close to reached the conflict pointing may do split up their groups, to advance from several directions. Enemy A.I. of a static group may do talk to some other units of their own group, go paroling for a specific amount of time and range or do sit on the ground and relax. If there is no enemy contact and if they ( units/groups ) feel safe. Enemy A.I. may do garrison empty buildings nearby their position. Enemy A.I. may do mount empty static weapons nearby their position. Enemy A.I. in helicopter may do insert/extract other already called reinforcements, which are far away/not close to the conflict point after unmounting/ejecting their original crew at the conflict point. Enemy A.I. do may detect exploding vehicles. If a vehicle explode and a Enemy A.I. unit/group is nearby the exploded/destroyed vehicle, then they may will start advancing toward to where the explosion came from, to see, what was happened there. Enemy A.I. in vehicles do also detect explosions, if so then they will drive to the position, where the explosion came from, unmount the vehicle, check a specific range for a specific amount of time, remount the vehicle and return to their original waypoints. ( If any ) Group Link 3 Effect Features: Bullet Whiz by sound effect: This feature do simulate the sound of a bullet which whiz by the head of a player. Dynamic Speaking A.I.: Gives enemy A.I. and the player/player group the ability to talk and shout during the combat and in given situations. Injured Effects and First Aid: This feature gives players, which was badly wounded the chance to heal them self with a First Aid pack. Church Chor: This feature add some more life to churches, by let a church chor singing inside of a church at day time. At night the church's will be lighted up in a very nice yellow/orange color. Grenade and Rocket impact simulation: If a grenade and/or rocket impacts right beside a player, then the player get a shock and blackout with era ring for a specific amount of time. The nearer the grenade/rocket impacts the harder/longer will the effect be. Explosion FX: This feature do create several explosion effects after a land vehicles, air vehicles or ship was destroyed/explodes. Explosion Effect Types and FX: Explosion debris in several sizes. Explosion fire flash. Dust waves in different sizes. Fire, Ashes, Spark effects and Spark sound. Hot ground. Body Remove: This feature do removes dead body's of enemy A.I., if a specific amount of dead units is reached or if a player is in a specific distance to a dead enemy A.I. body. Random Weather: This feature do change the weather randomly during the mission. Available weather conditions are: Fog Overcast Rain Group Link 3 Feature Extensions: Mount: This feature let enemy A.I. groups which was called in as reinforcement and which are not nearby the conflict point look if any empty vehicles are nearby their position. If yes, then they will mount the vehicle and drive to the conflict point in the vehicle instead of walking all the way. Dynamic Group Markers: The dynamic group marker script creates a marker at the position of the enemy A.I. group leader. The dynamic group marker script do also can be set how far a marker should be visible from the player/s position and if the markers should give several information’s about the current enemy A.I. group status/behavior. The dynamic group markers first was created to debug Group Link 3, but its a very useful and helpful tool, so its free to use for everyone. Difficult: Choose the enemy A.I. skill and the enemy A.I. skill array type. The skill array types include: Aiming Accuracy: Choose how good the enemy A.I. can aim with their weapons. Aiming Shake: Choose how much the enemy A.I. should shake while aiming. Aiming Speed: Choose how fast the enemy A.I. can aim. Endurance: Choose endurance of the enemy A.I. Spot Distance: Choose how good the enemy A.I. can spot enemy's. Spot Time: Choose how fast the enemy A.I. can spot enemy's. Courage: Choose courage of the enemy A.I. Reload Speed: Choose how fast the enemy A.I. can reload their weapons. Commanding: Behavior unknown.. General: Behavior unknown... Body Detect: Enemy A.I. is able to detect dead body’s of their own/friendly side. After a enemy A.I. unit/group had found/detect a dead body, then they may scan the area for potential targets/players for a specific amount of time and in a specific range. Dynamic Speaking A.I.: The Enemy A.I. and the player do use a completely new D.S.A.I. ( Dynamic Speaking A.I. ) system, which fits to the given situation and behavior of the unit/group. The D.S.A.I. is split up into several behaviors which are: D.S.A.I. ( Dynamic Speaking A.I. ) types/behaviors: Player D.S.A.I. types: Moving, Incoming Grenade, Killed, Detected and Reloading. Enemy A.I. D.S.A.I. types: Advance, Combat, Suppressed, Incoming and Grenade. Boats/Ships: Enemy A.I. in boats now also is supported by Group Link 3. If enemy A.I. units/groups in Boats/Ships was called in as reinforcement, then they will drive to the nearest land position of the conflict point, unmount the Boats/Ships and continue their way till they have reached the conflict point. House Search: Enemy A.I. which was ordered to do perform house search will randomly check each available spot in the house randomly. Flares: Enemy A.I. do only fire flares at night, if a unit of the group got a grenade launcher and/or any other weapon available to fire flares. Artillery: Artillery of the enemy A.I. do only fire, if none of their own units/groups are in a specific range to the conflict point. This means artillery will not do fire, if it could be possible to hit their own units/groups. Take Captive/Surrender: ( Removed ) This feature do let enemy A.I. surrender/take captive if some conditions match. The conditions to take captives are very high please take a look at the “GL3_Settings.sqf” to see which conditions must be reached, to take captives. Helicopter unmount/eject: Enemy A.I. in helicopters now do calculate the best distance to unmmount/eject the helicopters by their own. By default a random value is given, but if the helicopter is too close or too far away like this value, then the value will be re-calculated by the helicopter to make sure the unmount/eject from the helicopter will be a success and not a suicide.