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    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod Series called WarMod:
    WarMod for Arma1 was released 11-24-2009
    A2WarMod for Arma2 was released 10-06-2010
    A2WarModACE for Arma2 was released 3-2-2011
    COWarMod for Arma2CO, was released 7-5-2011
    COSLX - for Arma2CO 10-9-2011
    COWarModACE for Arma2CO, was released 7-26-2012
    COWarModI44 for Arma2CO was released 5-28-2012
    IFWarMod - for Arma2CO IFA2 (Iron Front) 6-17-2013
    IFA3WarMod - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 8-24-2015
    IFA3WarModSA - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 4-25-2016
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  1. I believe its a combination of things that make the difference, if you stay with the specs you chose, but have the 3200 freq ram i linked you or another, the difference is with 2400 would be around 45-50fps, whereas having 3200 would be 55+ In my specs i have 32gb with 3600 freq, im averaging 80+fps, depending on the map and mission, for example Tanoa map, i can easily get 80+ FPS, go to Georgetown and it drops to 45-50fps. I think what you chose is good, but you could always compare prices at other stores, like Newegg, or other places and see what you would pay for the same parts.
  2. Understandable, mow some lawns, or get a part time job like washing dishes, shit when i was 8 i was working for my grandpa on his farm, did that til i was 15, then the following year i got a job at a restaurant, washing dishes and busing tables, while going to a martial art school, and regular school, surely you have some time to find something, how bad do you want it? All im saying is dont settle for certain parts because they are cheaper, like your ram for instance, yes its cheaper but you sacrifice fps because of it. i linked you some good ram though, its but a $1 more then what you chose and has the frequency you want which is 3000 or better, anything lower then 3000 is moving towards a lower fps, all the rest of your parts look good.
  3. May i suggest to not short yourself on the ram, as suggested minimum size is 16gb which you have and thats fine, however lowering the frequency for the sake of price will cost you alot of fps. Review this https://techreport.com/review/31179/intel-core-i7-7700k-kaby-lake-cpu-reviewed/11 If you cannot afford it right now, i suggest waiting til you can, please just trust me, sit on your money and get the better parts you have the money for. Or get this for your ram, its 16gb, at 3200 freq, its way faster then what you chose which is 2400 freq, and only a $1 more ;) https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Cf98TW/gskill-memory-f43200c16d16gvkb and its compatible with your MSI mobo.
  4. arma 3 mods issue

    Make sure you have a player placed in the mission, save, and then click on preview at bottom right of the editor, you can play your missions through the editor. Review the Eden Wiki, has a tutorial with gifs that demonstrate https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Preview as for the editor overall------> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor
  5. Issues with 1.82 Update

    Ah the OP responds! So this is vanilla arma 3 your having issue with or you running mods too, and what mission are you playing when this occurs and is your tests in VR, editor, MP Lan, or on a server? You had already stated the issue in your original post, and then add a bit more description to it here, but you have not stated what your running with or on, as those affect how everything handles ingame.
  6. -mod allow no mods!

    Post your server's config, the server.cfg
  7. -mod allow no mods!

    Pretty much, only way a mission requires a mod or mods is if the mission has assets from the mod being used in it, that can be a gun, car, even a module. Now if you were to build a mission with whatever mods enabled even though you have no intention on using any of those mods or their assets rather in the mission, and then saved it, there is a good chance that, that mission will not load without those mods, or one of those mods loaded, because you would have created whats called an addon dependency. So just remember if you build your own missions and intend to have certain assets from a particular mod, then use only that mod. Server wise if the server is not running those mods that the mission has a dependency on, then no one will be able to access that mission because the server wont load it, even if you have the mods that the mission requires or are dependent on.
  8. Compilation List of my GF Scripts

    George, as a compiler you seriously made my day with your list here! Its good to know there are like minded compilers, or at least folks with some organizational skills to put all their work in one place so people dont have to search for it. As they say - if you put all your apples in one basket you'll know what you have, so dont mix your apples with your pears. ;)
  9. RAM Nice work for choosing some decent memory and a good frequency too, i would recommend getting more ram at last 16gb as a minimum. if you can afford to up the frequency to what the mobo can handle then do that. Tower As far as the tower goes, looks good, may want to look for something with more fans, or when you get it put a huge fan on the window to blow in the air, and have a fan at the very top sucking out the air. CPU Cooler Although that is a great choice, something like this -----> CRYORIG H7 Tower Cooler For AMD/Intel CPU Could work just as good, and cost less. SSD I would bump that up to a minimum of 500gb, and put the game on it, you will burn through 250gb with arma3 and mods.
  10. Addon & Mod Compilation List

    Update - added new listings & Misc changes/fixes Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, Maps, & Watches Depth Gauge Watch voyager Compass HUD Backpack & Equipment - (Functions & Tweaks) ExoMod Remastered Medic Bag - ACE3 Backpack Radios, & Parachutes BDF parachutes vanilla BDF parachutes Sabs C130 BDF parachutes RHS Long Range TFAR Radio Parachute Backpack TFW Radios Backpacks & Vests MPX BAF: Virtus Armor for 3CB Units SPS JPC Vests Casual Armor Plate Mod ARP_Safety - High visibility reflective belts Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks Crye Precision Boonies Assault Force Viking Mod Small's Gear Mod MPG - Head Gear More MICH Helmets Equipment & Uniform Retextures SANDF 2035 Ghost Recon CROSSCOM Ghost Recon CROSSCOM (HUD Only) Project Zenith Retextures dbo clothing Sada S.W.A.T Uniforms TotesGotes' Weapons and Gear FFI Outfit Lasko Camo Hidden Content Mod Aspis Gear (Retextures) Insignias & Patches Military Insignias mod TFRF Patches and Markers KP Ranks (JRAS version) Mod packs SANDF Gear COXHOUND Content Pack YuEmod New Zealand Defence Force Raven Tactical Equipment [MTAC] CTRG Uniforms and Equipment V2 WAINO addon Uniforms Russian Ghillie Suits French Ghillie Suit RM Splinter Gear BiB - Uniforms Irish Army Rangers Uniform Police & Medic Uniform MOD Irish Garda Emergency Response Unit Uniform (Police) L&Ts Croatian Armed Forces NCR Uniform NATO Replacement Uniform Pack Finnish Defense Forces uniforms Uniforms misc HAZMAT Corps ATAINO addon ========================================= Misc List Update Added Mod packs section in the Equipment, Mod packs, & Uniform Retextures section Added Watches category to Altimeters, Compass, Earplugs, Flashlights, Maps, & Watches Fixed some misspells Fixed listings that were not in alphabetical order (about 3/4 of the list) ============================================================== Notes After about 4hrs of sorting and looking back and forth at the list and armaholic, i started getting better ideas on doing the compilation faster and overall make the list on the OP more...direct, simpler, specific and distinct, aka efficient! Just to note that the OP (1st post of the thread) will not stay the way it is, i have certain rules and or principles i abide by when creating compilations right now the OP is to generalized, and I plan to make it so that when you come to the thread that you can locate the category of interest and then drop the spoiler arrow with all the information. I'm trying to think on how i can better allocate not spread, (i hate the word spread when applied to certain context's) but allocate the information in such a way as to not force a person to go to another page to continue on with the list they wish to view. i may have categories just have their own pages because of character limitations on the forum. Anyways i have a more efficient and faster way to do this, during the week i will be sorting, and weekends i plan to post updates to the list based on what i accomplished, so expect the OP to change accordingly. All for today, time to actually play something! ;)
  11. Modpack on Steam Workshop

    Ya i know, i stated it that way to show a wrong scenario that someone might think would be ok, as that is where the OP was headed, thats why i suggested creating collections as the best alternative.
  12. Update - new listings added Addons & Mods Injured AI Scripts Random Spawn AIx Script Threads AI Tanks & Vehicles Make ai repair vehicles AI convoy. Best practices? AI Spawn & Respawn Help spawning ai group with tracer mags Need to setVariable for spawned AI and vehicles How to Spawn AI Group with custom loadouts? AI Actions, Behavior, & Movement Make AI target civilian boat with BLUFOR inside AI sniper killing an enemy VIP (and him only) Mission Editing & Scripting Creating random uniform/mask/gun combination for AI unit? Dependence of the number of players to AI
  13. Injured Ai Mod

    Also on Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33667
  14. Jay Crowe now departing gate 8.

    I take it hes retiring from Bis?
  15. Addon & Mod Compilation List

    Update - added new listings Gear Uniforms AFTP Units - uniforms & equipment Civilian uniforms & Misc Alpha Hoodies ARCTech Tattoos Optics & Scopes Arma 3 Aegis - Apex Equipment ================ Note - all i have for you today, tired from work, spent alot more time dedicated to research, and working on faster way to do this.