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  1. Update Changelog 12-9-19 Update v1.94 Fixed - Incorrect version number was showing ingame.
  2. Gunter Severloh

    Unable to see any servers

    Welcome to BI Forums fatsunkist, the 1st post is from 2017, so a bit old, but good that you had used an existing thread for your post with the same issue Until you find a solution, try this browser for now: http://master.bistudio.com/?page=1&count=10&filter[status]=1&filter[password]=0&game_id=6
  3. Gunter Severloh

    JBOY Throw Knive

    Nice work Johhnboy! This would definitely add more options to killing and enemy in the game. For knife object, i believe Ravage mod has one used for gutting animals killed, and these two mods. Arma3 Inventory Items http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28752 Throwing weapons http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=35273
  4. No worries, got it fixed, the important thing is you reported it, feedback makes a big difference for mods.
  5. Update Changelog 12-8-19 Update v1.93 Fixed error - "Script \RYD_HAS\HASInit.sqf not found" message.
  6. Update Changelog 12-7-19 Update v1.92 Resigned the mod, as some players were getting errors of invalid signatures, and Arma3 Launcher was not indicating it wasn't signed, now fixed! Notes: Seems how i normally signed pbo's works initially through Addon builder, didn't work, and gave me errors, apon research i realized i had to use DSUtils to sign the mod, and i was wondering about this for the longest time why in the arma3 launcher why there was no green ribbon indicating the mod was signed even though it had a bisign and Bikey, well now it does! After all this time. Only errors i ever got was from the addon builder, so any errors with the mod itself with logs on and or off i never had any error show up, but now the mod is properly signed, please test it out and let us know how it works. Lastly only the Module version is and needed to be signed, script was left alone, and Armaholic will be posting the latest update when they get to it. Cheers!
  7. How did this error message come up for you, like when did you get it, apon launch of the game with HAS? We may need to resign the mod, as on the arma3 launcher if you look at the mod, it shows it as not signed, idk why tbh, but i will resign the mod and let you know in my reply.
  8. Gunter Severloh

    Need help making AI not move

    Are you naming your AI zombie? Im thinking its not working because of that, idk, but from that thread i linked disableAI "PATH"; seemed to work for them.
  9. Gunter Severloh

    Need help making AI not move

    Hi ChlckenWlng did you see this thread from my AI compilation list? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/210054-keeping-ai-units-in-place/?
  10. Update Added Backpacks, Helmets, Infantry Weapons, Gameplay, Objects, Planes, Ships, Statics, Tanks, & Vehicles Backpacks IFA3 Food Bags - This mod contains one civilian faction with 41 IFA3 backpacks that spawn containing Kurt's Survival System food items. The civilian characters have to playable value and serve as carriers for the food bags. Factions & Units Factions Ryan's IFA3 Zombies and Demons - This is a modified version of Ryan's zombies and demons that re-textures 150 ZOMBIES with IFA3 characters in standard & Winter Camos
  11. Scoop911 Welcome to BI forums, the thread here has all the info on the first post, its a WIP project (work in progress) that means it hasn't been released yet, so there is no download available. Lastly i know your new to the forum but just heed the forum rules, dont ask about release, or dates on mod threads, all the info will always be on the OP of the thread. Cheers!
  12. Update Added the following mods, some of these mods i missed, some i did not add before until now after reading their descriptions further and better did i realize they had WW2 content, now added! Sound, Radio, & Voice Mods Sound Mods P-51D Real Sound Mod - a full sound conversion of Sabre's P-51. Factions & Units Factions Greek National Army 1945-1949 - This mod adds the Greek National Army of period 1945-1949 during the Greek Civil War. Units Aris Velouhiotis & Women Partizans of DSE - Adds the famous EAM (Greek Liberation Front) Kapetan Aris Velouhiotis as well as women fighters of EAM - DSE (Democratic Army of Greece) EAM-DSE - Greek Partizans & Democratic Army of Greece - adds the faction of EAM partizans (Greek Liberation Front) who later on formed the backbone of DSE (Democratic Army of Greece) during the Greek Civil War of 1945-1949 Greek National Army Officers 1945-1949 - This mod adds Greek National Army officers and an American Advisor Officer unit for period 1945-1949. Helmets, Infantry Weapons, Gameplay, Objects, Planes, Ships, Statics, Tanks, & Vehicles Gameplay Burn 'em - This expands fire capabilities in arma and also adds two flamethrowers during the second world war-the American M2 and the German Flammenwerfer 41. Animations of burning people. Helmets Budenovka - A Russian hat worn during WW2 during the invasion of Finland, and other conflicts. Planes La-7_standalone - Lavochkin La-7 was a piston-engined single-seat Soviet fighter aircraft developed during World War II by the Lavochkin Design Bureau. Ships - (New Category!) USS Iowa BB-61 - USS Iowa (BB-61) is a retired battleship, the lead ship of its class, and the fourth in the United States Navy to be named after the state of Iowa. Iowa is the last lead ship of any class of United States battleships and was the only ship of its class to have served in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Outfits & Uniforms Uniforms US General Equipment - 82nd Fix
  13. Update Reduced mod titles to size 16, previously size 18. Made bold all Mod titles to make them standout more against their descriptions and overall.
  14. Update added the following tools to the list: Coding, Configs, & Scripting Dialog Extended Chat - Adds new functionality to the Arma 3 chat system with emojis, history viewer, message filters and commands! Extensions Http requests extension - Extension to make http requests, currently only supports basic GET requests and POST requests. Functions Extended Function Viewer - An advanced Arma 3 function viewer with list filtering, popular themes, multiple file loading methods and syntax highlighting! Misc Tools User Input Menus - This mod allows developers to display information to the player and then execute code with their input as argument. Colors & Images AnimatePAA - Transform your vehicle skins and marker icons from static images to GIF-like animations. Server Tools Administration & Server creation Password Keychain - Plug-n-play mod that remembers passwords for servers you've joined. Password management UI included. ================== Misc update Fixed a few misspelled words in tool descriptions. Made bold all tool titles to make them stand out more from the description.
  15. Update New Additions Scripts Skill FIX - Added a link to AI Detection test tool - idk how i missed this, but its fixed now! Special Actions, & Behavior Added - Assistant Machinegunner and Assistant Anti-Tank Addons & Mods Combat FIX - Added a link to Hors de combat as somehow i had forgot the link when adding it to the list. - Thanks to RCA3 for the headsup! Enhancement Added - LOGIC FSM - Thanks to RCA3 for the headsup!