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  1. HAS as in Hermes Airlift services, that the legendary Rydygier and myself created or another HAS i never heard of? imo HAS has more features and functions then what Norrin's Aerial Taxi had, but to each their own. Sorry cant help you with former files of norrnins, but welcome back btw
  2. Gunter Severloh

    ACES of the Sky v1.5

    Video dont represent the current build of the mission what i say and show are only part accurate, updates have changed things as they do with anything, but you shouldn't need to stop going through the trigger, although i would recommend not going through it fast but you just need to be present in it to activate it. Anyways not going to update this for a while as there was another request by HBAOplus previously to add mod support for a couple of mods which i plan to do when i work on this again. right now my focus is on Desert Ops run. One gem at a time 😉
  3. Gunter Severloh

    ACES of the Sky v1.5

    Can adjust that was my plan anyways in an update. Not needed as all the spawn zones cover the entire map, the ai to engage spawn in the markers there is no set point at which they spawn. No, to complicated, if anything it would have to be dynamic somehow where a code enables things to spawn and tasks to be set i say no because its not that type of mission its you against ai be it plane, chopper or ground, then consider the 8 ports that would need to be updated too. Dont know how, not interested but neat ideas non the less. So your saying, when you get killed or crash, an alternative and a choice would be to basically save your plane or heli and its loadout and then when you respawn have the option to spawn midflight with same plane/heli and loadout. I like the idea but if i had an idea how to do that then i'd probably add it, all i know currently is how to keep loadout for infantry, dont know if it would work for planes or heli though thats defined differently, then add in there set height, and speed too, dont forget im not a coder or scripter, im only pulling off from what i learned and the little help i got from Rydygier. How would that even work? It activates that way already, it activates when player is present in the trigger you dont need to stop.
  4. Gunter Severloh

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.28

    I also noticed this, where if i just laid there before i revived myself its like all the scripts, timers ect,. (just a theory) come current and then when you do revive everything works as should. Thats good to know, same for me with another player and my friend has better specs then mine and he said mission ran fine. so thats a plus thats what i like to hear, that the mission is playable, so reducing objects does also help with that. More access points, ramps, planks etc,. i plan to put more planks, ramps, ect,. access points in new various places that could use them. How i determine this is well through play testing of course, but when i run into an area or want to go somewhere and i cant, i usually get a feeling like "this needs a wall here i got no cover", or "i wish i could cross here but i can only go around" so with that idea, if you guys feel there is a spot that needs a plank or an access point then let me know, but just a caution dont get crazy with it, there are limits and anything big i'll then i need to update 4 versions of the mission. Right now from my past few plays i know of a few places already that need a wall for cover, and a couple more spots that could use an access point, its all about cover, escape and moving. Tactics & Strategy Just a note in the near future like my video seen here which is WW2 themed Start watching at 12:39 I plan to record a modern version of my tactics and strategies i use when i play, considering i have played this mission hundreds of times in the course of 3yrs, btw this past June was 3 yrs 😉 a modern version would be a gameplay like the above video of the various tactics i employ, alot of things i've learned from training in the arena, using various types of guns, and fighting against various types of enemies. If your the type of player that likes to crouch and hide because your to scared to get killed then my tactical methods can bring that scared fighter out of hiding and up on his feet and facing the enemy with uncanny abilities. Now i dont want to brag or say im an expert but i bring alot of experience with me aside the arena. I spent a number of years in RO1 Ost as a clan leader in matches, tournaments and a league, as well as a realism unit i lead back in the day from 2007-2010, in 1 life realism matches and campaigns against other units, the unit did alot of training, so i bring alot of that with me. Arma is its own beast and my preference is against ai with varying skill, dont get me wrong i still get killed but i look at it by a term i use called Kill ratio, if the amount of kills you make exceed your deaths then your doing good, for me my last game last night in fact with my friend i had 176 kills and 3 deaths, while my friend whom dont train like i do had about 40+kills and i forget how many deaths and not to pick on the guy and i love em like a brother but he hardly plays arma so in the arena he is that guy that runs around crouched and hiding. Practice makes perfect! Thats good to know and hear, im happy your enjoying the mission, i put alot of love into it as its a dream come true for me, but im happy to hear that from your perspective that it has improved alot over previous versions, and it performs well too which is important! Bugs are always a given, it happens its arma we all know this but if we can identify a bug and know how to fix it or them like we have then it can only improve on our enjoyment so much more. I would say in this update alone v1.28 that there were 3 bugs and or situations that were eliminated 1. The AI spawn, because of the current setup many objects eliminated, and it prevents the player from going into the ai spawn, and its efficiently functional via a simple trigger activated when the ai are present and then not, whats funny and idk if anyone else has run into this yet but in my last play a snake clipped through the wall and opened the door, was funny to see actually but at the same time i was like what the hell!? 😄 2. The player start trigger codes have been changed so instead of demanding more resources to respawn more ai because previously the ai would get themselves killed when walking into the trigger, the trigger now just moves them to the center of the arena, problem solved! 3. The player start respawn bug (v1.24), even though it was rare 3-10times it would happen depends, it was eliminated completely by just removing the buildings, tho i miss the buildings and that layout, the bug cannot exist no matter what, so as i learned simple is best.
  5. Gunter Severloh

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.28

    The side change does happen just the code is either conflicting with something else or needs to be optimized as ideally the code wasn't originally meant for this mission at least not the set captive true part of it, that was set for a singleplayer scenario which works np i have a video of it in fact As for mp the its the same code, i just decided to add what was in that video to Desert OPs Run here, it does work but i been finding that it works like its supposed to 75% of the time, more testing needs to be done, to fix it ... idk i would have to ask Rydygier for his help in this but thing is need to know whats going on. The main thing im concerned about is the faction change where the player is not an enemy. For now i take a break from this for a few days as i spent a ton of time on the update itself, and the video. But keep testing and playing and report what you find or have ideas, dont go to crazy one thing at a time but at least when i get back on this then i have something to work on. Already a few things in the arena itself (not code) for planks, ramps ect,. that i can add and do, so i hope all of you understand what im trying to do here as in trying to reduce the object count for areas that arent needed as i said in my video for the update, the focus should be on the arena itself where your going to spend 98% of your time, so if i can reduce objects elseware and put them towards the arena then performance will be more focused. Just remember as i have noted the warning on the OP about performance please read if your having lag or low performance, theres also the VR map you can play. - (for anyone that plays this mission)
  6. Gunter Severloh

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.28

    Hi Czarny! No, already tried and tested, 10 seconds is up before you even get a chance to relocate, i tried with 15 its not long enough seriously when your in mp lan or a dedicated it goes quick, you'll be an enemy to the ai before you can catch your breath, and sometimes its buggy where it acts like its 3 seconds. Did you watch the video at all? I demonstrate and explain the whole process. Heres the catch, once you revive yourself you have 20 seconds to either leave the area or get back into the fight, during the 20 seconds you are set as captive true (civilian), the enemy ai will not attack you, unless 2 things happen: 1. Either the 20 seconds is up then you get the hint on the screen telling you that the enemy can attack you. 2. You attack the enemy before the timer is up which will shut the time off and just switch you back to being the enemy to them. That parts easy its just this in the description.ext respawnOnStart = 0; 0 is your starting where the player character is set in the mission. 1 would be when mission starts then you will get the map to choose where you want to start. I can do that, it would at least change the scene so to speak from always starting from the same location. Well the rest of the spawns can work but for the office it has no ammobox other then the top floor but then thats a normal cache with just grenades and stuff not a normal player starting ammo box, so if you wanted to do that then i could add a player ammobox to the office building. Ya i would need help coding that, so the idea is basically if i were to setup another mp parameter for starting position the option would be the following 1. Default would be start where the player starts now basically ----> respawnOnStart = 0; and i would have that set in the parameters so that if you dont want random or to choose your spawn point then you can just leave the parameter alone. 2. Choose where you want to spawn then you would get this respawnOnStart = 1; basically menu on the map, then once you actually spawn in you would get the faction list. 3. Radom would be a gamble as to where you start at. I like the idea. Currently i think the revive part has a bugs 4 things happen. 1. Once in a while if you get killed you cant revive yourself even though you have a fak or more, so you end up having to respawn instead, this is a 1-8 times it may happen, so its sorta rare. 2. After reviving yourself you are still the enemy so ai shoots you. 3. After reviving yourself the timer becomes to fast and instead of 20 seconds its like 5 seconds, this is like a 1 out of 5 times this may happen. 4. After reviving yourself all enemy still think your civilian and wont engage you. This happened to me in my last game, after 3 hrs of game on my rented server with a friend we were down to about 6 ai garrison, every ai patrol soldier i came across would not engage me same for any garrisoned soldier. So the last one number 4 i had only came across once after the long game last night with a friend, any other time i ran into the other 3.
  7. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

    See official release thread post for the changelog https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/223874-desert-ops-run-tactical-arena-v128/?do=findComment&comment=3462967
  8. Gunter Severloh

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.28

    Update - v1.28 A massive update! Changelog v1.28 - Added another choice for the sway and recoil in the mp parameters which is slight sway and slight recoil, these are the lowest settings next to no sway & recoil. - Added a code to that will move any patrolling ai to the middle of the arena if they enter the entrance to any player starting area, which replaces the code that killed them before. - Adjusted spawn marker for the commander as when he spawned under the stairs in the office building he was clipping into the stairs. - Extended a stair to the ground by two of the barracks buildings. - Enemy ai(patrol) buildings were adjusted to be center of the areas they are in instead of offset to the left as they were. - The enemy ai(patrol) now have a door they go through which closes behind them after they have left the building they spawn in. This eliminates 5 objects from each spawn so a total of 20 objects have been eliminated altogether. This also prevents the player from entering and seeing in the building. - Fixed and rebuilt some parts of the outside walls around enemy ai spawns. - Set the transparency to 0% for the player start markers, so now you wont see them on the map. - Set the transparency to 0% of the center white dot, so now you wont see it on the map. - Set the transparency to 0% for the AI spawn markers, so now you wont see them on the map. - Updated The self revive/self heal code, now when you get killed if you have a fak or medkit and you revive/self heal, once you get up you'll have 20 seconds to leave the area. You will be seen as a civilian to the enemy so they wont engage you, if the 20 seconds are up the enemy can attack you, if you attack the enemy before the 20 seconds are up you will be an enemy to any enemy ai patrolling. - Updated the briefing adding czarny and sidekick7569 to the credits list. - Changed the map silhouettes from grey to white so they can be better seen.(Malden, Stratis, & VR) ============ Notes Video dont go into detail of whats in the update as the changelog above does, vid demonstrates and goes over the major aspects of the update along with a gameplay demonstration.
  9. Gunter Severloh

    server wont read Config

    Would suggest to first remove the mods to be loaded in your commandline and focus on getting Arma 3 itself up, then go from there, dont put the cart before the horse so to speak. Your setting here set it to upnp = 0; by default its set to false as per the warning on the server.cfg (wiki) When enabled then this setting may delay server start-up by 600s (standard UDP timeout of 10 minutes) if blocked on firewall or bad routing etc. Thus in such case is recommended to disable it. Try that without mods and see if it comes up, but also refer to the Arma 3 Dedicated server wiki page seen here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Dedicated_Server If you need further help, references, tutorials, and or guides on servers, and port forwarding, see my compilation list here which is also pinned in this section
  10. Gunter Severloh

    Arma3 Videos

  11. Gunter Severloh

    ACES of the Sky v1.5

    Already works in singleplayer but not setup for it, although the pilots to choose from will run off, other wise everything works regardless. Only thing is if you die, you start over back at the airfield, not like it has any tasks anyways. The only maps that show in the singleplayer scenarios menu is altis, stratis, malden, and tanoa. idk why the others dont show up, but ideally to play in singleplayer just run the mission through mp lan, its more functional that way plus you can change the time of day through the parameters and respawn at the airfield if you get killed or crash. This mod for the USAF? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2397371875 3 planes? Legends of the USSR planes i can add. No just vanilla Arma 3 planes and helicopters, if you dont have RHS loaded then Arma 3 planes and helis will spawn.
  12. Gunter Severloh

    Where did my Steam Workshop Mod folders go?

    Hmm maybe it has to do with your windows settings, idk, but i have no issues with opening a mod folder, or copying a mod folder and doing whatever, i do it all the time. With my own mods i'll make a copy of it from the workshop folder and put it into the directory itself or elseware. Assuming your on win10 64 like myself, at least from my own perspective i have direct access to the mod folders regardless them being links.
  13. Gunter Severloh

    Where did my Steam Workshop Mod folders go?

    Whats the difference, can you not access the files from those "links"? Its no different then if you had a files on your computer somewhere but then didn't want to open 10 folders to access the content in that folder, why you make a shortcut on your desktop or wherever to access that folder directly. You can still back them up by just making a copy of the mods in the workshop folder in the Arma 3 directory itself.
  14. Gunter Severloh

    Will the beloved 3d editor (EDEN) ever return?

    As i said in another Reforger post some months back, if they took the Game Master Zeus Wannabe, and made it functional to where they added some dialog in terms of where you can edit a unit, vehicle, and or object's properties and states and enable saving, with some basic functions Eden has, you would have your editor right there. The GM is essentially an Eden editor waiting to be enhanced, it aint Arma without the editor.
  15. Gunter Severloh

    Where did my Steam Workshop Mod folders go?

    I can access all mod files here H:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop might be on C drive for you, wherever you have steam installed.