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  1. Hey guys, going on a trip out to Delaware to help my brother build a deck, i leave at 6am this morning (3hrs)

    and wont be back til Friday afternoon the 24th, so if anyone needs me thats where im at and wont be online til i get back,

    I will be updating my AI List when i get back among other things.


  2. Gunter Severloh

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    Ya agree, sounds like it can work, nice job. About the only thing i can suggest for that if you do want to go that route, is maybe either PM Rydygier, Vonquest, Drongo, theres others, all these members have created editor modules, im sure one of them could give you some insights on how to get going on it. Hope that helps.
  3. Gunter Severloh

    Editor Broken

    Line 79 in the mission sqm is: items=1; class Item0 { dataType="Group"; side="West"; class Entities { items=1; class Item0 { dataType="Object"; class PositionInfo So what items did you place in the mission? Can you link the mission file? id be interested in looking at it.
  4. Gunter Severloh

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    I was thinking in terms of when you died in a mission that you would teamswitch to the next available unit, thats how i normally play. In my recent mission i posted May 4th, linked in my sig, i have it setup where you have 4 players, one whom you are the main player, when you die, then you teamswitch to the next player. An idea came to mind would be instead of just running on the player specifically, you could have a code that would encompass those players you define in an array. So [ "player1", "player2", "player3"]; So as i quoted you, have the script already running on defined players, that way when the starting player dies, then switching to the player(unit) of choice would also have the script running. Another idea for your script here is to create an editor module, kinda of like what Rydygier did on our project with HAS (linked in my sig) basically the module is placed, and you sync the players, or units that you want to have the Dynamic camo, to the module, you would then open the module, and you can have a list of various settings based on what you want to accomplish.
  5. Gunter Severloh

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    Heres one for you, how about teamswitch, if the player changes to a new unit, will the script take into account that the player has changed to another unit?
  6. You guys do remember this right? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27262
  7. Would be an idea, theres alot of other things that can be done too but its pretty simple imo just dont edit a mission with assets you dont plan on adding in the mission, even if you dont add any assets from a mod, majority of mods somehow will make the mission dependent on them once you save the mission, so check and recheck and only run those mods that the mission requires, like units, weapons, vehicles. For editing missions and missions that require mods, setup mod groups and have only mods in a group for the mission that requires them.
  8. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    What enemy would you be interested in fighting against? I had an idea to use another enemy to fight against this would create a new version of the mission, same map, the only change in the mission would be just the enemy. I basically did this for the vanilla version. So my question to you guys is if i were to create another version, what enemy would you like to fight against, and in my opinion it would have to be an enemy that is fitting for the map setting, so for example the Taliban could fit, some type of middle eastern east opfor faction could work too. let me know what you think. What about player faction? Would someone like to play as the Russians vs ISIL like they are in real life, or something else?
  9. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    Thanks cub1, Let me know how it goes, and how long it takes, you, if it seems to hard or challenging but playable. Update Armaholic has released the update for the original mission v1.5, and the OP has been updated accordingly. Cheers!
  10. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    Update Version 1.5 for original mission Version 1.2 for the Vanill Arma3 version (no mods, other then map) New ACE version 1.0 now released - (same mission as the original, except has ace assets, and functions) Changelog for the Original mission May 13th, 2019 v1.5 - Added some objects to base buildings, adjusted object positions. - Added more various sandbag walls to roofs in all compounds. - Added the option to Halo/parachute to the AO. - Added the ability to recruit AI for those who prefer help while playing solo. - Added 4 quad bikes as an alternative vehicle w/1 med fak added each. - Swapped out 1 MRZR 4 dune buggy with an unarmed Humvee. - Increased bleedout duration to 5min for coop. - Changed the game time to 17:00hrs (5pm) so you will have more daylight time. - Replaced the Chinook with the MH-6m littlebird. - Updated briefing. Changelog for the Vanilla Arma3 mission May 13th, 2019 v1.2 - Added some objects to base buildings, adjusted object positions. - Added more various sandbag walls to roofs in all compounds. - Added the option to Halo/parachute to the AO. - Added the ability to recruit AI for those who prefer help while playing solo. - Increased bleedout duration to 5min for coop. - Changed the game time to 17:00hrs (5pm) so you will have more daylight time. - Updated briefing. ========= Update Notes: FOB Relocation - FAIL I was trying to relocate the FOB, the base where the player starts, to a location across the river and basically half the distance to the AO but the terrain is so bumpy and hilly, fully of rocks/stones, that every placement attempt either screwed up the walls, the towers, ect,. so the best place on the map is where its at, i know its a distance but your only going to drive, fly, or halo it once anyways or 4 times depends on how many lives you lose as there is no respawn. AI Infantry Recruitment board This is a new feature in the mission where you can recruit AI under your command to help you in the fight against ISIL. The AI that will show up in the list is based on your faction type, so recon units will see recon unit types in the list, thats just how the script works. Lastly the AI recruit board is situated outside the base, so you exit the base and you will see it across the road from the base, i have it marked on the map, why there? Because every test i tried after recruiting a soldier the AI would not, and was unable to leave the FOB no matter what i tried, only other option i can think of as i type this would be to have them get into the heli or vehicle at base and then you drive it out with them in it, whether that would work idk but it hasn't been tested. =========== - Added more various sandbag walls to roofs in all compounds. This was probably the more time consuming aspect of building these missions and these versions was placing, objects, sandbags, buildings, walls, ect. aside adding some atmosphere to the mission, the sandbags on the roof's you will find useful, some roofs i had to adjust positions of existing sandbags, others fill in holes, or gaps, others new builds. If you use enhanced movement mod where you can climb walls, you will see how useful that mod will be for you when you get up on a roof and can snipe or shoot enemies from up high and at any distance, giving you the advantage Some areas the AI wont be on top of so their more specifically for the player, all the AI aside the ones running around randomly get garrisoned into all the buildings within a 100m areas, the ISIL commander doesn't, he will get moved to a random position among the 4 compounds, so you have no idea where he will be at when the mission starts. So the mission overall is sorta of dynamic like that as each playthrough the enemies will be in different positions, buildings, and places, same with a few of the objectives including the ISIL Commander. Completed the mission? Has anyone completed all 12 Task/Objectives and beat the mission yet besides me? BTW the OP has been updated with new information and links, and currently waiting on Armaholics update for the original version. Cheers!
  11. According to your server's command line you still also need the mods on the server for the module to use RHS assets. Make sure the module works in eden in a simple mission first then test it mp lan if it works there then test on your rented server.
  12. Gunter Severloh

    Arma wont start and runs in background.

    Go into your task manager and stop the process, see if that works, i know it shuts down the game but doing that is like a reboot. Also check to make sure that in the a3 launcher you have the launcher set at 64bit might not have anything to do with it but you would be surprised. If the game is running in the background, hold down alt and press tab and see if the game unminimizes. Lastly uncheck battleeye in the launcher, and be sure to update or downgrade to a previous graphics card driver, it could be the latest driver doing it.
  13. Gunter Severloh

    [WIP] PvPscene Tweaks

    Hey kju, love these, had them in my Arma2CO COWarMod back in the day 😉 Wondering if there was a way to turn off the moaning wounded sound your character makes when wounded even after you applied a fak, i find it rather annoying after a while, you know how to do that?
  14. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    Thanks johnnyboy! Ya for HAS its the module, i love it myself, after getting helicopter support from the vanilla heli, i cry for my HAS. HAS makes the transport like specific and pinpoint on where you want to go, you tell the chopper where you want to go and he lands there, whereas with vanilla supports, the heli lands in the flattest area best for the heli around your chosen spot. HAS gives you 2 options too, you can land fast, or do a fastrope, thats the beauty of it, be concerned for the safety of the heli tho, it wont respawn, so like in real life plan your approach best for both you and your heli if you plan to fly! Vanilla Version In the vanilla version which only requires Kunduz Afghanistan map, i got shot out of the air 2 times now approaching the area, all because this dimwit chopper wouldn't just land the dam thing its like hes sitting there trying to determine where to land, meanwhile here comes .50cal rds from the truck and 2 missiles from the antiair, i was like WTF! So i ended up doing the mission with 3 lives only, and that was my only transport! I've beaten the modded version many times, even a few times without dying, but now since i created the vanilla version, i been playing that during the week to give me ideas, on how to make it better, i tell you i been finding the vanilla version a bit harder, but i've yet to sit down and play the whole thing only because i been getting home late this week and had little time to just play it through. I do highly recommend and suggest that if anyone plays the vanilla version that you do not fly in first, or if you do fly in and land far away and go in on foot, because that anti air will take your chopper down in a heartbeat. Welcome, ya the mission has no respawn if you play by yourself then you will have to travel to the AO, the mission is as you know limited with 4 lives, and teamswitch i did it that way because i felt that the player would appreciate their life more as well as take the aspects of the mission as a real threat to their life, this forces one to use their head, and look and think before they move, also makes you appreciate all the weapons and tools that you have available to you. So the tactical realism aspect of it comes down to MOUT & CQB tactics, alot of which i use to train in back in my realism unit for Red Orchestra (Ostfront 41-45) 2007-2010 as all the matches, and campaigns against other units we were involved in were all one life. So you got killed it was game over, get off the server for you, was no fun dying so we had regular training 2-3times a week on those 2 subjects, alot of recon aspect too. In my video in the OP, there are some parts there when im going into rooms i will explain or point out a tactics i use alot the list below is the following: Look past the target area When you looking for targets, while looking at a specific spot, take in the whole scenery, look for shadows, things moving, and things that dont belong in the context of what your looking at, when you take it all in, looking at the doors, windows, roofs, even under the doors, yes under doors can reveal an enemy's foot or leg, telling you theres one in there, cool thing is you can shoot through the door. ARC your openings This is a tactics i employ alot, i learned this by discovery in RO when going against other players and it saved my life numerous times as well as give me the advantage as it allowed me to see them before they me. So what you do when coming up to an opening, be it a door, window, any opening you need to go through, you give a little distance and move from left to right vice versa looking on the inside the flanks of the opposite room or area you are about or trying to enter, as you move, you move closer, once you get to the edge of the entrance then peak the flanks from an angle, dont step into the inside then peak (lean) so your head is exposed or is inside the room. Decoys & Drawing Even tho your playing against the AI, you can create decoys to make them look in that direction of whatever it is you created a decoy of, for example, shoot some shots so your heard at your position, then back out and flank out and away, and hit the enemy from the flank or rear, the AI will watch a given position that had sound for so much time before they return to a 3-8 (scan horizon). Another method is to shoot a door, wall, or somewhere close where the enemy is, to get them to move/look in that direction making them expose themselves more because previously you couldn't make a shot because most of them was facing the other direction. For patrols that move, you can make yourself heard, they will investigate shots that are silenced, provided you have fired several shits in their direction, or even killed one of them, but they will come to your position eventually, what you can do before you get into that position to do that is setup some land mines trip mines, and basically draw them to your sound, they will walk into your trap without you having to shoot to kill them. i did that with the mounted truck, he drove and stopped about 100m from me, and i took a peak, the gunner was looking around, when he looked another direction, i popped up, and shot him, then killed the driver, keep in mind the mounted truck also has a passenger that will switch to the driver seat if driver is killed. ================== Just a note if you guys havent read it in the OP above, compare the compound area with the original kunduz map of the AO, and my mission, in the mission i spent probably a month placing walls, houses, sandbags, gates, canopies, benches, and other buildings. Also the FOB you start at was a template i used, but i spent another week building that up, i create the lookout towers, among the other things there. I been thinking of moving the FOB closer so its less of a drive to get there so something im looking into.
  15. Gunter Severloh

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    Hey The Real Bunc keep up the great work! Idk if you have seen this before, maybe it can help you or give you some ideas too: Stealth Ghillie https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122893733