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  1. Gunter Severloh

    Arma III startup bugs - Cannot find any servers

    Welcome to BI forums! I've had this issue myself but i rarely if ever play on public servers so i cant really help in that regards but i know of a site that could, check this out: http://master.bistudio.com/?page=1&count=10&game_id=6 for the name box (left) you can put the name of a mod you play with and all the servers using that mod would be listed and you can connect on that list via steam. Thats one way, hope that helps.
  2. Gunter Severloh


    Possible that the SSD is failing, or have you checked any background programs running that could be drawing on your resources when you run the game? just some ideas thrown out there. I would recommend that since this sounds like a possible computer issue as in either failing hardware, or something else related cant be sure i would ask @oldbear @Groove_C @domokun and or @Tankbuster to respond to your thread here and give you their feedback as they do alot of research and know computers, how the game engine works, and what could possibly be going on, they are the go to guys imo, lets see if they respond and can possible give you an idea of whats going on i'd be interested myself to see what the issue is, and hope that you can get it solved. This is the thread they are on alot https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/187603-will-my-pc-run-arma3-what-cpugpu-to-get-what-settings-what-system-specifications/
  3. Gunter Severloh


    Your ram is a bit low, 16gb at least 2800 to 3000 mhz is ideal, higher the mhz the better. Your GPU is a 5yr old card as well, its considered a high end card for the Geforce Series. A suggestion would be to upgrade those, at least the ram as much as you can afford. I do see the stutter in your video, consider that the AI are respawning too so that will cause a draw on the system, are you running any mods or is it just vanilla your getting the stuttering on?
  4. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    Update - Some points on mission design and Tips & Advice Recently received a comment on the No mods and DLC version on the steam workshop page. The commenter You can read my response here if you want https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/1733288691 But i want to go into this a little deeper and explain something about the design of the mission and then give some advice. Not meant for beginners This mission was designed for the intermediate, advanced and veteran players of the game, this is not a beginner's mission, not that one couldn't play it, but experience in arma is whole nother ballgame then playing any other game in my opinion, and thats not to say that a veteran of a war who is a beginner to the game couldn't get far in the mission, it depends on alot of factors. Overall it depends on the person, and experience does make a difference, just stating that the mission is not easy, it has a high challenge. Design is for spec ops & Snipers The layout, and design of the mission is meant for those players that prefer, like and or specialize in Special Operations, and Sniping type missions basically the context of the mission dictates one's approach, so going in with a machine gun and a rocket launcher is wasted firepower because only so much of that would work. The environment and layout of the enemy is described as hidden, ambushing, watchful, and having established killzones, so basically an approach to this would require the player to recon the area, setup an approach where one could infiltrate, while a sniper is watching, engage and eliminate any perimeter defenses, and any soldiers watching or established on rooftops, along with guard posts, and or outposts. Perimeter Defenses by design setup based on location and map layout The layout of the MG nest perimeters is situated on top of hills that overlook a vast space of empty field, that is lower then them, these nests are situated about 400m apart that was by design to have them spaced, and overlooking the field, now considering that their positions are higher then the field they overlook which is reminiscent of a DDay layout on Omaha for example, these nests have a ideal killzone, not only do they have a long field of fire but there is really nothing other then maybe a couple of small hills and some large stones to take cover behind. SW Commenter and the helis Now as the commenter on the steam workshop was saying, my guess is that he had flown into the killzone area of the mg nests and got shot down, that is the only possible reason that the helis could be getting destroyed as the mg nests cant see but maybe 400-600m from their positions, and the base itself is about 1600m minimum to a max of 2200m from the furthest nest. Antiair truck On a note to that there is an antiair truck that randomly positioned in one of the compounds, and is set to move to a random position on the start of the mission this very reason is why i state that you need to do reconnaissance first before you make your move. Truck with 50.cal mg This truck is situated at the start of the mission on the road behind compound 3, it has a waypoint that is set to guard, now anyone that knows anything about editing in the game knows that a guard waypoint will allow a unit to seek out a source of sound that sounds like combat of some sort, i know from experience by sight too, that if that truck sees the helis flying they will engage them but not only that but if the heli's fly back to base as in RTB, the truck will literally seek out that position or location and engage the helis or anything it sees as enemy. This truck will seek out the source, like i did yesterday, i play tested the mission to maybe see if what the commenter was suggesting was happening, and i know it happens thats the thing its meant to be like that, dont fly into the killzone, makes no sense anyways because that whole area is occupied by enemy flying in there would be stupid, only to get closer to the AO? When i tested it yesterday i went in on a quad, i drove into the killzone, was a sniper, i hid behind a hill with view of the compounds, as soon as i took out the soldiers on the roof tops in compound 5 and the mg nest there too, the truck with the 50cal came out to the area i was at, looking around, i ended up shooting the gunner out first and then the driver, he was no threat. While still there i killed all the mg nests and all the soldiers i had seen on top of roofs i could see from my position, just from that, i noticed that the infantry patrols were working their way to investigate my area as well. ========== My advice Move in on foot/quad initially and recon the area, no matter which direction you go. Eliminate the perimeter defenses right away, since the truck w/mg is an objective, wait til he comes to you unless you see him first. Locate the antiair truck and eliminate him right away if you can or see him, without doing this, your helis even for cas are no match against them If you see any patrols eliminate them right away, but only if they are within range and are an immediate threat to where your going or planning to do. Plan your approach, any direction is viable and will work, best approach imo are either the east, or the NE, going through the middle from the north is risky as you have nests, truck, and compounds on both sides. Spec ops, Sniping and go silenced imo is your best option, long range threats like i noted in the Tactical tips can be eliminated without actually being a threat to you as in they seeing you. Going in loud is not really a problem but just keep in mind that sound draws the enemy's attention, when your in a compound, they enemy may change their direction, so more eyes on you if your seen. Use a few grenades, but stock up on RGN grenades, they are small grenades, perfect for CQB, use them based on the space the enemy is in, they can clear a small room and be thrown alot farther. Your loudout should enable you to maintain your stamina if you have to move quick, so take what is only needed, remember you can pick up enemy weapons, and grenades too if you have to. Use your supports - you have mortar, and cas on call waiting, they are limited so use them for the best situation, mortars can do alot of damage, call in the cas heli when all anti air threats are gone, he will do alot of damage! Most of all when looking at compounds from the outside, look at all the windows, doors, and openings, you can eliminate alot of threats from outside if you see them, at most your up against 10 soldiers a compound. Lastly take your time, prioritize your targets, look first before you move, keep the sound down, and recon, patience and awareness will keep you alive!
  5. Gunter Severloh


    @Gill93 & @MuRaZorWitchKING You guys could also try if your not against using another mod along side Ravage Hunter'z Persistency Module https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207707864
  6. Can someone tell me what the function was of the gate and the 2 posts with the mines on them seen in the pic below? Were the posts for when the water rose so that the mines would be a the level of the sea, or another reason, i mean how would anyone trip those mines off?
  7. Gunter Severloh


    My post was deleted apparently as i guess the mods dont want me to stir up any trouble, none the less im not arguing with anyone just telling you guys straight up how i feel about the complaining about a game they continue to play, just not something i would do is all. Your feedback although somewhat descriptive ends with which sounds like condemnation to me forgive me if im wrong, i just dont see the point of complaining about something unless its a technical list of points in interest to help the developers get a better sense of whats wrong in the game. Since i have been on, and lead teams a number of times in the past in my eyes constructive feedback without opinion like this sucks or this is shit or what have you imo isn't specific to what needs to be looked and be adjusted or fixed it just adds to the fluff the devs have to comb through to determine whats wrong. Again imo if you want to do it right im guessing Vigor has a feedback tracker like arma3 idk but either way, make a list of all the things your running into you could put a subject and then bullets for all those things you think or have been found broke or changed, list a brief title, and then after it a brief description, then move to the next, an outline would specifically list those things that would narrow down and or cut down the time it takes a dev to have to comb through all the posts, and "reports" and then getting into their program and changing and fixing those things, granted some things would take more time then others depending on their complexity but from that perspective an update could be more imminent from that. I do agree that the devs should respond and say at least they are looking at it or thanks for the feedback ect,. I know i would but you and i dont know whats on their plate so to speak.
  8. There is an issue with the thread, and only with the Addons, Mods and Script posts, as when i update them, and this is any edit i make, whether i add something or whether i capitalize a letter dont matter, the post goes hidden once i save the edit. So after making my updates, i have to report my thread and then one of the moderator's would unhide it, its been like this for the past couple of years, idk what it is but it wont do it with the OP, its a forum issue or maybe that im linking another post in the OP, as far as i understand its nothing i can do on my end but hope that one day the forum is "fixed" or adjusted so the 2 posts dont go hidden after i make my updates and save.
  9. Update Misc changes and adjustments: Maintenance update Replaced title and information in addon/mod listing for All-in-one Command Menu which is no longer maintained to current one All-in-one SP Project Some thread titles had no capitalization now fixed Located several full urls and replaced them with tiny urls Adjusted many titles of thread listings by shortening them, removing redundant words being used, words that would get same point across ect,. Note This update for urls, and reducing character count is crucial to keeping this thread intact to prevent character limitation on the thread, as there is a 100,000 character limit for a given post. so a character can be a letter, a punctuation like a period, semicolon, question mark, quotes, ect,. Once the character limit has been reached i would need to create a new thread, i've done this a couple years ago and had to fix the thread and thats why the thread is why it looks and functions like it does today so this update was mainly a maintenance update, aside the addon/mod listing which was a needed update.
  10. UPDATE Helmets, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Statics, Tanks, & Vehicles Objects Flags WW2 - This mod adds some ww2 flags & banners.
  11. Can you post the whole rpt in a spoiler, or somewhere else, rpt should have some clues aside what you mentioned already.
  12. Gunter Severloh

    Loading bug

    @Dedmen Take a look at this rpt, i dont really see anything that would create the issue the OP is referring to in his screenshot, can only guess its something with Contact? Any ideas?
  13. Gunter Severloh

    AI Turn in/out

    Hello Welcome to BI Forums! Take a look at this thread: Force AI Stance https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216383-force-ai-stance/? would be a start.
  14. Gunter Severloh

    Low FPS 2080TI

    At what frequency? and WTF are you seeing at that distance? are you in a fighter plane? or on foot?
  15. Gunter Severloh

    cannot join server because of installed mods

    According to this error: this would be the reason you cant join. Game will generate an rpt regardless if theres a crash or not, apon the start of the game an rpt is created. Any issues with the game, be it crash, freeze, cant join a server, mission wont load even though you meet the requirements, etc,. go to the RPT it will have the information you need.