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  1. Gunter Severloh

    First time modeling

    Hope this will help you at least for information and references along with what these other two posters are able to help you with. Cheers!
  2. Gunter Severloh

    The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod

    Best to ask @vilas about his mods and see if he has copies on his end or elseware.
  3. Gunter Severloh

    The Lost Brothers -Isaac and Ishmael Mod

    No, Author of the mod hasn't been on the forum since 2017, but the links all work they do for me, go to the first page of the thread, and download from armaholic, all the links work. If it dont work then heres the link to armaholic for the mod https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3755 Cheers!
  4. Gunter Severloh

    co10 Escape

    Shoot it down if you can, then move out of the area. Trick is to keep moving, as the heli will come back and forth, the worst part of it is if you sit around in an are to long hiding, they might call artillery on you, or mortars, even if you dont kill the heli you can drive them away for a bit, in the meantime get out of there. Any patrols you run into, at least infantry, kill them and take their gear, ammo, and weapons if your lacking, well thats a given but it comes down to survival, plus any killed infantry may have a map which is what you want, it will give you an idea of were enemy ammo depots are and radio towers to call for extract.
  5. I agree with you, it is rather stupid, whats also stupid is the hive mind of the AI, soldier in a group gets shot and everyone knows about it i really dislike that, but i mean if the AI are communicating like bravo check, charlie check, and or have a visual of each member of the group thats one thing. But then when one of their own is dead and not part of their group or even just a single soldier from the same side, there is no response, its like the dead body doesn't register or turns into something else like an inanimate object and not a soldier anymore. The question to ponder, when a soldier is killed, is it still a "living" entity like it was when it was alive? For example, when a unit is alive its part of a faction, a side, so hes friend or foe to someone, but when hes dead is all code, or what have you for that unit set to null, or not running anymore that other AI cannot recognize him anymore as to what side hes on, i mean obviously AI only communicate with their own whom are in their own groups. Then when you extend that through script, or AI mod the i forget the term but the communication goes beyond individual groups and other AI "hear" whats being said in terms of reporting an enemy is here or there if you get my point. For a dead AI what is he?, and is there any function to the unit other then being able to access his gear and weapons? I think if you can take that of what an "Alive" ai has and extend it to a dead AI, but then for the dead AI his simulation has ended, but hes still holds the same functions as alive AI in terms of faction or side. As pierremgi said would make an ideal module for such thing as im sure having many dead AI would effect performance somehow, so the module would be ideal for a story, or as suggested an infiltration type mission, all depends. Interesting subject imlay! You should have a read through my AI Facts & Myths compilation list for Arma3 Should give you an idea of what the AI are capable of.
  6. Gunter Severloh

    Helicopters flight model is completely wrong

    So .... you fly helicopters for a living? or an instructor? or someone with a profession who deals with helicopters all day? or are you in the military and deal with helicopters? or living up to your forum name here and being a troll? Your argument wouldn't hold up in court of law if you get my drift as your not providing any information or anything thats proves your points otherwise. Alot of religion authorities say the same thing, believe them, they know what their talking about, then most fools say ok and go along with it without asking why, or anything logical and asking for evidence. You should ask this guy and see what he knows about helis, the guy is a freaking heli demon when it comes to flying Im sure he would beg to differ. https://www.youtube.com/user/CallMehTOMMEH Same with Dslyecxi who is a big time heli fan, and flies in real life https://www.youtube.com/user/Dslyecxi
  7. Update Added: Backpacks, Helmets, Gameplay, Infantry Weapons, Objects, Planes, Ships, Statics, & Tanks Planes 7Y Assets WW2 - Chat Fix - The mod 7Y Assets WW2 removes the chat box from the players' screen. This mod restores the chat box so it's visible again. Factions & Units Factions Vindicta - WW2 Factions [IFA3/FOW/GEIST] - This addon adds WW II era factions to Vindicta. See steam workshop page for details.
  8. Update Added Outfits & Uniforms Uniforms US WWII Class A Dress Uniform - The mod features an enlisted and officer version of the dress uniform. Both uniforms are complete with mostly correct coloration and placement of the medals and other misc. decor.
  9. Gunter Severloh

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    37 positive ratings, and 228 subscribers, and over 5,000 visitors to the workshop page nice! Mission is even showing on the popular weekly items page http://prntscr.com/tr81wc Try out the mission!
  10. Gunter Severloh

    Joystick throttle does not go to 100%

    I have same joystick, make sure you configure it in windows first of course, then the game. You want this key -----> Options-----> Controls -----> keyboard -----> Plane movement-----> thrust (analog) I use the Logitech stick slider +1 and slider -1 basically you have to go forward to register it as in increasing thrust, then go the other way for decreasing thrust.
  11. Gunter Severloh

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    You guys see, mission is on the workshop's weekly popular page http://prntscr.com/tp7pov needs more positive ratings, cmon people rate it up, its an original creative idea!
  12. Gunter Severloh

    No message received

    Good deal! In the future no need to quote the whole post, a reply with what your going to say will suffice. Happy you got it sorted.
  13. Gunter Severloh

    No message received

    Welcome to BI forums! Just to rule out some possible areas to joining servers, the servers you are joining do they require mods for the missions they are running? Here are some things that may bring up this message: Missing mods the server requires for a mission its running. DDoS settings in your router, the volume and number of connections that the router is being asked to handle is to high. Server needs a restart. Bandwidth, meaning the amount of data you can receive at a time is extremely low on your system or your firewall is blocking connection to the server. Your antivirus is blocking the connection. On a dev build which was updated. Slow internet, low or loss of data, and or power. Another point: This helps with the problem of lost connection in multiplayer. Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center. Look on the left side of window and click on Change adapter settings. It will open a new window with your computers network adapters. Look for the one you have connected and right click on it, then properties. Click on the configure tab. This will open the network adapters properties page. Look at the tabs across the top and click on the last tab Power Management. Uncheck the box that says Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Then go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options. Choose or customize a power plan. Check the High Performance setting. If its not showing pick show additional plans. This will also help with running your pc without turning off everything to save power, if you were running your pc on batteries, not plugged into the wall. This is a default setting in windows that can cause you to loose your internet while playing some games. Lastly if anything post your latest RPT log which can be located here: C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Arma 3 Open it with notepad, copy everything in it, paste it in a spoiler, or paste it here https://justpaste.it/ publish and post a link. Hope that helps.
  14. Gunter Severloh

    Female Character Models for Basic Arma 3

    Good Job! And how do you know you have done more then a lot of people, like who? Buying the game for alot of friends and strangers is just one way to support Arma3 and the devs, to me its about the community. Without the community there are no mods, scripts, missions, terrains, tools, and anything else that we all play with, having the game is a definite plus but it does not necessarily denote support. Buying the game for another yes BI is getting the money that is if you bought directly but you can buy anyone the game, they could try it and put it down and never come back to it. Without community BI has but a game, if no one gave feedback on bugs, problems or something they created, if nothing was created out of a fan base or an interest in the game then BI would have little to no reason to keep expanding the game like they have over the years. I get what your saying for female models it could have been added in earlier iterations of the game as Jackal326 pointed out so in all likely it wont happen, your best bet is to use mods to solve your lacking character model role. What in buying the game many times gave you the idea that you now reached a level where you "deserve" or now have the ability to tell BI to create something of your choice, was there something somewhere that says if you buy or do this or that so many times that BI will allow you to request something to be added to the game and fulfill that request for you in a reasonable amount of time and at no cost to you (DLC) maybe free expansion? No pun intended and i dont mean to come off sounding rude, just asking what in your mind makes you think that BI would listen to you and follow through. I'm sure BI very much appreciate that you have bought many copies but this game is worldwide, you would need to account for all those people who have done similar if not more then you. You know building models, scripts, code, things in and for the game takes alot of time, and for BI probably some money, and how much for a few female models would it cost them to create, and how long would it take them, the models will need clothes too, and maybe some gear, what color clothes should they be wearing? Pink with a camouflaged tint to it? I mean whats ideal for a female in your mind, or do they wear the same as the males? How about hairstyles, what can they do to distinguish a female from a male or does it matter? Considering i've been in the community since this series started oh close to 20yrs now , between buying the game many times for friends and strangers like you, helping many with problems, ideas, and other things (where a good portion of my posts come from), being on teams and part of many projects and creating who knows how many things over the years, not including many compilations, mods, scripts, tutorials which are all over this forum and utube, and spending a god awful amount of time in and out of the game around the forum and community in general should i deserve something too? Dont fancy what you have or think you have done so much that it goes to your head and gives you ideas that you've reached the, im special level unless BI has stipulated some reward or a program where you can do things and they will fulfill promises based on certain requirements then there is no entitlement to anything. Yes you can request something, and theres a couple of places for that, feedback tracker being one of them. Who's we? Last i recall Koth was a public server. Welcome to BI forums btw! Dont take my points above for disliking you or what you suggested i'm all for female models, just your approach and how you requested it, its done a certain certain way, stating one deserves it to me is a bit selfish when there are many many others who have put it more time and effort into the community then you, so your not the only one, we all play the same game in certain respects. Cheers!
  15. Gunter Severloh

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    Playing in MP lan? Press escape and go to spectator, and zoom out, and see where they are at, that should confirm if they are moving towards village or not. Be sure that the countdown went off after you moved out of the safe zone, you should have heard an alarm go off and then you should see 7 samurai in the top middle, after the alarm go to spectator will be a way to confirm. Play tested many times myself with and without mods, i didn't have any issues.