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  1. No, its like 33-40 degrees F here (USA) outside. I opened my case up, it needed a dusting so did that, hour later as i ended up taking the fan off the block heatsink i got cleaned the fan and block out. Everything is dusted, actually looking for a blower to buy to do the dusting not with the compressed air in a can, but anyways looked at everything and i had a rear fan not spinning, check the plug, gave it a little nudge and it started spinning. Theres plenty of ventilation in my case, i have a huge fan, top, front, and side, plus one on CPU/heatsink block, and one on the back panel right behind the heatsink, so i dont think its overheating in respects, however i did notice at least it seems like the fans aren't getting enough power? Idk i never had a problem with this, my PSU is a 1000watt so theres plenty of power but the thing acts weak, even the fans all turn like they dont have enough power or something, maybe i need to adjust my power settings? Unless im just misunderstanding how fast fans are supposed to be spinning, i mean their all on and you can feel cool air throughout the case. If you need to get an idea of what my computer looks like i recorded a video of it the same month i finished building it back in Oct 2017, however whats in the video is two SDDs and an HDD, which is not my setup currently. Also my voice is a bit deeper now 😄 I currently have 4 SSDs and no HDD anymore. One SSD the OS is on, and then i have one dedicated to video, and another to my games, the 4th SSD is a 1TB which i havent used yet so nothing on it, heres the vid of my setup: Ya, i was doing that, i was back and forth between the game loading mods, loading maps, to the forum here, and on utube as i was researching something, and i had steam chat going as well because i was chatting with a friend too, im wondering if i just exceeded what my cpu/ram could handle in a small amount of time. My ram is overclocked to its maximum as far as i understand, its default i think was like 2800mhz, but its meant to clock up to 3600 which is where its at. Ya very possible i just put to much strain on it, and really in my previous post i mentioned that it happened twice, well i was doing the same thing twice so that might be very well what happened, and yes good points.
  2. Gunter Severloh

    The ISIL Foothold

    Update v1.20 is here! 1.20 means the mission has been updated 20 times! All 5 versions updated Added credits i want to thank the following members for replying, providing feedback, and code for a part of this: fawlty Harzach froggyluv pierremgi Play3r ZaellixA Kalle M. Changelog November 30th, 2020 v1.20 - Removed the tasks for the following: MG Nest parameters AT Launcher defense These were optional targets and not required to complete and end the mission, nor were they the main focus of the mission's objectives, they were rather set as deterrents and defensive measures of the enemy. - Removed the markers on the map giving the player a rough idea of where the mg nests and launchers were, i'd rather the player discover and learn to think on their feet, recon and discover how to get past obstacles then have their hand held and be told where something is so they dont have to do anything but kill the target. - Added red triangles markers on the map for the areas that are mined, so read the briefing under enemy assets! - Added another mgnest to the compounds AO parameter. - Changed 1 rifleman for each roaming enemy patrol squad to an AT soldier. - Added Ammo truck to FOB as there wasn't one (only for those versions that didn't have one). - Added new Task/objective - rescue scientist and rtb back to base to complete task. - Updated HAS module with setting forced decent, this aids in everyone disembarking. - Replaced gates front and rear of FOB with a larger gate allowing vehicles more room to enter/exit. - Removed the assigned task for each task as i want the player to choose what task they wish to do. - Added bunker to the right of gate of FOB and moving the static 50cal to it. - Added helicopter wreck for rescue heli scientist task. - Added an area close to the FOB to deliver the rescued scientist to which will complete the task. - Added the option to change your view distance, and grass height in the mp parameters. - Updated briefing to reflect changes. ======== Misc notes - Want to say that alot more coding, research, testing, and help from those listed help me make this update possible, this update was about 2 weeks in the making. Tactical notes - how the mission plays While the mission isn't impossible, it is harder now then before, heres some of the reasons as to what makes this mission challenging: You have alot of enemy your up against, most are infantry, some statics. The enemy is up on a hill somewhat, so they have a clear view of anything for about 700+ coming their way and this is from the NW edge of the AO to the SE edge. Static mgs protect the borders, along with minefields in front of them, along with a AT launcher overwatching them, behind that is vehicle based statics along with antiair. Infantry patrols maintain the grounds, most of the enemy infantry is garrisoned in and on all the 7 compounds so CQB/MOUT know how is a must at least the basics. Flying into the AO via heli is almost suicide at least directly it is, fly to the outskirts of the AO and make your way in if you need to fly, i warned you! Driving in, you'll have a 70-30% chance of surviving, that all depends, if you stop, theres a good chance you will get blown up by either infantry AT, or an AT launcher or just be shot up by the mg statics, keep moving or out of site. All the task/objectives can only be found on the map itself as they are marked, i dont have the task module set to where they are positioned, to me it takes the fun out of actually exploring, recon, and using one's brain. You have a limit of 6 lives, start with 1, and if you die, you automatically teamswitch to the next one, lose all 6 ... its mission over, unless your in coop with friends then they can revive you so, it depends, i prefer the limits, makes you think. Its challenging, not impossible and its alot of fun and has alot of replayability if you do it right. What type of player is this mission meant for? I designed it for those with already experience and background in Arma, preferably average to advanced, expert skilled players of the game. This is not to say a beginner to the game with no arma background or experience cant play it and get somewhere, but i would highly recommend if your a first timer in the game that you coop it with someone. What style of play is this meant for? The mission is imo ideally meant for the specops/sniper/seal team/assassin type character player thats not to say you cant go in as a team of 6 guys as marines, rangers, army or what have you but just a warning, as soon as you enter the killzone area of the border, a mine detector and some cover along with a sniper rifle might be the only way your going to get into the enemies AO. Once you do then your tactics will go from MOUT to CQB, so certain tactics and use of your assets can play a part to give you an advantage or at least propel your accomplishments faster. If your in coop it can work well if your all working as a team, communicating and have a good idea of what your doing when it comes to tactics. This is the type of mission where you have to pick your battles, theres nothing in order, its up to you how you want to go about accomplishing the tasks, its meant for the thinking man on his feet. A modo i play by is "Take in the scenery" observe, recon, get a feel for where everything is at, check your corners, windows, doors, rooftops, check and check again before you move. On the OP page there is some of my Tactical tips for the mission, its also in the briefing while your ingame, please take note and heed them. ============ Alright guys, thats the update, any questions, problems let me know, have fun. Cheers!
  3. Question for you Arma3 computer tech masters here, lol This past weekend and up til about 20min ago to me typing this, i been working on an update to 5 versions of a mission i built. Each version other then one of them requires mods, now for about an hour i been shutting the game down, changing mods, and starting up again, doing that about 10-20, 30min worth of work, then repeat. On two occasions now i come to the forum to reply to my one post i created or reply to another one, while the game is running in the background, and then everything just froze, like i couldn't type, alt tab, delete, go to my desktop, press windows key to bring up start menu, i had to cold force quit, basically go and press the power button on my computer and restart it. So my question is, is it possible that between the switching, shutting down and loading mods back up, and switching between versions ingame that i either overheated my cpu, used up my ram? Just to give you an idea of my specs CPU - Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz Motherboard - EVGA Z270 FTW K GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8gb SC2 GAMING iCX Ram - G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) - overclocked to 3600mhz PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 1000w P2 220-P2-1000-XR Heatsink/CPU Fan - Cryorig H7 Tower Cooler 1TB SSD, 3 - 500gb SSD - Games are on one SSD, OS on another, the 1 TB SSD has nothing on it yet as its new, was planning to move Arma3 over to it sometime. OS - Win10 64bit Really no way i could have tested to see if that happed or what happened, and really it never happened to me on this computer it just froze 2 times since i been going to the forums and to the game and restarting ect,.
  4. I had used _newpos = pow1 modelToWorld [1,-2,0]; in a mission i put together for ravage, so i borrowed the code from that. The whole code in the scientists init box is from that, i had about 30 markers being used unlike 9 for this one on some maps, and basically the player would start somewhere along with a pickup truck almost out of fuel at the start of the mission, it was used because of the terrain. Not fully understanding the code i had a rough idea of what it was for, i dont recall been a few years but i think on Ravage thread someone helped me sort out some code with an idea to start randomly all over a map, and that code im guess was to make sure the player didn't end up in the air, or below the terrain, or something else i believe thats what it means. For my current mission i been updating other then some slight hills, the scientist gets moved to 1 of 9 locations, but each location is inside a building my guess is the newpos part moves him while the modeltoworld enables the pow1 to "work" with the spot he is moved to at the start. The code there dont work btw, i get invalid expression. Once a civilian becomes part of a blufor group hes no longer civilian at least when he joins the group. Civilian at the start is set captive, and made hostage so hes moved to one of the nine markers with those and sitting there with his hands behind his back until you get 2m from him and he joins your group, then from there you need to think how your going to get this guy back to base without getting him or you killed to complete the task, so the mission is a real thinking man's game with the idea of best time to employ certain tactics and the available assets you can call on. So do i release the hostage when i locate him and then go and risk us both getting killed, or do i clear the way, mark where hes at and then come back for him when its clear and then go from there thats what the player has to decide, no hand holding in this mission. ============ Think i will just stick with what i have as it works, i very much appreciate the help, you guys saved me alot of time and i learned some things, will add you all to my credits for the mission. Cheers!
  5. Hmm 🤔never thought of that, nice Harzach, good idea but how using the same code to move the scientist and adding the trigger name in there dont work, unit and trigger entities arent the same... material so to speak ones an object whereas the other is an invisible entity. Would have to be along the lines of trig getpos of pow1 or something along those lines with the word trig being the trigger name.
  6. Gunter Severloh

    Please identify the WW2 map...

    No worries man, you asked an honest question and no one would have thought that the author or players in the video knew and would have said something so it dont mean your a buffoon, you just didn't happen to look there thats all. I'm used to looking for and researching details and answers for things as the forum here as well as editing in the game has taught me that, but you would be surprised on what evades you and what doesn't come to mind. All in all if it comes down to it theres nothing wrong with asking a question if after your search and your attempts at trying something or to find out something fails you, always something new to learn with this game inside or out. Btw if i may ask did you get a hold of the author to that video on his discord to see his mission or where did you go with it?
  7. This wont work for the setup i have with the trigger, i show you a screenshot of my test mission of what i was doing and what i did which works with what i had in mind. Heres how it works: 1. Scientist is named pow1 2. In the scientists init box i have the following code: this setVariable ["NoRandom",true,true]; pow1 setpos (getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["a1","a2","a3", "a4", "a5", "a6", "a7", "a8", "a9"])); _newpos = pow1 modelToWorld [1,-2,0]; 3. i have 9 markers named a1 - a9 (not seen in the screenshot). 4. Then i have a small trigger which the scientist is standing in atm, in the trigger is the following: Activation: any player Activation type: present Condition: this Activation: [pow1] join (group player); pow1 globalChat "Thanks for saving me!"; 5. 3 tasks are setup, 1 for the create task with the task info ef,. rescue the scientist, 1 succeeded task, 1 failed task. 6. 1 Trigger synced to the failed task seen at the top. 7. Inside the trigger for the trigger for the failed task is this: Condition: !alive pow1 8. Large trigger in front of the building (this is essentially how its setup in my mission im updating, idea is to locate the scientist in the enemy AO and bring him back to base and since the scientist is under your command in your squad when you rescue him in the AO, you bring him back to base and send him into this trigger). So the trigger has the following: Activation: Anybody Activation Type: Present Condition: pow1 in thislist; Activation: hint "The scientist has been rescued!"; [pow1] joinSilent grpNull; deletemarker "sc1"; =========== Heres something i need a better way of doing, maybe i need to name 1 trigger and put all the marker names in it but basically the trigger the player walks into to rescue the scientist where the scientist then joins the player's group, the trigger per marker is this: So i have 9 triggers per marker that the scientist gets randomly moved too, my question is, instead of having 9 triggers, cant i just use one trigger that will somehow check or fire off when the player comes within range of the scientist once the player has found him? Otherwise it works as is for what i wanted to accomplish.
  8. Thanks to both your replies and information, i will try both, and get back to you, im running out of time atm about bedtime so when i get up i'll get right on it and let you guys know, i really appreciate the help in this, i will add you guys to the credits list in the mission for your support too! Cheers!
  9. Gunter Severloh

    Please identify the WW2 map...

    Seems you didn't read some of the comments on that video, but it was a mission built on an existing map with added assets to look like that, you could probably go to that guy's discord and he could give you a copy of it according to what he said to the one guy there. Heres the comments for that part that discussed it: If your looking for WW2 maps btw, see my All Arma3 WW2 Mods Compilation list under the Terrains (Maps)
  10. About the only time you got to worry about the scientist is when you locate and free him, and he joins your group, and your moving him back to base for the rescue and task complete or tell him to sit tight. Other then maybe if you accidentally drop a mortar in the area he may be in, but the scientist will be randomly moved to 1 of 9 markers among 7 compounds at every mission start. It sounds like a good idea but have no idea what it looks like put together or even how to implement it, why i go to Rydygier alot for certain things, lol The existing task for the scientist is basically saying, locate and bring back the scientist, when you do, theres a trigger back at base he walks into that trigger and you get a task complete, at the same time he leaves your command. I had figured since i used !alive quite a bit in the past that it could check to see if the scientist is alive, but have no idea on how to make it work with the existing task which already has a trigger connected to it and is set only for the presence of the scientist.
  11. Gunter Severloh


    Cant really help you on this issue other then report and give ideas maybe as i never built terrains before, but im wondering instead of placing textures, place crater objects instead and then bake it into the map, the term "bake" i learned from a friend who built a terrain of his own. So the object becomes part of the map. You could keep the indent in the ground already, remove the texture and just replace the indent of the crater and place the crater object in there and adjust its height to make it look believable and part of the map, take something from the empty section. If you go to empty in the editor, type in crater in the search a list of decals, and actual craters are listed there, the most suitable ones are from Contact, you could take that model of the shell crater (large) and put it in place of the ones you have textures set for, as they are actual models vs a texture so it would be impossible to have an issue with them. There is also smaller sizes shell crater (medium) shell crater (small) that would be ideal, just some ideas for you whether that would work idk you would know better but this is thinking outside the box so to speak. Hope that helps.
  12. Have another question related to this. Having the area trigger which only fires when the scientist enters it and completes the task i have set for it, how can i fail that task if the scientist gets killed? I tried creating a task synced to the current task set as failure, problem is its not going to work as there is nothing to check to see that he is alive, and the current trigger is only checking for presence, i tried adding a trigger syncing it to the task with !alive pow1; in the condition but it dont work. It works on its own trigger but not in relation to the main task which is to rescue him, then i tried this !alive pow1; pow1 in thislist; in the condition of the same area trigger all i got was: type bool, nothing expected Any idea on how to fail this task if the scientist gets killed?
  13. Gunter Severloh

    [HELP]Binarized is not done.

    According to your OP top screenshot, you have two addons, one which your signing and packing another into another addons folder. Your source file is the Amtgopro2 which is going to be where your addon is located. Then you have 92FS Beretta file path which is 92FS Beretta/addons, so what your telling the directory is, is to sign and pack your Amtgopro2 addon into the 92FS Beretta/addons folder correct? So when you open the 92FS Beretta/addons folder you should have a pbo inside it that is titled Amtgopro2.pbo and a Amtgopro2.pbo.Amtgopro2.bisign correct? So your addon is a Beretta pistol? And your trying to access it via arsenal correct? Just trying to confirm the details, but i would check/grab your rpt and or link it here from your latest test run maybe the rpt can reveal something that is going on. Otherwise the rest looks correct, its possible the binerize part of the addon builder has a bug, idk cant say, it could be something related to your config.cpp Post your rpt in a spoiler or paste it here https://justpaste.it/ and then link it.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated! Wont work in Zeus because the two units weren't placed by zeus and wont show up, however i did go to spectator and it confirms it that the civilian is indeed switching to Blufor! Another test i just tried was setting the Activation: Blufor Activation Type: present and the trigger fired off, so both confirm that the civilian is being changed to the blufor faction. That could work, but in the mission im updating, once you locate the scientist and hes under your command, the fact is where you are at in the AO is your in enemy territory, so the goal is to return the scientist back to base to this area where the trigger is at and complete the task of rescuing him, so you literally have to travel with him and return him back to safety. That did the trick! I tried this myself to be sure it wasn't just anyone that would enter the trigger could set it off, so i entered it and nothing happened after the Civilian joining my group, i sent him into the trigger and the trigger went off. Works! Thanks fellas for your insights into this, if i had checked to see why the civilian were changing factions earlier, i probably would have saved myself some time and headache, goes to show even vets to this are still learning. Cheers!
  15. Hey guys, having a small issue here maybe someone can clear up my confusion or help me figure out why this isn't working? Heres my situation, I'm trying to update one of my missions and add a new task where you rescue a scientist. In my test mission for this: Blufor solder is the player. Civilian Scientist is the AI to be rescued. Civilian is named pow1 Surrounding the civilian is an area trigger its about 5,5,2 in size. Trigger Activation [pow1] join (group player); pow1 globalChat "Thanks for saving me!"; Trigger is set to any player present. So when i enter the trigger the Scientist joins my group, and is under my command, so np there. =========== Next I have a task setup that is synced to an area trigger. The Trigger is synced to the task and the settings for the trigger are: Activation: Civilian Activation Type: present In the trigger's activation box is the following: hint "The scientist has been rescued!"; [pow1] joinSilent grpNull; deletemarker "sc1"; So apon entering the trigger to which i send him to by command, a hint pops up, the task goes off, the civilian gets dismissed from my group which is what i want, and i have a marker with a question mark that gets deleted, as in the mission im adding this too, you need to locate the scientist so the marker is kinda of a visual que on the map that you need to look for aside the task. ============= Problem The problem is when the civilian enters the trigger nothing happens, and this is only occurs when the trigger is set to: Activation: Civilian Activation Type: present if i set it to Activation Type: anybody the trigger fires off, i get the task complete and all is good, so this has me confused, So my question is the civilian changing from a civilian faction to a blufor faction when he joins my group? Or what is happening that the trigger is not firing off? Is there another workaround to this rather then not having the trigger set to anyone, as in the mission which is SP/Coop i dont want anyone setting off the trigger accidentally.