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    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod Series called WarMod:
    WarMod for Arma1 was released 11-24-2009
    A2WarMod for Arma2 was released 10-06-2010
    A2WarModACE for Arma2 was released 3-2-2011
    COWarMod for Arma2CO, was released 7-5-2011
    COSLX - for Arma2CO 10-9-2011
    COWarModACE for Arma2CO, was released 7-26-2012
    COWarModI44 for Arma2CO was released 5-28-2012
    IFWarMod - for Arma2CO IFA2 (Iron Front) 6-17-2013
    IFA3WarMod - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 8-24-2015
    IFA3WarModSA - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 4-25-2016
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  1. I have and the ai wasn't, i was standing behind the gunner watching him and his gun, and he acted as if there was no one there when the enemy squad was about 70m out, he didn't move nor did the gun move, not til the enemy was literally was on either side of the bunker even then he didn't target or shoot. Yes without any of the bunkers and i mean all of them, the AI engages the enemy AI apon sight which is about 150m or so as they come through a tree/bush line into an open field. It was removed from Eden a while ago due to having some issues, but if you placed them before in the mission I think they'd be still available. Ok ya, i had it preplaced a while back, probably before several updates, but then removed it as i didn't see it in the editor, so i figured i might get issues with it if its no where else, so i changed it.
  2. I'm having an issue with Mg42 statics and bunkers, they dont work together. Im using MG42 Lafette deployed in a Trench bunker FFP, i have an enemy squad US (independent) in an open field coming at the bunker for testing, and the static wont engage them, unless theres no bunker there. i tried all the bunkers and the static will not engage the squad no matter what, even if im a player in the enemy squad. Im only playing with whats required CUP_Core & IFA3_AIO_Lite Also Mg42 (trench) was a static i was using before but i cannot locate it anywhere in the editor, anyone have any ideas or was it swapped with something else?
  3. Forums Upgrade

    Same here every image that uses imgur site just comes up as some numbers and letters with .jpg for me.
  4. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Best to ask these guys https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=950999958
  5. IFA3WarMod Release

    Looking into the full version 1.15, i know ace is out of date, latest version ace atm in IFA3WarMod is from 2017 and latest for ace now is April 2018, so ya about a year. As for the other files there are a number of mods i know that i have swapped for others, theres 2 mods i know of that i removed because they work a different way. There is quite a bit of new stuff i have that i use with no issues that i think the fans of the mod would love. The real trick behind the mod is permissions, now i have permissions of course from all the modders to have what i have currently in the 1.15 version but some of the new stuff i dont so i need to seek them out, and lastly to upload the mod on steam workshop which imo is ideal. It could work if the mod is already on steam workshop but then the permissions would be for their mod in my mod on the workshop which i dont think there would be issues along as i give credits which pretty much most modders tell me that i have asked permissions, but i still need to ask none the less. I will need to recontact all the modders plus the new authors for the new mods i wish to add, that will be a chore, so til i can an ok,np, please credit ect,. from these guys to put it up on steam workshop then it wont happen. Right now i think i will just update the mod to where i want it, test it out and let you guys know how it goes, and then seek out updating permissions accordingly. All for now.
  6. Update New Additions, Cleanup, and Reorganization Alright guys i know its early for an update as last update was 24th and normally you wont expect one til the 24th or around there again, but i just had some new ideas. Heres what we have: Adjusted quite a number of titles of threads removing redundant words, like for arma3, need help, topic, ect,. Capitalized all threads that were not capitalized Resized AI Threads title to standout more Relocated the following threads: Moved from AI Actions, Behavior, & Movement to AI Halo, Parachuting, and Paradrops Help AI survive parachute drop AI parachute, then move to marker Moved from Skill to spot distance in thread section AI Accuracy, Skill, & Spot distance Modifying spotting distance Ai view distance AI spot distance Adjusting AI skill based on distance with setskill and distance to assignedtarget? Seems the AI's spot distance can see behind terrain, hills Unspottable units Renamed Thread list - AI Accuracy & Skill to AI Accuracy, Skill, & Spot distance added new subject title: Spot distance in the AI Accuracy, Skill, & Spot distance section Reanmed thread list - AI Tanks & Vehicles to AI Driving - Boats,Tanks, & Vehicles moved the section in between AI Dialogue, Interaction, & Speech and AI Equipment & Gear relocated threads in AI Driving - Boats,Tanks, & Vehicles based on thread subject Renamed thread list - AI Actions, Behavior, & Movement to AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting Added AI Shooting subject to AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting section Relocated all threads to AI Shooting subject that had something to do with shooting in them. Added 3 subjects to the AI Equipment & Gear section, they are Arsenal, Gear, and Loadouts Relocated threads based on subject in AI Equipment & Gear section. =========== Note - Aside the above, i relocated numerous threads based on their subject to better clean and organize the whole list. Still some things to think on yet to better organize, and this mainly to help folks locate things based on the subject of interest. ================================== New Additions Scripts Follow Me Script Mods CF_Woodland - Adding movement sound to woodland combat Threads added new thread to AI Spawn & Respawn Spawn and disable spawn on command to added new thread to AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting Make Pilot carrying his helmet under arm added new thread to AI CAS, Helicopters, & Jets AI Soldiers Keep Leaving Helicopters added new thread to General, Enhancement, & Performance What are the best Patrol Scripts added new thread to AI Actions, Behavior, Movement, & Shooting Shooting - Make AI sniper shoots at 2000m =================== All for today, a possible update towards the end of the month, if not beginning of August all depends on posted and or released content, as well as ideas to organize and develop the thread further. Cheers!
  7. @k4ble Heres the solution, i have this working in IFA3 from my Arma2oa I44 mission. Tutorial: In the editor: Art Gun 1. Place the 10.5cm leFH18 (Artillery) 2. Name the gun ----> gun2 that will be in the variable name box. 3. In the init box of the gun put -----> nul = [gun2,target2,22,true,true] execvm "faat.sqf"; In the editor: Target 1. Place a target in the distance where you want shells to land, it should be the invisible helipad so go to objects and type helipad in search, and then choose the one that says invisible. 2. In the variable name box of the invisible helipad put target2 3. In the init box put----> this setpos [getpos this select 0, getpos this select 1, 50]; ============= Outside the editor: Script 1. Create a notepad doc and name it ----> faat.sqf make sure the name is faat.sqf and not faat.sqf.txt 2. Open the script and paste the following code: 3. Save and move the script to your mission folder which should be located here: C:\Users\username\Documents\Arma 3\missions ================== Thats it, get ingame and watch the gun shoot! The only issue i have encountered with this script is the following error which idk how to fix see Screenshot: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/961965309968005895/2CE93A422A19DD8A008100AF4D451A0324098CAC/ But the gun shoots none the less. hope that helps ;)
  8. Funny you mention that, i have that actually working in Arm2oa I44 mission i built called Brecourt Manor, lol I can look up the code for you and show you how to make it work in IFA3.
  9. Plural, ;) video's, its a playlist, theres 36 videos in the list, each one is from every session i had with the group since 2015, and more to come!
  10. 3den Enhanced

    Looks great, but what is that from? 3Eden? Sorry i havent used it in a while . My suggestion was for the arma 3 vanilla for the open missions box, where you have the maps on the left and the missions on the right per map, can you widen that? I see no reason for it to be narrow or small like it is because while you have it open and your looking for your mission to open and edit, you cant do anything else, so theres no sense to have it small, and struggle just to see what you have.
  11. Mission name standard

    --- Mission name standard --- by Celery I credit and dedicate this thread to Celery and his ideas for the Mission naming standard. His former Mission name standard threads can be seen here Arma 1 and here Arma2OA I had the idea to bring the thread over to the Arma3 section and organize it for the community, adding some separations, text, and format, all content is that of Celery's. ================= About This sticky is for everyone who is making multiplayer missions and I ask you to read and follow the standard for the convenience of the whole multiplayer community. The mission name matters because missions are listed in alphabetical order on a server. There are hundreds of missions out there and many servers have a huge amount of them so keeping things tidy helps everyone pick the mission they want to play with less trouble. The mission name is written in the editor in the same window where you set the weather and time conditions. ============ Example Here is an example of your everyday mission name following the standard: CO 06 Kill the AI The name specifies these parts: game type maximum number of players mission name Below is a more complicated name, showing more pieces of information should the need arise: FDF CTF@ 24 Flag Rambos v1 beta The name specifies these parts: mod tag game type addon tag maximum number of players mission name version of the mission PLEASE NOTE: Mission names are written exactly like in the examples, underscores for spaces and (only) lower case are not used. The mission name is only a piece of data inside the file and it doesn't give any trouble to upper case and space allergic systems that try to open them. Read about filenames near the end of this post. Specific instructions for naming your mission begin here --- Mods, Leagues, and Squads --- If the mission requires a mod (not individual addons), it should be stated at the start of the mission name to tell the players that the mod should be loaded if they wish to play the mission. It should be written first to make it easier to either browse or skip the mod missions depending on if you can or want to play them or not. An example of a mod mission name: ACE CO 30 Domination Leagues and tournaments need a tag to tell their missions apart from public ones. If the league or tournament uses addons, the tag should be placed like a mod tag at the beginning of the name. If the league's missions are also meant for addon-free public play, the tag should be placed after the game type for easier browsing. Two examples of league mission names: ECL C&H 34 Metal Rain CTF -Gc- 50 CAYO V1-06beta A squad or mission making team tag can also be used. In that case the tag can be either after the game type or after the mission name. If you're only making a single mission and not a series of missions of the same game type, it's best to leave the tag after the mission name for easier alphabetical browsing. A tag after the game type serves to list all missions of the same series together. Two examples of squad mission names: CTF [MCY] 60 DOUBLE BLOW v03 DM 10 VODKA! [MCY] v1.10 --- The addon (@) tag --- The @ sign helps the server admin and joining players to see that they must have the unofficial addons the mission requires to play (not included in the vanilla game, expansions or patches). If the mission is made for a mod, a mod tag will suffice to tell everyone that they must have the mod. However if the mission uses an addon that the mentioned mod doesn't include, the @ sign becomes necessary again. The tag is attached to the end of the game type with no spaces. If you want to specify which addon is needed, you can mention the addon's name next to the mission name. Mission using an unofficial addon: A&D@ 16 Addon Wars v666 Mission using the FDF mod: FDF CO 08 Russian Hell Mission using the FDF mod and an addon not included in the mod: FDF TDM@ 12 Wanzer Fight v2 Mission converted to use an addon: DM@ 10 VODKA! (Sergei's M4 pack) --- Player amount --- The two digits before the mission name give away the maximum amount of people who can play the mission. Spectator slots should be left out of the count so players won't be confused when they don't get to play in the actual game after all. The number always has to be written with two digits unless the mission actually has 100 slots or more. If the amount is lower than 10, a zero is written as the first digit so that the alphanumeric order is not confused. --- Game types --- The following abbreviations are used: CO - Cooperative (only AI opponents) DM - Deathmatch TDM - Team Deathmatch C&H - Capture and Hold SC - Sector Control AAS - Advance & Secure CTF - Capture the Flag RCTF - Reverse Capture the Flag Combi - Combination of C&H and CTF C&K - Capture and Kill CTI - Conquer the Island A&D - Attack & Defend Obj - Objective (Co-op style mission with PvP element) RC - Race FF - Flag Fight TFF - Team Flag Fight E&E - Escape & Evade VIP - VIP Protection/Assassination RTS - Real Time Strategy RPG - Role Playing Game Misc - Miscellaneous (unique concept not fitting in any category) If there are game types that aren't listed here, don't be shy to mention. --- Version --- A version number is completely optional but highly recommended to better recognize possible different versions of the mission at first glance. The format of version numbering is free as long as it's consistent with other versions of your missions to make it easy to see which one is a more recent version. --- Filenames --- Although the mission name is the most visible part in Armed Assault, you should not forget about the significance of the filename. When managing missions on a server, the missions show with only their filenames in the ftp program and that's why it's smart to extend the naming format there. There are some differences, though. 1. Use underscores (_) in place of spaces ( ) 2. Don't use periods If you have a period (.) in the name of your mission, leave it out. If the version number uses a period, replace it with a hyphen (-) in the filename. Examples of filenames: ctf_gc_50_everon_v1-06beta2.Chernarus.pbo dm_16_vanilla_v1-03b.utes.pbo --- Ending words --- This standard's purpose is to make everyone's browsing easier and faster both as server admins and as players joining a game. Selfish naming policies such as adding special characters or brackets at the beginning of the name to make your mission show at the beginning of the list only disrupts the system so I ask you to have the willpower and discipline to follow the standard, no matter how special you think your mission is. The standard is open for changes as long as it contributes to its purpose or if there is a mistake somewhere in the current edition of this post. ==============
  12. Arma 3 Launcher Feature Request : Mod Notes

    i 2nd the concept of the idea even tho i dont use the launcher to start the game (Armasync all the way ;) What would be ideal imo is something in the concept of your idea is if you were to launch multiple mods together, the launcher, a program, what have you will scan all the mods files, do a config check and basically spit up a list of what mods will conflict. It would do the following: Mod names will turn red for those that would conflict with something. In a small drop down menu like the launcher already has (to the right of the mod in red) there would be a list of of what mods are conflicting with said mod in red. The list could further break down to those pbo's in the mod in question. Suggestions could be listed as to what to do if mods are in red based on the severity of the conflict Like in Armasync if a mod is missing, or is renamed elseware then the mod listed will turn red, so it can be done but it would need to be further expanded. Of course keep it simple so newer players to mods can understand what the issue would be before attempting to load in a mod. Having a history of compiling many mods together (WarMods) and releasing them with permissions of course ;) something, like this would save so much time and headache then to have to go ingame test, oop nope that mod gives an error, exit, go back oop my game crashed, remove that mod, etc,.
  13. I have a question please help me

    Open up and log into Steam. Look at the menu bar at the top of the window and click on "Games". The last option under "Games" is "Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library". Click on this option. A window will open up, and Steam will scan your hard drive for installed programs. Select the game you want to add. This will add the game to Steam and your Steam library will contain a shortcut to the game's executable, (exe) but it will not gain any Steam features like achievements or Steam Cloud support.
  14. Hey guys an update here, Major is still running his server, from IF Fan forums I quote: JOIN US IN COOP If anyone wants to join us in coop we play on his server fri,sat, and sunday 10pm Eastern time, USA. This past Sunday i joined the old crew again, after a long break, and had alot of fun! If your interested in seeing what our missions that we play look like you can see all the videos i recorded since i been playing here:
  15. IFA3WarMod Release

    Hey guys its been about a year since my last post here, i was wondering if anyone is still playing with the mod, and would anyone be interested if i were to revamp the mod (rebuild it) which would be just a major update with some things removed/changes, and new additions? New version would be 1.16 if i were to do it, i already have a working version i play with but it has new stuff and other things that IFA3WarMod dont. Maybe a possibility to get it also on Steam Workshop but that will take a bit to contact all the modders for the mods in my mod and ask them permission to see if they would be ok with their mod in mine on the workshop.