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  1. Gunter Severloh

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/215850-compilation-list-of-my-gf-scripts-mods/?do=findComment&comment=3441078 Thought you knew my good frog 😉
  2. Gunter Severloh

    WARMOD release

    Welcome to BI forums banyuan123! I uploaded the mod to my Mega drive, try that, link is on the first post of the thread. Cheers!
  3. Gunter Severloh

    Need help identifying a Arma 2: OA Gamemode

    In evolution, destroying the radio tower stopped enemy reinforcements from coming, after that the objective was to clear the city or the area of all enemy.
  4. Gunter Severloh

    Looking for WWII campaigns

    Hi, a mission i've played that was pretty cool was Dynamic Recon OPs, aside that most WW2 missions in coop i ever played were missions custom built that were part of my unit back in 2017 and missions that i have played with a group i been playing with on and off since 2015. You can try on the workshop i put in the search bar, COOP, WW2 Scenario LINK and alot of missions came up for that, i'd suggest you browse through them and see what catches your eye and read up on it, and then go from there. Hope that helps.
  5. Update - News Just letting those who are subbed to this, and have interest in my project here that there is and will be a v1.8 to be released soon this week. I was supposed to release it over the past weekend on the 17th/18th but with compositions there are some things that always need to be further tested and researched so some things got delayed. The good news is this next update will be fairly big as i have several new variants which a few of them surprised me that i could pull them off, and some misc updates like adjustments, changes and a fix or two. Some other good news is i have a friend (no its not my Polish brother Rydygier 😄 ) who is working on an aspect of the project with me who is very good at coding who volunteered to help, whom started last week. There is in development a part of the project that i cannot reveal i will surprise you guys when the time comes but basically this will enable all the coding and the compositions to work together, and add something that is beyond whats already currently functional in the variants so it will be a something pretty cool to look forward too for the WW2 fans 😉 you will like it trust me. All for today! Cheers!
  6. Gunter Severloh

    Banned by Game Developer

    I know you said this a few days back but to add to what beno_83au pointed out, Armaholic hence the name was not a gambling site. The following is a web archive of the former site which currently the Armaholic domain name was bought and being used as and by gambling site. https://web.archive.org/web/20210429105712/https://www.armaholic.com/index.php Armaholic ran from 2006 til end of May this year then was shut down by its owner who's name was Foxhound, i speak of it highly as its been a wonderful site to get many addons, mods, scripts, missions and other things for the Arma series starting with Arma 1 many Arma fans will miss it. There is/was a discussion on what happened to the site which is also pinned thread . I'm on neutral ground here if your asking me these questions, im just merely pointing out something based on my own understanding and experience, about the system, whether there is an undermining aspect of Battleye helping companies get more money out of customers, or Valve whomever it remains to be seen and proven. i'm not against what your fighting for here but being in this series since it started i have a fairly decent idea from my own experience that BI is legit in their intentions behind the game in its development and sales, their not setting up micro-transactions like some companies do. Ultimately before a person buys a game a little research on what the game is about, how it works, functions, requirements, and reviews should give one an idea whether to buy and get involved in it or not. I have no motivation to stop you, keep doing what your doing, if it can solve this issue of global ban somehow then wonderful that just means more security for us all, but no i have no financial interest in any of this. Does it say moderator under my name anywhere? No im no influencer, im just a committed and dedicated fan to the Arma series and its community hence my work for it, is it wrong for me to get involved in your thread here and maybe add some perspective whether its agreeable or not either way it shed more light from you on some issues. I have no reasons or intentions to dissuade you from doing whatever to sort out the ban issue, nor am i against what your trying to do about it i'm just a gamer like you, probably a more dedicated Arma fan thats been around alot longer and all i can say is sorry to read about what you had to deal with and i hope whatever you figure it out works out for the best of the community. Cheers!
  7. Gunter Severloh

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Best supply an RPT to show what errors, and other things possibly going on, or you create a guessing game for Vilas.
  8. Gunter Severloh

    Banned by Game Developer

    Its your account, there is no "responsibility" its not like theres something there thats running and if you dont interact with it, it shuts down for good, the account is free to begin with, were talking your steam account. The games and anything else bought and added on it have no value in themselves because they cannot be sold, they were sold/bought by you, once you reach a certain time in a new game then there are no refunds. The only value anything on your account has is what you give it, it can be secured and there are certain measures set in place such as the steam guard, and of course there is the program battleye. If someone manages to breaks into your car and somehow gets it started, and then goes off on a joy ride and then all a sudden because of this person's actions, your cars security system automatically shuts the car down and boots the guy out (probably when cars are automated lol) and you get the car back do you blame the car dealer, or the maker of the car for the actions of the person that went for a joy ride? So now you have a car you cant start, it wont let you in, is that the company's fault that created the security system? Of course not, all you need to do now is reestablish security and find out how to clear the ban, or as suggested forget the account and start a new steam account rebuy the game's and make sure all security measures are in place, and move on. So your going to spend a couple grand to pay a guy to do what, look at your steam account, steam guard, and battleye to see whether or not its BI's fault that your account got breached and to see if you can get the ban cleared from your account? You'd be wasting your time and money on something set in place by three companies that was designed to be automated, automation does not lie, about all you need to do is prove that you were not the one using your account which from the looks of it you determined it was some German guy who breached or hacked your account and move on.
  9. Gunter Severloh

    Question about the Eden editor

    I'm wondering if hes using the support module and has a plane or helicopter synced to it?
  10. Update added Terrains (Maps) Sullen Skies - Northern Fronts Terrains - Tweaks the cloud and overcast systems for Northern Fronts. Singleplayer/Multiplayer Campaigns We Stand Alone - The Campaign - Set during ww2, this is a series of mission split in chapters, where you will follow the path of Pvt Matt Bradford, part of Easy Company's 2nd Platoon, 101st Airborne Division, 506th PIR - a journey that will take you from the USA to Germany and Austria, across France, Holland and Belgium. Compositions Objects, Ships, Statics, Tanks, & Vehicles Objects Sandbag Wall - Sandbag Cover for WW2 scenarios. Sandbag Wall opening - Sandbag Cover with opening for WW2 Scenarios. Sandbag Wall Connection - Sandbag Cover connection for the other sandbag walls for WW2 Scenarios. Barbed Wire Fence - Barbed Wire Fence for WW2 Scenarios.
  11. Gunter Severloh

    Looking for WWII campaigns

    Hello seminara! Take a look at my All Arma 3 WW2 Mods Compilation list: once you are there go to the Singleplayer/Multiplayer Campaign Mission Mods section, all of the campaigns require IFA3 except the following: - The Pacific War - Gilbert and Marshall Islands Campaign - The Pacific War - Solomon Islands Campaign The other campaigns that do require IFA3, may have other mods that are required too, so you'll need to subscribe to those as well, they are normally listed to the right under requirements on each of the campaign's workshop pages. Hope that helps. Cheers!
  12. Not a campaign but a huge mission with over 15+ objective (tasks) set literally on Kunduz Afghanistan. If your interested check it out: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/223200-the-isil-foothold/
  13. Gunter Severloh

    COWarMod Release

    Hey your welcome, but sorry no i dont have a copy of COWarModI44 version. But do this, make a copy of COWarMod, then add I44 to the @modname part of the mod folder, then in the addons folder remove the following: AIPistolUseFix_Gameplay_C_PvPscene DisabledWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_PvPscene sakudriver2 slx_anim_death slx_shout andy_mags.pbo fnc_ballistics_infantry.pbo fnc_ballistics_launchers.pbo fnc_ballistics_vehicles.pbo fnc_muzzlevelocity.pbo bd_tracer.pbo AI Dispersion for Mounted MG's CarsFasterOffroads_Gameplay_C_PvPscene DisabledPPEffectsForVehicles_Performance_C_PvPscene DisabledPPEffectsForWeapons_Performance_C_PvPscene RemovedRadarOfGroundUnits_Gameplay_C_PvPscene Ya i dont have the COWarMod Lite either, never used it tbh but i do have record of what was removed. Heres what you do, make a copy of COWarMod, then add Lite at the end of the name, after go into the addons folder and remove the following: Dynamic Shouts - (character and AI would spam yell "grenade") Driving AI fix -(caused erratic Ai behavior in campaigns) zp5_at_fix -(realistically real enemy do use AT weapons (RPG) against inf) asr_weaponreplacements asr_cfgweapons_fix_grenadiers asr_cfgweapons_fix_grenadiers_oa extended_eventhandlers sam_handsignals radio_streamlined_a2_only radio_streamlined_identify_a2_only tgw_strykerfix DisabledInfantryWeaponDispersion (Gameplay) gdtmod_steerable_parachute Any issues with either, like bugs, or oddities, or what have you, let me know, dont forget there is a features readme contained in the documentation folder that i spent alot of time on back then, so it will list all the addons in the mod and what they do, should give you an idea of what does what, but if your not sure ask.
  14. CBS - Combat Battle Sounds (Arma2OA Sound Mod) Hello Arma2OA fans! This is a massive compilation mod that i built back in the Arma2 & OA days (when Arma3 didn't exist), it contains some files from 4 sound mods which are the following: HiFi, Jsrs, RWS, Vops The sounds change the following: AV8b Harrier gun sounds F35 gun sounds Unguided rockets (FFAR) Sidewinder missiles Stinger missiles Hellfire missiles GAU Static weapons Launchers Pistols Assault weapons Sub machine guns Sniper rifles Machine guns Smoke environment Explosions movement sounds Radio chatter Sonic cracks M1A1 Abrams tank Bradley APC and some other guns for helis. The mod contains some files that i had before the author back then updated the mod and changed the sounds. Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ciJ1kNyMzQzR3fUTSD_AMtiU1NbY1WW1/view?usp=sharing Requirements @CBA,@CBA_A2, @CBA_OA Video Note - there are some infantry weapons that are vanilla, but only a few of them. Note2- In the video im playing with my COWarMod along with the sound mod. Questions & Answers Credits Go to the authors of HiFi, Jsrs, RWS, Vops wherever they are, thank you for your work in the past!
  15. Update For those fans of my COSLX mod and would be fans, i have updated the download link as it was broke, formally hosted by Armaholic which dont exist anymore, the mod is hosted on my google drive. The mod is fully patched, and all that is required to run it is the @CBA, CB_A2, and @CBA_OA which are all included. Any questions, or problems, let me know. Cheers!