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  1. use private keyword instead of private array use params useless call? Seems like you can just replace the "exitWith" with a "then"? Better variant would be. To iterate through all markers in the waitUntil (every 5 seconds) and if one marker has nearby players, then act on it. And repeat that. I'd recommend moving the actual spawning logic outside into a seperate function, and pass parameters to it. That way you have much less code to shuffle around and that should make the checking all markers at once variant easier to implement. Sorry I dont have time to chew out some code for you.
  2. configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> weaponname >> "recoil" gives you the name of the recoil config More details you'll find in CfgRecoils
  3. I don't understand what you are trying to ask. You want to get the recoil values for weapons? They are defined in the weapon config.
  4. You are selecting a random element, out of an array containing a single element. This doesn't make sense. The result will always be activeSectorPool. your selectRandom will return an array of strings, getPos on array of strings doesn't work. what kind of object is "sector1" ? Also why are you using 1/0 instead of plain true/false? If you use bool's you don't need the ==1 check in your trigger condition. That is invalid syntax for deleteRange. Check the Wiki. Just use pushBack, exactly like you do 3 lines below that one. you should probably use params. params ["_unit", "_gl"]; What's this supposed to do? wait for unit to become non null? If someone passes a null into your function, it won't ever become non-null. And if someone does happen to pass a null, this script will loop for eternity. I assume what you really wanted is to exit the script? if (...) exitWith {...} This code, does literally nothing but waste performance. you spawn a simple waitUntil which does literally nothing. And you store the result in _h which you never use? That doesn't make sense. Ah so they are gameLogic's. Why don't you just store the variables directly in the array? instead of strings? To get a variable value from a string, you can use getVariable with missionNamespace.
  5. Confirmed it is/was ACE's fault, and it was already fixed too. https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/7239
  6. Dedmen

    Brush Clearing

    Chance is 100% Here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1889104923
  7. Dedmen

    Arma III startup bugs - Cannot find any servers

    Didn't know that thing existed.. but It shows some of my servers as currently online.. While they were last online in 2016. So not that reliable I guess.
  8. Dedmen


    Please don't do that. It disables benchmarking which Arma uses to detect exactly how capable your Graphics Card is. There is a reason that's not documented. I don't see any sense in using the malloc parameter to explicitly tell the game to use the defaullt memory allocator. It already uses the default by default anyway. The cpuCount one is useless, the game can already detect how many cpu's you have. I hope you're not trying to set enableHT or exThreads by yourself.. By the sound of things, you already have a memory limitation problem, so even further limiting the games memory is nonsense.
  9. Dedmen

    How to edit the files?

    Just read the FAQ? https://minidayz.com/faq See here for their dev blog: https://minidayz.com/blog No. And I'm 99.999% sure that would violate the EULA too.
  10. And somehow the spambots still get through all of that multiple times per day... (sorry offtopic 😄 everything needing to be said has already been said)
  11. are you just renaming the pbos to lowercase without changing their actual name? Filenames arma-internal are all lowercase anyway. So as long as you keep the same letters, that shouldn't change anything.
  12. I saw it being a joke. But I don't see the sense in confusing beginners with jokes that reinforce their wrong assumptions made in the beginning.
  13. No I don't. You have compiler optimizations on and both strings refer to same pointer. That doesn't at all compare strings. Please don't teach people bullshit.
  14. If the pbo's name breaks anything in the mod itself, then its a badly written mod and you probably shouldn't use that. It probably doesn't have a pboprefix.
  15. Dedmen

    Low FPS 2080TI

    Because you'll have low fps.