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  1. Dedmen

    Arma 3 Server Not Starting

    nonsense on a server nonsense empty parameters do nothing CBA is not a servermod. Besides that can't see anything really wrong in the log, server looks to be starting fine.
  2. I don't see any sense in calling nearestObjects on the whole terrain 10 times in rapid succession.... private _allSittable = (nearestObjects [[worldSize / 2, worldsize / 2, 0], [], worldsize*2]) select {"bench" in str _x}; Better, but still pretty terrible.
  3. And whats the end result in the workshop item? Did that file get updated? is it half uploaded? is it empty? is it not there at all? did the workshop item still get updated, aka last updated date changed? Have you checked the logfiles (Don't know where the publisher ones are)?
  4. 🤔 _display displayAddEventhandler["KeyDown",{ params ["", "_key"]; _key == 1// ESC pressed while dialog is open, overwrite default behaviour }]; 💇‍♂️
  5. True. You could make a fullscreen dialog, with a mouse click eventhandler. Then calculate yourself where the projectile needs to be spawned and where it needs to fly towards. Maybe screenToWorld command could help with that. But still, there is no already existing feature in the game that needs to be "fixed".
  6. It doesn't exist is what I mean by that. Arma never had that feature. Yes.
  7. More details? What does "won't" actually mean?
  8. source is on github, no it doesn't. Its a plain pbo packer, no config binarization, nothing with terrains. Plain packing files into pbo's. As the name says, its basically pbo manager.
  9. Dedmen

    Server player slots dissappearing

    enable AI (In slot selection the button under the slots), and some mission setting I think or enable respawn slot disappears when unit in that slot is gone
  10. What do you mean by fixed? this function doesn't exist
  11. working fine for me. The link in the intro post only links to a older release. Grab BOTH the dll's from the latest release here: https://github.com/pennyworth12345/ConfigDumpFileIO/releases
  12. Dedmen

    Battle Hamsters

    And how is this related to dev branch...?
  13. pboPrefix correct in your pbo? Your CfgPatches is invalid, you are missing requiredAddons. Your texture path might need a leading backslash, not sure.
  14. That script is a significant performance killer. Engine Eventhandlers get recompiled on every execution, the bigger your script is, the worse. And your script is HUGE. And it runs on every shot being fired. Give the player a machine gun and watch the fps drop. I'd recommend you use CfgFunctions, and then addEventHandler ["Fired", {call My_fnc_FiredHandler}]
  15. Use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getMissionPath instead