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  1. How? Math. Pos + directionVector*distance. DirectionVector is normalized. That means it corresponds to 1m of total distance. 1m*distance == distance. With east and west it's easy. You don't even need the full vector. East is positive on Y axis. And West is negative. _position = getPos mapClick _east = _position vectorAdd [0, distance]; _west = _position vectorAdd [0, -distance];
  2. Did you check the pbo prefix settings in AddonBuilder? Wtf are you... OH.. Spambot.. lol Ahh crap Spambot made me answer a 1,5 year old thread.
  3. What is that? Do you mean createSoundSource? If so.. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSoundSource See Example 2. Deleting the sound source stops the sound. Just delete it in the "off" action. And recreate it in the "on" action.
  4. The problem is probably the server still remembering the IP of the client that was previously connected. And it does something dumb when that client tries to connect again. Your game crashes, so you never properly disconnect. Battleye seems to think that you are still connected. Maybe battleye has their own encryption code, so when you reconnect. And it sends you a encrypted ping, you cannot decrypt it and send a pong back. Battleye sees that your clientside battleye is not responding, and kicks you thinking that you might be a hacker messing with your battleye. Apparently battleye doesn't time out while you are disconnected through your crash. I'd recommend contacting Battleye support about this too, maybe send them my explanation of what's probably happening. As you very nicely stated This is a bug. And it belongs to the Feedback tracker. Ranting here doesn't help much.
  5. no. ACE thing allows you to play on easy, without crosshair.
  6. Half? what? I don't see anything half in the example? If you want to create a trigger that's only on server. You need to only run the script on server and set the "makeGlobal" parameter of createTrigger to false. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createTrigger
  7. Help! Server Log Spam

    object not found stuff was in the past caused by dummy entities that were not correctly deleted. Happened everytime your backpack was dropped or changed. BI fixed "lag caused by..." according to changelog but they didn't fix the bug itself.
  8. It might be that you don't have enough file handles to open all the files. Battleye opens additional files which might push you over the soft/hardlimit See https://serverfault.com/questions/20387/too-many-open-files-on-debian https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-increase-the-maximum-number-of-open-files/
  9. Eden Editor Runway Edge Lighting

    You can use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/create3DENEntity To create a object by classname. create3DENEntity ["Object", "Land_runway_edgelight", position]
  10. Well. I'll use the chance to quote something out of another thread of yours Spamming your same copy-pasta over the whole forum won't get you help faster, It's rather a easy way to get everyone to hate you and to earn a ban. I have 0 idea what you are trying to say. Your text is a pure mess. What is your native language?
  11. You can serialize SQF values, that outputs some data that you can't get in SQF. But generally you can only get stuff that you can get through SQF, or that are closely related to the SQF data. No.
  12. Well have you tried adding ryan zombies then?
  13. Minimal version of squad.xml

    Did you try just leaving the squad info empty? no name, no website, no E-Mail ?
  14. Do you have a geometric occluder in that model?