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  1. Don't agree at all. The distance condition should check for the unit that wants to use the action. Which is the AI in your case. Failure on your end to account for who actually executed the action, inside the script, is your fault and not addAction's fault. Yes the action only works in the hard coded distance. So if you tell an AI to use it, then exactly like if a player wants to use it, the AI runs to the box and uses it.
  2. Use setObjectTexture in the object's init script field. Virtual Garage should also work but I don't remember that ever working for me.
  3. Yes. I also once had a problem. Tried eating bread but it didn't work. I eventually fixed it by drinking water. Then my thirst was suddenly gone. Here are some resources that could help you. I found them with a quick 5 second google search. https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/620712364030338480/
  4. Error is on line 22. You never even open the bracket for the "StandardSound" class.
  5. What does that mean then? Your changed texture doesn't apply to the flippers? Might very well be that they are in a different texture.
  6. flippers might only show up when you are underwater
  7. Texture UV problem in Object Builder

    Looks good to me. Don't see what would be messed up.
  8. Easily done with an Extension. There are already Extensions to make HTTP requests and return the result. Then just compile it and done.
  9. Impossible. Just like you can't tap your finger on something every milliseconds. Your body is just not fast enough for that. It definitely doesn't update every 1ms. Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do? Calculate point of impact with vanilla Arma based on muzzle velocity? Or ACE3 Advanced ballistics or what exactly.
  10. Blocked File

    What does "being blocked" mean. Also.. No need to take a screenshot just to show some text. You can just write the text directly. A screenshot of what you mean by "blocked" would be more helpful
  11. AFAIK there are no dev branch builds for linux server. 1.81 will never be released. Next release version is 1.82
  12. Super Map

    No. Not possible.
  13. That is a well known bug since Eden btw. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125991
  14. No they don't plan it. And no they won't do it. There is a reason why SQF is so isolated from the OS.
  15. What? If there is absolutely no chance that it might be added. Why would you still ask them to add it? No it won't be added by Bohemia. You can make your own Extension to do that though. And as it's your Arma Community you sure have the ability to distribute your own Mods.