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  1. You said "Teamspeak 3 Client" folder. That is "TS3Client" though. If you had to make the radio-sounds folder yourself then you are in the wrong place. The Teamspeak plugin installer automatically creates that directory. If your sounds were in the wrong format like @Belbo says they wouldn't play at all. And you wouldn't just hear the ol sounds.
  2. It's also default enabled in Editor preview and afaik you cannot disable that.
  3. Pls help game crash 0x000000FF

    The 0xFF literally just means the number 255. It doesn't say anything about misconfigured system files or anything really. The real answer is in the logs and crashdumps. Don't try to read something out of the numbers which could mean anything. That is the right answer.
  4. They are in the Radio sounds folder next to the Teamspeak plugins. Doesn't sound like it. "TeamSpeak 3 Client" is not the name of the appData folder.
  5. You should also take a look at the backpack example in the Arma 3 Samples. I think you might need a memory point in your model
  6. Post that in the thread you made for that
  7. How is that relevant to what I said? If you want support then give me what I need to be able to give support. If you don't want support what are you doing here then? Also that is not my name. wtf? What is all that chat output in the main menu? Why is something checking if you are zeus in the main menu? I'd say your game is completly broken. Probably not ACE fault.
  8. I guess mikeros tools don't understand the æ character then
  9. Yeah that code doesn't make sense at all. isNil checks if a variable is nil. "allplayers select 0" is not a valid variable name.
  10. The space is configured in the backpacks ItemInfo subclass. look at the ingame config viewer on how that works.
  11. Post a link to your full RPT. And maybe check in in-game configViewer if there really is no RHS in cfgPatches.
  12. There is your problem. X and Y need to be powers of two. so 512x512 or 512x1024 or 128x2048 or 1024x1024 and so on.
  13. It's still there in the list on top. What size is your texture? you are missing the _co suffix on the filename. You need to add that before converting to paa.