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  1. Because people love my metaphors that much. You are taking a fork, and trying to eat your soup with it, and then wonder why it doesn't really work that well. What is Bohemia supposed to do? Hammer onto the fork till it turns into a spoon?
  2. They mean when you try to walk on objects that don't have a roadway. Clipping into the geometry instead and floating around. That's just how the Arma engine works. Can't just "fix" that.
  3. This site is dangerous?

    shadow's signature has a image embed, that's the cause. Already reported it through the report function
  4. Briefing screen

    It should be. There were problems in the past where you could manipulate the code behind some of these buttons and execute arbitrary scripts even in multiplayer with battleye.
  5. At that point you already joined the server. As far as I know the server will only send over a list of slots/players and basic info about the mission like name, terrain, requiredAddons (hardcoded in the mission.sqm) and parameters. Players that join might be able to look into the mission parameters and see what mods it's configured for?
  6. This site is dangerous?

    That a moderator has been informed and will remove it. There is nothing wrong with your or the BI forum.
  7. Yes. Because you tell them to not do anything. You need to pass a script to the addAction's "script" parameter. What you are doing is executing [this, ["ACE_surgicalKit"]] call ace_arsenal_fnc_initBox And passing that result to addAction. the initBox function returns nothing, so you are passing nothing to the addAction. Thus the addAction also does.. Nothing. As said multiple times, ACE Arsenal add's it's own action to the box in the ACE Interaction menu, just use that. Correct. You are trying to pass a object (player) as the whitelist, that doesn't make sense. It can only be bool or array. You are setting up the whitelist correctly. But then right after that you are deleting the whitelist again and are allowing all items. Yeah because it's not in the scroll menu, it's in the ACE menu.
  8. No they won't. They'll get error messages and will not be able to join. You don't crash from missing a mod. sqm* And he already said he wants to have it be configurable. You cannot edit mission.sqm from a script. Negative. Only thing I can think of is you kicking people if they enter the mission without the required mods aka after they joined in, when preInit fires. But you cannot show people what mods they need before they join the server.
  9. Yes it is CBA. profileNamespace setVariable ["CBA_diagnostic_statements", nil]; Execute that in debug console. All "previous" scripts will be deleted.
  10. This site is dangerous?

    One of the guys in that thread has a image embed from raptr in his signature.
  11. I keep getting these errors

    No it doesn't. He is using a modern mod with a 2 year old cracked Arma version.
  12. I'd say more ease of implementation than size. Also afaik you need to pay patent fee's for H264 (I assume that's what you mean by mp4) decoders that are used commercially (FYI Arma is a commercial product).
  13. "Insider Preview" Windows insider preview builds are not supported by battleye.
  14. The Arma Debug console doesn't save script history. There are no previous/next buttons. You must be using some mod.
  15. Do you mean the previous/next script buttons? are you using any mods? What "scripts" do you mean? There is only one script field and 4 watch fields.