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  1. Only on latest dev branch? Or also on current stable/performance? Your RPT is from stable, but this is the dev-branch forum section.
  2. Please. If you need help with your code, post your actual code. Accidentally omitting things is terrible. Either you omit things which make your script be invalid, or you omit the actual cause of your problems. Also, please put it into a code box which is way easier to read. You should not be using eachFrame for drawing, that's what the Draw3D Eventhandler is for: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers/addMissionEventHandler#Draw3D You can just run a forEach loop in a Draw3D handler, then just keep an array of friends in a global variable.
  3. Dedmen

    How to scale objects

    Just model using real world sizes.
  4. Most modders that want contributions to their mod use git nowadays yes. On Github for example people can just send you changes or improvement. Instead of in a forum where they might say "please change line X to Y and add Z to W"
  5. Their mod contains tons of illegal mod reuploads: I would recommend you stay away from them as far as possible.
  6. Dedmen

    count magazine left

    Both are valid.
  7. Wrong. hasInterface returns whether the local machine has a interface, not whether that player has one. Can easily figure that out yourself, how is it supposed to know which player you want to ask about if you don't give it any arguments? On server it's (always) false, and on client it's always true if not a headless client. As this code runs on the server, it's always false.
  8. I already answered you that in Discord 14 hours ago... Here is a copy paste just for you
  9. My retexture mod? You mean OPXT? I didn't make that I just updated it and take care of it for the author. And no, won't be added into TFAR.
  10. Dedmen


    No ,you are creating an array, and then turning it into a string, just to turn it back into an array, that's nonsense. Just use the array directly and be done with it.
  11. Dedmen

    plz help me (retextture)

    You need to put the mod that your require, into your requiredAddons. You are modifying things from another mod so you require it to be present. Have you checked whether the mod even supports hidden selections?
  12. Dedmen

    My Mission File Is Broken

    You can report your post to a moderator by using the "Report Post" button on the top right.
  13. You say in your config that you don't have any weapons in your mod. Patience. Not everyone checks the forums every day.
  14. Your mod got an article on Kotaku! Congratulations! 😄 https://kotaku.com/military-shooter-mod-introduces-civilian-deaths-and-cov-1834828043