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  1. Sure. Just use grep. connections are printed to stdout, errors and the spammy stuff goes to stderr.
  2. well you need to find the path inside the pbo, which is made up of the pbo prefix (if the mod has one, otherwise the pbo filename) and the path inside the pbo
  3. as I said, execVM is spawn, not call. and the shortened version is slightly faster than the written out version because the longer version has more commands. But essentially you should never use either unless you really only execute a script once, as pierremgi explained above.
  4. thats useless nonsense, final is only useful if you store the function into a variable, you never do that there. execVM is equal to call compile preprocessFile if your function just sets a variable, I see no reason for "spawn" at all. Just call it without spawn.
  5. so on the ticket page, on feedback tracker.
  6. its out, but only on steam
  7. yeah killing random stuff is a thing that battleye does since the last update, not only arma either. Also other battleye games like PUBG or ARK.
  8. this code is terrible. Say you have 10 players, you are executing distanceSqr 110 times, and for no need, if you expect allPlayers not to change you might aswell just do the selectMin once and store in a variable. Or you go the obvious way, sort by distance and take the closest private _playersDistances = allPlayers apply {[_x distanceSqr _unit, _x]}; _playersDistances sort true; //Sort ascending, lowest distance at front. private _target = (_playerDistances select 0) select 1; //Take first element in array (closest player) and grab the unit from the array. is also easy to do with this variant (_playerDistances select 0) params ["_distanceSqr", "_target"]; instead of "private _target =" that way you have the distance of the closest player, and the player object available. And can first do a check on the distance. It might also be more efficient to limit distance first using inAreaArray and then put that reduced unit list through the apply/sort. That won't work, _target is an ARRAY of units, containing only a single unit. you cannot pass an array with a unit to getPos. You need to take the unit out first.
  9. But thats what it is, and thats what you asked about. If you need more info you gotta say that, and not go away like "they don't want to help me" You never asked about 0=, so people just assumed that you aren't asking about that, because thats a thing that most beginners just copy-paste out of habit without knowing or even caring what its for or if it even makes sense in that place. We literally see it every day and just got used to ignoring it, or maybe drop a "thats useless btw" comment once in a while. So when you want to ask about something thats maybe asked once every couple months, and then mix it in with something thats asked on a weekly basis, people just assume you mean the more common thing if your question is not detailed enough. He doesn't know you, beginners often ask about the difference between call and spawn, if you want to know something else you have to be more specific. You are not treated like one. But now you are treating the people in Arma discord like that, because they genuinely tried to help you, but your inability to ask the question that you really wanted to ask made them give you a different answer than you expected. And now you make this angry complaining post here denouncing them as "looking down on people" and "not wanting to help" even though its not their fault at all that you cannot ask proper questions. 0 is a valid variable name, just not retrieve-able in plain script. You can retrieve the value with missionNamespace getVariable "0" Thats the easiest way, but not the best way. As 0 is a global variable, it has to be looked up in missionNamespace, and gets set to the value you provide, and then it stays there. So the lookup is "relatively" slow, and the value stays around "forever" in memory wasting space. A local variable would be better, like _0 or smth, they aren't looked up in the big global namespace but only the local one, which in init boxes is almost empty and the lookup is very fast. Also after the end of the script, that variable will be deleted and not stay around.
  10. Dedmen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Google translate > Bad Denglisch.
  11. Plaster your code with diag_log's log _vehType right before the switch and check that it really contains what you expect it to contain. Trust me switch is not broken, that would've been noticed over the 13+ years of its existance. There is some error in your script, most likely _vehType not being what you think it is.
  12. Its purpose is to trigger the only real bug in the SQF language, to workaround another bug in the Arma mission editor. the = returns nothing, nothing at all, it basically leaves back a empty hole. The script textboxes in the editor are bugged in that they require you to return nothing from them (CBA mod fixes that) and the 0= or dummy= or _null= or whateveryouwant= is just a common way to work around that bug. Its btw the same with the call, if the called function returns something, you need 0= there too. no the 0 is not "a handle", spawn returns a handle but the zero that the user asked about has nothing to do with what spawn really returns That's a plain lie. Here was what you asked with full context: and here is the answer Which is the correct answer to that exact question, you never stated you wanted to know anything about the 0=, so how was anyone supposed to know that? The guy who answered your question assumed you are a beginner who isn't skilled enough to know the difference between call and spawn. He didn't look down at you at all, he assumed your experience and answered appropriately. Why not ask "what is biki" then? How is anyone supposed to know that you don't know what "biki" is if you don't tell them about it? People cannot read your mind online. If you don't know something and have a question, then you have to ask the question and not go "ah he's just calling me dumb and doesn't want to help me"
  13. Dedmen

    Spawn ai - check limit.

    oops didn't notice that was in the same file. It causes the same problem as the addition, you are creating a new array here, not modifying the original use _unitArray deleteAt (_unitArray find _unit) there. (_distanceMarkers select 0) params ["_markerPosition", "_marker"];
  14. Have you tried disabling battleye and seeing if it still hapepns?