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  1. Hello Guys, I am Really suffering a little bit. There is a small complicated problem where i don't understand how i am going to do this, here is my question: How Can I Activate a Trigger by Going near someone or a unit or Object with distance limit like code: (blablabla) > 5 or (blablabla) < 5; and how to set Position of a unit near Object with distance from him.
  2. Hey Mates, I know it's kinda weird Question but, have anyone tested to Open a Scenario by trigger, or playing (Launching) a mission throughout activating a trigger....Please Help Immediately.
  3. Hey Lads, I am going to Enter Suicide Activity if i don't find a Bl**dy Solution for The Simulation Manager Module. The Mission is Very F*cking Laggy. The FPS is f*cking Dead and it Drops Increasingly per an Object. Is There a way i can stop the AI Caching and Put Simulation Manager Attached to Units or even Groups? Please ... I am Very Desperate, and Larrow didn't Release anything new on that Subject!
  4. Cpt.ScottMiller836

    Creating and Editing Campaigns.

    no i didn't served in the US Navy SEAL or this things i mentioned just read some interesting files and intels thought us in military... there is joint military training and drills from around the world like Indian Armed Forces, Egyptian Republican Army etc. i Served my self in the Jordan Royal Armed Forces (JRAF), and also served in Jordan Royal Airborne - same as our British Mates but different in names... anyway, i just we could both take some advantages... why not!
  5. Hello Lads, I am new to Arma Community and i have been into Arma since 6 months. i learned a lot and i'm in love of this game, and Frankly i want to do my own campaigns, Missions, Mods, and Intros. But i can't due lack of Experience in Arma 3, i watch a lot of Youtube Videos and tutorials, i'll get straight to point ... i want to use the Damn F*cking Intro/ Scenario/Outro Bar and it's Complicated with Feurex Tutorial Video - like Class Campaign {}, Class missionDefault {}, and a lot a lot... i just need assistance in my work that's all, if anyone could give me an example of the perfect Campaign or show me how to open Eastwind Project mission files so i can learn from the Original Campaign, i would be very fuckin Appreciate. Also i have military Experience, i know a lot of Covert Ops and Operations done amazingly by The US Armed Forces and British Armed Forces including The SAS, US Delta, US Navy SEALs and i can assist in Mission Making for anyone including Middle East Military.
  6. Cpt.ScottMiller836

    Hostage Script (Using HoldAction Function) - Download

    Hi, just a pass through. Can the player do action while releasing the Hostage, and if possible what is the best way to do it.
  7. Cpt.ScottMiller836

    Characters Voice in All Campaigns

    Thanks, Buddy, What a fucking Goofy i am, you made me like a Noob😂
  8. How to Access Arma 3 Characters Voices in the Game Directory, I Mean if there is a PBO file compress Characters Voice audio Files in Arma 3 Directory, and if No, How to find them?, Need Help Please Big Arma Fan. I was Extracting, Trimming, Cutting, Converting to ogg Vorbis formats yesterday, I downloaded a Miller, James, Kerry and Commander Stavrou Radio and Direct Voice Lines from Youtube, and i cut it into Pieces, but some lines still Missing. Appreciate the Assistance in favor. thanks by the way, big Fan of the Grumpy Old man, i doubt this guy that he is the Creator of Arma 3 haha.