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  1. You'll gain more performance by deleting a single AI from the mission. Cheers
  2. When an object gets deleted, so should its namespace as far as I know. setVariable even on thousands of objects within one frame shouldn't cause any issues, unless you broadcast them all. Unless you run into performance issues and can pinpoint it to setVariable, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Not really sure what you mean with having to use setVariable instead of an array. Cheers
  3. The == check doesn't accept bool. It's nonsensical anyway since you can simply use !_isCaptured. Cheers
  4. Grumpy Old Man

    action on dialogs

    Add it? Maybe? Cheers
  5. Why stick to triggers in the first place? You can easily define a more abstract function that does what you want and applies what you want on any game object. Cheers
  6. Returns the following just fine: [7100,25000,0] Cheers
  7. Grumpy Old Man

    Isometric or towdown view?

    There is, it's a little weird though, might still do what you need. Place a unit that will serve as camera, set it as player, name it cameraUnit (in case you need to switch back) Place another unit you wish to control Run this: player remotecontrol remoteunit Might also work with spawning a camera first, then using remoteControl. Then you'd need most likely an eachFrame eventhandler to keep the camera hovering above the remote controlled unit. Weird thing is even though you control the remoteunit, when using the fire button the camera unit will shoot, so depending on what you want to do this might cause issues. Talk about programming patterns, huh? Cheers
  8. From grid to pos for 10, 8 and 6 digits: GOM_fnc_gridToPos = { params ["_grid"]; _count = count _grid; _banana = _count / 2; _multis = [1,10,100]; _counts = [10,8,6]; _multi = _multis select (_counts find _count); _posX = (parseNumber (_grid select [0,_banana])) * _multi; _posY = (parseNumber (_grid select [_banana,_banana + _banana])) * _multi; [_posX,_posY,0] }; Pos to grid: GOM_fnc_posToGrid = { params ["_pos",["_gridSize",6,[0]]]; _divisors = [100,10,1]; _gridSizes = [6,8,10]; _divisor = _divisors select (_gridSizes find _gridSize); _gridResolution = _gridSize / 2; _pos params ["_posX","_posY"]; _posX = str round floor (_posX / _divisor); _posY = str round floor (_posY / _divisor); while {count _posX < _gridResolution} do { _posX = "0" + _posX; }; while {count _posY < _gridResolution} do { _posY = "0" + _posY; }; _posX + _posY }; Usage: _grid = [getPosATL player,10] call GOM_fnc_posToGrid; systemchat str _grid; //prints something like 0843103263 You can easily add finer granularity if needed. Cheers
  9. What/how were you testing? Cheers
  10. It's also possible to use a fired eventhandler and reveal the firer to every unit within a certain distance, changes things up a bit. Cheers
  11. Vanilla AI with .50cal rifles can engage up to 2km. Static weapons might engage even further. Unless you further elaborate on the specific situation where you want an engagement to happen one can just speculate. A typical engagement range of 300m at most seems more authentic. Most factors that affect AI engagement range are daytime, weather and of course target knowledge, can't shoot something you haven't spotted yet. Cheers
  12. Grumpy Old Man

    Heal AI Task

    To simply check stuff while in the editor you can use the editors monitor lines (with open menu below the "Watch:" entry), perfect for keeping an eye on up to 4 code snippets. Healing with a first aid kit will reduce all damage (i.e. from 0.95) down to 0.25. To fully heal a unit to 0 damage you need a medikit. Might be a possible oversight (if you check for <0.25 and heal with a first aid kit the check returns false, since it's exactly 0.25, no less). Cheers
  13. Grumpy Old Man

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    First contact with the arma franchise has been through day-z. Enjoyed the hell out of it during the early days, was quite an experience meeting other players, fending off those zombies while trying to gather supplies, get armed and on top of that somehow trying to get a grasp of the gritty A2. The more popular day-z became, the more uninteresting it became to me, since most servers got flooded by folks just interested in shooting each other (way better gamemodes out there for that kind of playstyle). Then I played my fair share of Takistan life in a rather small but active server, north government vs southern rebels, oh the times... After that I discovered the editor and slowly descended into the depths of .sqf scripting. I have looked upon all sqf has to hold of horror, and even the skies of spring and flowers of summer must ever afterward be poison to me. Cheers
  14. Grumpy Old Man

    Need Help Making Simple Money System

    Might find this useful: Already checks if the transaction drops below 0 and if the player can actually carry the item, if any of those fails the transaction won't happen. Pretty basic and easy to build upon. Cheers