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  1. Grumpy Old Man

    'Dammaged' EH stops firing.

    Bracket error in the very first line. Check out some editors that support .sqf syntax highlighting. Cheers
  2. Grumpy Old Man

    [SOLVED] Unit command to land&unload

    Get Out and Eject actions won't show when the vehicle is locked, something like that: H1 setVehicleLock "LOCKED"; Then to force the chopper to land you need to order the groups that you want to disembark to do so, like this: wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "H1 setVehicleLock 'UNLOCKED';units Squad_1 allowGetIn false"]; Cheers
  3. If it's a given that there will always be a certain amount of units that will engage the player I'd just spawn them as regular soldier units in the first place. Cheers
  4. I still have it, but as stated above, it's probably better to rewrite it from scratch than having to rip it out of the framework and trying to get it running, since it relies on quite a few functions from my own library (map evaluation etc.) Cheers
  5. Grumpy Old Man

    waitUntil Bool

    Waituntil requires a boolean at the end. Your example is weird, since you only return a boolean to the waitUntils scope if it's true: waituntil { if (count list _bzc > 1) then {true}}; when you could simply use: waituntil {count list _bzc > 1}; instead. Cheers
  6. Grumpy Old Man

    How to create dead flat bush?

    Might be difficult to achieve, since, if I recall right, bushes and grass will un-flatten over time. For an initial flattening simply spawn an invisible vehicle over the bush, should work as long as it's not a simple object. Cheers
  7. Grumpy Old Man

    Diary Record subheadings

    The vanilla diary doesn't seem to support more layers than you already discovered. For stuff like this it's most likely easier to set up your own dialog that does what you want. Cheers
  8. Grumpy Old Man

    Switch code with no result?

    No need to use switch or if statements, you also don't need to use + or pushback to add elements to an empty array if all you want is to filter an already existing array for certain criteria. The select command is your friend: _allowedColors = ["colorgrey","colorred","colorguer"];//important to type these all in lowercase for the check to work _filteredMarkers = allmapmarkers select {toLower getMarkerColor _x in _allowedColors}; When checking for strings it's important to put both strings into the same case, I'm sure that's one reason your check is failing, since the markers color could be defined as "colorRed", so checking for "colorRED" will fail since string comparison is case sensitive. In that case a simple systemChat will do, no need for format, since markers and marker colors are already supposed to be strings and will throw an appropriate error message if something went wrong. Cheers
  9. Sure, updated the first link in my post above. Cheers
  10. Grumpy Old Man

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Sure, as long as you give credit and document any changes made to the original files. Cheers
  11. Grumpy Old Man

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Sure it's possible, depends on how you want to implement it though. Since you could blacklist either entire vehicle classes, only certain named objects, objects that hold a lockout variable etc. Better to implement it the way you want it to work, there's not really a one in all solution for this. Cheers
  12. You can also use _this = this execVM "scripts\jetFixer.sqf"; instead. When using params inside the .sqf there should be functionally no difference. See example 2 on the wiki: [123] call { params ["_myvar"]; }; // Below would produce the same result as above 123 call { params ["_myvar"]; }; Cheers
  13. That's because you don't pass anything into the execVMed script, the first parameter is mandatory if you want to pass stuff inside the scope of a called/spawned/execVMed snippet. Depends on were you're using this line, in the objects init field it could be something like this: //jet init field _this = this execVM "scripts\jetFixer.sqf"; Also use params to declare passed variables inside a scope, like this: params ["_veh"]; if (((getPosATL _veh # 2) < 10) && ((speed _veh) == 0)) then { hint "Stay parked for 10 seconds to fix your jet."; sleep 10; _veh setDamage 0; _veh setFuel 1; _veh setAmmo 1; hint "Your jet has been fixed, you are ready for takeoff!"; }; Also fixed the missing bracket and a possible oversight with getPosATL (I believe you want the altitude be below 10). Not tested but should do the trick. Cheers
  14. An if statement always requires the basic syntax of if () then {}. You're missing the "then" part. Also check those round brackets, they don't add up. Cheers
  15. Grumpy Old Man

    Fuel Stations

    Show the entire thing you tried, since the snippet posted by me still works fine. The snippet you posted doesn't do anything to the fuel storage, it just returns an array of objects holding fuel cargo. Cheers