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  1. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Just checked it, the operational time is around 3 minutes at maximum speed. This makes me worried about checking other vehicles. Where was this change mentioned/documented? Another unneeded change? Here's the function: GOM_fnc_calcVehOperationTime = { params ["_veh"]; _vehType = typeOf _veh; _rpm = _veh getSoundController "rpm"; _fuelConsumptionStats = _veh getVariable ["GOM_fnc_fuelConsumptionStats",[]]; if (_fuelConsumptionStats isEqualTo []) then { _fuelCapacity = getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehType >> "fuelCapacity"); _fuelConsumptionRate = getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehType >> "fuelConsumptionRate"); _idleRPM = getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehType >> "idleRpm"); _redRPM = getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehType >> "redRpm"); _veh setVariable ["GOM_fnc_fuelConsumptionStats",[_fuelCapacity,_fuelConsumptionRate,_idleRPM,_redRPM]]; _fuelConsumptionStats = _veh getVariable ["GOM_fnc_fuelConsumptionStats",[]]; }; _fuelConsumptionStats params ["_fuelCapacity","_fuelConsumptionRate","_idleRPM","_redRPM"]; _currentTime = (fuel _veh * _fuelCapacity) / (8E-7 * _rpm + 0.001); _idleTime = _fuelCapacity / (8E-7 * _idleRPM + 0.001); _maxRpmTime = _fuelCapacity / (8E-7 * _redRPM + 0.001); [_currentTime,_idleTime,_maxRpmTime]; }; onEachFrame { _times = [vehicle player] call GOM_fnc_calcVehOperationTime; _times params ["_currentTime","_idleTime","_maxRpmTime"]; hintsilent format ["Fuel Time:\nCurrent: %1\nIdleRpm: %2\nMaxRpm: %3",[_currentTime/3600] call BIS_fnc_timeToString,[_idleTime/3600] call BIS_fnc_timeToString,[_maxRpmTime/3600] call BIS_fnc_timeToString] }; Just execute this in the debug console, hop into a vehicle and watch the timers. Cheers
  2. help on bubble script 2.0

    Don't obsess over performance if you don't experience performance issues. Cheers
  3. Changing a Unit's Type Issue

    As @beno_83au stated, not possible without deletion. What are you trying to do, exactly? Cheers
  4. Branching waypoint order

    A quick solution: //init.sqf or wherever you seem fit //this function grabs markers that fit the criteria, i.e. branch1, branch2 etc GOM_fnc_grabPositions = { params [["_filter",""]]; if (_filter isEqualTo "") exitWith {systemchat "Wrong filter set!"}; _wpMarkers = []; { if (toUpper _x find toUpper _filter >= 0) then {_wpMarkers pushback _x}; } forEach allMapMarkers; _wpMarkers sort true; systemchat format ["Selected branches: %1",_wpMarkers]; _return = _wpMarkers apply {getMarkerPos _x}; {deletemarker _x} forEach _wpMarkers; _return }; //this function assigns waypoints to the group that are of the input branch GOM_fnc_branchWP = { params ["_group","_branch"]; _positions = [_branch] call GOM_fnc_grabPositions; { _wp = _group addWaypoint [_x,0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; } forEach _positions; }; //now in a trigger or last waypoint before the branching do this [group test,selectRandom ["branch1","branch2","branch3"]] call GOM_fnc_branchWP; This will make the group chose a random branch, you can also use any condition you want to pick the appropriate branch. For branches simply place appropriate named markers as seen in the video (branch1, branch1_1, branch1_2 etc). By copy-pasting markers the automated naming will take care of the ascending order of marker names. You could easily enhance on this foundation, maybe add waypoint type filter into marker name, so a marker named "branch2_4_SAD" will make the waypoint of type seek and destroy if you add another check to the function etc. Demo mission. Cheers
  5. Getting AI to land Chopper

    You need to put a doStop in front of the land command, so the chopper stops where he's heading to and lands instead. Also don't do this: _unit removeEventHandler ["Fired", 0]; Since you can't be sure at any time if the eventhandler you added has the ID 0, might be some addon/mod already using it. Use this instead: _unit removeEventHandler ["Fired", _thisEventHandler]; Is a rather new magic variable. Cheers
  6. [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Should be fixed, thanks for the hint! V1.35 Fixed: Players are no longer able to load presets created with a different pylon restriction setting, thanks @magicsrp Due to this change all presets needed to be reset Cheers
  7. [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Interesting, shouldn't happen in the first place, since every user downloads the script with the mission file. Can you provide the steps so I can reproduce it? Ah well had to read that twice, I'll look into it. Cheers
  8. And the problem is? What's up with all those abstract examples lately? Cheers
  9. Setting Entire Sides as Captive

    Try this: {_x setCaptive false} forEach (allUnits select {side _x isEqualTo resistance}) Cheers
  10. Arma 3 flinching mechanics

    Especially with COSLX that had flying bodyparts when shooting someone with the AA-12 HE rounds, heh. You can't flinch with something no longer attached to your body. Cheers
  11. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I'm aware of it. The whole point is, you shouldn't need to jump through hoops just to get a convoy moving, since your average mission maker that just wants to throw a quick mission together most likely doesn't want to have to learn advanced scripting for a simple convoy, which has been working fine at least early 2017. In A2 it's as simple as placing the vehicles in a group and set them a waypoint. It just works. When only one vehicle moves and the rest gets stuck, it's a sign that there's clearly something faulty going on in the AI. Cheers
  12. I'd be surprised if even the devs know, at this point. Cheers
  13. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Curious, when was the last time you set up a typical convoy, with hunter as lead and tail vehicle and 2 hemtt in between? Using safe mode, limited speed mode and formation column is basically all there is to it. Vehicles stop 9 out of 10 times, breaking the convoy and not leaving point A, let alone move towards their destination. What exactly do you expect the average mission maker to be? Making convoys fail safe and idiot proof (goes for AI in general in a game genre like this) is the job of the devs, mission makers should make... *snare roll* ...missions. Take a look at this one: Here's the mission file. Have at it. Cheers
  14. I'm sure he meant to write: pipe1 = createVehicle ["Land_ConcretePipe_F",getposATL thepole,[],0,"NONE"]; Since the original example was holding an error in the Z coordinate of the position: pipe1 = createVehicle ["Land_ConcretePipe_F",[position thepole select 1, position thepole select 2, getPosATL thepole select 1],[],0,"NONE"]; Cheers
  15. hideObjectGlobal remove shadows and actions?

    Why not just get rid of the backpack and add an invisible ammocrate addAction to the player? Cheers