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  1. Why are there invisible spaces in Patrol_Evac_1 etc.? commandMove will only move individual units, not groups. For individual units this will do the trick: _units = [Patrol_Evac_1,Patrol_Evac_2,Patrol_Evac_3]; _waypoints = ["Move_Patrol_Evac_1","Move_Patrol_Evac_2","Move_Patrol_Evac_3"]; _delete = [_units,_waypoints] spawn { params ["_units","_waypoints"]; {_x commandMove getMarkerPos (_waypoints#(_units find _x))} forEach _units; while {count _units > 0} do { {deleteVehicle (_units deleteAt (_units find _x))} forEach (_units select {_x distance2D getMarkerPos (_waypoints#(_units find _x)) < 10}); sleep 1; } }; Will delete units that are closer than 10m from their individual marker destinations and also exit the loop if no more units exist. Cheers
  2. Grumpy Old Man

    Toggle Cabin Light SOLVED

    You got Plight = 1; inside the setVectorDirAndUp, messing up the syntax. Cheers
  3. Grumpy Old Man

    The Puzzler!

    As @beno_83au stated, you could use setDate on the players client, since the command is local should work fine: player addAction ["Enter Tunnel",{ _midnight = date; //retrieve current date mid-mission ie. [2035,6,6,12,0] _midnight resize 3; //-> [2035,6,6] _midnight append [0,0]; // [2035,6,6,0,0] setDate _midnight; }]; Untested, might run into issues if the server syncs the date automatically, never messed around with this stuff, heh. Cheers
  4. Grumpy Old Man

    Mission File.

    I'm making an educated guess and say it's about some life mission, heh. Cheers
  5. Grumpy Old Man

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.0

    Instructions are in the first post. Simply replace player with the object name of your choice. Cheers
  6. Grumpy Old Man


    playSound3d is AG EG, no need for remoteExec. Cheers
  7. Grumpy Old Man


    Well if you're using sounds that already are defined as CfgSound then you don't need to add it manually. You can also work with the path of the sound and use playSound3d (sound source will remain stationary though as none of the parameters make the sound follow a moving object), might not be what you want if you want the warning sound only audible for passengers/pilots of the aircraft, playSound should be just fine. If you want the sound to works with MP missions you need to use remoteExec. Cheers
  8. Grumpy Old Man

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    On a sidenote: Don't test using setAccTime, since the AI controllers won't be able to properly compensate that, as far as I observed. Cheers
  9. Could be as simple as: bob addEventHandler ["Killed",{ hint "Bob is dead"; task_1 setTaskState "Succeeded"; }]; As stated above, the condition needs to be inside curly brackets. Just take a quick look at the wiki which was also linked by @sarogahtyp, provides proper syntax and alternate syntax for various commands. Those error messages can be confusing at first until you learn how to interpret them, simply check the line the error occurs in, go through all commands from that line, check for proper syntax and proper parameters, most of the time you'll find the error, heh. I also recommend some dedicated program to write .sqf script in, notepad++ with .sqf syntax is frequently used. Personally I'm using poseidon which is made and maintained by a BI dev and a real swiss army knife for .sqf. To learn scripting you can go through Mr. Murrays guide, which was made for A2 but still holds true in A3. Cheers
  10. As you already noticed, the error is in the line where the while loop starts. While loop condition requires curly brackets instead of round ones. That's the error. Also I'd add a sleep inside the while loop, alternatively you can completely replace the while loop with a killed eventhandler. Cheers
  11. Grumpy Old Man


    The linked sound browser is using the already defined CfgSound entries. If you want to add your own sounds you need to add individual entries for each sound. Cheers
  12. Grumpy Old Man

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Judging from his video he's using the devbranch build. Didn't run into this on the rc build 1.94, shot my fair share of units (at the very least 200) with both shotguns and slugs/pellets. Cheers
  13. Grumpy Old Man

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Are you sure there aren't any mods interfering? Cheers
  14. Grumpy Old Man

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Missing proper music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qURei6svd90&amp;list=PLC0616B60014748B6 Cheers
  15. Grumpy Old Man

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    The spread from the sawed off 12g kozlice is pretty nice and authentic from testing up to 200m, something most games get wrong. Definitely gonna be fun using any of the new shotguns, very reliable in taking out tires. Cheers