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  1. GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.35 by Grumpy Old Man Features: Change serial (tail) number on compatible aircraft (currently supported: Gryphon, Shikra and Black Wasp) Change pylon priority (makes multiple pylons act as a single weapon if they have the same priority) Works with all addon aircrafts with properly configured pylons Preset function to save presets and load them, mission/server independent deleting a preset works only when holding down CTRL to prevent mishaps Option to set pylon ownership to either gunner or pilot, also works with presets Change the livery of the aircraft if it's configured for one Allows certain players to modify aircraft loadouts, as well as rearm the pylons and repair/refuel the aircraft Can be restricted to work only if fuel/ammo/repair sources are within 50m of the object holding the menu You can simultaneously only refuel as many aircraft as you have fuel sources Can sort for compatible weapons or allow to mount all weapons on all pylons Ability to set reporting, receiving of remote targets and own position One click to clear all pylons if you changed your mind Can be operated by a lone pilot or a designated logistics crew Multiple players can install multiple pylons on the same plane, one pylon at a time Pylon installation will take some time, depending on mag size (twin cannons or gatlings will install faster than a 12 missile dagr pod) Rearming with engines on How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and check out the demo mission. Copy the file structure besides init.sqf and mission.sqm into your own mission. Don't forget to back up before overwriting any files! Functions for mission makers: List of commands used by remoteExec (changed in 1.33😞 Read: The addAction on objects will only show up if the players weapon is lowered. Make sure you have aircraft placed that are dynamic loadout compatible (especially for missions made pre 1.70!). The script now by default needs to have at least one ammo source, repair source or fuel source within 50m of the object that is holding the loadout menu. The respective options will be greyed out otherwise. This can be changed however. Simply adjust the variables in the of GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf to your liking, the comments tell you what each variable does. (!) Check out the included mission file on how to add this menu to objects, players or triggers, dedicated server and local hosted server compatible. Aircraft Loadout V1.35 Download Known issues: If you encounter any errors please send me a PM containing details (screenshots,.rpt,error messages etc). If you encounter vehicle resources not working with ACE3 check out the functions for mission makers section above. Changelog: V1.35 Fixed: Players are no longer able to load presets created with a different pylon restriction setting, thanks @magicsrp Due to this change all presets needed to be reset V1.342 (Most likely) Fixed: Error with CUP Aircraft not returning getAllHitPointsDamage V1.341 Fixed: "Unknown attribute t" .rpt spam, thanks @magicsrp Previous changes: 10.07.2021: Added the file to google drive, so it should be permanent. Also removed the armaholic link. RIP. Enjoy
  2. GOM - Ambient AA V1.2.1 Purpose of this script: Gives mission makers access to simple and versatile ambient AA fire. Features: Takes pre placed vehicles and uses their main guns to engage AA fire at simulated targets for the given duration. Works fine with static MG turrets (raised) and multiple third party vehicles. It's also possible to immediately stop the script and free up all units to fire on actual threats. For the duration of the ambient AA vehicles will check for a clean line of sight, so they don't mindlessly fire into terrain/objects. If more than half of the assigned vehicles have no line of sight to the simulated target they'll simply pick another one. You can also add and array of positions (ASL) to make the guns fire at them randomly. How to use this script: At first copy the spoiler contents into a file inside your mission folder and name it accordingly. scripts\GOM\ambient\GOM_fnc_ambientAA.sqf: init.sqf: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\GOM\ambient\GOM_fnc_ambientAA.sqf"; In the editor: Place few grouped or ungrouped AA units or armed vehicles In their init fields put: this setVariable ["GOM_fnc_ambientAABatteryID","AABattery01",true]//where "AABattery01" can be any name spawn the script: _battery = "AABattery01";//which battery will do the firing _duration = 5;//duration in minutes for the ambient fire to take place _AA = [_battery,_duration] spawn GOM_fnc_ambientAA; This will make AABattery01 commence AA fire for 5 minutes. You can also use a custom amount of rounds fired per salvo: _battery = "AABattery01";//which battery will do the firing _duration = 2;//duration in minutes for the ambient fire to take place _rounds = [20,50,50];//(OPTIONAL) will fire at most 50 rounds per salvo _AA = [_battery,_duration,_rounds] spawn GOM_fnc_ambientAA; To abort the script simply call GOM_fnc_abortAmbientAA to true wherever you like. _abort = [] call GOM_fnc_abortAmbientAA; By executing the script again guns will fire as usual. Demo Mission 1.2.1 Armaholic 1.2 Known Issues: None so far. Changelog: V1.2.1 Fixed: Vehicles that had missiles selected as default would not fire V1.2 fixed weird bug that stopped the guns from firing since tanks DLC (had to remove a sleep at the beginning(!) of a waituntil, go figure) added parameter to allow a custom amount of rounds to be fired each salvo fixed error when crew bails out (thanks @Zer0cool and @AZCoder) Previous changes: Enjoy!
  3. Combat Course by Grumpy Old Man Updated to 1.5 on: March 22 2014 http://vimeo.com/89784379 Purpose of this script: To have a comfortable way of automating practice targets and help with setting up a Combat Course. With this script you can focus on Object placement and parcour design instead of having to mess with triggers and conditions etc., while still being highly customizable. Features: GOM_CC will look for all practice targets within a certain area and control them. All targets can be randomized to a certain percentage of valid/invalid targets. Targets can be randomized to pop random colored smoke/chemlights when a player is near. All of this can be adjusted inside the "GOM_CC.sqf" where you can find and edit customizable parameters on top of the file. You can run a Course multiple times, after every round you will get a Result Chart where you can see stuff like your accuracy, time/target etc. All your results get stored inside the Briefing tab in the map menu to review your previous runs. Optional you can place down a barrier to prevent competitors from entering the Course area before it has started. You can customize the name and presentation of your combat course or add rules and win conditions in the parameters of "GOM_CC.sqf". How to use this script: Special Targets: You can choose which individual targets will be ignored by the randomization: Update: Added custom textures for targets Added altitude check so targets won't trigger if you're on a different floor (for combat courses in multi floor buildings) Fixed a few minor errors DOWNLOAD: GOM_CC Script V 1.5 with new textures and Demo mission Enjoy!
  4. GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning V1.01 Changelog: V1.01 Fixed GUI to not conflict with other scripts/mods that use default BI GUI classes V1.0: MP and dedi compatible reworked GUI greatly improved vehicle handling while boost is applied greatly improved default templates to reflect various upgrade stages, from a mere +50hp upgrade to a full dragster overhaul of the vehicle boost is now traction and RPM dependent boost will be reduced at higher speeds to emulate air resistance Changed: Boost is now active all the time when using "VehicleForward" and "VehicleFastForward" keys, "VehicleSlowForward" will enable vanilla vehicle behavior Removed: Nitro mechanic, might be re-added at a later point once reworked Added: fully customizable license plates with vanilla plate generator and kart number plate handling Added: blow off sound to emulate turbo chargers Added: restriction as to what players are allowed to use the menu Added: full customization as to what upgrades can be installed V0.9: Cleaned up all scripts, changed dialog to make more usage of listboxes, put functions in a functions library and added a few features. Features: Allows specified players to upgrade cars within 25m Action can be added to players or objects RPM and Traction dependent performance increase Customization of performance related upgrades, as seen below Chassis Tuning Brake Tuning Repair and Refuel/Refill options 0-100km/h / 0-60mph, eighth and quarter mile times measured in diary GPS Tracker Bulletproof Tires Ejection Seats F.O.G. Machine Cruise Control Change Vehicle Paint Modify Accessories (Backpacks, Bumpers, Lightbars) where available Adjust custom license plate/kart numbers How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and copy the files except mission.sqm in any mission folder. In the editor place: Player unit Car In the players init field put: nul = [player] call GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning; in initPlayerLocal.sqf put: player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_qualifiedMechanic",true]; You can also tweak the default upgrade settings inside "scripts\GOM\functions\VehicleTuning\GOM_fnc_initParams.sqf" as follows: //add custom entries here, containing [upgradename,multiplier,price,description] _engineBoostParams = [ //stock multi should be 0, so no boost is applied ["Stock Engine",0,5000,"Run of the mill engine that comes with the vehicle."], ["Engine Kit 1",1.1,15000,"Custom exhaust and air intake."], ["Engine Kit 2",1.2,30000,"Same as Engine Kit 1 + custom ECM and valve timings."] ]; Planned: Add cost functionality Add Neon Kits Add Hydraulics Add a variety of car bombs (scripts are done, still working on GUI) Add ability to give the car bomb trigger to other players Add remote control for various functions, so you can use the ejection seat on passengers without being in the car Download V1.01 Known issues: None so far. Enjoy!
  5. Grumpy Old Man

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    Of course, added a more permanent link and removed the Armaholic one. Cheers
  6. GOM_fnc_ambientArtilleryFire V1.2 Purpose of this script: Gives mission makers access to simple ambient artillery units that fire just for decorative purposes into random directions. Features: Dedi and local MP compatible Takes pre placed vehicles and uses their main guns to engage artillery fire at simulated targets for the given salvo/rounds number. Works fine with with vanilla artillery assets and multiple third party vehicles. It's also possible to immediately stop the script and free up all units to fire on actual threats, so you can use the same units for the vanilla artillery support module/other arty scripts. How to use this script: At first copy the spoiler contents into a file inside your mission folder and name it accordingly. init.sqf: _initAmbientArty = [] execVM "scripts\GOM\ambient\GOM_fnc_ambientArtilleryFire.sqf"; scripts\GOM\ambient\GOM_fnc_ambientArtilleryFire.sqf: In the editor: Place few grouped or ungrouped artillery units put the following into their init fields: this setVariable ["GOM_fnc_ambientArtyBatteryID","Battery01",true]; _fire = ["Battery01",3,4] spawn GOM_fnc_ambientArtilleryFire This will make arty guns assigned to "Battery01" fire 3 salvoes with 4 rounds each. Parameters: _battery = "Battery01"; //battery ID assigned through objects init field _salvoes = 3; //(OPTIONAL) how many salvoes will be fired _rounds = 6; //(OPTIONAL) rounds per salvo _debug = false; //(OPTIONAL) displays debug messages _fire = [_battery,_salvoes,_rounds] spawn GOM_fnc_ambientArtilleryFire To abort the script simply call GOM_fnc_abortAmbientArtilleryFire wherever you like. _abort = [] call GOM_fnc_abortAmbientArtilleryFire; By executing the script again guns will fire as usual. For best effect place multiple groups executing the code simultaneously, this way you'll get multiple groups firing at multiple simulated targets. Known Issues: None so far. Changelog: V1.2: Made script local MP and dedi compatible Improved firing Arc Improved projectile deletion Guns are now assigned to batteries to allow multiple batteries for ambient artillery fire SP Demo Mission Enjoy!
  7. Here's the file again. Note that indeedPetes animation mod is needed for it, as mentioned above. Cheers
  8. Grumpy Old Man

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Added the file to google drive, should be permanent now. Also RIP Armaholic. Thanks @beno_83au and @sarogahtyp for the reminders. Cheers
  9. GOM - Carpet Bombing V1.1 This simple script will simulate carpet bombing and is easy to use. Air Raid sirens will sound an alarm before the bombing takes place (directional sound). Custom placed objects will also play the air raid sound (i.e. "Land_Loudspeakers_F"). Bombs will make a bomb dropping sound before impact. init.sqf: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\GOM\GOM_fnc_carpetBombing.sqf"; scripts\GOM\GOM_fnc_carpetBombing.sqf: Update: V1.1 Script and sound handling is now MP and dedi-Server compatible improved bomb spread and spacing Enjoy!
  10. Grumpy Old Man

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Hey, I believe the current functionality to reduce priority by 1 is by using shift+LMB. Cheers
  11. Just how it says in the example. If the preInit parameter is set to 1, the function will run once during preInit. This is also the point where the function can run at full speed. You can't change how the init.sqf is handled, it's pretty much set in stone. If you have other functions that you want to run during pre/postInit or pre mission start you have to define them within CfgFunctions inside description.ext. Just give it a try and goof around with it, worst thing to happen could be a game crash. Cheers
  12. It is, you need to define the function inside the description.ext as a CfgFunction, as seen in the example slightly above where the link leads you. Cheers
  13. You can always run the script on the entire map with the preInit parameter, should speed things up quite a bit. Pre_and_Post_Init Worth a shot! Edit: Just realized this was dug up from the dead. Cheers
  14. Grumpy Old Man

    HELP With ai detecting script

    Ah interesting, it's also on the wiki, so getPos should work fine, no idea when that was added. Cheers
  15. Grumpy Old Man

    HELP With ai detecting script

    You're getting an array of locations from nearestLocations. getPos _x won't work on a location, you'd need locationPosition for that. Edit: See my post below. Also the entire thing doesn't make much sense. Why search for locations within 600m just to see if any is closer than 500m? Simply search for 500m and count the returning array instead, if that count is above 1, there's a location within 500m. Also don't name an array containing locations _markers, that can be confusing later down the line, since markers and locations are different data types (string vs location). Cheers
  16. Don't iterate over an array while simultaneously deleting its elements: _array = ["myArray", "myArray1", "myArray2", "myArray3", "myArray4", "myArray5","myArray6", "myArray7", "myArray8"]; _result=[]; while {count _result < 4} do { _result pushBack (_array deleteAt (random floor count _array)) }; hint str _result DeleteAt already returns the deleted element, so might as well use it. Cheers
  17. A simple GetIn or GetInMan eventhandler should do the trick. From there on you can apply anything you want, addAction, variables, etc. Cheers
  18. Grumpy Old Man

    Stopping a script

    You're using while {true} do Just use a variable instead and set that to false when you want the loop to stop. That's the main usage of while loops, being able to be stopped at any time. Cheers
  19. Hey, just try the link again, I reuploaded the file. Cheers
  20. Where exactly are you running it from? Do you mean initServer.sqf? Is there a similar snippet running from a trigger or similar that might cause this? Also try running this spawned with a time conditional to make sure it only runs with the mission already running: _addBomb= [] spawn { waitUntil {time>1}; waitUntil {count allUnits>=1}; _units = allUnits select {side _x == EAST}; _unit = selectRandom _units; _unit addItem "UMI_Weed_Bale"; _unit setVariable['bombUnit', true, true]; }; Might not make a difference though, all I can think of without further detail, heh. Cheers
  21. Grumpy Old Man

    Delaying unit Init until trigger is activated

    You can use setVariable on the unit and retrieve it later at any point by filtering allUnits, like this: //unit object init this setVariable ["TAG_fnc_huntPlayer",true]; //someplace else _playerHunters = allUnits select {_x getVariable ["TAG_fnc_huntPlayer",false]};//will contain all flagged units Cheers
  22. Grumpy Old Man

    artillery barrage script

    Cut out the random dir/dist lines, which increase inaccuracy: _ammo = getArtilleryAmmo [art1] select 4; art1 doArtilleryFire [s1,_ammo,10]; Cheers
  23. No surprise, don't know a function that didn't receive his treatment, heh. Good work, he did. Cheers
  24. Nice, never seen that one. Cheers