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  1. aussie battler

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    Great work on this script @GEORGE FLOROS GR, I can see you have put allot of time & effort into it. Is it just me or do @maxjoiner 's zombies not really work with this script? I find that the fast zombies are the only ones you need to be aware of. The others (slow / medium zombies) don't move (they seem stuck on one spot). They will still do the zombie animation & deal damage if you get close. I have removed Vcom just in case that was messing with them. Ryan Zombies & Demons work fine. Maybe they are on a smoko break? EDIT: Maybe its because I am adding GF loot to the Zombies that is stuffing up Max Zombie behavior. Ill try it without & see if that gets them going.
  2. aussie battler

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR hope everything works itself out for you.The legend @maca134 kindly added Max_Zombies to A3 Launcher 🙂 For those wanting zombie dogs: In Units_Array.sqf search for GF_APZ_Max_zombies and add: "max_zombie_dog", should look like this:
  3. aussie battler

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    @GEORGE FLOROS GR thanks for sharing such a great script. The great @maxjoiner has added zombie dogs to his mod. The classname is "max_zombie_dog", just in case you want to add it to the next update. cheers
  4. aussie battler

    Enhanced Movement

    Love this mod, it has added so much to the game. Does anyone find some players get slower sprint after using enhanced movement?
  5. aussie battler

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    I totally agree with you George, the scripts dont effect server performance. It all starts spawning in & moving when players get close to the mission.
  6. aussie battler

    GF ALIAS Anomaly Spawner Script

    Great work @GEORGE FLOROS GR, love the Alias scripts. This makes it very easy for anyone to use them 🙂
  7. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    Hey @NeoArmageddon Loving Escape, we cycle through 7 maps at the moment on our server. I am testing out Diyala & everything works except for random town ai spawning in. I noticed that the VillageMarkers.sqf code was a bit different from other Escape 10 missions. Diyala code: a3e_villageMarkers set [0, [[517.986,555.911,0], 205.146, "RECTANGLE", [14.6549,35.8956]]]; Other code: a3e_villageMarkers set [0, [[5704.45,8215.09,0], -98.5552, "RECTANGLE", [40,40]]]; The [14.6549,35.8956] is rounded off in other missions. I tried to round it off to [80,80] but still no ai in towns. Would it be better to if I did the positions again or do you think that I am looking in the wrong place? The server log error: I would love to see the map port tutorial by scruffy, the first page link sends my back on a loop. Tipps, Tricks and Tutorials Port to another terrains by Scruffy EDIT: my bad..... I was using TADST to run the test server & it caused issues with ai spawning. Put the same files on the dedicated box & ai were everywhere 🙂
  8. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @NeoArmageddon Thanks for all the hard work you put into this mod, you have done a great job. I noticed that you had world configs for Tembelan Island. Just wondering if there is a mission.sqm for it? https://gitlab.anzp.de/escape/co10_Escape/blob/master/Islands/Tembelan/WorldConfig.sqf
  9. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    Did you copy the mission.sqm correctly, the part where players spawn in? Grab it here & compare the "groups" section to your own misson.sqm: http://escape.anzp.de/co10_Escape_1.9.7z What map are you playing? Does it happen every time he spawns in or sometimes? Some maps (like the rocks on Malden or around the underground tunnels in Esseker) are glitchy as fook. The game tries to get ground level but the maps ground level config is a bit messed up. I am guessing you have a map problem nothing to do with escape.
  10. Thanks for the update guys, love your work. Vcom puts a whole different level on the ai, makes them more unpredictable and alive. The new update 3.2.2 is working well for me with no problems.
  11. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    Thanks @topden Add your custom logo to the base flags: + Create a folder "flag" in the root directory of your misson file. Drop in your paa logo & call it logo.paa (jpg might work, PAA is the best). + open each template in Escape.Ruha\functions\Templates + search for flag & add this line after the flag is created: _object forceFlagTexture "flag\logo.paa"; + Make sure you change the first word to _obj or _object (depending on what the flag is called). example: or To create a flag .paa: + save your logo as a png 512x256px @ 72dpi. + open the png in Texture Viewer http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14435 + Save the file as logo.paa
  12. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @topden Are you exporting the escape base template with relative position & dropping them into the templates like this? Or are you using @NeoArmageddon's Arma3 Eden addon?
  13. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @faistaff with the latest compass version you can press alt & look over your shoulder to get a compass reading from behind: init.sqf In Scripts\fn_voyagerCompass1_1.sqf Credits to the great @Unknown_GTX
  14. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @NeoArmageddon Love the escape missions, bring on the pain. Thanks for keeping it updated, nice work.
  15. aussie battler

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Run infistar.