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  1. Thanks @Gunter Severloh I was getting worried that IFA3 had a copyright strike or that the owner removed it. Thanks for the link to the backup files.
  2. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @determity@googlemail.com good work on porting escape to Columbia. To get evac boats to work you just need to set the evac boat waypoints in eden by opening your mission.sqm. I havent looked at your files, but if you set them up correctly the boat evac is called randomly. Maybe run your mission file in Eden & run this in the debug console [] spawn A3E_fnc_SelectExtractionZone; Keep running the command until an extraction point appears near the water.
  3. @tinter thANKS for the reply. I was worried that furniture would spawn inside each other if I included all the files. Ill just include all the files to get the most of all buildings. Love your work, this mod has such great performance.
  4. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @determity@googlemail.com you should try fully porting the missions & not just use similar sized maps. When you go to escape the extraction points might be in places that wont work. Players will get frustrated if the helicopters can't land. Just open escape Thirsk's mission file in the editor, select all (ctrl + a) & copy (ctrl + c). Now open up Kunduz & paste (ctrl + v). Zoom in on the extraction points to check if they are in good positions. Adjust the road and position markers. Save the Kunduz mission file 🙂 To port the comm centers, village markers & patrol boats use this: https://github.com/NeoArmageddon/co10_Escape/tree/master/Editing_and_Porting Rename the mission file to your map. Open up the mission file & set your markers. Place the export in the island folder. Play as the unit & use the radio to export. All the instructions are already on the mission map made by @NeoArmageddon & @scruffy
  5. @tinter thanks for the reply. I had the rest of my question hidden in a spoiler, sorry for the confusion: // can run both of these: #include "compositions\beesting_CUP.sqf" #include "compositions\city.sqf" // can only run one of these: //#include "compositions\jono_deserted.sqf" #include "compositions\jono_fortified.sqf" // can run all of these: #include "compositions\jono_houses.sqf" #include "compositions\jono_military.sqf" #include "compositions\lived_in.sqf" // can only run one of these: // #include "compositions\livonia.sqf" #include "compositions\livonia_nonmodern.sqf" // can only run one of these: //#include "compositions\orange_prewar.sqf" #include "compositions\orange_war.sqf" // #include "compositions\orange_postwar.sqf" // can only run one of these: //#include "compositions\ravage_clean.sqf" #include "compositions\ravage_dirty.sqf" // can only run one of these: #include "compositions\vn_huts.sqf" // #include "compositions\vn_huts_vc.sqf" // can run all of these: #include "compositions\weferlingen_cup.sqf" #include "compositions\weferlingen_lived_in.sqf" #include "compositions\WF_houses_cup.sqf"
  6. Love this mod @tinter, you rock.
  7. @tinter I run servers that run multiple maps on rotation. Was wanting to run as many of the compositions as possible without having a furniture pile up 🙂 Would it be correct in saying that you can run the following compositions without any buildings doubling up?
  8. @tinter thanks for the update, this is going on our Cam Lao Nam server. I love that this mod makes towns feel more realistic and random. At the same time having little to no FPS hit. Thanks for sharing.
  9. aussie battler

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    @law-giver cheers mate, I have added your collection to the github. Thanks for sharing.
  10. aussie battler

    GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod

    @bck-bbb4bcca850c9eb6 Great script, you can get it here: https://github.com/aussie-battler/GEORGE-FLOROS-GR-Arma3-Scripts
  11. aussie battler

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    It was so sad to read that @GEORGE FLOROS GR has cancer. He has done allot for me over the years, I hope that he comes though it. I have uploaded all the GF_Scripts I had here: https://github.com/aussie-battler/GEORGE-FLOROS-GR-Arma3-Scripts It would be a shame to have them go to waste now that armaholic has gone.
  12. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to giving this a crack.
  13. Great work, I love the variety in each building. Thanks for sharing.
  14. aussie battler

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Fapovo Island

    Thanks for the huge update, love your maps.
  15. aussie battler

    JBOY Giant v1

    Thanks for the quick reply @pierremgi Ill give it a shot.