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  1. Hi I wanted to copy all the road coords from a map. Im using this code but it doesn't seem to include dirt roads & stops at bridges. copyToClipboard str (([worldSize / 2,worldSize / 2,0] nearRoads worldSize) apply {getPosATL _x}) The code outputs this: [[3111.75,2036.98,0],[3134.69,2032.94,0],[3161.04,2028.5,0] blaa blaa blaa] Anyone have any idea how to include dirt roads & continue the path over bridges? Not sure if this thread is still alive ? 🙂
  2. aussie battler

    ExileServer ClearBuffer Fix

    Thanks @El' Rabito you are a legend. I understand why I shouldn't run the buffer script before restarts now 🙂 Thanks for sharing this fix. I just read this in rcon, looking forward to using the fix... Jeffrey.: wow this mystery of stuff vanishing when we log is really starting to shit me . i logged out yesterday long before the timer started and now i still lose gear. I shake my fist 🙂
  3. aussie battler

    ExileServer ClearBuffer Fix

    Thanks for the update. Why is it now important to kick players before running the clear buffers? Is it because it updates the database & then clears the cache. Making a chance that the database wont update before restart? ExileSystemPlayerSaveASYNC deleteAt _forEachIndex; I have been running the clear buffer script with infistar restart warnings. I run it at 15 minutes 10 minutes, 5 minutes & 1 minute until restart with no complaints from players. Just thought I would ask before updating the clear buffer file. Hope that you are doing well :)
  4. @pierremgi you are a legend, that is perfect. Thanks for the fast reply.
  5. Is there a way to add an eventhandler to disallow player ai getting into gunner? Players are taking advantage of the ai targeting sytem. They fly a chopper with ai in gunner. Ai will target a player (but wont fire), players then switch to gunner & let hell rain. I am wondering if ther is some sort of event handler to ban an ai getting in the chopper's gunner seat? // in the spawn ai code: while {true} do { if vehicle player isKindOf "helicopter"; [_soldier1] allowGetIn false; };
  6. Hope we hear from you again George, its been too long.

  7. aussie battler

    extDB3 - Garbage Cleaner Fix

    Love your work @El' Rabito thanks for the fix. I cant believe it has taken players a few years to notice base objects not despawning. Better late than never 🙂
  8. aussie battler

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Project Yulakia

    I cant wait for this map, great work 🙂
  9. aussie battler

    [RELEASE] Engima's Civilians

    @Harzach my bad. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.
  10. aussie battler

    [RELEASE] Engima's Civilians

    @pognivet & anyone else after this: https://github.com/aussie-battler/Engima-Civilians-Traffic-Zombies ...keeping the dream alive. Thanks goes out to Engima.
  11. Thanks @Gunter Severloh I was getting worried that IFA3 had a copyright strike or that the owner removed it. Thanks for the link to the backup files.
  12. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @determity@googlemail.com good work on porting escape to Columbia. To get evac boats to work you just need to set the evac boat waypoints in eden by opening your mission.sqm. I havent looked at your files, but if you set them up correctly the boat evac is called randomly. Maybe run your mission file in Eden & run this in the debug console [] spawn A3E_fnc_SelectExtractionZone; Keep running the command until an extraction point appears near the water.
  13. @tinter thANKS for the reply. I was worried that furniture would spawn inside each other if I included all the files. Ill just include all the files to get the most of all buildings. Love your work, this mod has such great performance.
  14. aussie battler

    co10 Escape

    @determity@googlemail.com you should try fully porting the missions & not just use similar sized maps. When you go to escape the extraction points might be in places that wont work. Players will get frustrated if the helicopters can't land. Just open escape Thirsk's mission file in the editor, select all (ctrl + a) & copy (ctrl + c). Now open up Kunduz & paste (ctrl + v). Zoom in on the extraction points to check if they are in good positions. Adjust the road and position markers. Save the Kunduz mission file 🙂 To port the comm centers, village markers & patrol boats use this: https://github.com/NeoArmageddon/co10_Escape/tree/master/Editing_and_Porting Rename the mission file to your map. Open up the mission file & set your markers. Place the export in the island folder. Play as the unit & use the radio to export. All the instructions are already on the mission map made by @NeoArmageddon & @scruffy
  15. @tinter thanks for the reply. I had the rest of my question hidden in a spoiler, sorry for the confusion: // can run both of these: #include "compositions\beesting_CUP.sqf" #include "compositions\city.sqf" // can only run one of these: //#include "compositions\jono_deserted.sqf" #include "compositions\jono_fortified.sqf" // can run all of these: #include "compositions\jono_houses.sqf" #include "compositions\jono_military.sqf" #include "compositions\lived_in.sqf" // can only run one of these: // #include "compositions\livonia.sqf" #include "compositions\livonia_nonmodern.sqf" // can only run one of these: //#include "compositions\orange_prewar.sqf" #include "compositions\orange_war.sqf" // #include "compositions\orange_postwar.sqf" // can only run one of these: //#include "compositions\ravage_clean.sqf" #include "compositions\ravage_dirty.sqf" // can only run one of these: #include "compositions\vn_huts.sqf" // #include "compositions\vn_huts_vc.sqf" // can run all of these: #include "compositions\weferlingen_cup.sqf" #include "compositions\weferlingen_lived_in.sqf" #include "compositions\WF_houses_cup.sqf"