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  1. Alert23

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    hello, just an idea for a mod-request that would definitely make cinematic camera scenes much more easier for the arma community. Feuerex has recently uploaded a demo-video where he shows how to create "Smooth camera pans with Bézier curves" he even provides an example script, of course all credits goes to him for making the script available for the community. example video: so if anyone with scripting/modding knowledge would do this then im pretty sure the whole community would love it and appreciate it.
  2. this post is also a good solution
  3. Alert23

    Condition OR

    i had the same issue, see this post
  4. is this even possible? or is there an command like "mouseButtonHoldDown" similar to "keyDown". how does fullauto shooting work in arma maybe that would solve my question. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. hello, in this example code it is possible to fire your weapon in a custom camera view although it says currentWeaponMode player it does only fire single shots regardless of the currentWeaponMode private _cam = "Land_HandyCam_F" createVehicleLocal [0,0,0]; _cam hideObject true; _cam attachTo [player, [0,0,10]]; _cam setVectorUp [0,0.99,0.01]; _cam switchCamera "Internal"; findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonDown", { if (_this select 1 == 0) then { player forceWeaponFire [currentMuzzle player, currentWeaponMode player]; }; false }]; findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { if (_this select 1 in actionKeys "ReloadMagazine") then { reload player; }; false }]; is there a way to make it work for "burst" and "FullAuto" too?
  6. correct me if i am wrong... but as far as i have experienced you only need a dlc if you use,wear or drive a dlc content right? but using other content such as objects inside a mission won't necessarily make you buy the dlc right?
  7. hey, i call a fullscreen image like this class RscTitles { titles[] = {"SCP5"}; class SCP5 { idd = -1; movingEnable = 0; duration = 4; fadein = 1; fadeout = 1.9; name="SCP5"; controls[]={"Picture"}; class Picture { x = safezoneX; y = safezoneY; w = safezoneW; h = safezoneH; text="SCP5.jpg"; sizeEx = 1; type=0; idc=-1; style=48; colorBackground[]={0,0,0,0}; colorText[]={1,1,1,1}; font="puristaMedium"; }; }; }; call with: Syntax: layer cutRsc [class, effect, speed, showInMap] example 1 cutRsc ["SCP5", "PLAIN"];
  8. Alert23

    Environment burning

    Something like this?
  9. hi, im curious if someone knows how i can achive such an effect as in this contact mission my guess would be drawicon3D?
  10. Yes, please a mod version for mission makers.
  11. a3\sounds_f\environment\sfx\falling_trees\falling_broadleaf_tree_big.wss a3\sounds_f\environment\sfx\falling_trees\falling_broadleaf_tree_small.wss a3\sounds_f\environment\sfx\falling_trees\falling_palm_big.wss a3\sounds_f\environment\sfx\falling_trees\falling_palm_small.wss from here Link
  12. just tried this: put a man down and named him dude1 in his init: [] spawn { while {alive dude1} do { dude1 setObjectScale 0.3; }; }; and it seems like its working , atleast he is running and chasing me XD so funny he is ant man https://i.imgur.com/4qLoZCK.gifv so funny XD
  13. i finally figured it out 🤣 cam1 switchCamera "internal"; onEachFrame { cam1 setVectorDirAndUp [ (eyepos cam1) vectorFromTo (aimpos player), [0,0,1] ]; };
  14. hey, i want to create a mission with a unique camera view, so i have multiple objects (Sign_Sphere10cm_F) named and placed in editor for every area acting as a camera, what i do is switch the camera to that object and use an onEachFrame command to focus on the player, now i got this code which will focus on the player but not in 3D i really need help with this, cant solve it since days.. cam1 switchCamera "Internal"; onEachFrame { cam1 setdir (cam1 getdir player); }; example video
  15. Alert23

    HELP With direction of object

    this part: should be i think: _dir = getDir _caller; _bomberplane setDir _dir; could also try this? _bomberplane setDir (getdir _caller);