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  1. thank you for that info i changed it to: SteelTargets = [target1,target2,target3,target4,target5,target6,target7,target8,target9,target10,target11,target12,target13,target14,target15,target16,target17,target18,target19,target20]; [] spawn { while {player inArea ShootingRangeTrg} do { _totalTargets = {!isObjectHidden _x && _x inArea ShootingRangeTrg} count SteelTargets; [format ["Remaining Targets %1", _totalTargets ],-0.92,-0.15,999,0,0,1] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; }; }; and it works now. Thank you Larrow for this version. will definitely use it. i have another question related to this. if i use bis_fnc_dynamicText like this i can define image or text size and also enable shadow or disable: TotalTargets = ["<img size='5' image='images\TotalTargets.paa' shadow='0'/>",0.861,1.064,5,0,0,1] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText; but i cant change it if i use bis_fnc_dynamicText in this: [format ["Remaining Targets: %1", _totalTargets ],0.861,1.064,5,0,0,1] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; how could i add text size or enable/disable shadow to the line above ? thank you in advance.
  2. hi all, i have this script so far: SteelTargets = [Steel_Plate_F,Land_Target_Oval_Wall_Right_F,Land_Target_Oval_Wall_Left_F,Land_Target_Oval_Wall_Top_F,Land_Target_Oval_F]; [] spawn { while {alive player} do { _totalTargets = {_x in SteelTargets && !isObjectHidden _x && _x inArea ShootingRangeTrg} count SteelTargets; [format ["Remaining Targets: %1", _totalTargets ],0,0,999,0,0,01] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; }; }; i placed 20 Targets in a shooting range and i want them to be displayed using the code above. the code above throws me an error: not defined variable _x and the code displays: Remaining Targets: 0 can someone pls help me with this? note: the targets have HitPart EH: this addEventHandler ["HitPart", { playSound "HitPlateEffect";Target1 hideobject true;}]; so total number of Remaining Targets: should decrease if an target is hit.
  3. hi, how is it possible to make this script slide an object between two positions in a loop?
  4. thank you for that info 😃 i got it working now but is it possible to also include the vehicle-crew? im using this vehicle and the crew is exposed and still takes friendly damage. how would i combine vehicle and crew? like this? { if (_x isKindOf "Car" OR _x isKindOf "Man") then { _x addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; _shooter = _this select 3; if (side _shooter == east) then {_unit setDammage (0.2 + getDammage _unit)} else {_damage = 0}; _damage }]; }; } //what would i write here?
  5. thank you for this information. now i tried this but still no success { if (_x isKindOf "Car") then { _x addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; _shooter = _this select 3; if (side _shooter == east) then {_unit setDammage (0.2 + getDammage _unit)} else {_damage = 0}; _damage }]; }; }
  6. hi everyone and sry for digging this old thread, but i have a question related to this and dident want to create a new thread: why does this not work? edit: for landvehicles { if ((side _x) == west) then {_x addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{ _unit = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; _shooter = _this select 3; if (side _shooter != side _unit) then {_unit setDammage (0.2 + getDammage _unit)} else {_damage = 0}; _damage }]; }; }foreach allunits; so i want to disable AI friendly fire from same side and if not from same side then increase damage when hit.
  7. Alert23

    Pretorian deactivate KI?

    This can help: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI
  8. hi, try this: [] spawn { cutText ["","BLACK OUT", 1]; sleep 1; AI_Name action ["getOut", vehicleName]; sleep 1; cutText ["","BLACK IN", 1];}; you can adjust the value sleep value to your suiting.
  9. hi everyone, so i know that there are many scripts out there which can simulate what i try but somehow for what reason ever (at least i dont understand 🤷‍♂️), the scripts are not 100% preventing vehicle/unit from getting destroyed/killed. im trying to stop the damage of a vehicle/unit at 0.9 so i can execute a custom MissionFailed.sqf if the vehicle/unit has 0.9 damage letting him then decide wheter to continue or quit the mission. this is what im using right now sometimes it does work but then sometimes not. SARO_global_damage = 0; d = vehicle player addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { _dmg = _this select 2; SARO_global_damage = SARO_global_damage + ( _dmg - SARO_global_damage) * 0.02; if (SARO_global_damage > 0.9) then {0.9} else {SARO_global_damage}; }]; is there a way to 100% ensure the vehicle/unit from getting destroyed/killed?
  10. Alert23

    JBOY Dunk Tank

    definitely one of the "You've played to much Arma when.." 🤣 very creative!
  11. Thank you for your help, it does work. 1.yes will do what you recommended. 2.true. 3.rgr. 4.i find KeyUp better because with KeyDown if you keep the key pressed it will fire like FullAuto. 5. okay i understand (i hope so =] )
  12. Hi armaholic's! i have this KeyUp EventHandler: ShootRocket = findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["KeyUp", { if (_this select 1 == 19 && soldier1 == player) then { shell1 = createVehicle ["M_Vorona_HE", position car1, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; shell1 setPos (car1 modelToWorld [-0.02,3,0.2]); shell1 setdir getdir car1; shell1 setvelocity [100 * (sin (getdir car1)), 100 * (cos (getdir car1)), 3]}; }]; now my question is can someone please help me make this script work only 3 times so after the 3rd time pressing the Key, the displayAddEventHandler will be removed via displayRemoveEventHandler. thank you for any help.
  13. thank you both, both solution are working. thank you again! edit: changed thread title.
  14. Hi everyone, i have this script to display the vehicle speed and it does work: [] spawn {while {alive vehicle player} do { _displaySpeed = speed vehicle player; [format ["%1", _displaySpeed],-0.99,-0.15,9999,0,0,202] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; sleep 0.1; }; }; but it shows too much digits after the comma: how can i remove the digits after comma? thank you for your help.
  15. Hey, sry for digging this one up, but could someone please explain this abit? I have a vehicle composition and i rly want to know how i can create it into an mod/addon rather then to have it in a mission.