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  1. Abu Sayyaf Group descriptions (in the SFF-R Collection, SFF-R standalone and SFF standalone) has been updated to reflect their current status as of 2018 and their involvement in the Battle of Marawi.
  2. Throwing around some concepts for a 1990-2005 - ish small series of US SOF factions, both Army/ODA and US Navy SEALS from that era.
  3. DHI Battle Dress Uniforms

    Would I have permission to make some factions dependant on this or USM? Been wanting to make some factions in the early 90's/ early 2000's time frame but did not know this mod was around, and it seems really good for that.
  4. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    This one? https://i.img ur.com/KdGVnSr.jpg (link broken) Looks like 3CB's (the British Armed Forces mod) M1014 backpack, with an Opscore attached/ frozen to the side of it for the screenshot (not part of the backpack originally)
  5. Important Notes- After many, many requests for them over the past 2 years or so, I've decided to make some all-in-one collections for my factions. This first one is for all my factions that use RHS Escalation, with another one for the NIA/SMA factions to come later, and then maybe some collections of the Overhauls for use the Campaigns if there is interest in that. The reason you have not seen these earlier is that I was waiting to slow down so I would not have to constantly update the collections every time I released or updated a faction. I've been losing alot of enthusiasm for modding A3 recently, so don't have any more factions in the works at the moment, so thought this would be a good time to work on the collections of what I have made. I'm still playing the game often, just not making new factions right now, I've kind of covered every possible scenario/ world region / SOF group that's plausible without getting into really specific mods that would only be used for a single faction, which was not my intention, which was for a wider range of more versatile units using a more general modpack. I might still do factions, but not on a schedule/ regular thing, more likely one-off's.
  6. SFF-R RHS Faction Collection Released- Special Operation Forces Factions mod, RHS Version [SFF-R] that contains all my RHS dependant factions, not including campaign replacements, in the same mod. BLUFOR- US Navy SEALS- The U.S. Navy SEALs were established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962 as a small, elite maritime military force to conduct Unconventional Warfare. They carry out the types of clandestine, small-unit, high-impact missions that large forces with high-profile platforms (such as ships, tanks, jets and submarines) cannot. They form the US Navy's premier Special Operations Force (SOF) and are a component in NAVSPECWAR. The SEAL units have a range of primarily infantry units who wear AOR-1 and Multicam camo and LBV6094 vests with Opscore and Opscore Maritime helmets. US MARSOC Marine Raiders- Named after the Marine Raiders unit from WW2, the Marine Raiders are a US Marine Special Forces unit, created as the Marine's element of SOCOM, Special Operations Command, in 2005- members were drawn from other Marine SF units such as Force Recon. The unit was initially trained by the Navy SEALS but is now independent. The Marine Raiders units have a distinct appearance, being one of the only remaining combat units in the US who still use the M81 Woodland Camo pattern. Armaments consist of 2 primary infantry rifles- the Daniel Defence MK18 and the M4A1 Block II as infantry weapons. Polish GROM Special Forces- The Polish GW GROM ( Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego) are Poland's most elite Special Forces unit, and were founded in 1990, and trained by US Delta Force, US Navy SEAL Teams, and the British Special Air Service. Named after Poland's WW2 special forces unit, the 'Silent Unseen' and have since garnered a reputation, even among other international Special Forces Units as being one of the best units in the world. The Polish GROM in this mod are accurate to a 2011-2016 timeframe, based on real life photographs and sources where possible, with weapons like the HK416 and equipment based on what they used at that time. INDEP- Afghan National Army Commandos- Commando units were formed in the Afghan Army in early 2007, and perform similar roles to the US Army Rangers. They often serve alongside other allied SF units, who serve as commanders and advisors, or as support, for the ANA Army or Commando forces. The ANA 2nd Commando form the Special Forces element of the faction, and are equiped with much more modern gear, such as M4A1's and M249 SAW's as standard, with Crye Gen 3 Uniforms and custom plate carriers, Opscores, Night Vision googles and IR lasers. They also have more access to magnified optics, supressors and IR devices like strobes. Abu Sayyaf Group- The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) are a splinter cell from the Moro National Liberation Front (segmented in 1991) and their aim is to establish an independent Islamic State within the Pacific region. The faction rose in power during the early 2000s after the leader of the ASG formed a personal connection with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, who assisted them with weapon and training. Since 2014 however, they have changed allegiance to the Islamic State. The faction primarily funds itself via dealings with the Mexican drug cartels, or via hostage taking from Western nations. They have beheaded hostages whose money was not received. OPFOR- Russian Spetznaz- The term 'Spetsnaz' is a general catch-all that refers to all Soviet and Russian Special Forces groups. The faction is based on the Spetznaz SSO and the Spetznaz 'Vympel' units in particular. 'Vympel' Unit was formed under the command of the KGB, the Soviet intelligence forces, in 1981, and it operates internationally, outside Russia's borders. The Unit went on to fight in Afghanistan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Angola, Mozambique, Lebanon, as either direct combat units and a raiding force, intelligence gathering recon missions, or as military advisors in fighting against guerrilla or insurgent movements. Also includes a substantial amount of SSO Spetsnaz soldiers, based on photographs and helmet camera footage from Mid-2016 to March, 2017, from the fighting in the Palmyria Offensive, Syria. The SSO are much more suited to desert fighting than the Vympel forces, and have slightly more access to more advanced equipment due to being based on photos that are several years newer. Islamic State- The Islamic State, particularly the 'Islamic State of Iraq and and Syria/Levant', known as 'Daesh' in Arabic, are a terrorist organisation that originated in anti-Western groups in the Middle East such as the Taliban and other Jidahist groups. In 2014 it rose to power under the name of Islamic State, and has since been fighting on multiple fronts in the Middle East region, such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria and Somalia, among others. IS has become renowned for it's extremist views, acts such as suicide bombings, executions and beheadings, and the belief that the Islamic State heads a global Apocalypse against the entire planet. Taliban Insurgency- The Taliban emerged in the early 1990s in northern Pakistan following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan- by 1994 they had moved into Afghanistan with the promise of restoring peace and security through the introduction of Sharia once they were in power. After the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 they became an insurgency and continued to fight using guerrilla tactics. Lebanese Hezbollah- The Hezbollah are a Lebanese Shi'ia Islamist political and military group. The position of Hezbollah as an organisation is tenuous, as it is both a legitimate political party and a Military organisation. This faction is based on photographs and video footage from August 13th, 2013 to December 30th, 2016. it is important to note that the organisation has since evolved into a much more conventional fighting force and modern Hezbollah look different to this but this mod is based on the EARLY period of the group, when they were more irregular. Epirean Free Militia- Since the initial deployment of the US Army in the Green Sea region for Operation Arrowhead in 2009-2014 drew the majority of Western forces into the Middle East, the situation in Epirus has declined and several warring factions have broken out in the mountainous nation, which has been suffering greatly from the multiple wars that have broken out during the 20th Century as well as mass poverty in the region. 'The Epirean Free Militia' is one of the largest factions, and have equipment comparable with a third world's standing army, with it's forces split into two distinct groups- The Militia forces, who have civilian, guerrilla or mixed older weapons and equipment, such as AKM's, AK74SU's and partial camo or civilian clothes with little access to body armor other than some scavenged from killed police units, make up the bulk of EFM ground and infantry forces. Some veteran soldiers act as leaders for the Militia fighters, and they can be identified by their improved equipment and weapons, as well as more common use of camo. Central African Rebels- Meaning 'Anti-Machete', these were originally a collection of village defence forces and a resistance group against raiders and criminals, before overpowering them and being embroiled in the 2012-Today Central African Republic's civil war. The Anti-Balaka are an originally Christian movement, now non-religious, anti-Muslim group, and they have been known to mutilate, kill and then cannibalise Muslim's civilians, or 'Seleka' Muslim Government forces. As a militia organisation, they have no true uniform, but often wear necklace talismans in the belief it makes them invincible. The general militia forces will use anything they can get their hands on, from civilian clothing, guerrilla gear or mixed camos. Weapons used by the militia consist of everything from AKM's and AKMS's, AK-74's, M14's and RPG's. Download Link- Steam Workshop- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1563952636
  7. Ignore the weather, Just curious about the pop-up in the corner, is that some sort of VCOM de-bug mode, and if so how would I disable it/ hide it?
  8. Make sure you have the dependencies loaded for both of them, as they require EricJ's Taliban uniforms. Dynamic Recon Ops has occasionally bugged and re-set units if they are the player/allied side meaning your customisation of their gear is not applied, that's because of the way the mission handles player side changes and units, but I don't know how to fix it, apart from if you wanted edited loadouts for the Taliban/ME guys having to use the Arsenal at base instead of the one at the spawn/squad select screen. I have not used MCC since 2016, so I have no idea about that, but I have not had issues with the units as Dynamic Recon Ops when they are enemy, they seem to spawn and work just fine, just as allies it seems a bit weird.
  9. Slightly off-topic, but I made a magazine support mod between SMA and NIA- SMA - NIA Ammo Patch https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541682259 Some notes- I removed the X-15 drums from the weapon list because I could not get the JAM support working, and while I fudged it cause the SMA guns already have STANAG and P/EMAG visual versions I decided not to support drums. All other NIA magazines functionally work, including STANAGS, EMAGS, PMAGS, HK Heavy STANAGS, Lancer Mags, as well as the new IR Dim and other Tracer mixed loads for ammunition. SMA magazines are still supported as back-up/ to prevent issues with scenarios or units (cough) that used SMA ammo in the rifles. SMA 7.62 rifles can feed NIA FAL ammo, just in case, as there is no real SCAR / HK417/ AR-10 type rifle that would make more sense, it's mostly just for emergency use.
  10. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Go for it- SMA - NIA Ammo Patch https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1541682259 Some notes- I removed the X-15 drums from the weapon list because I could not get the JAM support working, and while I fudged it cause the SMA guns already have STANAG and P/EMAG visual versions I decided not to support drums. All other NIA magazines functionally work, including STANAGS, EMAGS, PMAGS, HK Heavy STANAGS, Lancer Mags, as well as the new IR Dim and other Tracer mixed loads for ammunition. SMA magazines are still supported as back-up/ to prevent issues with scenarios or units (cough) that used SMA ammo in the rifles. SMA 7.62 rifles can feed NIA FAL ammo, just in case, as there is no real SCAR / HK417/ AR-10 type rifle that would make more sense, it's mostly just for emergency use.
  11. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    I've been working on one myself, for cross compat between NIA and SMA magazines- the PMAG's, Lancers and such do not visually change because that's a SMA limitation, right now it's about half to 1/3rd done, but once it's complete I can put it up, unofficially, here if it's OK?
  12. What do we want? Low Flying Helicopter Sounds! When do we want them? NNNEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! Gendarme marksman lying on a rooftop, after having sold his elbows for a HK416 20 Inch DMR. Police breaking up the worst kind of extortion- bottled water at a 600% markup in a developing country. Casual Fridays are every day with the poorer and less equipped Gendarme forces. Gendarmere SWAT prepare to breach into a compound after the neighbour reported that the house owner was a Twitch streamer. Float Boat Float Boating down through the mangroves of Tanoan with some heavier equipped police in the rear. Mods- Tanoan Gendarmere Overhauled [NIA Edition] replacement/ expansion, CBA3, NIA Arms.
  13. Gendarmerie Overhaul (NIA Edition) released- Total replacement faction for the Tanoan Gendarmerie Police forces, expanding the unit roster and adding more units and vehicles to the faction. It works in the official Arma 3 Apex Campaign and custom scenarios that use the Gendarmerie faction will be using the new faction as well. This version uses NIA weapons, a Vanilla version is also available. The Faction- The Gendarmerie form Tanoa's Police force, and were the local law enforcement agencies on the Horizon Islands, and they have been expanded to counter the rising illegal drug and weapons trading from the Syndikate cartel groups. The primary police patrol weapon is the HK MP5A3, with the SIG P226 being the primary sidearm. The police patrols lack armor and heavier weapons, relying on the rapid response teams for support in firefights. Historical Info- Tanoa's origins as a former French colony in the South Pacific means that it has the Gendarmerie, who form the islands police and security forces. The Gendarmerie is a kind of Military Police force, and it's mixed bcakground means they often have better training and equipment compared to a purely civilian force. The primary languages are French and English. Following natural disasters there was a large spike in criminal and drug trafficing in the area, resulting in increasing military like roles in the police, from the formation of a rapid response SWAT unit to the eventual deployment of NATO and British forces to the islands to maintain order. Specialist Elements- The Rapid Response units, who are Tanoa's SWAT type element, are heavier armed and armored than the police patrols, and carry the HK416 and MP5A3. They wear distinctive black body armor and equipment and are much more useful in combat situations compared to the lightly equipped patrols. The Response team also has Marksmen and Sniper units available if needed, armed with a 20 Inch DMR version of the HK416 rifle loaded with Mk262 SPR marksman rounds. Supports- The natural disaster, and rising crime, has attracted international media attention from Australia, the UK and the United states, so journalist teams and their bodyguards are found as support units. The Gendarmerie are supported by Police Offroads, MRAPS, Police speedboats and light helicopters. Medical trained units can be used to treat the wounded in the aftermath of any combat. Faction has full Editor, Zeus and ALiVE support (faction name BLU_GEN_F ) Also supports ACE3 Medical system. It totally replaces the BLUFOR Gendarmerie faction in editor, Zeus, ALiVE and all scenarios played when the mod is enabled. Downloads- Steam Workshop- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1529786556 Notes- I also plan a RHS version of the Overhaul at some point in the future, using similar armament.
  14. Work-In-Progress- New Gendarmerie Overhaul that uses NIA weaponry instead of pure Vanilla equipment. A RHS version is also in the plans for the future.
  15. NIArms Release Thread

    Yes, a range of the FAL's are semi-auto only, usually because they are based on British/ Canadian / Australian rifles which did not have full-auto options. The DSA FALS, SLR 'Chopmod', and a few others have auto.