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[SLTS] Project releases

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Hi folks! Been a good bit of time since I posted here so I have quite a few things to offload! 


I've been making some smaller lightweight projects over the last number of months as I don't have a ton of time for bigger projects. But here's where I'll upload links to my workshop page for all you great people to keep up to date with. 


AAF Extras - adds a number of uniform items and equipment to expand the AAF wardrobe. 



AAF LIM-85 - Something I wanted to get done for some time to replace the Mk200 as it felts out of place to me as the AAF LMG. Within the link is an optional replacement addon. 



Minor Factions Tanoa and Chernarus - Small, infantry focused addons that are designed for small co-op groups or friends to fight against or roleplay as. 




FacEx Mk32 - ArmaVerse take on the M32 MGL, primarily as an AAF weapon, it comes with different colors and patterns to be used by other factions. 



FacEx - SPAR-16 for the AAF



HMT Argos - AAF LSV with faction textures



feel free to post any feedback and suggestions, I'll try to keep on top of any updates and new addons as they come out! 


Have fun!

Slatts :icon_cool: 

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New release added to main post. AAF SPAR-16 texture 

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New release added, HMT Argos, the missing AAF LSV with a number of Armaverse faction textures. 

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Really enjoying these, thank you for sharing!


I love the variety you on the Argos. There was the option to add camo nets to the top and hull, but neither showed up on the vehicle. Also, if its possible I would appreciate being able to remove the holographic sights. 


Anyway, congrats on the great releases!

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