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  1. So I tried this out just now for the first time. Previously I'd used the other code directly in the object's init. Seems you can't directly use arrays within the params array, as arrays already serve another purpose. Instead of simply removing the brackets around the arrays, which would render the execVM that calls the script hard to read and tedious to modify, I used the following solution which was an example on the wiki page for params: params ["_emitter","_brightness","_color","_ambient","_lightPoint"]; _this select 2 params ["_rC","_gC","_bC"]; _this select 3 params ["_rA","_gA","_bA"]; _this select 4 params ["_lpX","_lpY","_lpZ"]; _lightpoint = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal position _emitter; _lightpoint setLightBrightness _brightness; _lightpoint setLightColor [_rC,_gC,_bC]; _lightpoint setLightAmbient [_rA,_gA,_bA]; _lightpoint lightAttachObject [_emitter, [_lpX,_lpY,_lpZ]]; Hopefully this helps anyone who needs this in the future. Also, since my last post I've learned to use the config viewer and I found the correct parameters for the camping lantern: _nul = [this,1,[0.6,0.8,1],[0.006,0.008,0.01],[0,0,0]] execVM "createLightPoint.sqf";
  2. Ah, alright. Hope he's doing well. Last I'd been on the forums he was active and I'm a fan of how clean his code is. Oh wow, I feel silly now. Has this been around since 3DEN first came out? I recall glancing over that module a few times but had no idea what it did and I assumed it was added by some mod I had installed. I'll check it out right now.
  3. @kylania Trying to get this to work with triggers, without having to define an array of trigger names in the script. Trigger's "On activation": this call peeta_fnc_removeMapObjects; InitServer.sqf: peeta_fnc_removeMapObjects = { { _position = position _x; _size = triggerArea _x select 0; {hideObjectGlobal _x} forEach nearestTerrainObjects [_position, [], _size]; } forEach _this; }; The reason I'm using triggers is because I can visually see the area affected in the editor and I don't have to add a marker to an array each time I want to add another area to clear. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Alright, found the problem. Was that sneaky little extra "[". Now for some reason though the vehicle won't keep it's paintjob and it won't respawn at the start location. And a major downside to this over the BIS module is that the BIS one keeps curator editable objects still editable after respawn; Is there any way to fix that? Btw this is what I'm using now: 0 = [[MRZR_1,MRZR_2],["start","start"],3,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn;
  5. Where do I put this? 0 = [[crate2,WEST,karl,CIVILIAN],[["death","start","start","start"],10,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; // example Does that stay in the initServer.sqf or do I put it in a vehicle's init? When I put everything in initServer.sqf and configure that line I get loads of errors. This is what I had it set to: 0 = [[],[["start"],3,true,false] spawn MGI_fnc_VehicleRespawn; // example
  6. Ah, alright thank you. I guess the source of the issue with the server is somewhere else then. I figured the check was bugged but I didn't realize it was separate from how the server actually checks. Now I need to figure out what exactly the server doesn't like about my signatures when it disconnects me... Edit: Is there somewhere other than the server RPT file where it'll show the reason a client got disconnected?
  7. Alright, so I run a private server for myself and my friends. One of my friends decided to install a mod that disables weapon sway. I don't want anyone cheating on the server so I immediately enabled a PBO check in ACE3 to deter him. Suspecting he might try to find a way to slip the mod into another PBO that's already part of the modpack or use an injector I turned on BattleEye and enabled signature verification v2. This is where the problem comes into play. No one is able to connect to the server if signature enforcement or BattleEye are enabled. If BattleEye is on you get disconnected without any message before you even get to the roles screen. If only signature verification is on you get "session lost" or something like that and returned to the server list again. I couldn't find anything in my client or server .rpt file about why anyone's being kicked. So today I tried running "-checkSignatures" and found a likely cause. The RPT is full of this for pretty much every .bisign file except vanilla pbo's: 23:07:58 Key not found for signature C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\addons\ace_magazinerepack.pbo.ace_3.12.1.31-88963cda.bisign Test FAILED! 23:07:58 Warning Message: Key not found for signature C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\addons\ace_magazinerepack.pbo.ace_3.12.1.31-88963cda.bisign Test FAILED! 23:07:58 Signature tests for C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\addons\ace_magazinerepack.pbo.ace_3.12.1.31-88963cda.bisign PASSED! 23:07:58 Key not found for signature C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\addons\ace_main.pbo.ace_3.12.1.31-88963cda.bisign Test FAILED! 23:07:58 Warning Message: Key not found for signature C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\addons\ace_main.pbo.ace_3.12.1.31-88963cda.bisign Test FAILED! 23:07:58 Signature tests for C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ace\addons\ace_main.pbo.ace_3.12.1.31-88963cda.bisign PASSED! Arma3_x64_2018-02-21_23-06-20.rpt arma3server_x64_2018-02-21_23-19-39.rpt Anyone know what's going on? I'm completely stumped as to what could be the cause. Some of the .bisign files are even my own.
  8. Throttle System Option

    I think that was a flaw in the keybindings for the mod that got patched a while back. It was updated again after the Jets DLC so that the afterburner only turns on at a certain throttle setting with the new system. Admittedly, the mod was updated after I went flying off the deck, so it might have been the afterburner and I just wasn't paying attention. I still however don't understand what @oukej is talking about with 18km/h. I set my throttle to 4% in the Caesar BTT and it quickly reaches 22km/h and continues to slowly accelerate until I reach a turn in the taxiway. I really don't understand why the devs are so against it. It's a combat game, not a flight simulator; As has already been discussed the last thing you want in a combat zone is to be finicking with the throttle. There's a reason real life CAS and fighter aircraft have HOTAS and all manner of electronic flight envelope protection. Also it's pretty sad to see some people have had to completely give up flying in Arma 3 just because of this one simple thing that can be fixed in probably less than a days work by one or two junior programmers.
  9. Yes, very true. Odd, I was taught that everything in the U.S. and Canadian Military was metric, including aviation. Now I'm curious what the Canadian Airforce actually uses; Feet and knots would make more sense due to civilian aviation. And here I thought I was just bad at landing... Glad to know floater landings are normal. I just wish the PAPI lights worked during the day so I could get my glideslope right.
  10. I mistakenly thought that only certain items weren't being removed. The markers aren't removing anything at all actually. "clearArea_1" works fine at removing a knocked over trash bin and some trash piles without touching the 3 barracks buildings in between. I'm trying to remove some bushes, trees, rocks and a rusty fuel truck wreck in the middle of the field at the end of the runways at Altis International Airport. I've got a base set up at the 3 barracks on the North East end of the military base/airport combo. The area I'm trying to clear is the field South East of the road that runs from the 3 barracks South West to the two hangers. Hope that's descriptive enough. Now that I realize it's not just select items not being removed I'm suspecting it's likely that my script isn't correct. Maybe it doesn't like that I'm defining multiple strings or something. Edit: Here's a screenshot of the area: Once I get it working I'm probably going to add more markers North West of the road to remove the trees and make some sort of heliport or maybe a shoothouse. The whole reason I want to clear all the crap out is to make a shooting range down the South East part.
  11. @HazJI'm already doing so. I guess I should have posted the script I'm using. _ClearArea1A = "clearArea_2","clearArea_3","clearArea_4","clearArea_5","clearArea_6"; _ClearArea1B = "clearArea_1"; if (isServer) then { {hideObjectGlobal _x;} forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _ClearArea1A),[],(getMarkerSize _ClearArea1A)select 0,false]; {hideObjectGlobal _x;} forEach nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _ClearArea1B),["HIDE"],(getMarkerSize _ClearArea1B)select 0,false]; }; _markersToDelete2=["clearArea_1","clearArea_2","clearArea_3","clearArea_4","clearArea_5","clearArea_6"]; {deleteMarker _x;} forEach _markersToDelete2; "clearArea_#" are the names of several markers I've placed down. For some reason certain objects aren't being removed by 2 through 6. I recall there being an issue with certain objects being baked into the terrain's mesh to boost performance and you have to disable that function to remove the objects. I can't for the life of me remember what the command was to turn it off and can't find it in any of my archived missions I remember using it in. Edit: Script is executed via nul = execVM "markerScripts.sqf"; in init.sqf Here's the full markerScripts.sqf just in case.
  12. I'm trying to use hideObjectGlobal on certain terrain objects, objects being some bushes, trees and a rusty old fuel truck wreck at the Altis International Airport. I know it's possible because I've done it before. I've been pulling my hair out for the past couple of hours trying to find the thread where I found the solution. I remember it being something to do with the objects being "baked" into the terrain for performance reasons. But I can't remember how to disable this or what exactly this mesh baking process is called in Arma. Anyone know anything about this that can help me?
  13. Throttle System Option

    That's interesting because that's not what happens for me. I get somewhere between 3% and 9% at random. Then you've got modded gameplay to consider, where a single tap in the F/A-18 sent me right off the deck of the U.S.S. Freedom when the jets DLC first came out. I'd try the mousewheel but I don't think I can work out the keybindings. Maybe if I use something other than alt. Wouldn't the action menu still pop up though? My main gripe with the new throttle though is when it comes to landing. Much more difficult to manage my speed during the approach. I'd imagine dogfighting must be complete hell too if I were to try it. There's a reason real fighter jets have HOTAS. You constantly need to make major adjustments to the throttle in a dogfight. Not everyone can afford a HOTAS system for their game though. And in my case it's not practical when I'm constantly switching between aviation and ground operations. I just don't see why so much friction against having the old system. It's like cruise control in a car, it makes things easier to control. Hell, even real pilots use the auto-throttle in the autopilot to maintain speed. And in those two examples it's more of a luxury than a requirement. The way I see it it's more of an essential for keyboard and mouse. Could you imagine trying to control your car on the highway with two buttons that increase and decrease your throttle instead of an accelerator pedal?
  14. Alright, so the main problem I see here is with modded assets. The config variable pierremgi posted above isn't present in any mod that hasn't been updated in the past year, which is A LOT of mods! Even ones that have been updated still don't have it. And the problem here is that BI decided to make it so it defaults to "0" when not present. As a result I can't make any asset from CUP Terrains a simple object. Now, on the topic of vanilla BI assets, I see the reason to take it away from things like the H-Barrier; It's a static object that likely takes up few CPU cycles either way. However, reading what's been posted since my last post, I have to say it's debatable whether there's a performance impact or not. I'm pretty sure that bar chart that's been posted from the wiki demonstrates the performance impact of a single undisclosed building chosen at random by whoever did the test. It showed there was, perceptibly, no performance difference between disabling simulation and making it a simple object. However has anyone done a proper test of 100+ assets? Because we've got two people in this thread, who've tested it in actual gameplay, claiming it makes a huge difference. @swurvin and @want3d, have either of you two tested out the "[this] call BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject;" init script yet? I'm curious to see if it's helped or been a detriment like some claim it is. To my understanding it's just a detriment if you use it mid-mission as it supposedly generates a ton of network traffic. No clue if it functions differently when entered in 3den. That said I should probably check it out in the functions viewer and see if I can make sense of any of the scripting.
  15. Don't know why this thread hasn't gotten more attention. With the amount of Arma aviators I see putting in their opinion in other threads I would have thought there'd be more input here. Personally I think the map overlay could be easily done by a mod and there's no need for BI to do that; However I certainly wouldn't mind if they did. I completely agree with you about units of measurement. I know military aviation is done strictly with the metric system, altitude in metres and airspeed in km/h. However I've lost count of the times I've stalled and crashed because I mistook the displayed airspeed for knots and figured "Yeah, that airspeed is fine for this type of aircraft. I don't need to ease off the stick or level out"; I think it should really be up to personal preference what unit of measurement we use for what class of vehicle. I'd also like to see an option to measure altitude above sea level instead of strictly AGL like it is now. And about the VASI/PAPI, they are there currently on the main airport; I haven't checked the others yet. But what frustrates me is that for some silly reason they're not visible in the day, even if you shove the camera right up against the lens. It's like they're completely shut off during the day. I can only assume that BI didn't want to go through the effort of coding a light source that's visible in broad daylight, just like how the nav lights (anti-collision lights) on aircraft aren't visible either.