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  1. @AlexVestin Sorry to bump this old thread, but the download links seem to be 404'd thanks to Dropbox disabling everyone's public folder back in 2017. Would it be possible to get new links? Thanks.
  2. @spektykles Did you ever get around to working on the source code? I kinda want to look at it to see what you've changed and possibly make some customizations. Btw, is there a check for admin perms for the large pages? I've found a way to get the "lock pages in memory" permission to not require a process to be run as admin, by granting the perm to the group "everyone" in secpol.msc. But I can't test because my framerate seems to stay the same whether large pages are turned on or off and whether I run as admin or not. Makes me question if the large pages are even working even with admin. I ask because I had to customize Blub's source code to remove such a check from his malloc to get the trick I mentioned to work. I'm also curious what you've changed to optimize it for either Intel and AMD systems. Is it a simple change to the project in Visual Studio, like the AVX instruction set, or something you've altered in the code?
  3. Hey, what happened to your workshop upload of the Advanced Urban Rappelling mod? Did you get hit by a copyright troll or what?

    1. Nicoman35


      Hi, I switched all my workshop items to private after a so called 'intellectual property' dispute on discord with BI. As  I strongly disagree on the IMHO much too extensive nature of the current  'intellectual property' laws, I decided to go in private and no longer be involved to a society following rules empowering thought control. This society includes everyone. Including all people on steam.
      I know how much work coding is. And I know that hard working people need to be payed and have the credits they deserve. But how IP is handled atm, is too much of everything.

      I'm sure people will find alternatives for the insignificant stuff I do.

      Sorry for any inconvenience.

  4. Drift_91

    RKSL Attachments Pack

    Valve really need to stop with this crap. They need to start taking legal action against the copyright trolls or find some way to block them from making reports if they've made false reports in the past. As far as I know you don't even need to have an account to make a report, otherwise Valve could start issuing community bans to people who make false reports as sufficient recourse so people would have too much at stake to risk it over trolling.
  5. Drift_91

    Murshun Easy Way Out

    @rebelvg I'm trying to figure out why the Steam Workshop upload doesn't seem to be accessable: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1457208234 Not the usual error I get when someone takes their own mod off the workshop or it gets a DMCA takedown, so I'm guessing you didn't take it down yourself. Normally I'd assume it's just Valve being incompetent like usual, but it's been down all day which is unusual for a temporary error. Did Valve deem it a violation of the AUP or something? [_unit] spawn murshun_easywayout_fnc_suicide_AI; Where '_unit' is the actual AI unit. So in the init box of an AI unit in Zeus you'd replace '_unit' with '_this'. For future reference, in an init box '_this' is usually what you use to indicate the object that the init box belongs to. I believe if you mouse over the text header for the text box it'll tell you what '_this' and any other applicable variables would refer to. '_unit' most of the time is just a filler used to tell you where to put the name of your unit, since it's not always going to be '_this' in every situation. For example if I wanted to make every unit on the map simultaneously suicide I could do something like this: { [_x] spawn murshun_easywayout_fnc_suicide_AI; } forEach allUnits;
  6. @Tilion is there any way to set "blinking = true" to false via a command such as setVariable? I'm trying to avoid completely overwriting the class in my description.ext (if that's even possible to begin with). I'm starting to think I may be stuck with having to make my own mod that adds a separate config/class for a static version of the lights.
  7. @pierremgi Thank you. Never actually thought to test firing a weapon at it while it was in-flight. That actually clears up my suspicion that it was intentional. If anyone is interested I've filed a bug in the feedback tracker. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T139722
  8. @shay_gman I don't know if you check your GitHub repository's issues or not so I'm just letting you know here about a mission-breaking bug I found. https://github.com/shaygman/MCC_sandbox_modDev/issues/60 I'm not sure if this is an issue specific to me or not, but I've experienced it across two servers I run and several missions I've made. It happens both in Dedicated MP and Eden MP Preview. I'm not trying to rush you or anything. Just want to make sure you know about it for when you have time to work on it. It is kind of a serious bug though since it completely messes up the way missions initialize.
  9. So I've been looking into this again. I was looking at the lights in the config browser and this thread. Is there any way to set the "blinking = true" variable to false via something along the lines of "this setVariable ["blinking",false,true]"?
  10. Hey, I'm not sure if you saw my comment on the workshop upload of [SFF-R] Islamic State. I was wondering, would it would be possible to get the mods signed so they can be used in multiplayer? I've used your Islamic State mod before and was really disappointed when I realized I couldn't use it on the signature-enforced server I'm running right now. Also I'm eager to see how the Bundesgrenzschutz mod in your last post turns out. Plus I have a couple of friends who will be ecstatic when that releases.
  11. @HazJ I'm not trying to disable damage upon ground impact, I'm trying to limit it. In Arma if you so much as clip your skids on the ground at 50KM/h, "BOOM!" everyone's dead. I'm trying to override the default behaviour so that everyone gets injured by the impact and the aircraft is destroyed, but it doesn't burst into a ball of flames and kill everyone. So does anyone know why that EH isn't working? Should I make a bug report?
  12. Ah alright, that makes more sense.
  13. @Dedmen, to my understanding it's a character limitation of the mod names in the mod.cpp files of all the mods combined, not the actual folder names. This might explain why it isn't working for @S. Bacon. Here's a ticket on the feedback tracker that explains it in detail: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123655 @Gunter Severloh, what Dedmen is trying to say is that the OP is looking for a way to automatically load the mod list via the launcher. What you were suggesting completely bypasses the launcher's automatic loading of mods, defeating the purpose.
  14. @HazJ Trying to make it so missiles, AA guns, etc can blow up aircraft but hitting the ground makes them badly damaged so that occupants can survive the impact. "if (_source == _unit &&" detects ground impact in the EH I wrote above and then limits damage to 0.99 so it doesn't explode. There was a thread on these forums a while back where people were begging BI to stop aircraft from exploding on the slightest impact with the ground and I recall the devs being pretty stern on the fact they weren't going to do it. I'd expect it to be possible to fix that with a mod or script but I slightly suspect the EH I wrote not working may be intentional to prevent that.
  15. So is there a reason that this doesn't stop aircraft from exploding when they collide with the ground? _unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {0}]; Is this a bug or an intended feature? From this and past discussions I've seen on the subject of aircraft explosions I'm getting the impression BI really don't want us to be able to survive crashes. Which is really silly in PvE milsim as far as I'm concerned. Currently I'm trying to make this work: this addEventHandler ["handleDamage", { _unit = _this select 0; _damage = _this select 2; _source = _this select 3; if (_source == _unit && (damage _unit + _damage) > 0.99) then { _unit setDamage 0.99; } else { _unit setDamage (damage _unit) + _damage; }; 0; }]; The above could be used by so many milsim units to add realism. Unfortunately the "0;" at the end of the EH's code doesn't work for aircraft. I guess this explains why I haven't already found a script or mod to disable aircraft exploding upon impacting the ground. Anyone know if there's a solution or if it's a bug that needs to be reported?