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  1. Nicoman35

    Publisher - Error code 2

    Same Problem. Steam Error Code 2: Generic failure None of the above methods helped.
  2. Hey Fursov. Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no solution to the problem. One of the many bugs the game has.
  3. Hi! How did you solve the problem with the stabilization of the turret on the boat? I am having the same problem. Please help me.

  4. Nicoman35

    Sleep failsafe at high loads

    My script is here. I think line 72 is where problems could come from. Show usage? Do you mean upload a video?
  5. Hi there people. I made a mod for a vehicle parachute. Players are able to attach paracutes to vehicles, then slingload and drop them. I made a loop with a 'sleep' command to simulate braking of the load from free fall speed to parachute glide speed. Works well in test surroundings. But as soon as server load gets higher, vehicles begin to get destoryed on account of high speed impacts in ground. I suspect the sleep command is the culprit. Any idea of a failsafe solution when server is at high load?
  6. Tested you code and it thows errors.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, will have a look. Currently I see all kinds of variables spinning around my head. Must take a break.
  8. I got a math problem regarding my vehicle paradrop. I simulate the fall break of the parachute by gradually reducing it's velocity. The fall break distance is influenced by vehicle mass and vehicle velocity the moment the parachute is opened. I know, that the vehicle will reach terminal velocity when falling for about 1200 m. Dependent on vehicle mass, the opening height MUST occur at a height of 120 m to 900 m above ground. But this is only valid, if the vehicle is alreay falling with terminal velocity, meaning it was already falling for 1200 m. If the distance from releasing of the vehicle to parachute opening is less than 1200 m, vehicle's velocity will be lower than terminal vlocity. My target is: Deploying the paracute early enough, so that the vehicle does not hit the ground with high speed, but not too early, as vehicles floating several hundred meters above ground is not too good. What I got so far: private _vehicleMass = getMass _vehicle; private _deployHeight = round(((_vehicleMass / 1000) max 1) * 120) min 900; // 120 - 900 _deployHeight = (((((getPos _vehicle #2 - _deployHeight) min 1200) / 1200) min 1) max 0.3) * _deployHeight; // fail Anyone got a solution? If you need more info, here is the gitHub link to my current work.
  9. Meh. Do I really have to make a function controlling the damage in my vehicle paradrop script? I had hoped the error was somehow on my side. Oh well.
  10. I am in the editor, a few vehicles around me. I point at one vehicle and I local exec this via debug console: TeleportUp = { params [["_vehicle", objNull]]; _vehicle setPos (getPos _vehicle vectorAdd [0 ,0, 500]); while {getPos _vehicle #2 > 15} do { hintsilent str (velocity _vehicle #2); sleep 0.1; }; }; [cursorObject] spawn TeleportUp; Question: Why does the vehicle take no damage, when hitting the ground?
  11. Thank your for the information, pirremgi
  12. *no* Ok, it worked. Many thanks guys.
  13. I am trying to create and attach a backpack to a vehicle. _backpack = "B_Bergen_dgtl_F" createVehicle position player; _backpack attachTo [cursorObject, [0.32, -0.3, 0.65], "OtocVelitele"]; Somehow, this does not work. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  14. I am thinking about making an action allowing the player to attach a parachute to a vehicle. I would like to use the bergen backpack as 'container' for the visual representation. Problem: How do I find an attach point automatically for any kind of vehicle, so that the look would make sense. It should look more like this https://www.mediafire.com/view/qep962tjtznudmw/1.jpg/file And not like this https://www.mediafire.com/view/vzhk4j6fq3n9d1a/2.jpg/file Has anyone made a nice funktion for such a purpouse already?