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  1. Meh. Does not work. At least I do not get it working. Oh well. Many thanks for the help anyway guys 🙂
  2. Thanks for suggestion, pierremgi. Just testing this: arrow = "Sign_Arrow_F" createVehicle [0,0,0]; onEachFrame { _pos = lineIntersectsSurfaces [ AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld [0,0,0], AGLToASL positionCameraToWorld [0,0,5000], player, objNull, true, 1, "VIEW", "NONE" ]; if (count _pos == 0) exitWith {arrow setPosASL [0,0,0]}; arrow setPosASL (_pos #0 #0); arrow setVectorUp (_pos #0 #1); hintSilent str _pos; }; Works good for 3. person, but in tactical view, I still do not get the cursor position. Any idea how to get cursor pos in tactical view?
  3. I would like to get the position coordinates of the cursor in tactical / 3. person view. getMousePosition does not work, as the cursor is not the mouse pointer. And I don't know how to get the variable _pos with cursorOnGround working. Any advice?
  4. cameraOn did the trick. Many thanks.
  5. One last question. Is it somehow possible to get the vehicle, from which the control #500 was opened? Imagine a rare case when player sits in an artillery unit, but is in control over a mk 45 ship cannon. I ask because I would like to save the coordinates as a variable on the vehicle the artillery computer was opened on.
  6. 😀 Oh yes. Just what I needed. Many thanks pierremgi. Wish I had become a programmer sometimes.
  7. Hey pierremgi, just tested your code: addMissionEventHandler ["MarkerCreated", { params ["_marker"]; _marker spawn { params ["_marker"]; sleep 0.1; diag_log formatText ["%1%2%3", time, "s _marker: ", _marker]; if (markerType _marker isEqualTo "mil_destroy" && "(ETA: " in markerText _marker) then { ARTTARGETPOS = AGLToASL markerpos _marker; diag_log formatText ["%1%2%3", time, "s ARTTARGETPOS: ", ARTTARGETPOS]; } }; }]; Inserted some diag_log for checks. I observed it works when I manually place some markers on the map opened with 'M', but it does not work when I open the artillery computer and click on the artillery computer map. Do you have an idea, how to get it working on the artillery computer map?
  8. You are in the gunner position of some uav, e.g. the sentinel circling above. An AI controlled Sholef artillery is on standby. When you detect a target, you point at that target, then order your unit to fire at that unit. All good. But - when you lock the target, by pressing 'T', and the white square appears around the target, and THEN order the artillery to fire, the round will always go somewhere around the map position [0, 0]. Why? Is this intended? Or a bug?
  9. I would like to get the coordinates of an artillery commanded to fire at a certain position. Usually, you open the map, select artillery units, opening the command menu. Then you mousewheel scroll through the menu until you got the needed round and number of rounds to be fired. All good, when mouse button is used for selecting the menu points. But what when the player uses 'space'? Will make some loop then :(. Let's see what I come up with. Many thanks for your suggestion, h-
  10. Oh, sorry, I overlooked you answer. Many thanks h, I already knew about currentCommand. Does not help me much, because I would need to know the coordinates the arty gunner was ordered to fire at. Guess I ran into another game engine limitation here ^^. Funny thing is: The impact prediction for HE rounds works well. I use some physics formula to predict the impact position of the shell based on it's speed and angle. The accuracy is 4 to 5 m. For guided and laser guided, it does NOT work. When fired, the round comports EXACTLY like a HE round. It aims a random position 0 to 80m or so from the ordered target position. 3 or 4 seconds before impact, it is 'transformed' into the precision ammo, which then hits the desired spot; or the laser mark. So, there is no way of getting this position. With the exception of a loop. And I HATE loops. Because they are stupid. 99.9999% of the time they do nothing but eating performance.
  11. Hey guys. Maybe I am wrong, but afaik, the turrets on sea vessels can't be stabilized? No matter if stabilizedInAxes = 3; or stabilizedInAxes = 4; is stated in the config, the turret still follows the boat's movements. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Nicoman35

    Clone vehicle

    I would love to, saro, but I failed due to my IQ. If you know a step by step guide for dummies on how to set up a HC, just tell.
  13. Nicoman35

    Clone vehicle

    Your assumption is right. I manly play KP Liberation, with multiple mods. Heavy workloads occur often. If I hear anybody telling again 'PCs nowadays are much too fast and too potent for the most users to use that potential', I will kick him in the nuts. Many thanks for your help, pierremgi.
  14. Nicoman35

    Clone vehicle

    Drones, for example the Darter AR2, have the tendency to get 'stuck', if you command them to land. Things get funny, when you try to give them any other commands afterwards. Or try to steer them by yourself. They get.... stubborn. Like a donkey. By replacing that 'broken' drone with a new one, I hope to have an immersive workaround. This was the intention. Will write something when I get to it.
  15. Is there already a function or script to 'clone' a vehicle? What I mean is, saving ALL vehicle params like position, speed, direction, inventory, fuel state, ammo state, damage states of every part, crew, etc. Then delete this vehicle, and replace the vehicle with a new, cloned one.