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Found 19 results

  1. HI I'm desperate... I've been facing this problem for more than a week now, tried countless fixes but came up with nothing. I think I read every single article on dedicated server lag out there without finding someone having the exact same problem without any match so i'm trying my luck here. The situation : I'm hosting an Arma 3 dedicated server on my computer to play antistasi plus with some friends, i boot the server for 4 to 7 hours sessions in mind. Game and server running allongside (and discord in the background) with no problem whatsoever (at least for a time), the total memory usage will be around 18G on 32G. But after 1 to 2 hours the server is gonna start lagging out from nowhere, freezes, desync, becomes gradually unplayable. During that time the memory usage of my computer will be caped at 16G (50%), event if i'm opening other applications the memory won't exceed 16G until the server crashes. Problem resets at server restart. If you're familiar with arma troubleshooting you know that this is a common error on clients, a lot of people have/had it and i had it too at first (note that client and server encountered the problem at the exact same moment in the begining), but i fixed it by switching from the basic to the profiling version of the game and from 32 to 64x and it worked so thats that taken care of. What i've tried : -Tried the basic, Beta and profiling version of the server -> no changes -Tried 32 and 64 bits -> 32bits started lagging after 1h to 1.5hrs -Tried setting maxMem au MaxVRAM accordingly to the specs of my pc (specs at the end) -> nothing -Tried to change the malloc parameter from tbb4malloc_bi to jemalloc_bi and system -> nothing -Tried modded and vanilla (modlist at the end) -> same thing -Tried the server from the dedicated server app (steam id=233780) and the server from the arma 3 app (steam id=107410) -> same -Updated quite literraly all my drivers -> pc up to date but still the same problem Diagnosis : The problem seems to be coming from the memory allocation: for wathever reasons it seems to thinks that my system only has 16G and does everything it can to avoid going over. All other processes are fine during that, so well that they'll get confortable and take a so much ressources that i won't be able to get my system back to a 10G where the server could work without to many problems. This is just a guess based on what i could observe, i tried searching into the rpt files before realising that i can't understand shit (but no obvious error around the time the lag begins that could explain it from what i can tell, can be wrong tho) Specs : My computer : -Intel core i7-10700k 3.8Ghz -32GB of RAM -Server is located on a 1TB SSD -Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 -Windows 10 Mods : server config : startup parameters : RPT FILE only from 5 min before the problem occured to the server shutdown (because of pastebin limit, i can provide other parts or entirety on demand) Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I've got a pretty good knowledge in dedicated servers but i'm new to the arma environment, i'm not in anyway a pro in this and there's a lot i don't know. I've searched for a good amount of time but at this point i'm not excluding any solution so if you've got a solution that may sound stupid try anyway, won't shame you for helping me. sorry for any spelling mistakes, not my mother tongue. I can provide additional data on demand exebill :)
  2. Hi, Originally I made this custom memory allocator as a fun project because I dreaded of slow A3 performance. Features 64-bit only custom memory allocator for Arma 3 Based on Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) 2018 Update 4 Large Page support Optimized for both AMD and Intel CPU with AVX/AVX2 Drop-in replacement for BI-provided TBB4 malloc How to install You can read the installation guide in the ZIP package. Notes Not BattlEye compatible. I only tested INTEL64 AVX2 binary on my own PC (i7-8750h with RTX 2070). I cant afford to test all binaries. As an unwanted side effect, some trainers/cheats will not working or crash if you use this custom memory allocator 😁 Performance could be better or worst. I am not responsible if something happens to your games or PC. I am not taking any profits or benefits from this. Virus-free: VirusTotal result (scanned with 60+ engines) . Only one false positive with one of the binaries, I already contacted the AV gave me false positive result. (fixed) Source code will be uploaded once I clean up the code (I built this long time ago and just recently dusting it up). If you have any question or report about this please contact me via this thread/forum or "spektykles" on official Arma 3 Discord server. I am all ears 😀 Download ZippyShare
  3. Frodz89

    Out of video memory?

    Hello. Received an error message today which said: ”Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource. Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution and/or closing other applications that are running. Exiting” And I’m booted off the game which hard closes and I’m back on the dashboard? Lost all my gear and loot. That’s a pretty big one. Are the devs aware of this? Working to fix? Cheers
  4. hello guys, i made a script to spawn/de-spawn AI in a bubble around players, but on long run times (my aim is to make it run at least 24h) server crash with this error : 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION after investigating, appears that is a generic error, there is no solution, and probably linked to memory leaks. i tried 100% vanilla server and 100% vanilla client, and server crash in few hours. considering that the server does not crash (24h+) if noone enters....and that the only script difference is that "AI bubble" around players does not spawn any units if there are no players, i take a wild guess and suppose its the "AI bubble" script causing this. here is the script: in init.sqf: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "DDscripts\Dbubble.sqf"; null = [] execVM "DDscripts\DambientSPAWN.sqf"; and here is the DambientSPAWN.sqf: this actually works perfectly for few hours (from 1h to 4h usually), then the crash... So i'm doing something "wrong"...and i mean unefficient or causing leaks ? the goal (if possible) it to leave no trace in the memory or in the game itself of the units created and then deleted, or at least minimize the impact on the system to make it run as long as possible. really thansk for any help!
  5. hello, after 2 days of tests, i sadly found a lethal problem for dedicated server: memory usage is constantly increasing in presence of AI....when it goes over 2000mb server crash with "out of memory" error. at first i thinked it was my mission, and to exclude that i made a fresh new mission, just placed 3 playable units, and 6 rifle squads (8 men each) and 4 tank platoons (4 tanks each), all with a "move" waypoint and a "cycle" waypoint. sadly....even there, the memory usage slowly increase. seems to be directly related to how many AI is there, for example, here are the results of test of different missions: in an empty map with just that AI placed by editor...there should be no possibility of "external problems" (i use no mods, just pure vanilla for tests). to see the memory increasing i used " #monitor 1 " at start,, but noticed that windows task manager is even better to monitor it! hope that gets fixed soon, as it is game-breaking! image of error found in the morning after leaving server running in the night: https://ibb.co/k30HBa
  6. Hey guys, Don't know if this is in the correct forum, if it's not I do apologize. Anyways, I and my unit have switched over from session per session basis missions to a full-on ALiVE campaign, we had a game server and we ran ALiVE with no problem, it was using about 6GB of memory with quite a large amount of vAI, around 250-300 total. Now we switched to a server box in order to have more space on our server and more flexibility. Now here comes the problem, little test missions we did were fine and now we're stuck at launching our ALiVE campaign. We've tried adding -MaxMem to the extra parameters on TADST which we use to launch the server but it did not work. We are capped at about 4GB of memory no matter how hard we try pushing it, our server box is 64 bit, we use the 64-bit .exe to launch the server, and we have about 24GB of RAM on our server box because we host our TeamSpeak and the rest there. My question is how do we get rid of this cap, we are using 20% of our server box capacity, there is a way since the game server we rented had 16GB and had no problem of going up to 7GB of memory being used on large campaigns. If you need any more information about our server or setup feel free to ask we just need to get this sorted, its causing issues and making our favorite game mode, quite unenjoyable. Thank you all in advance to those who respond. EDIT: We believe that this, in fact, causes the delay in any actions happening, whether it is us trying to hit the AI, people's guns are shooting long after they actually stopped, and sometimes people just de-sync. Despite the 120-140ms ping for most of our members (due to the distance of the server from us) we strongly do believe that the issue is down to the capped RAM, since once it goes up it is literally stuck at 4,403.53MB and it moves maybe by .20MB here and there. We also believe that it is due to the capped RAM because once the server reaches the cap, is when the delay and other issues happen. Or at least, we need to test if it is indeed the RAM before we request anything from our provider, but a cap definitely exists.
  7. I found the solution to this crash was none of the issues below but instead running MSI Afterburner Riva Tuner, and C++ Redistributables (See Bottom Post) About 3 months ago, I used to be able to run ARMA 3 x64 just fine. However gradually it began to crash on startup more a more frequently. At first it was only every 1 in 10 tries it would crash, then it became 1 in 5, and so on until I had to start the game 4 or 5 times before it would run without crashing when it started loading (this degradation happened over the course of 1-2 days). I have spent literally weeks researching every solution I can find relating to startup crashes for x64 bit ARMA on the internet and have tried every solution that was suggested. I really can't face reinstalling windows just to run the x64 version of ARMA as it's the only application (and x64 application) I have that doesn't work. ARMA 3 x32 works every single time without exception, with or without mods. Since writing this I tried re-plugging in tons of stuff to my USB slots and managed to get one successful start with all parameters unset except for x64, and with no mods running on the dev build and on the normal build. But it was only once and I ge the same crashes since. Once the game is up and running (when it occationally doesn't crash) it runs indefinitely without crashing. Here are just some of the things I have tried, I can't remember every single thing though: -Idividually tested each of my corsair DDR3 4gb Ram sticks starting up ARMA -Verified integrity of game cache -I have removed all mods -Unsubscribed from all workshop content -Reset all parameters to default -Removed all my profile data -changed various values in the registry that supposedly relate to x64 crashes (after x64 ceased to run not before) -Completely reinstalled ARMA 3 from scratch with no mods -switched to the dev build -Checked my memories health (ram) -Underclocked my cpu -Tried launching with or without battleye -Tried launching using battleeye.exe -Updating graphics card drivers/rolling back drivers -Creating/Removing and editing the nvidia control panel 3d settings for ARMA x64 .exe Crash log rpt: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p6ecjmu898osqoo/arma3_x64_2018-02-12_18-58-26.rpt Crash Log Output: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c1qjwbjk75b9628/ArmaReport_Log_20180213T102712_Pete.zip The image above shows the current crash messages however different messages have been displayed when it crashes before too. The nature of the crashes: Start ARMA 3 with x64 selected in parameters in the launcher, and no mods or other parameters selected. ARMA 3 logo with orange loading bar displays on my desktop. The screen then goes black for 2-3 seconds as if it's about to go into the fullscreen loading screen. Then the crash messages pop up and the game closes back to desktop. My current hypothesis: -I really don't want to have to reinstall windows (this is the only application that doesn't work on my PC) -The slow nature of the issue arising is really weird and unusual for anything software related however:.. -Almost certain this isn't Hardware related (multiple tests on Ram + CPU & GPU running at normal temps) -95% not ARMA (fully reinstall from scratch, plus tried dev version and verified game cache) -Could be registry related?
  8. EDIT AS SUGGESTED: ----------------------------------------------original message------------------------------- hi guys! i've noticed that in my MP dedicated mission, the initial RAM usage is about 1100Mb. but checking it with " #monitor 1 " command....but its slowly and constantly increasing!! it goes up about 1 Mb every 2-3 seconds, but keeps increasing until reach 2000Mb...and at that point server choke to death!! any idea what can be or how i can track the trouble ? thanks! ----------------------------------------------original message------------------------------- PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: dedicated server memory usage keeps increasing at a variable rate apparently influenced by number of AI in mission. it keeps increasing more or less constantly and endlessly. on 32bit "arma3server.exe" when over 2000MB it start to choke, decreasing down to 2 FPS, and ultimately crashing with htis error: https://ibb.co/k30HBa 3D EDEN CREATED TEST MISSION from NEW (empty): (lets ignore my mission for now, and focus on standard test): Altis, 6 WEST rifle quads (8 men each) 4 WEST combined tank platoon (4 tanks each), 3 playable units, all with a move waypoint and a cycle waypoint. (can double the numbers to accelerate the process). WHAT I DID EXACTLY STEP BY STEP TO REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM: launch TADST v3.0.0, leave default settings (for testing purposes) checked box "persistent battlefield" and "auto-init", selected "arma3server.exe" and tried also with "arma3server_x64.exe". (different starting memory usage, but both were increasing). selected previously created TEST mission. Launched the server. Opened the windows task manager. keeps monitoring the "arma3server.exe" process memory usage. Notice slow, but pretty constant increase in memory usage. WHAT OTHER TEST I DID: i tested my mission with all my scripts (and they are many) except the ones spawning AI. in my mission all AI is spawned by script, so there were 0 AI. server did not had increasing memory usage. i tested an old mission version (more than 6 months ago), that i'm sure it was running fine for at least 24 hours (i remember playing on it with friends one night, then forgetting server up, then the following evening playing again on it with friends). the test now showed a memory usage increasing. i tested other missions made in the past, i dont have any documented previous check on them about memory usage, but now its increasing at various rate, apparently related to numbers of AI. MY HARDWARE / SOFTWARE / CONFIG ecc... i5 4440 3.10ghz, 12Gb ram, 64bit, NO-SSD, connection: ADSL 7Mb upload 0.4Mb download. (its the same configuration i had at the time of the 24 hours server running with no problem) i always used 32bit "arma3server.exe" except for the very latest test. LINK to latest version of my mission (here problem is accentuated due to spawn-despawn units based on player distance): https://mega.nz/#!KtZ2GLiQ!-PxDcaPxXqjeuAaSeUEk2YT1e-UDZf22TXr0dhrVS5E thanks for any help!
  9. Hi. Im getting an error in Arma 3 that says ''The instruction at0x0000000001FCC7C7 referanced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. tHE MEMORY COUD NOTBE READ.''I have tried any fixes and tricks i have found on google and your forums withno luck.I have switched out my memorysticks with brand new one with no luck.When i start up arma i get in to the server, but after 3 minutes i get theerror and the game close down. Im playing modded Exile servers, but i havetried Arma with no mods and still happens. I have tried reinstaling the game,and re installed windows with no luck there either. Now im starting to get alitle clueless what to do.I played arma 3 last week with no problem. i havent installed annything new ordone anny changes to my computer since then.Hope you guys can help me out on this one.
  10. I have the latest version of directx I have net framework redist everything still doesn't work. Plus I have it on a new pc Help me pls
  11. This is my first post, so I'll begin by apologising for any rules I may break or any syntax issues. Secondly, Im Trying to remodel an entire Arma 3 unit for a mod I am creating. The model was imported to Object builder no worries, I then took my time to follow every tutorial I could get my hands on regarding rigging and setting the unit up to be a playable unit in game. Here is a list of everything that has been done up till now (Without knowing any extra steps): -LODs and Texture set up and working, tested in engine and in game. -Geometry working. -Memory components set up (Now these memory points were used for the Arma 2 example). -Weighting selection to allow for animations (So tedious). - model.cfg and config set up correctly (hopefully). Now when I load it into game, everything works fine, the class path, the textures, I can even control as player, and he moves around as normal. EXCEPT, the model remains in the default "T" stance and about half way through the floor. Does anyone know anywhere I could look, or give me any information on how I can make this work. (Please let me know if you need any more details, like images or my config and model.cfg)
  12. Hello, I've been working to get some guns in game for a friend; however, I've hit a roadblock with crashing errors. To be more specific, the game will crash whenever you preview or play a mission and you have one of these guns in your inventory. The crashes have a message saying "no entry .model", or I simply get a memory error crash. Due to it being a memory crash, I'd assume the crashing would be caused by a bad model.cfg, which shouldn't really be the case, since I am using the BI sample weapon model.cfg file, adjusted to my needs, of course. Here are some pictures of the weapons in game: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032821958466197/0B998D220EF3D9E347AFEDA3DBEF3D5914805BC5/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032821958466084/5F271A78FC8C5BBCBD8F0641A68C4EC56E4A3D0C/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/158032821958465874/8029B0318F96F85565B24A92CC35C7F5DB350DC8/ Here is the model.cfg for one of the guns. The model.cfg for each weapon is the same, except for the p3d name change, of course. https://pastebin.com/Nksb7xyz Ammo.hpp https://pastebin.com/GqW4jABC Magazines.hpp https://pastebin.com/U0ahBL83 Weapons.hpp https://pastebin.com/KRDdmK8N Config.cpp https://pastebin.com/hdYuyS7P Apologies if any of it is long, this config is going to be a base for many more weapons later on.
  13. Hey peeps, Just wanted to share something I discovered. I cannot see it has been mentioned here on the BI forums before. After meddling with a ECP + WW4 + WW4EXT mod combination, I noticed that I started crashing on startup when adding a few extra islands to the mix. It seemed like some memory limit was reached somehow due to all the mods I had loaded. There were also some strange issues with sudden extreme lag, all textures (including menus) where blurry and some random objects showed the lowest level of detail, even though I was up close. I have previously messed around with mods in Morrowind/Oblivion, and remembered an application called the 4GB patch by NTCore, which basically allows 32-bit application to utilize 4GB of virtual memory instead of 2GB. This only works in 64-bit environment however. After downloading the application I patched ColdWarAssault.exe, and now it runs sweet as hell with all the mods I want. After patching, I have played approx 10 hours of single player, and have not encountered any crashes or instabilities. I was using the steam version of Arma Cold War Assault, but I also tested briefly on the GOG-version and encountered no issues there either. Just wanted to share this piece of information to anyone having similar issues. The patch can be found on the link below (please note that I have no affiliation with NTCore what-so-ever). The application also backs up the original file (ColdWarAssault.exe.Backup) in case you would experience any issues. http://ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php Cheers.
  14. In my mission, all of a sudden, I'm getting these weird errors thrown at me every time I try to start my mission from the scenario save (which is up to date with the latest editor save) and I have no clue what's causing them. I had it yesterday, reloaded an old version of the map and was fine, able to play it from the scenario menu fine. Sleep, wake up, load it up and boom these errors are back. The weirdest thing is, I can play-test the scenario a-okay from the Eden editor, it's just when I try to load it up from the scenario menu at the main screen that it throws these at me. Any help in solving this would be much appreciated, I haven't the faintest idea of how to read these and I don't like to think my mission is going to have to be scrapped because of it or something. Also, my apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forums. I wasn't sure if it's related to Mission Editing and Scripting or Main Troubleshooting.
  15. Hi! Since after one of the new eden updates, me and my friend's Arma 3 starts to randomly crash due to ""The instruction at xxxxxxxx referenced memory at 0x xxxxxxxx. The memory could not be written." This have never occurred before and now it's happening every time i play. It occurs randomly 10-30 min once i'm playing on a vanilla multiplayer game (No mods). Sometimes it also crashes after i have selected a team (bluefor, indi, oppfor) What happened is that out of the blue, arma 3 stops responding (not the windows type "Arma 3 is not responding" but the game just freezes with and error sound from windows.) Then if you try to alt tab/ctrl + shift + esc / ctr + alt + delete the screen becomes gray/black with only the mouse on it. You can move the mouse/pointer but not do anything else than restart your computer. (alt + f4 does also not work) One thing i have noticed is that if i exit the launcher once Arma 3 is launched, my computer doesn't "crash" but just the game itself.. I have also googled this error, i saw a lot of people also having this issue, but it was from 2015 mostly. And none of the tips fixed the issue :blink: Sorry for the bad English & stuffs, but yeah. Anyone else have this error or have a solution? Thanks! :( :)
  16. EDIT: Disregard my posts in this topic. This issue was my fault, not the updates. I had set a permanent swap file in windows too low, I accidentally forgot to add a zero for the Min/Max setting. It was set to 1400MBs. That explains the low memory error. No more errors. Feel free to delete this entire thread mods. I'll add another post to the end of this. I'm wondering if anyone else is have low memory errors after the 1.66 update? I've been playing ArmA 3 all year, and I even added another 4GBs of Corsair CAS memory a month ago. No issues with any of my other games. Now all the sudden, after v1.66 every time I play ArmA 3 I get a windows low memory error when I tab out. And if I keep playing the game, my video driver starts to unload itself and the screen (in game) jumps down to software rendering. Then, as soon as I exit ArmA back to windows, everything goes back to normal. Could there be a memory leak in the new update? Again, no issues with any other game, and I ran a memory test for 5 hours after I added it and it passed. would someone be kind enough to please explain step by step how to submit error reports to BIS? I've seen the links, but I'm not sure how the error page functions, or how the registration works. Advanced Thanks -- Computer -- OS: Win 7 Pro Motherboard: GIGABYTE Socket 775 - GA-EP45-UD3P (rev. 1.6) CPU: intel Duo E8400 2x 3.0Ghz Memory: 8 GB Corsair XMS cas Aduio: Intel Sound Video: nVidia-GTX-660 PSU: Antec-750 TruePower
  17. Hiya! For the past 2 weeks, I've had loads of crashes that have to do with my memory and directx. Sometimes it'll be a failed write error for the memory, other times a read and other times a directx device memory issue. 3 examples of error messages I get: "The instruction at 0xf1590ff3 referenced memory at 0xf1590ff3. The memory could not be written.", "The instruction at 0x000002fc referenced memory at 0x000002fc. The memory could not be written.", "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED". Also, my game will sometimes start to lag violently, giving 1-3 FPS and all the models look blocky, as if I were playing Minecraft. What I've tried: Reinstalling Arma 3 (twice) Used a different profile Reinstalling directx versions Used different malloc settings through the launcher Used different CPU count and ExThreads through the launcher Changed Profiles path Set documents folder so that it wasn't read-only Run game in administrator mode Run sfc /scannow, no errors Verified nothing was overheating Removed overclock from graphics card Removed overclock from memory Test different overclock on processor Disable anti-virus and anti-malware Re-seated physical video card Re-seated physical memory modules Rolled back video driver from latest version Tested physical RAM w/ Windows Memory Diagnostic, no issue found Made sure graphics card drivers were updated Removed pagefile, set pagefile to automatic, set pagefile to system managed size Uninstalled Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64 & x86), restarted computer, reinstalled Hardware: GPU: GTX 980 Ti CPU: i7-5960X RAM: 16GB DDR4 (OC from 2133Mhz to 2400Mhz). Software: Windows 8.1 64-bit Avast Anti-Virus Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Thanks for any help.
  18. Hi, I do have problem with "quit in unusual manner". It occurs when I play arma 3. It happens after a variable time in game (sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes more than 5 minutes). The game just crashes with these error logs image Any idea what could be wrong? It makes me crazy when I want to play. Thanks a lot.
  19. SomeGuyWithARock

    New Launcher Settings?

    Hi, everyone. I just launched Arma 3 for the first time in a very long time and was pleasantly surprised to find this very cool new launcher that allows us to set memory (can go as high as 32768 now so no longer hard-limited to 2028 apparently), cores, Vram size, etc. What would be the best settings in my case: I have 16GB of G-Skill gaming ram, an M5A99FX PRO with an FX-8350 8 Core CPU (yes, I know AMD is terrible but it's too late), an MSI GTX 970 Gaming and a very fast internet connection. Also, how is the new TCMalloc_bi.dll file (dated Sept 29th) compare to the tbbmalloc.dll one? Do I need to delete one or do I use both? Thanks. :) P.S. If I don't hear back in a reasonable time (2 to 3 days) I'll just post this on Steam and maybe add helpful responses to this post in case others have the same question here.