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  1. Project Zenith

    Thanks you guys! Both of these pics are raddddd! It's super inspiring to hop in and see stuff like this. Appreciate all the feedback I've been getting here and on steam. <3 ------ Been busy config'in my life away getting the rest of the weapons up to par with the ones that are updated already. As well as trying to get the vests and weapon shadow lods and thermals on everything a little more worked out. I had done a version of the NZ army's Muti-terrain camo, I include it in the next update if its something you guys would like to play around with! Since its done and all haha :) I have also had another insomnia filled music night lmao This time it's a heavier jam that i scream over. If youre bored and want watch me be an idiot in my studio while I work on my next album... JOIN MEEE :D Appreciate you guys!
  2. Project Zenith

    ohhhh thats a dumb error on my part! I have the head to big in the shadow lod. Thanks a ton for the reoprt again. :) Oh yeah, I havent messed with the thermals at all yet. On the ever growing list :D Oh man that sucks, what a noob!!!! :D JK I know, I havent added those in yet. Wont be bothering with those till beta. Appreciate the report though, hope youre having fun with the Alpha!
  3. Project Zenith

    Those are the coolest things to hear guys :) I will be including a few snow camos. I've been playing on that new alpha map... Vidda I think it's the name but I'm on my phone so forgive me haha I'll be including multicam Alpine, a project zenith snow pattern, and then some mixed and matched with regular multicam that will be heavily dusted with snow. Been watching lots of Russian spec ops in the snow haha I love the mix of white with multicam and then own everything in snow dust. Would be cool to get some dynamic snow coverage on clothes but we'll have to pretend haha Appreciate the kind words man! Most of that gear is still in the pack, plus new versions of almost all those variants. The utoc may not be returning unless I can land somewhere where I'm more happy with it's model, but you'll just have to check your class names in the mission files on your end. I warned about it many many times that the class names would be changing as the pack grows and morphs. And it could all change again, such is the nature of alpha. I have completely remade many of these config files, so that you guys can have a better experience in the end. Sorry if during alpha it's a bit of a headache, but that's the nature of the beast, if you can't hang with that wait till beta. Gear will be set class name wise then, and I'll just be optimizing. Glad your enjoying the update!
  4. Project Zenith

    Ohh word! I'll look into making some variants of those guys with drop holsters. I am working on getting a better model of the drop in anyhow so I'm sure I'll be eager to throw it in a bunch haha. And absolutely yes on the back panels. I'll be including some of his actually! The hatchet and some of the other accessories for sure. Just gotta get to it haha Love these man, really liked your pic in the rain earlier Ohh nice catch! I'll look into it haha i may reweight them in general cause they were early on my weighting. I'll for sure patch the boots up. I had the same thing on another model but I caught it when I patched up the 416 haha Oooooooo these are sick!!! Love seeing people use the zenith camos, I'm so proud of them haha It's for people who want to write their own add-on config to hide items. Some people like to use them to make a ton of versions, but I don't usually. Usually like my models to have unique shadows which you can't have in that kind of set up. Ohh I thought it did already! I'll add it in, as well as a bunch of pmc style mix and match with jeans like that one :) I'll add the kneepads into the glasses slot too. I'll add the Photoshop templates to my drive next week. I just need to clean up some of the vest ones, but for sure! I'll take a look at that Polo too! The shoulders do feel weird!
  5. Project Zenith

    What makes you think that they have been? ( [VSM] LBT 6094 7.62 (Coyote or Ranger) and [VSM] LBT 6094 5.56 (Coyote or Ranger) in case you just cant find it. :)
  6. Project Zenith

    lots of things wont have shadows, most things only have 1 lod, lots of sound issues. Appreciate the report! All of that stuff will be tidied up for me in BETA, Alpha ill be focusing on adding in the content to a certain point then moving onto other new stuff. Optimizing/LODS/Shadows in beta. All depends on how far I get into an item before I feel like its good enough for alpha haha so some stuff has them, some doesnt. Keep em coming :)
  7. Project Zenith

    hotfix to fix texture issue on 416's: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132848041 Sorry about that guys! Problems of uploading updates in the middle of the night haha :D Fixed that issue on the 416's. I couldnt catch any others for now. other than the known issue of the VSM faction popping up in the editor somewhere.... i think its in the g2's somewhere cause i was a noob when i started packing those up haha. ---- cause posts without pictures isnt allowed from me :D haha --------- i also forgot to mention i signed the mod :D So many of you were asking but I spaced, enjoy! :)
  8. Project Zenith

    It can not, but I will be doing more versions with the drop on those as well! Bummer when doing it through the hidden selections is you dont get shadows properly, and then stuff starts to look weird in the dark haha Ive had that problem with my gear before and by giving everything better shadow lods ive kinda avoided it. But the bummer is I have to make new models for any variant, which isnt a huge thing for anyone but people who know how to config up their own stuff anyway haha Is there a certain set up you were wanting a drop holster on?
  9. Project Zenith

    thanks man, Ill patch it up! If you guys see any more errors like this let me know! I had to port my entire drives content to a new one this month and Im sure more stuff like this will show up hah! Thanks for all the support guys!
  10. Project Zenith

    Appreciate that man! :) Thank ya!!
  11. Finally updated Zenith a bit( on steam if youre interested :) ) These are some of my favorites from the many photo shoots :D haha using POLPOX artwork and direones, rismarks and nikoatons poses RH - Acc pack for any weapon accessories that areny vanilla you see. Anything else is in Zenith and should be out! :D
  12. Project Zenith

    Haha Def coming soon bro! Oh yeah! in due time :) Na, I like it up. :) ------------------------------------ finally time for an update :D steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1132848041 Changelog: Crye Field uniforms( 3d model and rigging by Adacas, Textures and resizing by me) Crye Field Uniforms Rolled( 3d model and rigging by Adacas, Textures and resizing by me) Tactical pants + polo uniform ( 3d model by zurf3r, rigging and textures by me) Ranger Green vest variants + hidden selections Helmet hidden selectons + multicam Variants Gloves in glasses and NVG slots Single Tube NVG with Satchel Added Ghillie suit, light ghillie suit, and ghillie shroud. Weapon optimization at about %50. A good chunk have correct inheriting values and sounds, as well as the optin to be overwritten with sound mods ( I highly recommend the JSRS beta) Added 16in Fotis AR15 (chamfer base, resize, textures and modelling by me) added tan variant of CX4 (chamfer base, resize and textures by me) Added MPX(3d model by StiffMe1steR, rigging and textures by me) Added AK - Alpha (3d model by cyberwarunit, rigging and textures by me) Added AKM (3d model by Frimenitnet, textures and rigging by me) Crye G3 uniforms ( 3d model by ComradIvan18, textures rigging by me) Added AKM SBR (3d model by Frimenitnet, textures and rigging by me) Added HK 416(3d model by cyberwarunit, rigging and textures by me) Added HK 416 10.5in(3d model by cyberwarunit, rigging and textures by me) added MK17(3d model and textures by ImBrokeRU, rigging and some textures by me) Added MK20(3d model by kryckeinc, rigging and textures by me) Added PSG-1(3d model by Noodum, rigging and textures by me) Added "gen -1" Multicam, based off of cryes Gen 1 pattern of multicam. More greenish, with a green base and some other subtle changes Added Tiger to G3 Added m81 to g3's Added cold weather 2 ( 3d model by Kama MT, rigging textures and modelling by me) Added Project Honor classic to G2's Added Radar Jammer and Radar Jammer Bag (3d model by sungates, rigging and textures by me) Added IBH and Accesories (3d model by gmoske, rigging and textures by me) some others I may have missed, cause its been so long since I've updated and had to rewrite so much. Hope you enjoy everyone! Lots and lots of config work. Many thanks to the authors that donated to the project, whether it be through their tireless efforts in creating gear, or in their cash to pick up new assets off of the web, I appreciate you more than you can Know! PRON ---------------------- Also, a big reason why my updates are so slow, is that I'm also working on writing and recording my next album and making little youtube videos out of it. haha :D If you guys care to follow that part of my life too, join the 15 other people that are sub'd to me:D haha <3 love you all !!! ---------------------------- Donation Link for anyone interested. Every donation is beyond appreciated, you guys rule! <3 https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=HZ4RH4DYQFTJN
  13. Project Zenith

    Haha! Thanks man :) And yeah! The campaign is still in the works, I'm learning scripting and stuff too, so im spending a lot of time messing up lmao But its on the way! Slow and steady wins the.... eh.... lol ------------------------------------ As I'm tidying up the weapon configs I may be slipping in more and more cause I just cant help myself :D Heres a couple AKM's (3d modeller :Frimenitnet | Textures\rigging: Me ) with the Keymod rail and Magpul grip from the KREBS already in Zenith. I have a version with standard AK sites and mounting the optic high on the Keymod rail, and one with the extended upper rail/rear site modification that allows for more standard optic placement too. Fun :) Also.... I got bored in photoshop dont mind me lmao Enjoy your weekend guys! :) %80 ready or so for the next update. Having to rewrite configs is a pain. :D
  14. Project Zenith

    you act like i could even live with myself if i didnt have hidden selections and some dope spray versions???!?!?! :D (I will also be adding a ghillie wrap either to the attachments section if I can get it to look nice, or I'll have some dedicated rifles with the wraps if that doesnt work well, I would just like to be able to have them used on more than one rifle.)
  15. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    For real, his mod changed the game for screenshot addicts haha I literally have no desire to play the game, just endlessly pose in the editor and make new content so i can have more stuff for pics etc then the cycle repeats lmaoooo :D