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  1. VSM 2018 W.I.P. Direones/Nikaotons/Rismarck's Pose Packs
  2. Finally updated Zenith a bit( on steam if youre interested :) ) These are some of my favorites from the many photo shoots :D haha using POLPOX artwork and direones, rismarks and nikoatons poses RH - Acc pack for any weapon accessories that areny vanilla you see. Anything else is in Zenith and should be out! :D
  3. vanschmoozin

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    For real, his mod changed the game for screenshot addicts haha I literally have no desire to play the game, just endlessly pose in the editor and make new content so i can have more stuff for pics etc then the cycle repeats lmaoooo :D
  4. VSM Project Zenith (wip | update soonish) RH - ACC POLPOXs artwork supporter Rismarks poses Direones poses nikoaton poses Tanoa Patrol
  5. RH- Acc (weapon attachments) Project Zenith(wip ghillies) Nikoatons animations pack rismarks WW2 pose pack Direones Combat/Relax poses POLPOX's artwork supporter ZSL Static Poses Tactical Weapon Swap/Tactical Position Ready
  6. VSM Zenith (mostly WIP gear, coming to an update near you soon!) POLPOX Artwork supporter (honestly, go download this for you pics 10/10) Direones animations rismarks poses nikoatons animation pack RH Acc
  7. vanschmoozin

    Community Factions Project

    10/10 <3
  8. mods VSM - Project Zenith WIP (Jeans/coat/511 boots soon to come to an arma-land near you! :p) RH - Acc Nikoaton's animation pack Teeha & Warlord554 - GPnvg18
  9. Project Zenith Alpha (some wip\upcoming items pictured) Direones poses
  10. Project Zenith Alpha(just updated) (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132848041) RH - Acc Direones Combat/Relac Poses VSM - Vests & Helmets/Accessory packs
  11. vanschmoozin


    oh my god
  12. Upcoming VSM Project Zenith ACU uniforms, CIRAS, and DDM4 spray patterns. RH Acc VSM All in One
  13. Ol Kiwi's at it again :) Project Zenith and some wip/personal goodies. RH Acc Direones poses
  14. VSM Project Zenith VSM All in One Personal stuff/Wip Super tacticool dude on patrol on in the Tanoa hinterlands