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  1. @FOW,@IFA3_AIO_LITE, Rismarks pose pack-
  2. Yes thanks alot, iam person who likes to understnad where was issue even tho i dont understand scripting, was there like issue about how many directories it should allow to load for the repo or something ?
  3. Hello, is there please anyway to downgrade the version, iam having huge(atleast for me) problem that i cannot remove Addons from connected repo, but main problem for me its that it now doesnt work with having repo that got addons from multiple directories, for example 70% its in my Documents but 30% is in Workshop but for A3sync its classed, Missing..
  4. I would like to have this little moment and tell you all "I wish you all happy holidays, Chistmas and New year, i wish you you will meet with your loved ones in full health and spend great time together, i spent some time thinking how to represent this such holiday..and thought about this...Merry Christmas, may the nice ones get gifts and naughty ones coal. IFA,FOW, custom scarf reskin, Winter 2035
  5. Mods: Faces of War, custom retextures, custom anim poses, IFA 3 Lite (map Sark)
  6. ShiftyzZ-98

    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    well i would kiss you if you would look into word of ACE and make it foldable and movable stretcher like back in ACE 2
  7. ShiftyzZ-98

    6 x 6 Recce/Special Forces ATV

    is there sometihng like this planned to do ? ..it would be awesome having the good Czech SOG modified ATVs.
  8. ShiftyzZ-98

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I just wanted to ask, since i remember a while back you posted picture of SOCR boat I just want to ask, is it still planned or idea was canceled ? iam not saying when iam just would like to know if i should stay excited or no. Thanks ahead for answer and keep the great job
  9. ShiftyzZ-98

    NIArms Release Thread

    Maybe it was already mentioned but i couldnt help to notice that in Settings of Addons is "magazine switch"...does it work? ..as whne i for example now did try to load Ak74 with RPK magazine, it ididnt switched.
  10. Mods " Complementary Police Equipments, SMA, TRYK, KA weapons" chilling LAPD swat with Quite a weapon, overwatching succesfull raid Oh and then theres the guy who does all the job
  11. Later that night the killed person was found and made it straight to next day news @IFA3_lite_AIO EXTRA