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  1. i remember Jonzies pack had Forklift and the forks somehow worked, i just dont remember how.
  2. USP, Australian Commando Weapon Pack, RHS, POLPOX
  3. ShiftyzZ-98

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    "using private mods and saying in development" Please do read it again...i stated that the addon is already released but just this specific content would be from upcoming build.
  4. Id say backpack ..because helmet would be funky when the person would look around
  5. ShiftyzZ-98

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    like i get the whole idea of Private mods as mostly not always it been an ripped content, but what i dont understand is not being allowed to post content thats Already released but few parts of the content in the screenshot is from future update. "WIP/Development screenshots should ideally be in their own WIP/Dev thread" but isnt the Screenshots posted here even a nice way to promote an addon thats going through development?...i just dont get the whole idea of not being allowed to post screenshots of something thats public but just "outdated"
  6. ShiftyzZ-98

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Oh, so if nobody reports my picture iam good?
  7. ShiftyzZ-98

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    I know you will you use as excuse "8t was before rules began" but... Wasn't for example Padrino posting pictures with Dev version of RHS with his private poses?
  8. Someone said solid snake vibes? Great job on the object packs as always.
  9. ShiftyzZ-98

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Greetings all, its been a while since i shown up on forums, and iam thinking about posting pictures on forums again, wanted to ask ...is posting screenshots with content thats in development build/release candidate allowed?
  10. @FOW,@IFA3_AIO_LITE, Rismarks pose pack-
  11. Yes thanks alot, iam person who likes to understnad where was issue even tho i dont understand scripting, was there like issue about how many directories it should allow to load for the repo or something ?
  12. Hello, is there please anyway to downgrade the version, iam having huge(atleast for me) problem that i cannot remove Addons from connected repo, but main problem for me its that it now doesnt work with having repo that got addons from multiple directories, for example 70% its in my Documents but 30% is in Workshop but for A3sync its classed, Missing..
  13. I would like to have this little moment and tell you all "I wish you all happy holidays, Chistmas and New year, i wish you you will meet with your loved ones in full health and spend great time together, i spent some time thinking how to represent this such holiday..and thought about this...Merry Christmas, may the nice ones get gifts and naughty ones coal. IFA,FOW, custom scarf reskin, Winter 2035
  14. Mods: Faces of War, custom retextures, custom anim poses, IFA 3 Lite (map Sark)