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  1. direone

    US 75th Rangers

    Totally awesome buddy! :D
  2. direone

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    And btw I can post a retexture and say "yeah I will release them soon" and bla bla bla but never release it for problems of real life
  3. direone

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Don't start posting that dictionary caption, that story is going out of hand and this forum, for those rules, is dying every day a bit more I will end this conversation here.
  4. direone

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Really?? Now also retexture that will not be released will be considered "private stuff"? Even if I had the permission from the author? Guys... I think that it is time to stop with those bullshit, i get the stolen stuff but not retexture work, this forum is becoming everyday more and more toxic...
  5. direone

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Thanks a lot bud! Really I didn't expected it to turn out so well lol
  6. 75 th ranger regiment operators on the road to the base encounter a villager with some goats that are blocking the road. One member of the team is speaking to the villager in order to make the goats move and clear the road Mods: JSOC, RHS, 3CB weapons, RHARD MK18, OPSCORE, WarfareThai mod, Old but gold map pack, Nikoaton poses, SOCMOD, British Infantry mod
  7. direone

    US 75th Rangers

    It looks totally awesome also the size of it looks good great works guys!
  8. direone

    US 75th Rangers

    What a dumb question i made, it's obviuos that there will be more loadout, as i know that you like to make variants :P and i love you for this ahaha btw, what i was thinking is, maybe you guys can make some new MG pouches down the road? Don't ask me about that MG fetish i have now lol
  9. 75th Ranger Regiment operator patroling in Afghanistan, 2017 Ranger from the 75th regiment are patroling a road in Afghanistan in the tribal area, the team are checking the presence of threats down the road. Mainly of IEDs as the road was cleared from them just few weeks ago. The wreck on the right was a victim of one of these improvised explosives. (also the colored glasses in the pic above are photoshopped) (just inspect this one pic, one of the 2 backpack is not really from arma :P btw before saying "it's ripped" i just added it via photoshop) Mods: JSOC, COS, RHARD MK18, SOCMOD, RHS, SPEC 4 VESTS, RH acc
  10. direone

    US 75th Rangers

    Damnn maan it looks awesome! Can't wait for it! Can't wait for the whole mod! Btw a quick question there will also be also specific loadout? Like MG, marksman etc?
  11. 75th ranger regiment operates on patrol Mods: RHS, JSOC, COS, Chernarus redux, rh acc, 75th ranger regiment mod
  12. GETTING EL POZOLERO Colombia, 2017 a SEAL team is hunting an important member of a colombian drug cartel called El Pozolero, he take care of bodies left from the cartel and make them disappear. The intel found on a previous operation lead the team to a facility where the Pozoloero is supposed to operate. The HVT need to be captured in order to interogate him to gather more intels on the other members of the cartel. In advance sorry for the long post lol. The team arrive at the facility and ready to take out a guard that is at the entrance. Advancing to the building where the HVT is supposed to operate. The team split into 2 in order to reach two different entry point of the buildings. On the way to the entry point both team 1 and team 2 engage some hostiles. Team 1 ready to enter in the building. A sniper provide cover to team 1. Team 2 ready to enter. The team breached in the building and take down some more hostiles that is near El Pozolero. After all the hostiles where killed the team capture the HVT. The operation is a success and the team get El Pozolero alive. The team call in for extraction. On the way to the extraction point the team engage few more guards without losses. Mods: JSOC, COS, RHS US, RH, ZEI mod, Project Zenith mod, Rismarck poses, Nikoaton poses, Warfare thai, ASCZ heads and Zeeidentity, Hidden identity v3
  13. direone

    US 75th Rangers

    @Eduardo Argimon http://www.danner.com/men?___store=default_danner_int check this site bud
  14. TIER 1 SERIES | A COLLECTION OF TIER 1 OPERATOR OF ARMA 3 (note that all the infos will not be 100 % accurate as i will work out fictional team of tier 1 operators) CAG DIRECT ACTION TEAM 1 i was thinking to make some of those pics also with a realistic backgorund either with placing buildings and other objects or taking pics directly in a map but the first option of placing object will give me a lot of freedom what you think guys? maybe give me some feedbacks on the comment section Mods: JSOC, COS, RHS, CAG hk416, RR opscore, ASCZ heads