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  1. Hi Tam Dang Nguyen, thanks for the kind words. Development on this mod has been on pause for a while. It basically boils down to it being quite a large project to keep running with only two people, particularly when life has a habit of happening. However, I'm still interested in keeping it going, and hope to revisit it Soon (TM).
  2. crooker12

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hi MrBagel, Thanks for taking the time to look into this! I've just tried running only 3CB mods (with both the Steam and Armaholic versions of CBA, in case I had a bad install of that), and the problem persists. However, if you're not seeing it, it sounds like the problem's on my end rather than a general bug - I'll try re-downloading the 3CB mods and see if that makes a difference. EDIT: Yep, that got it - must have had a dodgy download...
  3. crooker12

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I apologise if this is already known, but it seems that the L115 has an issue with the bipod. When the bipod is deployed on the ground, the weapon rests on the bipod hinge, not the feet of the bipod, which causes the player character to 'sink' into the ground. To replicate this, choose the L115 in the Arsenal, and deploy the bipod while prone. I'm sorry for the nitpick - this is a very minor issue in an exceptional mod!
  4. crooker12

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    And there was much rejoicing!
  5. crooker12

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    In case it helps anyone else who's struggling with the whole personal-dedicated-server-on-your-personal-computer thing, I can confirm saving and loading in SP does work now. I use a not very impressive laptop for Arma, and saving this mission takes a while (5 or so minutes), but does work without crashing. This is great news for me, having tried literally everything to get the ALiVE War Room to work and failing miserably...
  6. Updated NATO Infantry pack is now present on the Dropbox. This version restores the missing M249, MP7 and SPC following the recent RHS release.
  7. Hi, I'm currently revising the NATO/RHS replacement pack created by el_guiguitre and I to solve the current problems with it, and I've encountered a problem with replacing the MX SW with RHS's M249. Despite making the MX SW class a child class of the RHS M249, the game continues to draw the sounds from the vanilla class, not the parent class. I think I could theoretically define the sounds in the new class, by copying over the mode classes from the RHS config. However, the RHS M249 mode classes (and all parent classes) are missing the component where the sound is defined, so doing things this way removes the sound altogether. Is there a way to 'empty' a given classname, so that it then draws all information from the parent class? The ArmA 3 Replacement Config Tutorial (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_3_Replacement_Config_Tutorial) mentions 'cleaning' both classes as part of the Basic Preparation, but I am not sure a) whether this is what I am looking for, and b) how to go about doing this EDIT: disregard the above. RHS stores the sound config separately to the rest of the config. Once the relevant mode classes were copied into my new config, it worked fine. Just a question of looking in the right place...
  8. Pufu from the RHS team has been very helpful answering our questions previously, but I think right now the RHS guys are very busy with the latest update. I'll wait until the dust settles from that before adding to their workload... Good catch - the file folders have been removed, and the PBO files are added.
  9. CSAT forces have now been replaced with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, with all equipment replaced with the closest Russian equivalent. Please find the files at the same download link as the US forces. There are two (known) quirks with this release. Firstly, strange magazine compatibility is a feature, not a bug. This mod is designed to be plug-and-play, so that no other changes are needed to play vanilla-content Arma 3 missions with RHS assets. Since, for example, all factions in Arma 3 use the same 40mm grenade, all grenade launchers in our mod need to retain the ability to launch this grenade to avoid breaking existing missions. This means that GP25s-that-used-to-be-CSAT-UGLs are able to use NATO 40mm grenades, the MP433-that-used-to-be-a-Rook40 can use M9 mags, etc. GP25s-that-have-always-been-GP25s (ie original RHS assets, with the RHS logo next to them in the Arsenal) are unaffected. Secondly, since CSAT optics fit on all weapons, we have been unable to prevent the Russian optics from doing the same. Given the mounting location for Kalashnikov-type sights is different to Picatinny rails, non-Russian rifles with CSAT optics will look weird. We haven't found a fix for this, and it's not for lack of trying - but we look forward to being shown where we went wrong by someone more experienced...
  10. Currently, only NATO has been replaced, using RHS US Army assets. We are actively working on replacing CSAT (Altis) and AAF assets with RHS Russian and GREF assets, respectively, but have no timeframe for release. So, CSAT will be replaced 'later', but not 'as later' as any (still speculative) side packs, if that makes sense.
  11. Thanks for testing, and for going the extra mile to figure out the cause of the issue - it's really helpful, thanks! We'll have a look into it, but I'm afraid I can't promise a fix - changing the seat number will probably end up with a weird 8th man clipping through his friend so he can sit in the same seat...
  12. I thought the missile specialists already had the Javelin - do they still have the Titan in your game? We won't be adding Spec4Gear to the main mod, as it would add another mod dependency. Our philosophy for this mod was to make the only dependency RHS, as there are many excellent mods we could include, but it could quickly get annoying having to download lots of mods just to replace the Hunter with a Humvee. That said, we miiiiight later release 'side packs' that add LBTs for the special forces, or the CH-46 (for example), but we would have to think hard about that. Even if we can get permission from the mod makers, it would create many different 'versions' of the mod, which could be confusing for multiplayer...
  13. My apologies - it should be fixed now.
  14. El_Guiguitre and crooker12 are proud to release the RHS replacement pack. Since discovering the superb RHS Escalation mod, we have been waiting for someone to release a pack to swap the vanilla weapons, items and vehicles for their present-day equivalents. Unfortunately, such a pack didn't materialise, and eventually we decided to create one ourselves. Our aim is to allow any mission with vanilla assets to be played with RHS assets, without any further modification of the mission being necessary. In order to keep the number of mod dependencies to a minimum, only RHS assets will be used in the core mod. After all vanilla assets have been replaced, we may go back and add optional gear packs that use content from other mods. However, if this does occur, it will be in the distant future. So far, we have replaced the NATO Altis faction with the US Army, and other factions will follow When They Are DoneTM. All NATO Altis (and CTRG Altis) weapons, vehicles, aircraft, uniforms, and items have been replaced with their RHS equivalent. Update 20/12/2016 - CSAT has now been replaced with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/48bd61ycc8sxdz8/AADGMEcYykD-RqomF_pbxLTFa?dl=0 Known issues: There are several duplicate items in the arsenal. This is caused by the same RHS asset (for example, the patchless SPC) being used to replace multiple vanilla assets. Since each vanilla item is replaced individually, loadouts resemble vanilla in terms of magazine numbers etc, rather than being 100% real-life-accurate. The PCML has not yet been replaced. This will hopefully be fixed in a future version. CSAT optics replaced with Russian equivalents still fit on all rifles, not just Kalashnikov mounting systems. Future plans (not necessarily in order of appearance): CSAT Altis to be be replaced with Russian assets (complete) AAF to be replaced with assets from the RHS GREF pack FIA and guerillas to be have a mix of the equipment of the occupying forces (Russian and GREF) NATO Pacific to be replaced with USMC CSAT Pacific to be replaced with appropriate Russian forces We would like to thank BIS for their amazing game, eduardcomando for his NIArms replacement pack that inspired this mod, and the RHS team for doing the hard work that made this mod possible. We would like to stress that this mod is NOT an official RHS release - any issues with it are our fault, not the fault of the RHS team.
  15. crooker12

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Although we haven't given any updates, this idea is not forgotten. In fact, El_Guiguitre and I have been working on this since I posted, and are planning on a first release (NATO only so far) this weekend...