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  1. This issue is still happening and isn’t fixed. Using HC client makes the memory rise even faster. Our server with alive running can last around 2 1/2 day. We have over 30gb or ram.
  2. interesting. good job. Wonder what it will do on dedicated servers
  3. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    No reply yet.
  4. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    @R0adki11 I did. Thx
  5. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    yes i know all that. I am looking for the "route" like you said!
  6. O.Languedoc

    dslyecxi aircraft navigation mod

    Yes i know that. But in his case.. it draws a line on his GPS. Constently updating.
  7. Hi, I saw this video on Dslyecxi channel. On his GPS there is a line between him and a waypoint. How does he do that? Cheers
  8. O.Languedoc

    Operation NorthStar (ONS)

    Here is some WIP pics of a new weapon. These are old pics. The weapon is completed and in-game. CADEX TREMOR & CYCLOPS SUPP.
  9. O.Languedoc

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Hi duda, How do you adjust the point for specific helicopters. I am working an helo and my ropes appearing inside the chopper instead of under. What memory point do you use? Is there any documentation like for advanced rapelling with helos?
  10. I think we do have a RoadWay LOD, not sure. We have ViV, that i am sure.
  11. Reviving my old post. Any new idea? Our chinook still dont have dust effect when approching the ground or the water.
  12. This started happening to me too. I dont know why... and its vanilla weapons class name listed. No entry.... /CFGweapons/arifle_mx_base_F/Fullauto.displayName ???
  13. O.Languedoc

    Weapons Weight chart?

    thx. i'll look into it
  14. Hi guys, Does anybody have a soundshader.hpp customized for the lynx or any .50cal sniper rifle? For the other weapons we used the MX Shader, but figured out that a sniper would be different. Cheers