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    JIP in EDEN

    I did put a description.ext : respawnDialog=0; respawn=3; respawnDelay=5; respawnOnStart = 0; but still not loading if the game in progress. Here's an exemple of a template am trying to create : https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=5B34869A1527FA2E!427&authkey=!AJ1Y_fp41-iDX1A&ithint=file%2cpbo
  2. mrhappiness

    JIP in EDEN

    Hi, i'm currently making a mission in EDEN. I set in the multiplayer setting respawn and i set the marker "Respawn_west". Evrything work well for the respawn but when it come to join in progress, people get stuck at the loading screen. Any tought on that?