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  1. Watchout. You just broke the 'Dont be an involved user' rule. But yeah. Cant wait to start using this. 8)
  2. Metis Marker

    Excelent mate. This is one of those 'little big' things that were missing
  3. Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    Excellent! Now I was wondering...can this be white with snow terrains aswell?
  4. +1 it not only helps. Its standard in modern aircraft. (Although it only a feature from the AH64E, in that aircrafts specific case.)
  5. Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    The Mercedes-Benz 290GD is progressing nicely and being configed already!
  6. I think he is asking what the rang is of the default radio on misaion start. And what it's classname is.
  7. Really....? try scrolling up a bit
  8. Realistic backpacks

    There is an other issue that may arrise from this. Our group regularly has empty, smaller, backpack in their backpacks sometimes. Like a TFAR LR Radio, Small assault pack used to bring just some explosives or ammo for the GPMG. This can only be done by dragging this backpack directly into the inventory list of your current backpack. As far as I know, not when on the ground.
  9. Max Melee Weapons

    Nice. Maybe, in the class eventhandlers, set the ammo back to maximum?
  10. Air Defence Systems

    The target must be within the set viewdistance. Otherwise it is impossible for AI to fire at anything (to my knowledge) SP: Viewdistance is as per the user's setting. Or by the forced SetViewdistance command from the mission. MP: The viewdistance set local to the server.
  11. execVM on trigger activation

    looks like your tigger isnt checking for player death at all.
  12. Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    Very unlikely for the time being.
  13. Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    Pre-Alpha 0.1 NL Leusderheide This is the Flagship terrain from the original LLW mod! Now recreating it for Arma3! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a8zM4pv5UCCdjCMQN1nP_SmwfKH-55qI Terrain Data: 7x7km in 3m cell cize The area covers: Leusderheide Vlasakkers Part of Soesterberg Airbase Part of Amersfoort Requires: - CUP Terrains Known issues: - You may find some missing texture errors
  14. Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    Roosendaal will be far more detailed for sure. Every little help is great. (I lived in Roosendaal myself and I have strode and sleeped more than I like in that training area.....if you know what I mean....)
  15. Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    Use 3Den to populate the area around your house. Don't hesitate to try and make a 3d Drawing of your house aswel (Use Scetchup if you are not much of a modeller). We will put it in the content and give you credit. Send over an export or mission.sqm and we will see to it, it will be implemented in the next release!