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  1. could be solved if the model has building pos memorypoints. @n_icomach do you have that?
  2. Its no rocket science. If you are decent at scripting. Like you. You'll like it. Especially specifically with your script here.
  3. The only issue I have with this mod is it also does its thing with bush. can that be disabled? or atleast make it an option?
  4. I didnt realise this was so actively developed. Its the first time Ive seen it (yet, Ive been in the community for 15 years) great job. We are running a server with a variant modified for our modpack. (Afghan civies and allthat) The version I use is a few weeks old. I may have missed a patch. Is it allready possible to limit the number of weapons for aircraft. i.e 40x gbu12 available, 10x agm65 available, etc.
  5. You may want to make an FSM for this. Could work better than an SQF script.
  6. Use the assignAs... command followed by OrderGetin command. Has worked since OFP.
  7. It is indeed the way stuff is published and how you give it to the community. Starting to see you are actually learning this. ;) I was mislead into using a model myself, which in the end seemed ripped from a game. Had to restart the project. Everyone here wants to enhance the game here. Who ever tries to make money from it should do it in a legit way (Like myself) Monetising mods is not one of those ways. Keep on it! And I know for a fact Spookygnu has some interesting stuff for you.
  8. with this...I am now thinking that audio sensor UAV must be possible and easiky configurable, then integrated with this mod. 8)
  9. Do you have earlier screenshots or videos of when you first started to model this.... thing? I'd sure like learn from that.
  10. @n_icomach May I suggest one (or more) ship variant without the containers. This would allow mission makers to put their own container configuration in there.
  11. Yes since its still an incomplete mod.
  12. Yeeeeeees!!!! If you would have been a women, Id have snogged you the rest of the day....
  13. SEAD missiles by VTI

    I have been experimenting with this. Maybe the RevealTarget command could help? never really tried it myself.