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  1. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    It has been a little quiet and some minor mods have been made in the meanwhile We are currently reworking some of the AH64 Apache which will be released as a 'Block 3'. The restart of the Middle Brabant terrain has given us massive results, using specific terrain data. Leusderheide has made progress and is being game-tested. The heavy work is still the buildings. The C7 has not been worked on because there is a allready working C7/C8 mod, by @Leon C7NLD. However we do have a stunning Aimpoint which could improve this allready good piece of work. That was it for now.
  2. Crielaard

    Max Melee Weapons

    set min/mid/maxRange... in the config to something arround 1 meter.
  3. Crielaard

    Animate PAA

    Great for making ambiance I think. Like TVs or monitors with sormthing moving on the screen
  4. Crielaard

    HAFM NH90 Helicopter

    Hi Aplion The Artificial Horizon seems to be reversed. I initially thought it was intended as outside-in but even then its reversed Left bank is shown as right bank and vise versa. Very confusing when flying in bad conditions or mountains.
  5. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    Haha yeah. Work is in progress but not focussed on just one project, thus slow. We can have a walk arround the beast when details need to be updated.
  6. Crielaard

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    Try using the following in the init line: this engineOn true
  7. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    Thank you no this is the center of the netherlands. No coast. It the training area next to the cavelry base. Just southwest of Amersfoort.
  8. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    Main vegetation is nearing completion. We have started to work on the details. left 'Hut van Klaas' and on the right 'lijn appel' and 'lijn peer'. For who is familiar with the locations....
  9. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    UPDATE To let the community know what we are doing, here is a little update. The following info will be backed up with screenshots in a week or two from now! 1. Leusderheide terrain is still being worked on. The training areas now get detailed attention while specific buildings are being produced. An Alpha release is coming soon. 2. The 'Middle Brabant' terrain will be restarted, new terrain database is received and being processed. 3. Colt C7/C8 is on hold temporarily but is one of the highest on our priority list. 4. Volks Wagen Amarok is starting to become usable. We thank Macha for her 3d modeling work. 5. Boxer MRAV is unexpectedly started by one of the modellers and is progressing stunningly quickly. This vehicle is planned to be of 'Tanks DCL quality'. Waiting for Modeler to continue to work 6. CV90's interior is being worked on. This one is also planned to be 'Tank DLC quality'. On hold temporality 7. Pzh2000NL is still being modelled and progressing well. It will not have any interiors. But we are designing ammo and configs to make it operatable close to its reallife capabilities. We are also considering a custom Artillery computer. No progress since last time. 8. The CH-47F Chinook project has fully restarted. Model is nearly done. Redoing some config work. Using Delta Gamer's model as a base 9. NEW: AH-64E Apache Guardian. Is a project to overhaul the current LLW Apache mod and implement this new Apache variant the RNLAF is going to use more. The base of the project remains the same: Use vanilla arma functions smartly to get as close to reality as practical. No progress since last update. Looking for help To finish our modpack at the end of the day, we need dutch uniforms and equipment. That is what we are missing... Any modders who would like to participate are welcome. Any modpack who are willing to exchange or simply donate assets please please contact me! Testers Don't bother asking for early access. Join 103SF and you may end up as a guinnypig to test one of the mods. Otherwise, wait until a public release.
  10. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    As the Leusderheide is nearing a 'playable' state, we have stated to develop some structures.
  11. Crielaard

    F/C-37 Thunder restoration project

    You are very wrong. progress hasnt halted. Progress is simply behind the curtain. Your statement is very strange. Did you even ask what the status is? oh wait...thats not allowed on this forum.
  12. Attach it to a selection of you character like head. myobject attachto [myguy, [0,1,0] , "selectionname"]
  13. We have found some strange Geo lod issues. On the Containerless variant there seem to be some invisible containers. Also extending from the bow to the starboard side there seem to be geolod faces. You can walk in the sky there for over 30 meters. Also its imposible to determine on which side the doors rotate. Which makes CQB hell.