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  1. PLP Materials

    sounds like a good plan. What would you like to have feedback about?
  2. It's almost the end of 'early 2018' :)
  3. Bulldozer crash on startup

    Thus bulldozer.exe is porked?
  4. Bulldozer crash on startup

    Exactly 1 years later. I am having this issue again. As the OP
  5. PLP Materials

    Excellent! Would you also release this opensource in order to build structures?
  6. Yup, just camcreate and set target on the appropriate mempoints. A more sophisticated script will take FOV and Cam mode into account.
  7. Its in your video settings, PIP settings.
  8. ah yes ofcourse. No way that I know of. Because that seems hardcoded.
  9. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_-piV9kDMLFscVtJa8MLKlNf4r_Buirt Download link updated. Fixed: Minor compatibility issue with Ace & RHS. Use ACE Viewdistance to be able to decouple Air from Ground viewdistance. If you don't want to use all of ace features, you can just stick to ACE_common.pbo and ACE_Viewdistance.pbo and you're good. have fun!
  10. Seriously dude. STOP being so awesome, it's really starting to annoy people now. ;)
  11. You are shocking Armas Flying and FACing world mate. I'd just say improve what you have now and maybe integrate it with ACE3 either as an option or not. I havent been able to try this yet. But when I do I will give you my feedback from my profession as an AF pilot.