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  1. Crielaard

    Lockheed C-130

    There sure is. USAF Mod. And it does the job well with a COD-like interface.
  2. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    Yes sir the re-release of the RNLAF AH-64D (E) is close to public release. Working on the RNLAF CH-47 The Middle Brabant terrain is having some memory difficulties due to it's size and number of objects on it.
  3. Crielaard

    QGIS Game terrain tools

    Looking forward to give this a shot. Great work!
  4. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior mod Releases

    A little update from our side: - The AH-64E Guardian will be released soon as a public beta. (Which will not be more than a facelifted version of our previous A2 Apache port) - Middle Brabant terrain (42x42km) is now fully populated by forests and we are making progress on the hightmap. When these two are complete we will start to release beta updates - We are currently working on a Retexture of vanilla assets with the newNFP camo paterns. We are looking for a modeler to make propper uniforms. - Mercedes-Benz 290GD, we expect to release a beta of soon after the AH-64E - PZH 2000 is on-hold but we have a model ready. (which doesn't have the issue as earlier this time........) - Still hesitating to continue the work on the C7/C8 NLD.
  5. Crielaard

    42 Commando - VS17 Marker Panels

    Simple but very usefull mod for units that work with aircraft roleplayer. 103SF will use this for sure!
  6. I am familliar with editing the parameters for the existing profiles. However, I would like to actually make them behave differently. i.e. I would like to make a cruise missile who doesnt need a laser all the way to impact. I want to be able to lock the laser, remember it's last position and impact there. is there some FSM I need to edit/add?
  7. Crielaard

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    You need some help on your texrures and Rvmats?
  8. Crielaard

    Civil Aviation

    Hi Sabre I notice the jets with AI wont land. They just Touch & Go. Any way to force this?
  9. Crielaard

    SPIE Addon

    The mod would really be a great addition to all the rope mods. Looking forward for the release!
  10. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    It has been a little quiet and some minor mods have been made in the meanwhile We are currently reworking some of the AH64 Apache which will be released as a 'Block 3'. The restart of the Middle Brabant terrain has given us massive results, using specific terrain data. Leusderheide has made progress and is being game-tested. The heavy work is still the buildings. The C7 has not been worked on because there is a allready working C7/C8 mod, by @Leon C7NLD. However we do have a stunning Aimpoint which could improve this allready good piece of work. That was it for now.
  11. Crielaard

    Max Melee Weapons

    set min/mid/maxRange... in the config to something arround 1 meter.
  12. Crielaard

    Animate PAA

    Great for making ambiance I think. Like TVs or monitors with sormthing moving on the screen
  13. Crielaard

    HAFM NH90 Helicopter

    Hi Aplion The Artificial Horizon seems to be reversed. I initially thought it was intended as outside-in but even then its reversed Left bank is shown as right bank and vise versa. Very confusing when flying in bad conditions or mountains.
  14. Crielaard

    Lowlands Warrior

    Haha yeah. Work is in progress but not focussed on just one project, thus slow. We can have a walk arround the beast when details need to be updated.
  15. Crielaard

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E ArmA III

    Try using the following in the init line: this engineOn true