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  1. @RCA3 Agree. However, since Arma by default has no tactical sling, where you can just 'release' your weapon and it dangles on your chest, increasing that slinging anim speed would take care of that. I tried the Tactical Slinging mod. But it is full of bugs.
  2. I don't think. I speak from experience. And the avarage Arma3 avatar represents a well trained soldier and even SF guys. So they should beat me.
  3. Crielaard

    3den Enhanced

    This looks very useful. I Lost count of the number of Times that I found a nice location but forgot where it was.
  4. Beta Update 0.4 NL South-middle "Middle Brabant" - Hundreds of KM's of roads in the Rucphen and Maas/Waal area. - Lighting and water effects settings which are closer to Dutch weather and ambiance. (thanks to Forgotten Fronts Mod team) - Added over 2000 landmark objects - Improved Mask image (ground texture) for Gilze-Rijen Airbase Known issues: - On terrain load error: No entry ...Weather2.cloudDiffuse - Many rough placements - missing canals and irrigation - elevation on some ponds and streams/rivers incorrect Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1po85kRy5ZPfRzIWpNvlyZZqgy-r9U1nv
  5. AH-64E Apache Guardian UPDATE v0.56 Update v0.56: - Improved ground handling in AFM https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ev6-3_BV_zozDvGi_FeZpqbC77jEnWvt
  6. AH-64E Apache Guardian UPDATE v0.55 Update v0.55: - Exploding while taxing in Adv. Flight model FIXED - Mod.cpp added https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D85VudZZKV6tH8U6aInfU6FngMZZogva
  7. Beta 0.3 NL South-middle "Middle Brabant" Terrain Data: 42x42km in 5m cell cize 1.4 million Objects All main roads hundereds of landmark objects (mainly wind turbines and Antenna poles) Some hotspot parsley populated with houses and other objects. Update/Additions: - hunderds of thousands of trees generated - hunderds of kilomters of roads generated - dozens of Wind turbines placed - over 200 antenna poles placed - Sleeuwijk area updated - Gilze-Rijen in overhaul - Rucphenseheide/Roosendaal/Seppe area in overhaul The main effort will be in Biesbosch/Altena area, Rucphenseheide area and Gilze-rijen Airbase. Licence: - Do not upload to Steam Workshop - Do not use on Monetised servers - Do not use for Life servers - Do not modify this mod without written agreent of the original creator (me) - Future reconfigs are allowed specifically when an update to the base game breaks or degrades this mod. Any modifications shall stay within the intent to fix the issue. - Reconfigs specifically to clearly improve the mod (ie. spelling errors, lighting/sound improvement, etc) is allowed and can be released but all effort to contact the original author must be proven. Anyone who is up for it can take part of this project, simply with your Arma3 Mission editor. Let me know if you are interested! In that case, making your own hometown is perfectly fine. DOWNLOAD 0.3 BETA: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U9SA21IvV69lz0DacFhIrZ9Y1rgeaFkS @foxhound feel free to update Armaholic
  8. AH-64E Fix: Mod.cpp error New download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z1QfhXKX3psexcQavbxdKdnjHZA1qWuq
  9. Anyone is allowed to make a reconfig according tonthe licence, if I am not mistaken.
  10. Dude... WHAT is the error exactly? Give me a screenshot.
  11. Ooh I'm sorry Ill fix the first one. Ill reupload in a few days Again you are not specific on the second, when you select the map. Or is it the same error?
  12. Did or can you also speed up the weapon switching? Specifically to side arm...that is rediculously slow.
  13. AH-64E Apache Guardian This is the first release of the AH-64E Apache Guardian, for public testing. It is an upgraded version of Lowlands Warrior's AH-64D A2 port. Please report any issues in this thread. Update v0.56: - Improved ground handling in Adv. Flight Update v0.55: - Exploding while taxing in Adv. Flight model FIXED Features v0.5: - Upgraded textures - RTD Rotorlib Realistic flight model - 'Improved' Simple Flight model - Realistic Engine startup time - Enhanced survivability - Side seat Cargo gunners - Dynamic Pylons - TADS Geo stabilized - Kimi's HMD - IHADS/PNVS - AGM-114 realistic flight profiles - Pitching Pylons with rocket/missile release trajectory and CCIP (unscripted, all Native Arma3) - 30mm Guns works with ACE3 Fire control system (laser) AND Vanilla Auto ranging - AMASE Pod Flares - AMASE Pod voice feedback - Camshake when shooting - Camshake when closing VNE To Do: - Texture upgrade - TADS Optics overlay - Fully Synced TADS-MFD - Deny exploding on inverted ground touch - many more small features Known issues: - Exploding while taxien in advanced flight model - AGM-114 not tracking laser when Gunner turret is 'aimed at the sky' User need-to-know: - Seagull Fast Forward = active laser - Seagull Forward = Fire rockets quick key - Seagull Down = PNVS On Special Thanks to: - Bohemia Interactive for their public models and excellent game/enige whichI wasted so much time on...yet brought me where I am now - RNLAF and US Army and it's pilots who helped in the project for reference and feedback - Kimi for using my mod as a base for making his excellent HMD mod - DeltaGamer for providing the first push on making the A3 port - Franzen & NODunit for sharing their Bitchin betty (no offence intended to whoever did the voice acting) - Zeitsev for creating the Flight model - 103 Special Forces gaming unit for testing Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ev6-3_BV_zozDvGi_FeZpqbC77jEnWvt @foxhound Feel free to share this on Armaholic Licence: This mod contains modeling and texture work which are made to improve the original. - You can reconfig, retexture any way you want for your own use - You can redistribute a modded version, crediting the Lowlands Warrior mod team and mentioning all fron the 'special thanks' - Do not, without any except, ever, upload to the Steam Workshop - Do not use this mod on a monetised server, neither monetise the mod it self, nor use in any way afiliated with a monetised server