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  1. If you make this mod... Do make sure you add a 'Dragonfly' mod. which randomly spawns this near the UAV when flying low in summertime. For unknown reason Dragonfly's agressively attack this drone on a regular basis sometimes dying by the rotorblades in the proces...sometimes succesfully taking it down! True story...they seem to hate it.
  2. I think you can forget that in MP
  3. Lowlands Warrior

    May I ask what usecase you have for this?
  4. Ihantala

    Cellsize 1.... great whats the size of the whoel map? 4x4km? 8x8?
  5. indeed and I never had the balls to ask Buck to make an A model aswell. ...wait is he reading this? :D
  6. indeed, thats why I asked the trick question. ;)
  7. are you using the modules or the cba_settings.sqf?
  8. P drive not mounting

    Solved thanks RoF
  9. @georgischer Maschinengewehr You are not really helping with your attitude and you are not the only one who served, activily served, been to war or has played OFP since the beginning. Exactly that attitude is the reason why Drongo lost motivation to work on this great mod.
  10. Elvis is not dead. He just went home. I have gone through a daunting job to fix some model and config issues Getbuck was having. These are partitially solved now. Enough to get him back in the sadle I hope... Atleast we have a propperly binarizing mod again! Now lets focus on the features.
  11. P drive not mounting

    thnx going to try that
  12. P drive not mounting

    Aaaand the issue just changed. The drive seems to be mounted. It's just not visible in my file explorer...