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  1. About a month ago TF Legion decided to converse to a Special Forces Unit. It wasnt easy, and there was always the fear of ''Over doing it", but nonetheless we felt if we did go SF, we had to do a good job while we're at it to actually up the skill levels. Fair to say that during our first campaign (as of the 22nd of May) you can clearly see the difference in mentality and skill. We (as HQ) are very happy and proud to offer our members the experience we are currently offering, with coherent units, immersive missions and a big variety of roles. It also shows in the level of activity in the unit, which is always a good sign that reflects the joy in-game! As we are now fully ready to recieve new members, our Recruitment campaign has officially begun! Are you interested in joining or simply just want to have a chat, I advise you visit our TeamSpeak channel and ping anyone that is online, they are all glad to answer your questions! Visit our main page https://www.tflegion.eu and press the ''TeamSpeak 3" Logo to automatically connect to our server. Greetings, Marshalll
  2. Who are we? Alpha Company 1st Battalion 3rd Special Forces Group Nicknamed "Task Force Legion" What do we do? A European Time Zone (CEST) Milsim Unit based on the US Special Forces with the mindset of providing a milsim styled environment. Including specialisations, ranks and possibilities for personal development and growth within the unit. When do we Operate? Task Force Legion conducts operations every Wednesday and Friday starting from 19:30 to 22:30 Central European (Summer) Time. In addition to these two operation days the unit's forces also host their own extra training's. Where do we Operate?: Task Force Legion conducts operations on our own dedicated server in our custom made missions & Campaigns. Our Mission makers create specific Campaigns and scenarios for our members to enjoy with an ever developing storyline. Player suggestions and feedback on our forums play a big part in the creation of the missions and campaigns. Why do we do things the way we do? Our aim is, and will always be, to give each individual player the experience of having your own billet/function as every member of the unit holds a specialised role and is trained in multiple, as variety is deemed important for a long and enjoyful stay. Additionally, we also provide an environment to develop friendships, have a laugh and to have every member feel as a cornerstone of the unit once you've earned your spot among us. Want to know more about the unit or interested in joining? Apply Now! Teamspeak Website ~ CPT Marshall Co-Unit Owner & Bravo Detachment Commander
  3. Squad name: Task Force Legion Timezone/location : Central European Time Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-op Milsim Contact email: support@tflegion.eu Website address: https://www.tflegion.eu Short description: Air Assault unit based on the US Army Airborne starting from 19:30 to 22:30 CET on our own dedicated server in our custom made (realistic) campaigns. Language: English
  4. Marshall.I

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Wouldnt it be an amazing idea to create a ''init line'' to add to a 'Box', that calls to a/the specific fnc (such as ace arsenal). Then, your logistical system could be much more amazing . Btw, it deserves some recognition!
  5. Marshall.I

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    But in theory it ccould be manually added?
  6. Marshall.I

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hi Vdauphin, Is it possible to add multiple ''Logistical Boxes''? There is one standard in the mission file, but I would love to add another one! Ive seen some reference to the box in the mission files but I can't figure it out! Also, is it possible to enable the use of multiple HCs instead of just the one? Thanks in advance!
  7. There are no error messages, I know which one you mean with the red X pop-up as I had it before when I first tried something in a different project. Here is the log file info from last session (7-6-17) where I just did the following actions: Start up the Program, go to the Generate Layers button and press it: This is the log file data from when I was following the tutorial, which was the first time I got the issue ever: (as you can see this was when I also created the subfolders)
  8. I have done that which you have suggested @Cosmo_D41, sadly there is no change on the issue for me. To show that I have done that which you suggested: Here are my files & code in an IMGUR Album. Hopefully you`ll see something I dont!
  9. In all the tutorials I`ve seen I have never seen someone talk about the rvmat configuration. If i understand correctly this is made for the different LODs correct? Also, in the image you put in your reply, is that a piece of software that is in the Arma 3 Tool set? EDIT: I`ve tried editing the RVMAT via Notepad++ and it works just as well, just not such a nice configurable view of the software you use! Thanks for your reply btw!
  10. Extra info: The Map Processing screen from my perspective: Imgur link
  11. Good day! I was following the following PMC tutorial (HERE) (fantastic stuff @PMC!) Down the line in the tutorial it get`s to the point of generating the texture layers (.PAA files) out of the textures I set in the layers.cfg,but sadly everytime I try to use the ''Generate Layers'' option at ''Mapframes> Processing> Generate Layers'' it does not seem to do anything except create a empty ''Layers ''folder in my ''ICY''\tut_tutorial_terrain\data'' folder. My Layers.cfg file: (As you can see it references to a file inside of the PBO ''Map_data'' inside of my a3 folder. I tried putting the seperate file in my data folder and linking via the layers.cfg too, sadly this didnt result into anything. I double checked if the location of ''material = "ICY\tut_tutorial_terrain\data\gdt_grass_green.rvmat";'' is proper, and i`m 100% sure it is. However, i`m not sure if this program can acces the texture listed in ''texture = "a3\map_data\gdt_grass_green_co.paa";'' Extra info: When it comes to any other files, I literally followed the tutorial step by step and except for my own tag it`s all identical! Thank you in advance for replying!
  12. Hey Crielaard & team members, what's the current status of the project and is there a build to share publicly or privately? Thanks and keep it up!