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  1. The Lowlands Warrior team has decided to start releasing Alpha stage mods in order to get more feedback on the content and maybe encourage more modders to join the team History Back in the early 2000's LLW started as a mod for the original Rainbow Six series, creating a large arsenal of NL Army/Marines weapons. Shortly afterwards they started creating content for Operations:Flashpoint (aka Arma: Cold War Assault) They released a large pack with terrains, vehicles, aircraft, weapons and units which what THE only dutch armed forces mod around at the time. Current plan The LLW team is not as big as in the old days. Many have stopped modding. Although, those who still have a bit of spare time dream about doing what was done before, this time in Arma 3. (Or 4?) Whatever we are creating now will be released here in the following posts. We hope every one will enjoy the mods, even while in early development stage. Website: Going through an overhaul...
  2. Sorry no Most likely it will not. LLW is not developing for Arma3 in the forseeable future. Dev will be occupied with VBS3 and 4
  3. I'll see when I reupload it. Maybe Ill eventually share it on the Steam Workshop. Singflug? Do you mean single pilot? The mod does not support single-pilot operation. It's a 2 crew aircraft and should be used as such. So no effort will be put in that. That brings me to another point. The engine doesn't support features which we implemented through multiplayer. Yes we could script it to death to make it work. But that is not the philosophy. The Config-based pylon pitching is a good example. The changes do not properly propagte over the network, specially in MP and swapping A/C-controls. It is made as close to the engine as possible. So most of the issues will not be fixed, unless BI changes things. (Which in turn will not happen either) Thanks for the interest in the mod. 🙂
  4. Since this week we have started to work on an AAR script! We hope to help the Milsim and Realism community to get the best out of their debriefings. Maybe even the PvP community is going to be able to use it aswel! The battlefield is going to be exported into CSV format and ready through an external application afterwards. The first tests so far are promising. We hope to be able to show you more in the form of video's very soon!
  5. https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30426 Please mention Lowlands Warrior mod and specifically W.M. Crielaard in your credits whatever you make with it. Looking forward for it! Keep me posted 🙂
  6. This version works fine: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UB33dH-U_DUsrbVo5x5YWEIHATDz8T_q/view?usp=sharing
  7. Cant see the picture. But I suspect you have an old version. If I know what the error is, I can fix it.
  8. Hi Guneery. Happy to see you like the mod. There is no US texture, because LLW is purely focussed assets for Netherlands Army / Airforce / Navy. You are allowed to create a re-texture addon for this as you like. The Old Arma2 textures should fit (although they are lower resolution) However keep yourself and others from sharing the original files on the Steam Workshop or any platform that requires payment for download.
  9. Crielaard

    SJB Assault Rifles Pack

    Looking forward to try it! UGL variants ok the HK416 and 417?
  10. The code must run wherever the unit you are trying animate is local. An AI placed in the scenario's is usually a server entity. (Unless its an AI in a player's group) So if the script is run by a client, it wont work on the AI In your case you try to animate a player it seems? If this script runs from the server, the player is not local to the server, it is local to the the player's computer. Thus it needs to be ran there. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Scripting
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/switchMove The effect of seitchmove is global but the Argument is local. So the command must be executed on the machine where thw character is local
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iFfuvIR5Yki0Aat33JecJyz3l34BT4V4/view?usp=drivesdk Middle Brabant terrain updated! - 200+km of railroads generated (rough) - 5.000 more objects placed in the Dussen-Almkerk area. - Some terrain meshes improved
  13. https://discordapp.com/channels/473229021375758336/667105656376918088/723283829334343752 NL South-Mid "Middle Brabant" updated! - Over 10.000 objects placed between the villages Dussen and Almkerk (High detail inset) - Camp Bakhuis Roozeboom got some extra objects for detail - GPS location 100% accurate with real life maps (Now use your ACE3 GPS to see where you are on your physical map) - Some terrain meshes improved
  14. NL South-Mid "Middle Brabant" is updated. - Fort Altena partly recreated with Arma(CUP) objects - parts of village Sleeuwijk updated - many terrain mesh updates - hunderds of objects placed north of village Dussen - Rucphense heide updated - van der Meer camp (Special forces training) updated - some roads updated
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QN9jv-TNZGeMcF7a1YlNQ5Q6_lLO5p38/view?usp=sharing NL South-Mid "Middle Brabant" is updated. - Some terrain mesh updates - Roads update - All 1.2 millions bush/Trees re-generated to be less overlapping with Roads
  16. Crielaard

    [Terrain]: Archipelago

    Looking great! How do you do the object placing? Are you alone?
  17. It is constantly under construction. Here is a newer version of the brabant terrain. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MB_Rt6x51her06R8eWhZ9VV6G8azrsxi/view?usp=drivesdk @Shalala I wanted to get a few more things done before releasing. But thanks for remembering me to update the community. I appriciate that.
  18. More progress! Record with Multiple units. No limit has been tested so far. But performance impact is neglectable. This was tested in the VR terrain with a few small objects placed.
  19. It is rather easy to get the heightmaps from the wrp files. Or ask the map dev, if you want. We directly export ALL units into TacView's native format. More progress videos to come!
  20. Good to hear that! Feels like a big compliment. Have fun with it and give me feedback whenever.
  21. Here some more footage! Also Infantry is taking shape in the AAR from Tacview now
  22. We would like to present the first capabilities of Lowlands Warrior After Action Review script Some of you may recognise TacView, used for several flight simulators. This is the fileformat we'll be exporting to. The video is from the very very first test. And it has already improved as I post this. @ligthert COVID-19