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  1. Just dont forget about it heh..we are pretty long without working link ..4 months ago same thing i guess its even older issue I was trying to make the template myself but tail image should be split in different height and its pretty hard to make it spot on. So yeah psd template are like gold . Also only Aviano have clear writings on the plane all other skins have blurry and pixeleted text ("rescue" and stuff)...
  2. It will work but it should be mentioned as info for new users. And yes, you have to add new portforward rule or just extend existing rule to that port.
  3. Please update port info for new users-> " https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00076 Tweaked: BattlEye traffic was moved to a separate game port (2306 by default)"
  4. [VIPER]

    Need help understanding Wasteland....

    There are also servers with save system on wasteland missions. On most servers this feature isnt enabled. Serach for player save in server browser. Some servers save just player equipment while more advanced ones also save vehicles,bases,player stats and money,player position.