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  1. Overview: Crew Resource Management is an Arma 3 mod dedicated to improving the experience of operating multi-crew aircraft. Currently only supports selected helicopters from Vanilla/RHS USAF. Goals: Give flight crews the tools they need to work together Reduce pilot workload Make the copilot a valuable asset Features: Improved Control Handoffs Adds keybind to take control of aircraft Control handoffs always initiated by person taking controls Ensures safe & efficient handoff Waypoint Management: Allows copilot to set waypoints for pilot using ACE interaction menu Pilot/copilot must be in same group Waypoints can be set via map click or where copilot is looking Pilot/Co-Pilot HMD Adds HMD to pilot and copilot seat of selected aircraft Displays waypoints and copilot pipper Contributes to shared situational awareness of pilot/copilot Can be configured via keybind & ACE interaction menu Based on Kimi's HMD (used with Kimi's Permission) Enhanced Autohover for AFM Adds altitude hold mode in which collective is set automatically in order to reduce vertical speed to 0 Can be used in conjunction with vanilla autohover to keep aircraft in a static hover Compatibility: Do NOT use with Kimi's HMD mod, as the HMD functionality will conflict Dependencies: ACE3 RHS USAF CBA Where to Get it: Steam Workshop
  2. PVT Watt.J

    Arma3 Videos

    Insertion during recent Black Hawk Down joint operation.
  3. I'm wondering if there is a way to handle cases where pylons and weapons from different sources do not align properly, presumably because incompatible placement of the relevant memory points in the models. This kind of thing can come up when making compatibility patches between mods. As an example, see attached photo of the RHS MELB and the CUP M230. In such cases, is there a config-based solution that would allow for adjusting this position? Example: is there a field on CfgVehicles or CfgMagazines or somewhere else that would allow for entering an offset value such that this alignment could be corrected? Would be very interested to hear any suggestions.
  4. Thanks for all the awesome work you are doing firewill. Would you consider making a version of the pylon-mounted M-230 used in your UH-80R that is compatible with Arma's new pylon system? This would be really great to add on to the MELBs and DAPs in RHS.
  5. PVT Watt.J

    Arma3 Videos

    See below for playlist showing my experience flying rotor wing with Task Force Goon. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA8iAaqtsLhXnuYMOGU22SyblYAms3hiY
  6. Looking for: - Serious tactical gameplay - Mature players (18+ preferable) - Hardcore server difficulty settings (No 3rd person! Enemies don't automatically appear on map!) - Mission times in late EST (7PM or later) - Mission design taken seriously - 1990s-present US-based theme - PvP elements are a plus - Unit that needs/values rotor-wing aviation What I bring: - 2616 in-game hours - Roles: Rotor-wing pilot, JTAC, Rifleman, misc - Always willing to learn/improve - Experienced rotor-wing pilot (w/ TrackIR + Pedals) - Experience in unit leadership roles - Experience w/ scripting/modding/mission design
  7. Our website Founded in July 2014, FlashOps is an Arma 3 community for people who want serious, tactical and varied gameplay. Our goal is to play top-notch missions each and every week that deliver on both quality and performance. Full Spectrum Warriors: Because FlashOps does not emulate any specific military unit, members can expect to experience the full spectrum of gameplay that Arma 3. Whether it is playing as flying aircraft, doing historical scenarios or playing as OPFOR, nothing is off-limits. Who Plans Wins: In order to deliver on our promise on top-notch missions, we put a great deal of effort into mission design. Missions are planned weeks in advance and tested in a proper dedicated server environment for quality assurance. If you are interested in mission design, please let us know. Bleeding Edge: When it comes to multiplayer gaming, everything starts with the server. Poor server performance has been the downfall of many well-designed missions. At FlashOps, we take server performance seriously. We don't rent pre-packaged gaming servers – we run our own high performance server capable of running several Arma instances concurrently! Community: While we are an Arma 3 community, we play a number of other games on the side including Wargame; Red Dragon, Company of Heroes (Operation Market Garden mod), CS: GO, and many others. Members are encouraged to encouraged to take advantage of our partnership with the UnknownPlus community and to explore the wide variety of games being played. Upcoming Events: Description: It has been three months since 1st Battalion 1st Marines secured the city of Zargabad. During this time, insurgent activity in the city has been virtually nonexistent. However, this is only the calm before the storm – and when it rains, it pours. Mission Type: Counterinsurgency Mission Time/Date: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET August 23, 2014 Recommended Player Count: 6-12
  8. PVT Watt.J

    Boring Ragdoll System (1.24)

    I'm fine with bodies flying in cases of large explosions, but dropping almost straight to ground is exactly what they should do when shot. It just shouldn't be so ... consistent.
  9. Hi Shay/Spirit. I've been having trouble with getting a unit pack to show up in MCC's Zeus. The addon is definitely configured to zeus. When not using MCC, I can add it to zeus using the module. However, the script command addcuratoraddons doesn't appear to work. Since MCC already handles the zeus modules, this leaves me apparently unable to get the units into Zeus+MCC. Any ideas?
  10. Check if you are running the "superflash" mod that adds flashbangs. That has caused such problems for me in the past.
  11. PVT Watt.J

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Please change name to Shadow_FO .
  12. Perhaps this should be explored further. LEA is able to have an external application alter the in-game functioning of the mod without a restart. The LEA application allows players to create loadouts, save them, then immediately access them in the middle of a game. Though, clearly, this is more complicated in the case of TPW mods due to the shear number of things and complexity of what it is doing (as opposed to simply adding items to inventory).
  13. PVT Watt.J

    RWCO: Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul

    It is an uphill battle. I love Arma/Bohemia, but they do not always make it easy!