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  1. what do you mean by "is bold"?
  2. Oh no.... Is there any chance you gonna make a new version? Not even a very single chance? 😞
  3. Hey @Firewill May I ask what happened to the AH-99 Mohican modification that you implemented some time ago? Has it been updated and compatible with the new version of the game? I absolutely LOVED that modification for the Comanche 🙂
  4. Ok so I came up with some solutions to make the DLC even greater 1) visibility bar DEDICATED to Air vehicles, which means you will be able to boost the air vehicles objects showing further away without compromising your fpses when in a plane 2) I would suggest a kind of script (for low specs computers) that allowes you to decrease significantly the details on the ground and focus at 100% on air targets/visibility which is necessary for flying..i don't know if this is possibile but the arma engine is being pretty editable so I hope there won't be any problems 3) I would suggest a realistic stall system, together with flutter effect, g-forces 4) one more thing...camera shake when shooting with a freaking 20mm air gun..that's...NECESSARY. 5) I also suggest a much cooler pilot helmet featured by NAVY Pilots on the actual F-18s https://goo.gl/images/AJFV2I
  5. I can't find the MCC Console anywhere.... please help!!!
  6. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    Yep, that's what the whole discussion is about... IF they will ever add stub wings and 2 additional armament pylons to the Blackfoot it would be probably better to think about the weapon balance first (solutions can be add only FFAR to the attack version, or just nerf the actual DAGR rockets). This would make the Blackfoot more balanced AND more realistic.
  7. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    I didn't ask your OPINION but a clarification of what you previously wrote, the fact that, using the AH-99 is difficult in order to create a balanced mission; that question came from your speech as a clarification. ""Currently, all an AH-99 crew has to do is extend view distance to 12km, rise to 1km altitude and suddenly there is no point for opposing force to use ground vehicles."" And again, if you want to tell BIS how the AH-99 Makes "NO POINT" for opposing force to use ground vehicles then you should pretty much send a ticket to them and discuss about it there and not here. The title says "upgrade - second variant" of the AH-99, it doesn't say anything like "make it stronger", the point is "upgrade", "second variant", of course a so called "second variant" will be BALANCED together with other factors, or, at least, we PRESUME it will be balanced since we presume that every factor in that game can be balanced in order to ensure a good and substantial game experience.
  8. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    Military Kill or not, if DAGR are op you should whine about it to BIS Developers, not here. Of course an HE rockets shouldn't be able to tickle an heavy well protected tank, but HEY, THAT'S THE GAME, can I do something against it? no! Go and type to some developers. We are talking about an attack variant and maybe we can solve your problem about "editing missions" and stuff like that, by simply giving to the attack version the FFAR and actually nerf the DAGR so that the recon version will only be able to take down light targets.
  9. cancan69

    United States Air Force

    Is this supposed to be fixed already or the new patch is not still out?
  10. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    Yeah well I understand... If they ever add an attack version of the AH-99 a good solution would be give it simple FFAR, this would balance things and give the AH the ability to shoot AGM Hellfires, looks like a good compromise ay?
  11. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    I think he was referring to me... Yes the AH-99 is an omnipurpose helicopter BUT it's not specialized at ANYTHING, it's good for everything but specialized in nothing. An other version of the AH-99 would make it specialized in something (just like the Mil-48)
  12. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    24 DAGR For 24 MBTs? Show me then Post here a video, I want to see you "disabling" 24 T-100s with 24 rockets on an AH-99 Go ahead
  13. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    The Blackfoot is not overpowered at all.. It becomes overpowered only when engaging ground targets from up close BUT engaging a ground target at close range means getting destroyed instantly (everything on the ground will start shooting you, armor is very weak on the AH, so you get quickly destroyed) You need 5-6 DAGR rockets to kill an enemy tank from a decent distance, without being seen / engaged, so it makes a total of 4-5 tanks that you can destroy. The AA missiles are a good defense, but that makes the AH-99 "good" at everything and "specialized" in nothing... also don't forget the Kajman has flares like every other thing that flies... The Anti-tank Kajman helicopter has - 8 AT Missiles - 38 FFARS - 30 mm machine gun Not counting the ammo piecing machine gun that makes at least 15+ enemy heavy tanks destroyed. All right, no Air defense BUT, we are looking for a NATO tank hunter, not an "omnipurpose-not-good-at-anything-specially" understand what I mean?
  14. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    All right I can understand, but what's the sense if Stealth is not changing anything Ingame? And also, the hypothetical external pylons would reduce the stealth capability, and this would bring the AH at the same level of the Mi (not counting of course the transport capability)
  15. cancan69

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    If you seriously think that the AH-99 is OP against tanks you should just forget what the MI-48 is able to do with: 8 AT MISSILES AP-HE 30 mm turret 38 FFAR Rockets It's WAY more a tank hunter than his NATO counterpart So I assume you are whining about the whole "helicopters" game, even though I have to say, well not the AH but the MI48 in particular, it's called TANK HUNTER and that's not just a combination, don't you think? I agree that they should give us more different DAGR (IF we want) But currently, considering the 20mm front cannon that is NOT comparable to the 30 one of the Mil-48, considering that you need 5-6 rockets to kill a MBT if you are lucky This makes - the Comanche able to destroy totally 4-5 tanks with the only DAGR - the Mi-48 able to destroy 8 tanks with missiles + 6-7 with rocket pods + Few more tanks with the 30 mm so let's say 14-15+ tanks So what is op? The AH-99 or the MI-48?