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Found 39 results

  1. Dear creators of DayZ. First let me say I play your game and I am realy enjoying it. You have done best job for this kind of survival postapocalyptic online realistic game. I have been fallowing you since Operation Flashpoint what was the best military simulator for me. Thank you for all your hard work 😉 I woul like to give you some suggestions for the future update: FOOD: Meet and fruit shall rotten in a time. I would simply add this behavior to already existing slider of content ammount. (Baken food shall rotten in slower peace) MOVEMENT: Every player I meet in the game is default running. Never have I met the player who is walking around the country. What I think is more realistic. Not everyone is super maraton athlet. I would add more pros to player who is realisticly walking. Like a bit better vission. More ready state stamina for sprinting. Some objects like mushrooms shell be visible from walking pace. And more stuff shall be "found able" if you dont rush. Thus you dont go running while carefully looking around you, arent you? Also learn players to enjoy the scenery. Not just "run for the guns" playstyle. If you prefer to run. I would add a bit blured vission on corners of the screen. And have a less power to sprint after long run. I woul find it more realistic and enjoyable. In real life I do a lot of running so I know how it feels. SOUND: Hearing foot steps from hen animal shall be removed or use different sound. ANIMALS: I would add some dangerous animals into the game. I think this would had a big deal in apocalypse. Like a wolf packs in the woods. Snakes. Hornets. You name it... So you have more to be affraid of. (And after some time thay shall conquere the towns as well.) Other than that? Your game is simply the best. I love the sound you made for everything. Animations are great. Possible social interaction with other players is well done. The stories you can experience with other people on every life is great. Graphic is astonishing. So thank you again for good job. If someone finds my conclusion interesting please let me know. Best Regards Filip Roszka
  2. 1. The purpose of the buttons, in general, the game has a good overall layout of the purpose of the buttons. But the "View" button is usually associated with the map by players on the console. And by itself, pressing "View+X" to select a weapon is not convenient, as it makes you stop. I suggest moving the weapon selector menu to the "Left Bumper", and the map to the "View" button, and the walkie-talkie to the "D-Pad Right". 2. FOV by default is too large for a console gamer. The value 74 is too much when you are sitting at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from a large TV. Everything seems too small, and far away, given that this game has a measured pace, there is no need to have such a large FOV. Values around 50-60 will be optimal for a console player. Experienced players change it to their liking. 3. Smoothness, considering that the game runs on a console in 30 frames, it urgently needs "Motion blur". This will remove the discreteness of frames, make the overall gameplay smoother and more natural. It may be worth making it optional. 4. The game is in dire need of TAA, this will allow you to increase productivity without sacrificing picture quality. FSR2.0 or dynamic resolution would be a good solution for this game, and a stable frame rate of . 5. We also need minor general improvements, more work with the camera, especially when looking from the 3rd person in transport, it lacks movement and shaking, other cameras can also be improved in this direction.
  3. Mini DayZ is a great game and i really love playing it and i cant wait for next update , here is some stuff i think would make this game even better maybe some of it is already coming with the update : Its would be really cool if we could put Handguns or Headwear and other Clothes in item slots , we can holster a knife so i think we should be able to carry another handgun or night vision goggles in backpack , also hatchet and other small melee weapons. With new weapon attachments coming i hope we can attach rope to primary weapons and carry them in inventory or in backpack . Or make it so that in hand slot we can put spare rifle or any other item (maybe even backpacks or tents ) as if it would be carried in hands . Now when you find something on the ground you first have to put it in your inventory before using it , and if your inventory is full you need to drop something on the ground pick the item you want to use , use it and then pick the item you dropped earlier , this is very time consuming and annoying , would be great that we could just use items like food drinks bandages ammo straight away without picking it up If player drops something on the ground or in some building it should stay there for some time , now items despawn and disappear randomly and you usually cant comeback for them it just feels very random , especially when you have to drop backpack to build a tent somewhere and want to comeback for it . Auto stacking would be awesome Enemy npc should drop everything they have on them , now sometimes bandits drop only ammo and consumables but not their weapons/clothes and military zombies with guns will always drop a gun and very rarely ammo but they can shoot for unlimited time and never run out of ammo , there should be at least some ammo in their guns . Hunting requires Knife , Hatchet , Matches and some kind of firearm it is never worth it , in so many runs i never used it reliably but only to mess around when i have a base built , there are easier ways to get food Sewing kits dont work on Hunters Gear , Backpacks and Headwear making them only good to sew Gorka gear .. First island needs to have one military base to make it more interesting , currently there is no point to explore first island you just want to rush to the other shore with a hatchet or woodpiles and leave it as soon as possible , there is no point in staying longer and actually longer you stay on first island harder it gets to survive , meanwhile on 2nd and 3rd islands you just loot more and more ammo making it easier for yourself . 3rd and 4th islands needs more NPC bandits and traders , now when you settle in with a tent you just run around looting same military bases and killing same zombies again and again and dont meet many npc on your way . Bandits and Traders should get generally stronger over the time passed now even after 20 days you meet unarmed suicide bandits who pose no challenge but rush to kill you . Secret locations should never be empty , considering how rare they are , also there could be more of them in each map making it worth to explore every island before moving on . Shooting in houses is very buggy and you can get shot or hit trough wall , or you empty the clip hitting only invisible walls but not the infected , also buses on the road , infected will hit you trough bus walls and enemy bandits will shoot trough the bus .. When shooting multiple targets your target would change by which one is closest to you this is a real problem when fighting bandits with guns and infected together , maybe targeting could prioritise bandits over infected or NPC with guns over melee ones . Very dark nights is great and makes this game so much more fun but currently when playing during daytime and its night in game all i can see is my reflection on screen and even max brightness does not help .
  4. When there's no water around to drink and it rains we get wet. It would be nice to have the option to be able to drink from clothes, that will increase chances of surviving at cost of chances of getting sick from drinking rain water, just as same as drinking unknown water.
  5. So I'm a sucker for small details. Quick and briefly I'll say to look into vehicle damaged models(blown up state), needs a revision. I don't think that an rpg round to any vehicle should make all its tires dissappear or like on the humvee, where the A pillar I believe is bent inwards. The vehicle destroyed state models are the same of an aircraft Guided bomb that's done its job on them. The vehicles should stay as they were before they were destroyed, here is an image of what just an rpg does. Knocks the motor out , but all tires are there, not lowered from missing suspension due to explosion(the most common model developers use for games, the lowered to the ground and slanted wheels damaged model). Just knocks the vehicle out. All tires should stay on, or atleast disappear if a missle or rocket directly hits the wheel. What we don't want for the game is some Regular objects as aftermath of a battle. We want damage that tells a story of what happened there. I guess what I'm trying To say is that after vehicle is blown up it just looks like an object we could can place there from the objects list in armavision. Remember never do copy and paste methods to your games. Next would be smoke columns should be much taller. Much much taller. And last longer I'd say. Other than that, you guys are killing it and I highly enjoy the game! If you guys truly listen to the community. I'd assume we'll see these changes !
  6. I want to share some improvements to the default keybinds because I have found them quite good during my use of them. Make individual suggestions or whole alternatives here if you like. The actual configuration text for the keybinds is included for those who want to immediately improve the default controls without having to go through the long process themselves. The keybinding is organized into combiner keys which further group similar functions: Left Ctrl is for movement like stances, zeroing scope, changing weapons. Right Ctrl is for activations like toggling engine and wheel brakes, opening the journal and such things that are dangerous to do by accident. The LWindows Key is for communication, because CapsLock on my small keyboard is already it's own combination key. The windows key is commonly used by mods, so I avoided it for most vanilla functions. But people often need to rebind buttons for such things as TeamSpeak and Discord anyway, so for VON I have made an exception, because CapsLock even on normal keyboards is not enough. The LAlt key is extended further as the view combination key. For example it now controls zoom with C [Closer] and X [Farther]. Y is removed as Zeus key mainly to avoid annoying Zeus accidentally. It was my original key combination key for zoom and view functions before I added LAlt key combinations to make view controls more consistent. Some highlights of the key binds: VoiceChat: LWindows + Q or E changes the selected voice channel. Any Left combiner key and LWindows is an additional way to talk on the selected voice channel. Combine LWindows with left bottom row keys instead for immediate use of individual voice channels. Double tapping the windows key activates VON for when you want to do anything without holding the button. CapsLock is still bound as a simple key for players to find before they decide to rebind it and find alternatives already set. Players should find that they will be pressing shift anyway when trying to talk in a hurry. Infantry: LCtrl + Scroll sets sight range distance, same with LCtrl + Q & LCtrl + E LCtrl + bottom row keys expands the stance keys to include a direct selection of the main stances instead of just a toggle. Moving directly to prone crouch or stand is useful for when animation delays bugs or panic leaves you confused about where your stance toggle is going to go stop. W x2 is for sprint for when you don't want to hold shift. There is no toggle for sprint so that it's behavior is reliable. Holding the Ctrl key while holding a movement key helps control your pace by temporarily toggling walk or run. This adjusts your accuracy of aim vs speed while moving. It is better than using only W + S because it avoids loosing weapons sights and does not stop you temporarily for the animation. It also makes holding alt while looking down sight a more usable feature. Arguably LCtrl + S to duck your head further during crouch walk does the same thing to improve aim on the move. This is an alternative to that. Command: I treated getting into Tactical Mode as a view mode because the first thing you do in it is is zoom all the way out, which is again made a button to be right beside it. But no need to move your hand now. Press Alt + Z to get into it. Flight: The dangerous AutoHover and Auto-vectoring button now requires left control. X alone is now for speed-brake. This allows you to just hold Z to glide as the VTOL and not worry about how much the speed-brake is slowing you down. Which is a problem in the slow to land, quick to stall BlackFish. X in helicopters instead releases trim which is set with Ctrl + W|A|S|D. Trim set is unbound because it just causes unexpected loss of control with mouse flying. Ctrl + Shift|Z for helicopter analog collective is bound because it allows instant collective control in advanced flight model with just a keyboard. It can be moved from max to min to center instantly by how you use the left Ctrl key in combinations with Shift and Z . Hold Ctrl + Shift it goes to max. Release Ctrl and it stays at max. Release instead shift and it stay at center. Same with Z. There is similar functionality with planes using Ctrl + Shift for instant 100 percent throttle or zero throttle. This is great for saving the Blackfish when you make a miscalculation. Accidental button presses may trigger this unexpectedly though, so it's mostly about about high performance flying. Turrets: Though i made alternatives to these keys, I find it more comfortable to use Y key combinations. I left it in for curiosity sake and especially for turrets because it rests the fingers right on T and R for quick auto raging, spotting and lockons in a vehicle. It also leaves the pinkie free to give some limited steering commands. Y+T zoom in, Y+R Zoom out, T zeroing range|RevealTarget, R Next target, Y x2 change view. When manual ranging is required it's not as good, but it can range with Y+Q AND Y+E. It's also useful for easily finding much unused keybind space for personal keybindings. Zeus: I moved the Zeus key to RCtrl + Y so I only press it intentionally. Side notes: For keyboards that use CapsLock to turn WASD into arrow keys. You can steer your unit just like the AI do so that you use torso aiming just like the AI do. It's only really good for getting mistaken as AI though since turning your body turns your gun, and releasing hip aim resets it back to middle before you may turn, which is bad for human aim. I suggest Bohemia consider making it auto stabilized, like when in mobile turrets. Add a button that turns your legs the way you are aiming, with the appropriate hip fire accuracy penalty for turning your legs like it is now. The ideal controls for this binding would be to center legs to aim when Left Ctrl is pressed or even better when alt is released while pressing Ctrl. Or just have it done automatically or have a toggle. Currently hip aiming completely bypasses the hip fire accuracy penalty of turning back and forth rapidly because your character is not turning at all, but it's small benefits to unpredictable behavior upon release makes it not worth using. I am expecting suggested improvements to these keybinds, so I will tell you my guidelines while creating this scheme: Controls near default or based on default. Controls favor higher performance methods of players. Letters sound like the function help with memorization but not at a large cost to players performance. The layout familiar to other games where practical. Fingers able to keep doing things commonly done at the same time. Assume a standard keyboard and mouse is used, but don't sacrifice the placement of keys that won't be placed on mouse buttons. Have combination keys properly grouped to related keys for better memorization. Having fingers where they can press commonly used buttons at the same time. No conflicts between vehicles. Move keys that are dangerous to a safer key combinations. Duplicate controls are okay if they add usability to different use cases. Favor adding back unbound functions and creating duplicates that are useful for skilled players, as long as they stay simple to use. Only bind keys that can be bound in game. Final notes: It includes keybinds for only one mod, "Enhanced Movement". J is for jump which is why the Journal is moved. It has not been tested for conflicts with other mods like ACE since they conflict with each other by default anyway. Note when you start using the permanent zoom KeyBind you may notice a view bug. With the main optic mode when you are permanently zoomed out, leaving the optic switches to permanently zoomed in instead of matching your zoomed out state, like it does for the secondary optic mode. Alt + X is the fastest way to fix it in combat and is one of the reasons I put zoom controls there. Y + R has your fingers mostly off of WASD and so is not convenient for infantry to compensate for this bug. For those who want to try this KeyBinding configuration. Go to your profile files folder usually in "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YourProfileName\YourProfileName.Arma3Profile". Otherwise it's in the "%USERPROFILE%/Documents/Arma 3/..." folder. Backup your file by opening the files context menu > "send to" > "Compressed (Zipped) Folder" of your preferred method. (This is important). Open in a basic text editor, find, match up and replace the following key binds which all start with the word "key". Note that they are split up into four sections in my file. So I labeled them as such. Then save the file. I included every entry that starts with "key", even if I didn't change them to ensure a clean slate.
  7. PrimitiveSurvival

    Primitive survival/suggestion

    Apologies for any grammer mistakes.. this is going to take awhile and I'm going to ramble incoherently for a bit about diffeent topics randomly. Sewing kit + hat = pocketed hat. Larger hats could hold more items only restrict the items to plastic survival cards you see these days in outdoor stores, pocketknifes (small blade), ect.. things you can fit in a hat that are basically flat and light. Cards could have recipe/guides for starting fire, food, water, clay, cordage from grass, basic shelter guide or tent. Meat smoker tripod with 1 upper body clothing or 2 pants, 5 short sticks, rope, 3 long sticks. Sharp rocks spawning by jagged rocks that roll down rocks Cliffsides, rocky drop offs from erosion at river bends could spawn sharp rocks, obsidian sharp rock which could be more durable then a sharp stone. 1 sharp stone + obsidian = knife/arrowhead/fats scraper/eat Just under the water on coasts in shallow spots could be a stone texture; it could be interacted with to get stones, infinite, grass can be harvested with shovel to make dirt, after 1 plant cycle diffrent plant has to go into that plot with 1 more dirt and go through its cycle to be able to make effective edible crop. Fertilizer isn't necessarily needed when farming if soil is good for it.. crop rotation. Side note, most of the ideas I'd have would be implementing primitive survival/survival/prepper knowledge and mix of other topics into working game mechanic to improve survival odds. There's quite a bit a person could do outdoors to get a leg up in the world, cordage from grass. Railroad pebble texture, players could search any spot of the texture with a chance to get a sharp stone but it wears smooth quickly compared to obsidian, obsidian being stronger then cheap pocket knifes in some cases. Smooth stone could be shaped again with any flat rock in range of water, because stone can be ground down with water, flat rock, and pebbles. It's very energy consuming. Axes and spear heads can be made also but are primitive. Some trees can have a hole drilled into on the bottom with a knife; small stick with a groove cut into it and a water bottle to catch any water running from the tree, sap for torches and glue, what ever its good for. More realistic timescale Hope someday buildings look more traditional to what we see these days in modern cities, even a transition to large cities with skyscrapers or 6 story buildings, atmosphere like "I am legend/Ring of fire/28days later. The suspense, dark gritty environment, overgrown cities in a world with bit more detail of random items throughout homes.. dream for that. At server restart seeing homes with more random items like silverware, dishes, furniture(that would be burned for fire wood)option to craft also with woodworking tool)). Initial launch of a server could populate the map with items you'd find at the beginning of collapse and npc living in those structures you can take to who are barricaded in.. these npc could have routines like finding water and food, be hostile, offer speech challeng etc players and act like city states from civilization 6. Npc could join players with most trust and setup a base where players decides, have any building be able to be a base for npc. Players could be mayor of a npc town that is producing food and water.. end game content for solo guys who want to start a faction. Cities have jobs, roles, guards, scouts. This is sounding impossible. Geography, rocks are plentiful on the riverbed and shoreline, at the bends of rivers where erosion changed the shape, other rock and soil. Mountain springs, above treeline there's better water and there can be contaminated water upriver flowing downstream from dead animal.. or hazard zone. Hazard zone could make animals rabid, zombie rabid bear... +40 damage + 250Hp, better hearing, faster, circles behind bushes far away from players. Bears fight this contaminated Bear or animals. Ocean seaweed, clams, large crab. Reverse osmosis from clay pot over campfire plus lid, attach clay tube or pipe from home to make spout, fresh water. Source: youtube Plants, lush foliage that stretches for miles, slows movement, scratches, grows in forest sometimes, otherwise forest floor can be packed with large plants that are not ededible. Argonne forest amazing trees.. empty tall forest with a bed of leaves can make for a tense moment when there's fog and it's fairly flat. Forest path carved through small hills; around mountain sides, through stinging nettles and 6ft tall grass.. game trail crossings.. small game, deer. Paths have junk off the road like glass bottles, rags, clothing, broken tools and knifes. Caves.. cave system to a spring of clean underground water, bats.. boots to go through poop or build a bridge. Quicksand. Bogs and peat soil iirc. Like quicksand, earth that appears to be solid only you keep sinking.. Plant a tree that is larger and close to a rock wall, build menu option for planting trees seeds or cuttings from tree that have grown in a 5 gallon bucket for a month. That's the technique for saplings, some plants you can't do that. Mechanics.. cars could be in decent shape based off of settings for servers, separate option. Cars could be stripped of wire, engine parts like an alternator, starter, water cooling pump, power steering, brake pads or drums, hoses, carb. (Not a mechanic) thermostat and then the heater doesn't work and on low temp nights with high winds. Wind chill makes temperature drop to negative quickly. Being wet, in high winds on cold night would be gameover quick. Broken window or thermostat. cold wind in vehicle could be death. If each home could be themed in editor to have items related to hobbies, residential, commercial and industrial produce vehicle parts, farming parts like old school tractors. Find one of those next to a barn under vines.. go a few acres over get tools from a residential farm. Residential building like homes have mechanics, farming, gun cabinets, alcohol or fermenting station, gardener. Shelfs could have more items amd food pantry could be the main source for food, duck tape and random small tools in drawers. Small pots or cast iron in the cupboards. Cast iron pans could produce more AOE heat and make food taste better. Provide iron even to the body, from what I hear. More berries, large pat he's of mushrooms that new player would think is food.. it's poisonous. Beneath tree bark is a fresh layer of bark that can be chewed on but keep in mind trees are poisonous in the real world. Wild oats, wild wheat, wild peanut.. wild variety. Real life variety of look alike plants if there is. Knock grains off of the wheat tops when ready for more seeds, mash in mortal and pestle for oil? Bread? Buildable structures that are made from studs, rough cut lumber. It leave the mill to the yard on trucks that drop off at stores and lumber yards. Instead of planks it's 7 studs.. wall, top and bottom, double up top. Sheeting is what covers the studs and is pre cut to be the height of walls, usually. This is on modern homes these days.. log cabin, offices and hospitals. All that is concrete rebarb, steel.. welded. Harvest large stones to make really bad cover for fighting, add wood roof and net and plants fibers for cover. Trench running around base with plank upgrade to keep try or roofs, plants, soil for hill/tunnel base. Light amd table and squad is planing a raid. Ambiance as a storm is going. Dark, deer off in the forest. Rope tension trap. step on and caught hanging in the air by the foot, faints after 2 minutes and can cut free with knife. Small tree kept under tension, animal as large as deer step here and it catches by rope or steel link. Trappingamnd fishing.. or hooks baited and tied off to a log, illegal irl. fish basket for trapping. Cage for small game,, birds, rabbits, fowl, squirls. Cats and dogs, birds, ostrage, chickens that act more like chickens! Dakota fireplace, hole in the ground with air tube leading 2 feet away. Reduces light and smoke is visible, greener the fuel source the darker the smoke. Dry trees and stuff makes lighter smoke. Low smoke means low pressure system like rain. Wind in game could affect hunting, you could be upwind and startle a deer laying in tall grass. Raccoons.. and wolverines.. Bears going to fish by the shore, they catch a fish and drop it on shore, player can pick up fish.. maybe gunshot could scare the bear away.. or player yells into microphone. Some animals have higher chance to fight player. Deer kicks with front legs. Power station players could fire up if they find the text books from libraries, text books about complex stuff like vehicles and books show recipes to fix em or build water table pump, welding, mechanics, medicine. Edit: Let players of dayz and vigor recruit npc that try to survive in homes around the map.. npc has some knowledge of map already an could guide players around if thier new like the terraria guide or be hostile based on players previous speech questions. Recruit npc have them set up base around player shelter an guard while away but npc has to be decent enough to fight players and not die needlessly, know when to not grab certain items in chest so players don't login to see food gone. Teach a.i. npc to farm with books and where the water is with map. Crates marked food a.i. could place that there and not eat an amount under a certain number. Npc could have roles and be sent out on missions to control points on the map setting up regions of control. Rework of fresh player spawns to occur after short times reset (4hours) at an event taking place. Npc supply trucks drive onto the map fresh spawns are fully geared but being chased by a horde of zombies. Anybody choosing not to join spawn event at the event arrival spot can join up. Faster timed events; boat crashes, helicopter crashes of diffrent types, attack and support. Storms with hail stones that do damage, zombie animals, more animals and zombies that can be more frequent. The way it is now loot drops would have to be reworked... or npc occupying buildings randomly have loot spawn in thier stash every so often players could buy or take. Have environment be so hostile players have to join together or have npc recruits to even survive. Imagine being in a pitch black forest with an npc follower you met a few hours ago.. fishing, looking for forest food knowing each other position because of glow stick lights.. npc stays withing range to see your light and will return if you whistle. A zombie horde that moves really fast and in packs through the Forest or silently walking under trees and all you can here is leaves rustling. Edit: Semi trailers and trailers. Semi can be fixed up but trailers can be dismantled into flatbed and buildings could snap in place. Figure flatbed could be 3 rooms.. machine-gun on the back or up top, motorcycles, quad bike or bicycles for scouting. If I can think of more I'll certainly leave it here and if you know any survival knowledge, see issues let me know I'll think around it.
  8. WarDaddy69

    MiniDayz 2 Feedback

    Kudos to the developers, I for certain thought that support for MiniDayz 2 would be pulled before that day comes. Since now I do see hope for this game in some way I went to the effort to post on this forum. That being out of the way here is some legitimate criticism from someone that sunk a disproportionate amount of hours into your game. 1)FIX THE DAMN RECONNECTION CODE I am very sorry but this is the major problem MiniDayz 2 faces right now. It was manageable up to now but with the recent changes to gameplay brought by this update the game will bleed players faster than the hemophilic game characters bleed out when a zombie brushes against them. Seriously. In 2 hours of gameplay I lost: 2x Vaiga 12, 4xMountainbackpacks, 1xKA-M, 1xScoped Mosin, 4xHammers and 3xHazmat suits. Why? Because your Reconnect after Raid button is a stinking great lie, thats why. Both in WLAN and 4G+ internet IT DOES NEVER RECONNECT and the character is presumed dead. If I would be to miss out on the loot that would be bad, but somewhat acceptable. Losing gear I took into the session because of your connectivity issues is most definetly not acceptable! 2)Fix Melee! Last update absolutely wrecked melee combat. You people are as good at balancing your game as a rabid bull is at ice skating in a china shop. ALL MELEE WEAPONS APART FROM KNIVES ARE OBSOLETE Now why in the world would someone carry a 8 weight hammer if that hammer cant 2 shot a running zombie but a 1 weight knife can one shot almost anything. Now I am not saying that the backstab game mechanic is not good, it most definetly is and should stay! But, you ruined any method of fighting zombies but the backstab and turned the game into 100% stealth meta. Either have a hunters jacket, military uniform, military hazmat or ghille suit or get bent. There is no other way to play this game anymore without considerable frustration if one doesnt go full stealth. This is bad game design! Yes, the hammer was the be all end all meta weapon prior to this. But instead of switching that meta to a new one, you should have had them running in parrallel. Have multiple ways of succesfully playing the game. It would have been balanced. 8 carry weight hammer can 2 shot most zeds while kiting 1 carry weight knife gotta sneak up to be usefull So both weapon classes had upsides and downsides. Knockdown weapons allow for kiting more than one zombie at a time for the price of taking up a inventory space. Knives allow quick dispatch and free up the inventory but require a high skill ceiling to use.Balanced. Bleed weapons and axes still useless. Seriously? what is the point of these weapons? The axes were good at farming building materials with the glitch. Glad you removed it. But what now? Whats the point of the axe? You cant kite and entering melee with even one zombie is a sure way to end a run early and damage gear. Balance axes: give them more range and a special attack. Crippling strike: the target hit by that can only move at the pace of being overencumbered(living target) or slow shambler(undead) basically hacking off the leg of the target. This way the axes could be usefull in fighting zeds and allow players to disengage without being instantly dead if 2 or more military zombies aggro. Balance spears: Increase carry weight because of spears being unwieldy and long. Zeds hit by special attack ALWAYS BLEED OUT. Zeds hit by spear ALWAYS AGGRO ON PLAYER. Basically the virus doesnt allow for the zeds blood to coagulate like a living persons. If a deep wound like a spear opens a vein, they bleed out as they cant bandage up. But they will always aggro on the source of damage. You can one hit kill any zombie but you will cause aggro in the vecinity and have to run and kite. It takes time. SPEAR CANNOT PIERCE SPECIALIST as the padding of the CRC suit/ Bomb disposal suit is to thick. Bandits will of course fight back until you are dead, if you hit them with a spear and try to leave in order for them to bleed out, they bandage themselves stopping the bleed. 3) Tweak to gunplay The gunplay is almost fine as it is but requires a few tweaks. I will go down by classes. a) Handguns -increase running accuracy -increase durability b) SMGs -Add Integrally surpressed MP 5. "IS SP 5" Stats: Weight 3 Damage 3 RoF 10 Range 5 Aim Speed 9 Accuracy 5. Mag size: 30 Ammo: 9mm Silent Can only be found, not crafted(integrally surpressed weapons require high craftsmanship to produce not something that can be improvised) Can be upgraded to "Scoped IS SP 5" Stats: Weight 3 Damage 3 RoF 10 Range 6 Aim Speed 8 Accuracy 6 Mag size: 30 Ammo:9mm Silent Price: 30 BM 30gears 16hours -increase damage SP5 4dmg/shot & UIZ 5dmg/shot c) Shotguns -increase damage by 33% per pellet -stun zombies for 0.33s per pellet hit if hit by 2 or more pellts. (3pellet hit = 0.33x3=0.99 seconds stun) d) Bolt-/Leveraction rifles -increase damage and headshot/critical hit rate even more seriously, bolt actions and lever actions are nigh useless. even the upgraded ones. You have to wait way to long to aim and the damage is pitifull. The Mosin and Repeater should always oneshot sprinters and regularly 2 shot runners. e) Assault rifles -add special attack: controlled burst. Basically like the sniping special attack, it increases accuracy but not critical chance. Charachter always fires 5 rounds. f) Semi automatic Sniper rifles. -increase damage to always one hit kill grey hooded sprinters g) Machineguns fine as is. 4) Building Materials I have noticed that the amount of building materials that are inventory efficient dropping has decreased. Kamensk Quarry rarely has Tarpaulin, Wire Coil, Insulation Foam or Metal Sheet dropping anymore. You removed the axe infinite durability bug, thats good. But for the love of god increase the drop rate for good building materials at construction looting sites/maps. It used to be straight forwards, go to the woods and farms for food, military sites for guns and gear, city/hospital for medicine and clothing and industrial areas for building materials. Bring that back, 5) Inventory space and preset loadouts. The inventory management during missions is essential and a fun mechanic. This can remain as is. You know hat isnt fun though? The 999 inventory limit in base. Its not enough it has to increase. You know whats not fun either? having to painstackenly equip survivors by hand everytime you go on a raid especially if you have to move gear and weapons from one survivor to another which happens a lot since you cant hoard enough gear for all survivors plus spares. My solution: Add a new building! The Arsenal it has five levels of upgrades. Each level increases inventory size by 300 for an absolute size of 1800(player starts with 300 inventory space at base, so 300+300xArsenal Level inventory space) each level of the arsenal unlocks the possibility of a pre-configured loadout. What are these? Let me explain, So in the arsenal there is a "loadouts menu" There you can equip a manequin with a loadout like you would a survivor. Then you save that loadout. When you are in the survivors inventory preparing for a raid you have a button that reads "loadouts" where you can select a loadout and the game tries to equip the surviors with the items listed in the loadout. You can select if you want the lowest durability items to be equipped or the highest durability items to be equipped. If you are missing certain items, the game places a greyed out version in the inventory to alert the player that he is missing the desired equipment. Upon tapping the screen the greyed items disapear and the slots are empty. Of course in the survivor inventory there is also a button "unequip all items" which does what it says on the tin. 6)Monetisation You know that we know that you wish to earn money with this game. I figure that is not currently working out for you. Nobody has to spend any fuel for anything other than accelerating the waiting periods. Hasnt worked for me and I leveled up all my buildings to the maximum level within 2 Months. But I got an Idea for you. For this monetisation to work FIX POINT 1) and add point 5) A)The Radio Tower and Walkie Talkies. Add 2 additional upgrades to the radio tower. So it will go to level 5. Level 4: 2100BM 60 gears Level 5: 4080 BM 120 gears Upon reaching level 3 and unlocking Maxim "Crusher" the player also unlocks 1 slot on the radio tower. Level 4 and 5 unlock 1 additional slot each. Each of the slots can hold a walkie talkie/radio like the ones in MiniDayz 1. It has a weight of 1 and can be put in the inventory of a survivor when going on a raid. What does it do? Glad you asked. You carry the radio upon your person. If the survivor dies you can call for EVAC. You get all your gear back that you took into the missions. Only gear! No loot, no ammo, no consumables! Only the gear you took into the raid. Radios can only be found at Military Laboratory, Orlovets Airstrip, and Svetlojarsk Hospital in a broken state in the orange loot chest with a 5% drop rate(1/20).(They cant be used on the raid they have been found on) They can be repaired for 20 gears and 24hours at repair station level 6. One can also buy Walkie Talkies/Radios from the micro transaction shop for 150 fuel per radio, so about 4.99€/piece B) Buying consumables When automatically equipping loadouts as described by point 5), the player should get the options to buy missing/greyed out consumables for fuel. Only consumables as in bandages, saline solutions, vitamins, blood bags, energy drinks, alcohol, painkillers and antidotes. So if a player ran out of consumables but doesnt want to enter a raid ill prepared, he can buy his way out with fuel. C) Advertisements Not what you are thinking! Whatever that was, stop it! And fellow players please hear me out before getting out the pitchforks and torches. There is another game that I play which has a very very good monetisation system with ingame advertising. Like any other freemium game it has artificially set waiting periods for certain unlocks and building processes.(like MiniDayz 2 has) But, you can speed those up by playing an ad. Bohemia Interactive could make use of this system aswell. Say you have to wait 50 minutes for your military hazmat suit to be repaired. Well, you could watch this 30 second ad and take 15 minutes off of that waiting period. 15 minutes should be the maximum taken off of any waiting period though as to not break desired progression time by devs unless one really wants to give the devs advertisement revenue. You could also have players be able to watch 1 advertismenet every 24 hours for 5 fuel.
  9. Rivid_

    Ideas for new content

    I think there's a number things that should be added/fixed in Vigor, ignoring the incessant crashing on PS4, I am on PS4 and started a few days ago, I'm in love with the game and decent at it but there's a few things that need to be changed or added, my number 1 thing is proximity chat, being able to talk to people near you and hear other people, it was done in DayZ on console so it shouldn't be too hard here, my next thing is maybe some attachments, nothing crazy realistic or detailed like batteries and tons of them, just a 4x ACOG a simple 1x Red dot or Holo, and some thing to moderate the recoil, like a grip or muzzle attachments, as well as some surpressors, all Russian to fit the setting and should be rare, only found in game or expensive to craft as well as gun specific, obviously things like bigger squad modes, a higher player count, bigger squads and the ability to drop/trade weapons and ammo, how about something like being able to be in eachother shelters and having a system there to share or trade weapons, ammo etc. Say your friend doesn't have ammo or a decent gun and doesn't want to waste his ADR or MP5k on a small challenge run, simply make it so we can drop or trade weapons, shouldn't be too hard, as well as dial back some rendering things if needed to drop items, and like I said with bigger maps and more people, I think 30 players on slightly bigger maps or 20 on some of the current ones would be perfect, personally I think the game is almost perfect gunplay and mechanic wise it just needs some small additions and tuning for quality of life
  10. I recently started playing and greatly enjoy the game and I think it has a lot of potential. I have compiled some of my and friend's suggestions. It would be great to have a new and perhaps larger shelter that could be shared by a group or clan and could be built and improved by its members. I've already fully upgraded my shelter and feel less purpose to play the game outside of playing with friends. The materials required to improve the group shelter could be immense but it would give a shared purpose for playing with teammates. Group challenges could also be created with the addition of groups/clans. Overall, I think the team shelter and objectives would increase and improve the player base. Additional Suggestions -Make pathways out of shelter to various encounter maps -Highlight shelter upgrade icons a certain color when materials required for building the upgrade are acquired, even if the maximum number of upgrades are currently under construction. This is not the same as the gold icons shown while no upgrades are being built -Allow certain music records to be removed from the record player in the shelter -Allow dropping and sharing of loot items between players in the shelter or in-game. -Allow metal parts to be obtained from deconstructing items -Allow crates to be purchased with crowns in the store -Allow decoys to be activated wirelessly Thanks!
  11. Hi, I've been playing this game since Season 1 and I've been playing a lot because i LOVE this game, it has a great potentiel ! You did an awesome job ! So first, congrats. Regarding the last update (6.1) : COOL : - New stuff during matchmaking games (container, time safe...), that's really great !! - Choose the music in the menu, that's really cool ! - Open the windows from the exterior : awesome - New crates : resources / shootout / weapons - New map TO BE IMPROVE : - Shootout : a lot of lags... I think there is too much people on the map. 8 players should be enough and it will make less lags. - Gestures : please add new ones! It's really fun to use it in matchmaking - Shelter : you really need to develop this part in my opinion ! I think there is a lot of things to do in the shelter menu. New shelter levels ? A new shelter once you finished the main one ? Develop more activities ? Having the possibility to invite your friend(s) to be with you in your shelter ? - Charging menu / map : maybe you should add in the charging menu what lighters/vinyls/trolls are available on the map for the game you are charging ? - Lighters : as the Fiskeri map is no longer available... how do we get the lighter Fiskeri now ? - Bombs : they should do more damage... like at least 75% of your health to be really efficient and maybe improve the visual effects in order to see where it exploded if you are far from the bomb. - Blue safe : lagging again, we you do the code the safe close again right away. so you have to do the code and then open it again, not cool. Thanks, LeiTo.
  12. Helo :) This is a pretty long list of suggestions, changes and fixes all based on what I can see playing the game. Suggestion are my own and I think even the smallest consideration would be cool. :) Suggestions: 1. LTMs are a big part of a consistent player base in some games and I think this is a perfect platform for some fun to be had with LTMS, That being said I'd like to see a Loot cache point gamemode that would consist of say there are 5 points in the map all with the highest tier loot (not overkill obviously) and having to fight for it for 10-15 minutes. You can choose to go for multiple or grab one and leave ( you could also maybe have a gate on the exits until a certain time is up,say 5 minutes in). There would be no airdrop and radiation would come in quickly to force players to hurry and make a decision to leave or continue fighting. Double XP would be a great incentive for these LTMs to be played considering the way the Battlepass level up works. 2. You could also consider adding a weight stat in the inventory in an encounter so that the weight of everything makes sense. All we know is the guns weight and that is pretty useless when everything in the inventory weighs me down. 3. I know the dev team has considered Shelter customization but please introduce that with bringing friends to the shelter as well. 4. Here's a big one... Proximity chat. I know it's asked for over and over but it really would make the game so much more fun. You'd be able to ask someone to leave you alone, and let them know you don't want trouble. You could entertain them which would be great for content creator in and out of the partner program. It obviously can make for intense moments like hearing a team above or below you and trying to stay quiet. But there's also the toxicity part which, I say, it's the internet, you can't expect everybody to be nice, simple as that. 5. Dropping items from your inventory. Players want this but I know it's not that easy. Making models for the the things to be able to drop them is a tall order. BUT, it would make for better loot distribution across teams, less teamkilling, and cool scenarios when you could stick up a player combined with proximity chat ad ask them for loot to leave them alone. It would make the game more survival based. You should value your life more than loot. Changes: 1. I have already seen a lot of players complaining about the quickplay and Batterie only option. To me, that's a good change for what the change is intended for. I do think it needs to be reverted unfortunately because you don't want players going in and out of matches to find a map they want. That would make "quick play" a joke and it would make players who stay really bored with the lack of people. (at least the aggressive ones) 2. I really want Challenges to get a refresh. If I get a challenge for making 10 pistols, why does that give me the same XP as "kill a Threat", Difficulty = Reward, (I know the reward is meant to be a crate vs 2 wire, 1 glass, and 4 chemicals but xp is just more important right now with the battlepass) Every development company knows this is a wanted thing but unfortunately not a lot do it. 3. The symbol for a scoped weapon in the stash is really confusing when a lot of other games use the same logo for accuracy or kills. I think it should literally be a scope from a side on view to escape confusion. 4. When it says capacity, am I the only one that thinks of the amount of room it takes up? Just put Magazine Capacity there to make it more clear. 5. Where it says "Bonus Ammo", I think it should say "Bonus Ammo when crafted", as well as the actual ammo type symbol. ex.Bonus Ammo when crafted: 'Purple ammo type Symbol' 7.62x54 (10) to make that more clear. 6. Having the ability to sort your stash would be nice. Please give us the choice to sort by: Gun Type, Sort by: Rarity and Sort by: Ammo Type. The stash in my opinion is a mess. 7. I don't even know when the ammo costs were changed but they are way too expensive now, I refuse to use my ADRs , simply becuase I don't want to make the ammo for them. some prices need to be lowers and others raised. I think Rare should be 8, Military Grade 12 to 15 and Special Issue 20 8. Food box. I know this one is tough for you devs to try and get right and I understand but just leave it at 30,000-40,000. The way you got the crates before was good and I found myself making it no further than 30,000 but I don't play for 8 hours a day like some other people. 1-4 hours is often a time range of how long I play and last box I only put in 25k because there is no point losing the rest of my food when I can save it for next time. Fixes: - Pistols fly out of your hands when in left shoulder view (aswells as Scorpion) - I found that the Silver Pigeon peaks and make an awful sound when my headset is at full volume, could just be the headset but I think the audio for the gun should be adjusted - On prone to crouch, my hand is in the way of Suomi KP/-31, SKS and M2 Carbine in 1st person - AUG A1 seems awfully close to chest when prone - scoped weapons Arm bug when ADS and prone to crouch 3rd person-left shoulder - 1 Person issues with MGV-176 - Stats board cannot see the bottom three stats in leaderboard unless clicked on and name above the stat does not show above leaderboard Thank you for reading :)
  13. The Truest King

    Ideas For Future Content

    1. Voice communication proximity. It would add another heightened sense of realism. As well as make it easier for outlanders to decide if they want to kill or if they want to let live. Another point is that it would be a heavy marketing strategy as rage videos would go viral on social media platforms. 2. Mod meh gunz! Higher tier weapons could include base guns with mods. Example es16a2 is a common gun. But the scoped es16a2 is purple scoped silenced es16a2 is gold. Mods should be random found in vaults or safes. And they need to make sense. Scoped RAK is example of a bad mod. RAK should get a extended mag or grip. Snipers could have a 2x scope. Thermo? Night vision? You get it. To access the mod weapons click the weapon but make a window pop up similar to changing weapons when you're looting. To better explain you'd click the es16a2 as if you were equipping it. Then the window will pop up. Left for base, Right for modded. 3. Add these new guns FN SCAR 16, M4, M249(SAW), MP5, Desert Eagle, Barret .50, and the M1216 Shotgun. 4. Custom Clothing Emblems for Crowns Design your own emblem and apply it for 100 crowns! 5. Team Killing penalty Now when team killing a teammate on duos an Outlander will receive a red skull icon on their pregame loadout character sheet. Indicating that they have killed a teammate in a recent game. The outlander will have the red skull for 24 hours or until a successful exit without killing a teammate. 6. Communication has your back! Now when activating the communications, radiation will be visible on the outlanders map. Allowing them to loot all the way to the end. 7. Signal detector buff. Signal detector now shows your targets gps position for 3 secs after it has been activated. 8. 4v4v4 Squads. An Outlander can only hold 2 crates in this mode. Quickplay is the only option as to prevent easy 8-12 man group ups 9. An exit to the game application Yeah bruv.... 10. Suggestions and Fixes Fall damage needs reduced Stagger needs to be less potent needs a very slight tweak. Prone is sometimes bugged when nothing is in the way. The Outlander is forced to stand. Recoil needs reworked with certain guns(PA, A74k, scorpion, vz,) unless modded guns are added and compensator is a available mod. Then a rework wouldnt be needed. New Clothes for winter terrain Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keep up the good work! ~The Truest King
  14. 1. Fall damage is OP, you jump off a pebble and BOOM... you’re almost half dead already. 2. Weapon Accuracy is dreadful, bullets do not hit efficiently enough especially with a controller. 3. You need to add K/M support for this game. 4. Too many bugs and glitches causing myself and many other VIGOR players to lose all items in game and have to re grind the items over and OVER AGAIN. 5. Every character looks identical to each other. Needs a lot more clothing items in the store. 6. You do not even know who your own team mate is due to lack of HUD, you need to add an Icon above there player to symbolise it’s uour friend and not enemy. 7. Bullets to not shoot properly from a gun and what I actually mean is that when you’re trying to spray your machine gun, only a couple bullets come out and you then have to tap the RT button rapidly as if it’s a single bullet gun. 8. VERY repetitive, needs to add in game events to keep players wanting to play more and not do the same thing which is sprint to the safe house and then sprint to a safe zone and repeat over and over again. 9. WHY IS CROUCHING IN THIS GAME SO DAMN LOUD JESUS. 10. Dev support is ridiculously slow, this game came out in July 2018 and what has happened but add an in game lobby and some guns? Every patch update has done nothing but make the game worse, I’m still finding myself freezing in random spots, server kicks or not being able to use my weapon and die. 11. Add a ranking system so again it’s fun to be able to rank up and see the levels in game lobby. 12. Add some stats so we can actually see how many kills we have made, or how long we’ve walked, how long been playing for ETC... 13. Focus on your player base, I’ve seen soooooooo many players making suggestions or mentioning about bugs and nothing is being done. They’re simple bugs to fix and we’re still facing these every day. 14. Loads more to complain about but I would probably go to 100+ so I’ll leave it here. Feel free to continue this on in the comment section if I have missed anything you guys may be struggling with for this game, I will be adding an IDEA poll soon so once again share some ideas and I’ll add them in.
  15. Just adding my two-cents, after over 1,700 hour, to what could be done to massively improve it. 1. Have One Button to change all the Tabs to Order By Mods Instead of having to go through ever one by one changing them from Alphabetical Order. (More for people who like messing with Mods, it gets tiring changing it every, single, god, damn, time) 2. Fix Minor Bugs where the Quantity of specific Items are not show after Saving and Loading a Load-out 3. More/Different Vehicles so you can test the AT weapons on Each of them to see what they damage. (Referring to how they are Semi-Transparent, and Change Colors, White, Orange, Red Depending on Damage) 4. Fix the Bug where when Loading a Load-out it adds or removes NVGs and Items from the Load-outs Inventory 5. Fix the Bug that Freezes the Character when Viewing through the Arsenal After Saving and Loading. (Doesn't happen if you do not Save then Load) 6. Add more AI who are Running so New Players can learn and practice on shooting moving Targets. 7. Better Saved Load-out Management. (For people who like making a Bunch of Load-outs for Mission Making for example, its annoying to lose a Loud-out in the Hundreds that are already there, Yes there is a Mod for it, but it has issues related to crashing the game when used) 8. A Remove Every thing Button, the number of times I have mistakenly hit the Random Button and done mess every thing up is annoying. Other things that would be cool to add. but are not as needed as whats already stated above. 1. Ability to make Units/Militarys using the V.A. that are use able in the Eden Editor instead of using the V.A. to change them, reasoning is because if you have Mods it make it super hard to load (There has been times where I brewed a whole coffee pot before it loaded) the V.A. Every, Single, Damn, Time (Yes I know there is a Mod for it, but you still have to edit/move files around to get it to work properly) 2. Infantry Body Armor Viewer, Like in War Thunder but for Infantry, Maybe for Vehicles Also? Again just my two-cents that aren't worth a damn
  16. Ok so I came up with some solutions to make the DLC even greater 1) visibility bar DEDICATED to Air vehicles, which means you will be able to boost the air vehicles objects showing further away without compromising your fpses when in a plane 2) I would suggest a kind of script (for low specs computers) that allowes you to decrease significantly the details on the ground and focus at 100% on air targets/visibility which is necessary for flying..i don't know if this is possibile but the arma engine is being pretty editable so I hope there won't be any problems 3) I would suggest a realistic stall system, together with flutter effect, g-forces 4) one more thing...camera shake when shooting with a freaking 20mm air gun..that's...NECESSARY. 5) I also suggest a much cooler pilot helmet featured by NAVY Pilots on the actual F-18s https://goo.gl/images/AJFV2I
  17. Lord of the Exiled Winks

    Useless guns

    There’s really no point in not using the KP 31. Except for the cool factor other guns are too rare and expensive for how much they benefit you, not much. Scopes are cool but barely increase your ability to deal damage as they only give you like 3x mag in the best of circumstances. What’s the point in trying to take a scoped weapon when you could honestly snipe just as effectively with the cheap starter gun. Until you get plans for a weapon ammo is extremely rare, and it’s not like having rare ammo increases your Killing ability as all weapons take about the same shots to kill. I like the headshot is an instakill, but when you’re using the starter shotgun (useless) you literally have to hit a headshot every encounter or you’re screwed (it takes three shots to kill but you’re using an over/under lmao and the reload is long as fuck) it’s literally pointless not to use the KP31 because even if you do bring out a scoped weapon the weather is rarely ever clear enough for you to make it useful. So you end up at the mercy of everyone else using their KP31’s at close range and spraying you down with their 72 round magazine. Bad enough that several weapons in game are just straight up useless (SKS with a fire rate worse than the Mosin but you still have a 6 shots to kill?). It seems like the game wants to punish you for doing well or playing smart at every turn (terrible exit locations some are impossible to reach or even find the entrance too, and when you do make it you have so little cover from campers it’s not even worth it). Especially with the 3 kill mark, the permanent mark on players who snatched the airdrop, the airdrop circle etc. the meta of the game is to just camp and with visibility being almost always terrible, scopes being worthless, no bino etc. what’s an agressive player supposed to do other than get continually ambushed until he’s back to, guess what, using the KP31 and dinking other players as soon as they try exit. Some of my best games have been with the KP31 and under 800 m traveled. I mean the airdrop location is obvious from the beginning of the match (why not make it only appear after the airdrop has actually landed or to attentive players who are watching for the plane and the parachute) so from there you locate the obvious exit points and just camp. I get that everything on the maps is static and that the maps are all hand designed, they really are good maps I enjoy playing on them, but there should be several different exit configurations and they should rotate between maps so you never get the same exit setups between encounters, airdrops shouldn’t been known until it touches the ground or until you see, hear the plane or the parachute, players who get the airdrop should be marked either for a limited time or the time between their icon appearing on the map should be drastically increased. Or another option would be that players who get the airdrop don’t appear on the map unless they’re spotted by an enemy player, giving players a stealthy option as well. Exits shouldn’t be biased towards campers, if you give players terrain to camp behind you should give players trying to exit plenty of terrain to hide behind as well, scopes need to be have an increase in magnification, other modifications such as grips, bipeds etc. should increase the stability of the weapon platform. I have the HBAR but the gun sways so bad that the bipod actually clips into the ground lol. I should be able to actually use the bipod to stabilize my gun, and I should be able to bipod on ledges or on window seals. Modifying your weapons with your own accessories and decals or paint jobs should be added as well. Damage outputs for all guns should be increased, shotguns should be deadly in close quarters, 1-2 shot kills, snipers should be 2-3 shot kills at range, everything else should be 4-5 shots to kill. Either that or just accurately portray gun shot wounds in game (personal favorite). I.E. non-fatal gunshots lead to bleeding that you must stem with bandages (hey guess that makes them useful now) fatal gunshots could be an instant or near instant kill. I mean ya that would make the game much more difficult but it would also make the game much more rewarding. Having to actually be careful and take your time checking your corners and watching those vantage points. Slowing down the game experience IS NOT a bad thing, if I wanted to play PUBG I’d just play PUBG if I wanted a fast run and gun under 10 min matches I’d play COD or battlefield. For a game that claims to be a Escape from Tarkov and PUBG baby it’s slacking on the hardcore aspects. I can count on one hand the number of satisfying shootouts that I’ve had. When you die you shouldn’t be mad at the game for screwing you over you should be mad at yourself for not playing well enough. This is something PUBG managed to get down, there’s not much in the game that you can actually point at and say “this is an exploitative or biased feature,” there’s much you can point at in Vigor.
  18. Good morning! I have tried the game yesterday, for the first time, so with a fresh point of view. I have some remarks to give that can be usefull: 1) a bug with the bag slung while traveling. (untimely movements of the bag). The same type of bug with the character, when it is too close to an obstacle (car, for example) 2) Useless shots against the opponent (quite random). Maybe a server problem, as I am in Russia. Some ideas for the future, not necessarily all to take: 1) Propose a choice of view first / third person. 2) Propose a cover system 3) Add "life" to the world maps. (animals, png civil) to mislead the player. 4) add random events (helicopter passage, fighter jet, acid rain, aid convoy / military or other) to put the player in an atmosphere of continuous fear. 5) why not add bombs to disarm in order to recive components. (by implementing a system of realization, with explosion if the action is a failure) 6) To be able to place explosives (on doors, for example) 7) maybe add a PVE mode (a zone guarded by the army, for example). I will come back to post some remarks at my next session if it can be helpful. I think this game has real potential, and I will keep an eye on it. Thank you for your job. Good day, and especially good luck for the future. Romain
  19. KnoxHoots

    Hold Breath

    Add the ability to hold your breath with scoped weapons
  20. KnoxHoots


    When directly live streaming on xbox one x with mixer it creates huge amount of lag, unplayable at times. Stability is needed
  21. twitch_nomad1470

    Ideas for improvements

    A few ideas for possible additions to the game, some of these will probably have already been mentioned. Squad games would be a huge addition in my opinion, a few people have mentioned seeing guys who teamed up in game, so a duo mode and solo mode would fix that issue. Weapon customisation, such as sights and silencers would be a cool addition. Traders to buy/sell loot would be cool, traders could also have quests to add something different to raids. I'll post more ideas in this section if I come up with anything else
  22. KnoxHoots

    Possible Improvements

    Kill log - To let players know WHO (gamertags) has been killed and HOW Player count - to let players know how many people are in the game Reward for being last alive - a reward for being last alive will add more incentive to stay in game till last alive but still have option to leave whenever desired as it is now Triples and Quads - already being discussed Leaning - third person and first person leaning Tags and icons for teammates - to be seen through walls and environment so we dont kill one another highly needed
  23. KnoxHoots


    Implement attachments to enhance weapon capabilities. Fast mag, stock, extended mag, rapid fire, long barrel, barrel choke, quickdraw, grip, laser light, tactical flashlight, suppresor, high caliber rounds, stabilizer (sniper rifle), just a few examples. All attachments would stay withing context of the game. Nothing unbelievable.
  24. So ive been playing vigor, and its great... But I would love more to do during encounters so its not just loot, go back home, loot, go back home. I was thinking that you could add animals into the game that you could hunt and skin and eat. I think this would be an amazing addition to the game because it adds an extra thing to do and keep track of (hunger) and you cook it back at base or during the encounter if you needed to. This would also follow along the lines of risk vs reward. Risk alerting others to your position with the gunshot noise but you could get to eat. Let me know what you think
  25. Jaden Rademacher

    My Ideas

    I feel that there should be like scopes and silencers, and grips and stuff, but make sure they are kinda debuffed, like when you use a scope in direct sunlight, it kinda reflects, like the light a flashlight, but there are upgrades to made the reflection dimmed but not completely eliminated, so if your camping in a bush, the enemy players can still see you, making it fair, rather then dying to a player you couldn't see, making it pretty hard to kill them before they could kill you. Silencers should make the gun quieter, but not completely silenced so it isn't a super high advantage. Grips, I can't think of any debuff for them, like, all they would do would be to make you aim less all over the place. Another idea, making upgrades in your house like a tread mill, which lets you run faster by like 2% and put it in set of 5 tiers or a set of weights ora backpack which progressively gets either a bigger selection of weights or a bigger backpack which would increase the items you would carry by like, 5 items, but the last upgrade could be instead of 5 items, carry aextra weapon, and make it so there would be 7 tiers.I cant think of any more ideas, but if I do ill post them. Thanks for reading and hope to here other peoples suggestions cause I want this to be a successful game (not that I'llget to play it often, I'm a PS4 player, only can play it at my friends house)