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  1. atchodas

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    There is a bug with trader npc's if you leave them to live and exit the game at some point when you comeback they will have no equipment
  2. Devs really need to take another look at these shooting changes , currently it takes 5 seconds or so for your accuracy to reset after you stop moving and are standing still , this makes no sense , meanwhile enemy bandits are shooting with same old accuracy as before the update . Another problem is with a Bow now you can miss when you and your target both are standing still , because of these new changes Bow is nerfed to the ground . I agree that your accuracy should be bad when you are running around , but it should reset faster when you stop moving , also some weapons needs their targeting lines rebalanced . I hope you take a look at this before next hotfix update .
  3. atchodas

    Where to find nuko-cola? (Mobile)

    I found Nuko Cola in 3 different places : Abandoned Car secret location , White bunkers in forests and dropped from bandits .
  4. atchodas

    What do I do at night

    Playing at night might be tricky depending if you have sunlight reflecting off your device screen or not. When i play minidayz at evenings i use night time in game for free looting because with max brightness you can see quite well . However if its daytime i cant see shit so i try to be carefull and use roads for traveling or just stay in house for the duration
  5. atchodas

    Wishlist 1.3.0

    I really really hope that with next update devs gonna improve inventory , i wish we could put clothes , handguns , headwear and melee weapons into item slots in our inventory , only items that we should not be able to carry in inventory slots should be primary weapons tents and backpacks and maybe even primary weapons could be upgraded with a rope for example so we can put them in inventory .
  6. atchodas

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    I came across a bug where my items are loosing inventory slots , and items in that slot disappearing , like mountain backpack with only 3 inventory spaces or hunter pants with only 2 slots etc.etc.
  7. So i noticed that in some playtroughs you have plenty of Bandits and Neutrals spawning in big groups everywhere and some playtroughs you only meet lonely bandit with melee weapon once in a day , i think it would be better if bandit spawns was related to time passed ingame , you get more and more of them spawning with each day you survive , this would also increase difficulty a bit and make it more interesting because now when you settle in on 3rd island and get enough of ammo it gets boring if there are no bandits . sometimes in 5 hours you meet 70 bandits sometimes in 5 hours you meet 15 of them which results in boring monotonic game
  8. atchodas


    1.0.8 on Android barely ever crashes and has less bugs , meanwhile 1.0.9 on iOS you crash all day long , traders and neutral mercenaries are instant aggro on you etc. etc. my friend plays on his android phone and has much better experience than i playing on iOS
  9. atchodas

    Im enjoying this game! (kinda addicted to it)

    Same here , cant get enough of Mini DayZ , would like to thank all the developers for making this game and supporting it as you do now , great job , i hope more and more people discover this amazing game
  10. Mini DayZ is a great game and i really love playing it and i cant wait for next update , here is some stuff i think would make this game even better maybe some of it is already coming with the update : Its would be really cool if we could put Handguns or Headwear and other Clothes in item slots , we can holster a knife so i think we should be able to carry another handgun or night vision goggles in backpack , also hatchet and other small melee weapons. With new weapon attachments coming i hope we can attach rope to primary weapons and carry them in inventory or in backpack . Or make it so that in hand slot we can put spare rifle or any other item (maybe even backpacks or tents ) as if it would be carried in hands . Now when you find something on the ground you first have to put it in your inventory before using it , and if your inventory is full you need to drop something on the ground pick the item you want to use , use it and then pick the item you dropped earlier , this is very time consuming and annoying , would be great that we could just use items like food drinks bandages ammo straight away without picking it up If player drops something on the ground or in some building it should stay there for some time , now items despawn and disappear randomly and you usually cant comeback for them it just feels very random , especially when you have to drop backpack to build a tent somewhere and want to comeback for it . Auto stacking would be awesome Enemy npc should drop everything they have on them , now sometimes bandits drop only ammo and consumables but not their weapons/clothes and military zombies with guns will always drop a gun and very rarely ammo but they can shoot for unlimited time and never run out of ammo , there should be at least some ammo in their guns . Hunting requires Knife , Hatchet , Matches and some kind of firearm it is never worth it , in so many runs i never used it reliably but only to mess around when i have a base built , there are easier ways to get food Sewing kits dont work on Hunters Gear , Backpacks and Headwear making them only good to sew Gorka gear .. First island needs to have one military base to make it more interesting , currently there is no point to explore first island you just want to rush to the other shore with a hatchet or woodpiles and leave it as soon as possible , there is no point in staying longer and actually longer you stay on first island harder it gets to survive , meanwhile on 2nd and 3rd islands you just loot more and more ammo making it easier for yourself . 3rd and 4th islands needs more NPC bandits and traders , now when you settle in with a tent you just run around looting same military bases and killing same zombies again and again and dont meet many npc on your way . Bandits and Traders should get generally stronger over the time passed now even after 20 days you meet unarmed suicide bandits who pose no challenge but rush to kill you . Secret locations should never be empty , considering how rare they are , also there could be more of them in each map making it worth to explore every island before moving on . Shooting in houses is very buggy and you can get shot or hit trough wall , or you empty the clip hitting only invisible walls but not the infected , also buses on the road , infected will hit you trough bus walls and enemy bandits will shoot trough the bus .. When shooting multiple targets your target would change by which one is closest to you this is a real problem when fighting bandits with guns and infected together , maybe targeting could prioritise bandits over infected or NPC with guns over melee ones . Very dark nights is great and makes this game so much more fun but currently when playing during daytime and its night in game all i can see is my reflection on screen and even max brightness does not help .
  11. atchodas

    Radio Tower

    I recently found Radio Tower again , but it was completely empty , no radio and no supplies in barn , this also happens sometimes with abandoned shack secret location it has no loot , considering how these locations are so rare to spawn and you might never even find them in your run , could this be fixed so that atleast radio is always there
  12. atchodas

    Friendly survivors?

    Currently on ios game version 1.0.9 neutral survivors who are supposed to be traders are bugged , they instantly turn agressive on me , i hope this will get fixed with next update , also they only drop their ammo and food but not their weapons/clothes . It shows them as neutral on radar but they start shooting instantly .
  13. atchodas

    Radio Tower

    According to that post , One random secret location per map , im wondering what counts as secret location : Radio Tower and abandoned Tank was already mentioned so we have these and then there is Abandoned Shack with a car i guess this is also secret location ? Then you can find destroyed camp with few cars and destroyed tents , i guess thats another secret location . anyway this is kinda sad because you cant compare those 3 to radio tower which is way more useful and this means you might never find radio on a playtrough , maybe a 4th island that is coming in next update could be bigger and have all these locations spawn in it .
  14. atchodas

    Radio Tower

    So i was wondering does Radio Tower always spawn somewhere in the map or doesnt it ? Only once in plenty of runs i was able to find Radio , currently im settling in on 3rd island with a tent and did fair share of walking trough forests but havent found it yet , i already found 3 helicopter crash sites and abandoned shack in the woods on current map
  15. After playing quite a bit of miniDayz on mobile i find it really annoying that you cant use stuff you find right of the ground , for example if my inventory is full and i found something i want to eat or drink i have to drop something out of my inventory pick food eat it and then pick the item i dropped , this is verry annoying and time consuming , also auto-stacking for stackable items would help a ton . Another upgrade i wish to see in game is ability to holster handguns and carry them in your item slot , same as you can do with knife now , hatchet could be holstered too , and i also would like to be able to carry anything in hand slot like someone already mentioned , maybe rope could be used to carry 2nd rifle . Another note is when playing on Veteran handguns break way to quickly basically you need to always search for a new handgun and it will break after few mags . And Sewing Kits dont work on backpacks , is this a bug or intentional ?