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Found 16 results

  1. As the title explains, whenever I change the lighting during nighttime (flares or even darkvision) the game becomes unresponsive and flashes a black screen interchangeably with the now frozen game. In some experiences, the entire screen freaks out and tiny pixels flash white, black, and other colors. I know the Mini DayZ devs are working one the second installment, but this issue is fairly severe and makes surviving at night much harder. There are also no sounds coming out of my headphones despite the pause menu saying Sounds: ON. Although that issue isn't as pressing, it is one nevertheless. I will make sure I email them through their listed Google Play email in a week if I can't get a fix or there isn't a response on here from the devs.
  2. Fly Tanoa Air is a flight SIM-u-LITE scenario with dynamic missions and aircraft features. What's new: (changelog) Steam Workshop Flying aircraft in ArmA III is difficult. It takes a lot of practice. Right when you think you've got it, you realize how much more there is to learn. Just dropping an aircraft into an empty scenario is fine to start but that gets boring and, as a pilot in training, you need something more compelling to keep logging more hours. Fly Tanoa Air provides a fun and re-playable scenario in which to practice your skills. This download is compatible with APEX game version 1.7 and higher Drive Link Download : Fly Tanoa Air 0050 Check out the new mission maker designed with the FTA framework New Live readMe file Check out the [FTA] guidebook, FTA Dev Topic Challenges Features Control Description Images: Videos (new): THANKS to everybody at: Bohemia Forums Check out our Patreon page Ascina Illustration & Design ArmA 3 Nexus mirror Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)
  3. So, while playing Mini DAYZ Mobile (Great game, might I add) I was just walking into a house when my character spat out random Russian words in red text, so I immediately became concerned. I then searched it up and I couldn't find anything, because Google Translate and the Russian to English dictionary failed to fix my problem. I was able to get a screenshot of the message. IMAGE>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/664fe89f480pdmn/File Jan 05%2C 11 34 00 PM.png?dl=0 <<IMAGE As you can see in the image, my food, water, temperature and health are all fine. Funny thing is I went to my notebook thinking that paused the game, and then when all my food and water ran out I had to watch an ad in order to not die of stupidity, then I had to use all my food and water XD. Anyways, all I really want is a translator, because I couldn't get anywhere. I even tried using a key to translate it myself, but only got jumbled words (and Google changed one of the words--Spavn-- to Spawn). So yeah, anyone out there that knows Russian? Thanks!
  4. If on mobile, there's an achievement option which shows a lot of achievements. Somewhere near the middle, I've noticed there's an achievement named Level Up, which also said find nuko-cola, not nota-cola. So before I asked everybody here on this forum thing, I tried to look for it but couldn't find any. I was on day 10 with like 7000 points and I still can't find any. I was also on veteran (if that info helps(probably doesn't though)). So if anyone can help me(I'm asking devs to help me) please help me find some help (or just help me).
  5. Mobile ios iphone 6 plus So apparently civilian tents does not work for storing items neither does fences or any item. Every phone will eventually crash and you lose everything besides items in your inventory. •crashes by air drops. •phone overheating Usually everything slows down and lags then you freeze and the screen turns white then it resets to the intro screen.Many users have given the app negative reviews due to some of reasons i list here. You can build for 10 mins then crash 1 min later or 2 hours then its all gone. All the loot you find and civilian tent.On reddit and on the mini dayz forums people have confessed the same issue im facing. Please allow us to save fences, items, and tents. So we can build a base that can last forever.-Also multiplayer would be an amazing plus. CO OP and a surivial mode with 8-16 would be this game a force to be reckoned with with mobile survival games. -Replay value for more ad viewing is lots of money. People would be hooked.More bugs•Bandits can shoot through houses and kill you and •everyone (You) can shoot through walls by the door and kill zombies. Shooting through walls windows and doors is all possible. • zombies when they (walk roam passive) if you hide a building they can walk through walls if they walk towards the building. •By hitting main menu you and then continue your game you can reset all cars trunks. so if you're at the hospital you can abuse this bug. May be a few more i encountered can't think of it at the moment.I hope you read this clearly because this game can be a top 5 free game for years if you guys implemented some of these features. I've gotten every character and achievement on veteran so ive been playing for a while since release on mobile. Have a great day or night!
  6. On the mobile version (I play on iOS), I appear to be unable to place any structures. I have tried things like barbed wire and civi tents, but no matter how long I hold the check mark, or how many times I press it, I cannot seem to place structures. Please help.
  7. CinnabarDragoon

    End Game?

    Anyone know if there is anything important or different on the third island? I've searched everywhere and know there is no boat. Is my character supposed to die? Because I find that hard with all the gear I have XD. Even took on 3 boomstick zombies.
  8. CinnabarDragoon

    Healing Friendly Survivors?

    Is there a way to heal or give items to friendly followers? I found one who had an amphibian pistol and he was very helpful, but I couldn't tell him to do anything or give stuff. He ended up dying from zombies because his health got too low. :(
  9. I have noticed that my iPhone 6 gets really hot pretty fast (like 5-10min). Does it have something to do with the Metal API? I've played 3D games and my phone gets warm slowly. Maybe there is a memory leak or redundant usage of the gpu where it shouldn't be putting that much load?
  10. When will we see Multiplayer and vehicles that can be used in the mobile version of the game. Also, the HeliDrops are not working at all!! Please Fix ASAP and bring new updates :)
  11. In this topic i want to point out, what i think is well made and what is not in the mobile game. I only list them, but i can specify them, if something isn't completely understandable. Pros: Procedural generated islands (so there is always a bit of variety) The possibility to carry a second gun The possibility to stack items (like bananas, bandages etc.) The aiming help (the red/orange/yellow/green circle above eventual hostiles) The possibility to hold flares to carry the light with you Cons: Automatic melee attacks (It would be better with those shock waves) The lack of multiplayer mode The durability of clothing is very low, making it necessary to use guns or avoid fighting I know that there are going to be some updates to improve the gameplay on both browser and mobile version, so i am sure the cons will be nonexistent or less in the future. Also, i have some ideas for MINIDAYZ in general: Releasing the game on Steam to make it accessible for more players. You could use Steam to create servers more easily, too. Improving the space system to make it a bit more logical. For example i can only carry 3 cans of kvas but at the same time i could carry 3 cans of fuel in a Taloon backpack. Just an idea. And last but not least, keep the good work up.
  12. I know the devs have said they dont plan to add multiplayer for mobile but i would love to play with my friends and im sure many others feel the same.Im not asking for multiplayer with big servers i just want to br able to host a room where me and my friends can play and that would be easier to develop as you dont need to balance the player damage or have a different loot economy. So please devs if you can start working on something like that
  13. Anybody know how to store items outside of player inventory without them disappearing? I've read on DayZ that tents can be used to store items, is it the same case in Mini DayZ? If I drop my stuff in tent, will they despawn? I have a lot of tomatoes and max stack is 3. Also if I don't harvest tomatoe plants for a while, or harvest a lot from same plant it turn yellow and die :(
  14. Since Mini DayZ (Mobile) is an improved version of the browser edition (except mp & cars), why not take that and make it one version cross platform between pc (Steam) & mobile with mp, cars, new features, performance improvements etc. It would be much easier to develop with out worrying about browser issues and would attract a huge community. Honestly, I think a lot of people would pay $5-$10 to support further development for essentially a 2D bit version of DayZ.
  15. I.E. i want to return false (or a number) if the unit is covered behind a building or is behind the observer. I'm currently using knowsAbout but it has some issues like the value still stays highest even if the unit has gone out of the field of view. Any ideas?
  16. Dear community, My brother is currently conducting a survey about mobile application stores for his Master's dissertation. If anyone with a smartphone and having purchased something from such stores could assist him by filling it in, that would be really cool :) http://goo.gl/cJHMJ Thanks a lot in advance!