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  1. In this topic i want to point out, what i think is well made and what is not in the mobile game. I only list them, but i can specify them, if something isn't completely understandable. Pros: Procedural generated islands (so there is always a bit of variety) The possibility to carry a second gun The possibility to stack items (like bananas, bandages etc.) The aiming help (the red/orange/yellow/green circle above eventual hostiles) The possibility to hold flares to carry the light with you Cons: Automatic melee attacks (It would be better with those shock waves) The lack of multiplayer mode The durability of clothing is very low, making it necessary to use guns or avoid fighting I know that there are going to be some updates to improve the gameplay on both browser and mobile version, so i am sure the cons will be nonexistent or less in the future. Also, i have some ideas for MINIDAYZ in general: Releasing the game on Steam to make it accessible for more players. You could use Steam to create servers more easily, too. Improving the space system to make it a bit more logical. For example i can only carry 3 cans of kvas but at the same time i could carry 3 cans of fuel in a Taloon backpack. Just an idea. And last but not least, keep the good work up.