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  1. Mobile ios iphone 6 plus So apparently civilian tents does not work for storing items neither does fences or any item. Every phone will eventually crash and you lose everything besides items in your inventory. •crashes by air drops. •phone overheating Usually everything slows down and lags then you freeze and the screen turns white then it resets to the intro screen.Many users have given the app negative reviews due to some of reasons i list here. You can build for 10 mins then crash 1 min later or 2 hours then its all gone. All the loot you find and civilian tent.On reddit and on the mini dayz forums people have confessed the same issue im facing. Please allow us to save fences, items, and tents. So we can build a base that can last forever.-Also multiplayer would be an amazing plus. CO OP and a surivial mode with 8-16 would be this game a force to be reckoned with with mobile survival games. -Replay value for more ad viewing is lots of money. People would be hooked.More bugs•Bandits can shoot through houses and kill you and •everyone (You) can shoot through walls by the door and kill zombies. Shooting through walls windows and doors is all possible. • zombies when they (walk roam passive) if you hide a building they can walk through walls if they walk towards the building. •By hitting main menu you and then continue your game you can reset all cars trunks. so if you're at the hospital you can abuse this bug. May be a few more i encountered can't think of it at the moment.I hope you read this clearly because this game can be a top 5 free game for years if you guys implemented some of these features. I've gotten every character and achievement on veteran so ive been playing for a while since release on mobile. Have a great day or night!