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  1. CinnabarDragoon

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Ok, so with the recent 1.2.1 update my game takes for space than my photos, which takes more space than WarRobots. XD I can’t figure out how to post a photo from my phone, but I can assure you it is taking up exactly 1.26 GB
  2. CinnabarDragoon

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Ok, game crashing is fixed now but now it’s back to the infinite white screen flash loading issue on my iPad mini 1st gen iOS 9.5.3. XD
  3. CinnabarDragoon

    Wishlist 1.3.0

    I dont know how underground bunkers are supposed to look like, but i saw a youtube video and shouldnt it be dark inside ? (Maybe add a few flickering or low lights) Also i feel like there should be less space inside (Maybe a few open spaces but mostly small spaces/rooms/hallways/tunnels. Also why r the walls so thick?) and be more like a ww2 bunker with different rooms & types and maybe objects that give a hint at what happened before everyone tuned zombie. (Maybe devs can add a secret story line through discovered locations similar to bunkers) Some reason the current bunkers dont feel spooky enough. Anyway here is what i imagine a post zombie apocalypse bunker to look like.
  4. CinnabarDragoon

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    I’m pretty sure this is a known issue but I haven’t seen it anywhere for a while. On some devices, the game loads in a constant loop and can’t even get to the menu. For example my iPad mini first gen has iOS 9.3.5, which meets recommended specs in mini DAYZ AppStore requirements, but every time I open the app it loads, flashes white, then loads again in constant loop. I think this has something to do with the ram and cache storage of the device. It completely fills up upon loading the game and crashes because there isn’t enough space for more data.(Speculation) Edit: Nevermind the white flash loop, now it crashes 100% of the time right after I open the game.
  5. CinnabarDragoon

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    As of the 1.2 update, I have noticed the phone heating issue getting worse. I have no idea why this game should be cooking my phone. Is this a known issue? : | I’ve played plenty of 2D and 3D games with stunning graphics, but never have I had to put my phone on the floor to keep my hands comfortable. If this game somehow requires a lot of resources to work properly, u guys should consider seriously optimizing before adding anything that might make the load worse. Despite this I am still enjoying the new features and look forward to the next major update! : )
  6. CinnabarDragoon

    How do i Change my name on browser version

    U cant change your username in-game for your account. U might be able to in your account settings though.
  7. CinnabarDragoon

    End Game?

    Anyone notice that the night time visibility got better in the last update? I kinda liked the challenge with almost complete darkness. Now I don t even need light except maybe to warm up. Maybe devs can have darkness levels based on game difficulty?
  8. CinnabarDragoon

    Rare Gun?

    Yah, its kind of rare. I only found it in a military compound on the third island. Surprisingly it uses a fairly common ammo. I forgot the name but the icon is 3 tall bronze/gold bullet rounds. Same used in some rifles. It also does nice 1 shot kills most of the time without even a headshot and decays slowly so very OP.
  9. CinnabarDragoon

    Can't play miniDAYZ multiplayer

    Safari isn't supported, as stated on their website: Opera, Firefox, Chrome IS supported. All three can be downloaded on most Apple devices XD.
  10. CinnabarDragoon

    End Game?

    Anyone know if there is anything important or different on the third island? I've searched everywhere and know there is no boat. Is my character supposed to die? Because I find that hard with all the gear I have XD. Even took on 3 boomstick zombies.
  11. CinnabarDragoon

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    I've noticed that for iOS, most devices that either don't have Metal API or locked to iOS 9.3.5 (no support for later versions) can't even get to menu screen without white screen loading loop. There are also a couple issues with MDZ update 1.1.1 / 1.0.6 (no idea why game says later version) are: - Crashing of game with white screen flash to menu. Happens commonly every 10min - 20min when moving across map to multiple towns, might be a memory leak issue. - If you attack trader AI, all other traders that spawn some how "know" u killed neutral survivors and attack you while still showing neural icon even though you didn't do anything hostile. - Minor, but sometimes noticeable micro stuttering when traveling between areas ( maybe has to do with possible memory leak). - Seams / breaks in ground textures when in certain position in areas (gaps between "chunks" of textures). - Device battery life has improved a little bit since update, but battery still drains somewhat unusually fast for 2D game. Also device heats up unusually hot after small time (hotter then when playing 3D). Seems like solving heating issue will also solve battery life issue as they are closely related (performance optimizations). Thats all I know so far and will update if anything else shows up or next update.... :)
  12. CinnabarDragoon

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    I think tents can get destroyed either by zombies or AI bandits. Probably same thing for fences. I know that crops die if in snow too long and fireplaces break after a couple lightings.
  13. CinnabarDragoon

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    Use this as a topic to report any bugs or issues you might encounter, so the devs might find out more easily or to make sure you are not reporting anything that was already discovered (Maybe Pin This As Bug/Issue Report Area). So eventually only new issues will be sent to support@bistudio.com and make it easier on devs in preventing multiple reporting of the same issue. Feel free to post anything you find here that might be helpful to the game. :)
  14. CinnabarDragoon

    Will Mini DAYZ ever be available for PC download?

    I know the devs might be using mobile version as a template for browser now, since mobile is superior in many features. If mobile gets far enough in development with cars and multiplayer and new features etc, they might move browser to steam as a more stable version.
  15. CinnabarDragoon

    What's new in update 1.0.6? (Android)

    I don't think that's a bug, your character opens and closes doors automatically, but doors stay open if you are near enough, letting zombies come in.Sometimes if u are running with them in hot pursuit, they can make it in a building before the door can close.