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  1. On the mobile version (I play on iOS), I appear to be unable to place any structures. I have tried things like barbed wire and civi tents, but no matter how long I hold the check mark, or how many times I press it, I cannot seem to place structures. Please help.
  2. Very recently, DZLauncher came out with an update, and since then, Arma 2 refuses to launch with it. I had a semi-successful launch after a reinstall of Arma 2 and all of the addons, but before opening I received a slew of errors from the addons, such as "missing file(s) from..." or "missing script". The game launched, but closed almost immediately. Yesterday, it would confirm the launch in steam, and then simply tab back into DZLauncher without the window of check-boxes showing up. I am extremely frustrated by this, as I manage multiple bases on different servers and I love the game. I am hoping that someone has already found a fix for this.