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  1. So, while playing Mini DAYZ Mobile (Great game, might I add) I was just walking into a house when my character spat out random Russian words in red text, so I immediately became concerned. I then searched it up and I couldn't find anything, because Google Translate and the Russian to English dictionary failed to fix my problem. I was able to get a screenshot of the message. IMAGE>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/664fe89f480pdmn/File Jan 05%2C 11 34 00 PM.png?dl=0 <<IMAGE As you can see in the image, my food, water, temperature and health are all fine. Funny thing is I went to my notebook thinking that paused the game, and then when all my food and water ran out I had to watch an ad in order to not die of stupidity, then I had to use all my food and water XD. Anyways, all I really want is a translator, because I couldn't get anywhere. I even tried using a key to translate it myself, but only got jumbled words (and Google changed one of the words--Spavn-- to Spawn). So yeah, anyone out there that knows Russian? Thanks!