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  1. T_12

    What's the newest update look like?

    Damnn! I'm really glad they added female survivors too, just wish we could play as one of them for free without an unlock :)
  2. T_12

    End Game?

    Basically I feel there's nothing left to do once you've reached the third island, coz you'll be having literally everything! Any suggestions? @Thales
  3. T_12

    End Game?

    No. I found a way not to die, but my stupidity killed me. Once I reached the third island, I found a civilian tent, shovel, tomato seeds etc. at the very beginning of this island. I placed the tent near the 'neutrals' base and grew a farm and was self sufficient without any zombie trouble. Lived for 11 days (in-game) without any trouble and found a few friendlies too! Got bored with the sedentary lifestyle of just growing tomatoes and zucchini and ventured away from my tent and the 'neutrals'. Got killed in less than 2 minutes by the Mofo Bandits :'(
  4. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    Friendly survivors are those where you can see the health bar above their heads. I've met 3 till now. They can be really helpful and a little detrimental at times. Wish they could regenerate health and trade a bit like the neutrals.
  5. We'll actually there's a bug in which the infected enter the building (house) you are in and attack you. Couldn't find out how they broke in coz it was too dark.
  6. I doubt they'll make it happen :/
  7. T_12

    Helpful guide I found on Reddit

    Thanks a lot @Loudmushroom this is really helpful!
  8. All I see is that this is a bug fix update. Anything else we should know about?
  9. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    @DarkSilence That summary you gave is really nice and helpful :) Lol @canemorto
  10. Thank you, but please be polite. No one wants a fight or anything. I have read the rules already, and I'm sorry if there has been any mistake on my part ok? In fact, the first rule clearly says have fun :) So Please Stay Calm.
  11. T_12

    Mini DayZ Wiki

    Hey @thedegle is there any way guys like us can contribute? Would really like to help :)
  12. Thanks @Loudmushroom and @bulan555 it helped :) LOL ok Mr. @R0adki11
  13. Guys I just want to know how to use duct tape and sewing kit. I know it's meant to increase the life of you're clothing but how exactly do u use it?
  14. T_12

    Friendly survivors?

    @DoppiaP Run away from them when you hear the gunshots. Don't go too close. If you enough health, a good melee weapon (or maybe a gun), bandages, you can go fight him :)
  15. T_12

    [iOS] Loving it! Some bugs and ideas

    Also @Thales why can't I see where I have placed my tent on the game map? Hope u make this possible in the future updates! :)