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  1. That's what I thought about, but the tricky part is, this must be executed on many units at the same time. Performance is crucial. But there must be a built-in function for calculating the view of a unit - hell, the game would not work without it :P
  2. I.E. i want to return false (or a number) if the unit is covered behind a building or is behind the observer. I'm currently using knowsAbout but it has some issues like the value still stays highest even if the unit has gone out of the field of view. Any ideas?
  3. How to make such overlayed text in game fixed over an object like in the UAV training mission? I've dePBO'd the mission, checked inside scripts and .ext file but can't get anything to work. Any help?
  4. IMO requires modifying the unit's FSM inside the pbo. Not tested
  5. This guy gives me the creeps :D
  6. "Land_A_BuildingWIP" createVehicle position; If I remember it right, check it out
  7. RazorX

    Add action help

    Works for any unit, not necessarily leader
  8. Nope, you're wrong. movingEnable is used just to move (drag) the dialog within the dialog screen
  9. You're right in 1 aspect - that's the simplest way if you really don't care what track is playing. In other cases script it. And also look in the module's source, you'll find something interesting :P Also, the module plays the tracks randomly, modify the loop and make them play in any order you want. I just dislike giving me a simple tool which I can't modify when in only few lines of code I can make something exactly what I want
  10. Yep, but tell you the truth, ArmA2 engine is a bit irritating when it comes to media. You need to know the length of tracks. The script may look something like this script.sqf ArrayOfTracks = [.......]; ArrayOfTrackLengths = [.......]; //must be in the same order as above while {true} do { _index = floor random (count ArrayOfTracks); playMusic (ArrayOfTracks select _index); sleep (ArrayOfTrackLengths select _index); }; It's the simplest solution
  11. You mean another total conversion system. I assume you still don't have a team. Well, DIY :P Good luck
  12. I doubt the mess version. Note that the effects of lethal doses of radiation are observed within up 6 weeks. Holy shit, it's a huge amount of time in agony. To kill a human within a period of minutes requires tremendous amount of gamma particles, such radiation never existed even in regions of Chernobyl. Most of you don't know about the accident in Chelyabinsk, read about it and you will know that Chernobyl was only a little disaster in comparison to that. Bleedings what you mentioned takes place after at least 2 days after being irradiated, mainly from digestive system, rarely from skin - the skin must have been damaged earlier or take at least 1000R and still the deformations are observed at least after a week. The skin turns red after a couple of hours after being irradiated but this effect lasts only up to 24 hrs, after a week the skin stars to turn dark red and deformations start. Gastric mucosa is being completely destroyed and the organism can't take any nourishment, there is a huge body mass loss. Radiation destroys the immune system, even light wounds are sources of infection. After a long period of time people often die of leukemia. After a month first signs of cancer can be observed. In all this I mean that killing a human by radiation in a period of minutes is simply impossible. Computer games like Stalker or any other of this kind showing radiation killing in seconds are simply imaginary and have nothing to do with reality. During first months after the Chernobyl explosion only 31 people died of radiation sickness, most of them were the scientists which were inside the power plant and they didn't died instantly though. Just stop watching too many sci-fi movies and take some books instead. If you want to implement a realistic radiation, you have to use realistic lengths of time, sorry.