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    That's oh so true.... if we put it all in one thread, it will be a pain to find any info hidden in 50 pages........As said before it was like that already when the beta process started. I find it much better the way its done now....and for our beloved devs it must be already difficult enough to filter important info from less important info in the small threads now.... Keep those betas coming BIS :-)
  2. markushaze

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 72418 Available!

    I just want to make sure this is known: I am using a launcher: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=89731 In this i can choose what mods to load and in what order. With Arrowhead came some new things to the mod list, such as "expansion" and "expansion beta". now i didn't pay attention to this, but i have been starting Arma2 CO with the "expansion" and "expansion beta" selected. This gave me the errors discribed above and some others..... after deselecting "expension" and just starting Arma 2 CO with the mods and "expansion beta" solved the problem. If you download the Launcher and try you will know what i mean. Reason i post this is because its not a BIS error, its a user error :-) thanx for reading .
  3. markushaze

    OA and ArmA 2 separation

    Hello Why would you want to separate them? I use a launcher, this one for example: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8241 It works great, lets you easily choose the mods and parameters you want. No more fiddling with the target line and best of all, you can start A2, OA, or Combined Ops separately:-). So no need to separate what belongs together :-) have fun
  4. markushaze

    Recoil (again)

    After some play testing ( combined ops) i must say. At first i couldn't hit a thing, and i was like... yea....... damn that. But after some practice ( sick1 Operation Delta camp ) i have to say. This is fantastic. I just hope the same "inconvenience" goes for AI soldiers. The feeling of firing a gun is greatly enhanced and i find a little practice and the setting works nicely. thanx BIS for those updates.
  5. markushaze

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 72418 Available!

    @Andersson[sWEC] Some things are being tried with these betas, meaning before a full and final new patch is made, the changes are being tested by the community (thats you by the way). Problems can be sorted and "new bugs" squashed for the final build. Thats the whole purpose of letting you (yea the community) take part in testing. I find thats a great thing and i dont mind "new bugs" i just want to help iron them out and make ArmA 2 OA the master peace it deserves to be :-) Thank you BIS keep it on.
  6. markushaze

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 72418 Available!

    yep, i can confirm the wrong messages with the latest beta. i chose "injured" and got to hear "out of fuel". i guess its just like the IR strobe problem: Fixed in final build.
  7. markushaze

    [SP] / [MP] DamBusters

    wow... just wow, absolutely fantastic mission. i didn't quite finish yet, so i cant say exactly how far i am, but i have been playing over an hour, and its a great SP ride. Thanx for this.
  8. markushaze

    3d resolution or AA

    Hello all. For nvidia users there is a secret weapon :-) Have you heard of nHancer? it opens up functionality which is otherwise hidden. It uses less resources for a better picture. I use 4xS AA (combined multi- and super sampling mode) and 100% filter rate in the resolution 1680 x 1050. Please, try it and tell me what you think , and works best for you. greetings
  9. markushaze

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Honestly, i don't know why your guys are having problems. Installing the patch went fine, 1.05-1.07 and everything works as advertised on my end. exthreads=7 and cpucount=4 should be default, i have them in the command line anyways. Game is running smooth. getting the expansion later today (or so i hope) then i will report back. lets go to war gentlemen:-)
  10. markushaze

    [SP/COOP]Election Day

    Hallo I have downloaded all required addons, placed the needed ones in Baghdad_v1.1 ( the IED obj, African Foliage and the parts from Afgahni Village .pbo ) and it works fine. cant reproduce your error. sorry. try updating ACE, and re downloading the missions needed Addons. Should work. Thanx for this great mission keep up the great work
  11. markushaze

    [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

    Yea Great Work. Thanx. i am enjoying it :-)
  12. markushaze

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Hello all Great, C4/Satchel Charges are working again since latest ACE update. I can finally continue searching for.... Nice Missions Sick1. thanx again.
  13. markushaze

    New beta build 71548 up

    Thanx BIS . This beta has worked wonders. The Game runs very smooth even with lots of MODs active. Much better streaming performance , les lod swiching overall noticable nicer gameplay then previus versions. Best of all.... No crash whatsoever:-) exthreads=7/ All very high / AA via nhancer 4xCombined / Singleplayer Missions / Campaigns / specs in my sig./ again, This is gresat. Thanx a lot. I will try and test some multilayer later on.
  14. Great... I took a shot yesterday alone.... , nice idea with the suicide cars:-) Possibility to make it sp? I mean, should it work with AI controlled Squads?
  15. markushaze

    SEAL Team Six 4

    There seems to be a problem with the satchel charges on the mission.... anyone else with this issue? i am using mods ( ace, gl4, fire and smoke), ... and some others. however none of them should interfere with satchel charges. in other missions with the same mod config i can use the charges without problems.... Thanx for any help, or an update :-)