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  1. Last night we try your mission in our server. We get into Zargabad direct to take the files (that`s the first task ) We found and take the files ..... then the next task was give back these files to someone (cant remember the name). On the way to the second task the soldier who keep the documents was killed and the files went to the floor. We pick-up the files again with same soldier whos carry, and finally find the contact..... but nothing happens. No way to give back files. ¿maybe a bug? ?????? Try to give back files with other members of the squads but nothing happens again....????????? At the end we decide to kill that man ...... and the mission continue to the next task But without information about where can be Harris in all Zargabad.... finally we found. All time we used the alpha lider slot. Nice mission .... we really enjoy playing .... thanks for your work!!!!!