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    Mini DayZ Stories

    My story begins when I came out of my mums pussy. As soon as I was born into this world, I knew my likes and my dislikes. I enjoy killing people. I try to kill as many as I can, in the most different ways possible. I strangled one, raped another to death, bash skulls open (rip Abraham and Glenn XoXo), ran over a couple, hanged some, drowned some, executed some, beheaded some, burned some, and I even buried alive some. It was good at disappearing, but one day i was caught and been sentenced to death. That was when God saved me. He called forth the army of the dead and made them ate innocents. I was happy at first, but then I realised that if God kept killing everybody in the world, I wouldn't have anybody left to play with. So I decided to kill the undead, as many as possible. I ended a lot of people, sent them to the unknown abyss. I thought I could continue to kill the undead, that it would statisfy my lust for murder. I soon came to realise that they were already dead and so I decided to find some survivors. I came across a city called electrodrsvssk. I ended everybody there. I kept killing. I could not stop myself. One day I found this guitar with a book on the case. I followed it and learned to play guitar. I became incredibly good and realised I maybe the best guitar player in the world. So I continued to play and did not realise that zombies loves music. They looked up to me as a great leader. I control the army of the undead and now continue to kill everybody on this planet.

    Mini DayZ Stories

    Very original 'cough' 'cough'
  3. If on mobile, there's an achievement option which shows a lot of achievements. Somewhere near the middle, I've noticed there's an achievement named Level Up, which also said find nuko-cola, not nota-cola. So before I asked everybody here on this forum thing, I tried to look for it but couldn't find any. I was on day 10 with like 7000 points and I still can't find any. I was also on veteran (if that info helps(probably doesn't though)). So if anyone can help me(I'm asking devs to help me) please help me find some help (or just help me).
  4. Also the targeting system should be improved if possible, such as making it target stronger enemies first instead of targeting the thing closest to you because I keep dying from bandits because the guy is to busy targeting zombies. The targeting system could also be completely changed so that the player has to touch the screen as to where to shoot (sort of like the grenades and flares). I also feel like there shouldn't be an 'auto-melee-hit' and should be like the browser version. These are just some ideas I would love to have happen but I maybe dreaming to much. Thanks for the game developers. It's a good game. :)
  5. I was wondering if you can see mines when you place them because I blew myself up after forgetting I placed a mine there

    Minidayz mobile version tents

    Hello Mr Thales, I'm enjoying the game as if its the best game on the App Store, but I'm wondering if there's ever going to be multiplayer for mobile or make it so that friendly people don't shoot you and just say "you're blocking the target." Can you also fix the bug where every 15-30 minutes a white screen appears and restarts the app which erases my progress by like 5 minutes (especially in the 2nd island, where I'm restarting every 5 minutes). Otherwise, I rate this game a 5/5 stars and please keep up the good work!