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  1. bulan555

    new update

    ok so ive been away from the game for a while and i see so many new things can someone give me a rundown?
  2. bulan555

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    building insides not zooming in or revealing solved after relaunching app
  3. bulan555

    Shooting accuracy after 1.2.0

    and headshots like what happened to them they are like impossible to get now and with that the m1911 and glock are just BAD
  4. bulan555

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    actually i played today about 4-5 hours(no internet also no social life) and about 30 minutes or something like that well until i closed the app everything worked yup i think its a remington bug after some time mine started working
  5. bulan555

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    1.thats been there since the start of the game 2.thats been there since the start of the game 3.thats weird 4.havent reached that point yet 5.same here
  6. bulan555

    Report Bugs 1.2.0

    ive experienced the common i see issue where my map and well everything in the notepad not showing does it fix itself on moving to a new island?
  7. bulan555

    I'm ready for island 4

    thats some good shit but why fnx over m1911
  8. bulan555

    Wishlist 1.3.0

    i would be down for a more complex inv system like being able to put a mosin in your hiking pack but i takes up all the slots
  9. bulan555


    filthy apple fanboy kappa pls no kill me
  10. bulan555

    Wishlist 1.3.0

    its a mobile game of which player base is quite casual so people dont really take their time to view forums let alone respond to posts
  11. bulan555

    Wishlist 1.3.0

    about riot shields what about the ability to whip out your pistol and have like a 50% chance of reflecting bullets until you unequip the pistol
  12. bulan555

    Multiplayer problems

    yeah multiplayer is fucked atm
  13. bulan555

    When on average is the next update ???

    4th island ey fuck me i just lost my very end game run well at least im not gonna be salty to leave my camp behind
  14. bulan555

    502 Bad Gateway????

    it means the rebels are using the death star against you stupid kappa pls no kill me