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  1. I COULD NOT FIND WHERE TO PUT BUG REPORTS, IF THERE IS A BETTER PLACE PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!! After 1,700 hours these are the Only Three bugs that still remain that really should be fixed. (There are more but these should be fixed asap) When using the Virtual Arsenal some Items Quantity (On right hand side) disappears after Saving or Entering then returning to Virtual Arsenal. Another Bug/Exploit is when adding a Pistol or Rifle (Noticed it happens to Pistol more often) it resets the Uniform Inventory Randomly allowing you to put up to ~10% - ~100% (x2) the amount of Items in that Uniform. I do not know how it happens or why, but if you then Save it the Load-out you can easily Spawn it in to a Server and have effectively x2 the amount of items in your Uniform still. (Why I say it is an Exploit) Last one is when you load a load-out it randomly removes the NVG's you and do not know untill you check your inventory to see them missing in the most in-opportune times These three bugs I have noticed ever sense the release of the Virtual Arsenal that still have not been fixed. Just thought B.I. might want to know.
  2. Just adding my two-cents, after over 1,700 hour, to what could be done to massively improve it. 1. Have One Button to change all the Tabs to Order By Mods Instead of having to go through ever one by one changing them from Alphabetical Order. (More for people who like messing with Mods, it gets tiring changing it every, single, god, damn, time) 2. Fix Minor Bugs where the Quantity of specific Items are not show after Saving and Loading a Load-out 3. More/Different Vehicles so you can test the AT weapons on Each of them to see what they damage. (Referring to how they are Semi-Transparent, and Change Colors, White, Orange, Red Depending on Damage) 4. Fix the Bug where when Loading a Load-out it adds or removes NVGs and Items from the Load-outs Inventory 5. Fix the Bug that Freezes the Character when Viewing through the Arsenal After Saving and Loading. (Doesn't happen if you do not Save then Load) 6. Add more AI who are Running so New Players can learn and practice on shooting moving Targets. 7. Better Saved Load-out Management. (For people who like making a Bunch of Load-outs for Mission Making for example, its annoying to lose a Loud-out in the Hundreds that are already there, Yes there is a Mod for it, but it has issues related to crashing the game when used) 8. A Remove Every thing Button, the number of times I have mistakenly hit the Random Button and done mess every thing up is annoying. Other things that would be cool to add. but are not as needed as whats already stated above. 1. Ability to make Units/Militarys using the V.A. that are use able in the Eden Editor instead of using the V.A. to change them, reasoning is because if you have Mods it make it super hard to load (There has been times where I brewed a whole coffee pot before it loaded) the V.A. Every, Single, Damn, Time (Yes I know there is a Mod for it, but you still have to edit/move files around to get it to work properly) 2. Infantry Body Armor Viewer, Like in War Thunder but for Infantry, Maybe for Vehicles Also? Again just my two-cents that aren't worth a damn