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  1. The Truest King

    HBar Ruined

    Yeah you have to aim at the penis for a headshot now. Before you used to have to aim above the head.
  2. The Truest King

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

  3. The Truest King

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

    Appreciate the feedback guys. Thought I might have been going crazy. Both points are really good. Improving performance and balance is nice. Just needs to be a smidge more centered imo.
  4. The Truest King

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

    Just played a few games yall must have done a hotfix its better but needs to be just a tad bit more centered.
  5. Change the camera angle and character postion back to what it was in preppers. The blindside is far to big now. You literally cant see anything to the left or if you hit rb, to the right. Played five games last night and didnt hear one shot fired. I was on fiske(the killers map)only. I think its because no one can see properly. Everyone is afraid to engage. Aside from this...Hunters is a great update. Ill play a few more tonight see if it was just my luck that night.
  6. The Truest King

    Camera Angle and the Giant Blindside

    I just answered my own question. Anyone wondering what im talking about. Youtube "Vigor preppers gameplay". The youtube "Vigor hunters gameplay'. Your character position on the screen is almost completely to one side or the other depending on if you hit rb. No wonder my friend list is full of people playing other games used to be a third of my friends playing during preppers. Changes gameplay tremendously. 😕
  7. Just came back after a month break. Took my break during Preppers and just came back to Hunters. What in the living f**k happened to the camera view. My character covers almost all of the left side of the screen and feels like its actually been zoomed in. Almost feels like i cant even see now. If i spam the rb button it actually feels how it used to. Why was this changed? Is this a bug. Why is my character to the complete left side of my screen. Imo you should either choose between 1st or 3rd person. Cuz this 2 1/2 person view is just trash. Everything else is wonderful and this game has done nothing but gotten better aside from this. Anyone else notice this or am i just seeing it differently because of the break i took?
  8. The Truest King

    The Truest King's List of Bugs 1.1

    I'll test it out.
  9. The Truest King

    The Truest King's List of Bugs 1.1

    Ill look into it thank you.
  10. The Truest King

    Signal not showing players?

    Do you have video of any of this?
  11. These in-game bugs will be listed as to the priority in which I think they should be fixed. As they are the most detrimental to new players and vet players experience alike. This list will be added to and changed as each update progresses and these bugs are fixed. Thank you~ The Truest King 1. CRAFTING WEAPONS AND CONSUMABLES DISAPPEAR IF NOT IN GAME. Under certain circumstances when crafting a weapon, the materials will be gone and the item will not be in stash if the Outlander is not in game. When clearing saved data or clearing cache while a weapon or consumable is being crafted, the item will disappear from que and materials are still consumed. If a weapon is in que and set to finish as an Outlander is leaving or entering an encounter. The weapon will disappear from que and materials are still consumed. 2. LOOTING DEAD OUTLANDERS IN BUSHES. Somehow looting a dead outlander in certain bushes is still impossible. 3. PRONE BUGS When looting a car while prone there's a good chance of getting stuck in the car. Occasionally miniscule surroundings stand you up. Occasionally when vaulting the Outlander is unable to crouch or prone until the Outlander aims down sights or swaps weapons. 4. MISALIGNED AIM DOWN SIGHTS. The G3 ironsight has to cover the target in order to hit the head. The AUR Para perfect crosshair is actually the very bottom of the circle. The E16A2 ironsight has to cover the target in order to hit the head. The AUR A1 perfect crosshair is the lower part of the circle. But not the very bottom like the Para. More test are to be done and added to this list. 5. PERMANTLY OUT OF BREATH Once an Outlander is out of breath. The heavy breathing continues even after you've regained your vigor. 6. THE LEGENDARY AUTO STAND PRONE GLITCH IS BACK This time we know the exact scenario in which this is triggered. When meleeing while aiming the outlanders ammo will read -/max ammo. The outlander will melee every time he shoots. The crosshair will be as if he is laying down. Both an advantage and disadvantage.
  12. The Truest King

    Truest King's List of Bugs 1.0

    They did their thing. 👏 Bravo Vigor Dev Team! Ill be creating new list for 1.1 as I find more bugs.
  13. The Truest King


    I think he took me up on my offer of going somewhere else. I guess its hard to argue with valid points.
  14. The Truest King


    Whoah you misunderstood and just ran with it. The nerfed loot sucks. Is trash etc. You took crying to level 9000. This is a calm post not swearing or crying. Go somewhere else.
  15. The Truest King


    A week ago when looting cars and tool sheds I'd find between 30 metal 20 nails and 40 wire from sheds. I'd find 20 metal and 3 gas 3 electronics. This week when looting I find 15 metal alone. Or wire alone. In cars ill find 1 gas or occasionally 2 electronics. Is this a bug or a change. Either way its garbage. But this is trash. This is rubbish. I can't figure out any more nice ways to say it. Its poop. I love Bohemia. I love Vigor. But they need to get it together.