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Found 10 results

  1. WarDaddy69

    MiniDayz 2 Feedback

    Kudos to the developers, I for certain thought that support for MiniDayz 2 would be pulled before that day comes. Since now I do see hope for this game in some way I went to the effort to post on this forum. That being out of the way here is some legitimate criticism from someone that sunk a disproportionate amount of hours into your game. 1)FIX THE DAMN RECONNECTION CODE I am very sorry but this is the major problem MiniDayz 2 faces right now. It was manageable up to now but with the recent changes to gameplay brought by this update the game will bleed players faster than the hemophilic game characters bleed out when a zombie brushes against them. Seriously. In 2 hours of gameplay I lost: 2x Vaiga 12, 4xMountainbackpacks, 1xKA-M, 1xScoped Mosin, 4xHammers and 3xHazmat suits. Why? Because your Reconnect after Raid button is a stinking great lie, thats why. Both in WLAN and 4G+ internet IT DOES NEVER RECONNECT and the character is presumed dead. If I would be to miss out on the loot that would be bad, but somewhat acceptable. Losing gear I took into the session because of your connectivity issues is most definetly not acceptable! 2)Fix Melee! Last update absolutely wrecked melee combat. You people are as good at balancing your game as a rabid bull is at ice skating in a china shop. ALL MELEE WEAPONS APART FROM KNIVES ARE OBSOLETE Now why in the world would someone carry a 8 weight hammer if that hammer cant 2 shot a running zombie but a 1 weight knife can one shot almost anything. Now I am not saying that the backstab game mechanic is not good, it most definetly is and should stay! But, you ruined any method of fighting zombies but the backstab and turned the game into 100% stealth meta. Either have a hunters jacket, military uniform, military hazmat or ghille suit or get bent. There is no other way to play this game anymore without considerable frustration if one doesnt go full stealth. This is bad game design! Yes, the hammer was the be all end all meta weapon prior to this. But instead of switching that meta to a new one, you should have had them running in parrallel. Have multiple ways of succesfully playing the game. It would have been balanced. 8 carry weight hammer can 2 shot most zeds while kiting 1 carry weight knife gotta sneak up to be usefull So both weapon classes had upsides and downsides. Knockdown weapons allow for kiting more than one zombie at a time for the price of taking up a inventory space. Knives allow quick dispatch and free up the inventory but require a high skill ceiling to use.Balanced. Bleed weapons and axes still useless. Seriously? what is the point of these weapons? The axes were good at farming building materials with the glitch. Glad you removed it. But what now? Whats the point of the axe? You cant kite and entering melee with even one zombie is a sure way to end a run early and damage gear. Balance axes: give them more range and a special attack. Crippling strike: the target hit by that can only move at the pace of being overencumbered(living target) or slow shambler(undead) basically hacking off the leg of the target. This way the axes could be usefull in fighting zeds and allow players to disengage without being instantly dead if 2 or more military zombies aggro. Balance spears: Increase carry weight because of spears being unwieldy and long. Zeds hit by special attack ALWAYS BLEED OUT. Zeds hit by spear ALWAYS AGGRO ON PLAYER. Basically the virus doesnt allow for the zeds blood to coagulate like a living persons. If a deep wound like a spear opens a vein, they bleed out as they cant bandage up. But they will always aggro on the source of damage. You can one hit kill any zombie but you will cause aggro in the vecinity and have to run and kite. It takes time. SPEAR CANNOT PIERCE SPECIALIST as the padding of the CRC suit/ Bomb disposal suit is to thick. Bandits will of course fight back until you are dead, if you hit them with a spear and try to leave in order for them to bleed out, they bandage themselves stopping the bleed. 3) Tweak to gunplay The gunplay is almost fine as it is but requires a few tweaks. I will go down by classes. a) Handguns -increase running accuracy -increase durability b) SMGs -Add Integrally surpressed MP 5. "IS SP 5" Stats: Weight 3 Damage 3 RoF 10 Range 5 Aim Speed 9 Accuracy 5. Mag size: 30 Ammo: 9mm Silent Can only be found, not crafted(integrally surpressed weapons require high craftsmanship to produce not something that can be improvised) Can be upgraded to "Scoped IS SP 5" Stats: Weight 3 Damage 3 RoF 10 Range 6 Aim Speed 8 Accuracy 6 Mag size: 30 Ammo:9mm Silent Price: 30 BM 30gears 16hours -increase damage SP5 4dmg/shot & UIZ 5dmg/shot c) Shotguns -increase damage by 33% per pellet -stun zombies for 0.33s per pellet hit if hit by 2 or more pellts. (3pellet hit = 0.33x3=0.99 seconds stun) d) Bolt-/Leveraction rifles -increase damage and headshot/critical hit rate even more seriously, bolt actions and lever actions are nigh useless. even the upgraded ones. You have to wait way to long to aim and the damage is pitifull. The Mosin and Repeater should always oneshot sprinters and regularly 2 shot runners. e) Assault rifles -add special attack: controlled burst. Basically like the sniping special attack, it increases accuracy but not critical chance. Charachter always fires 5 rounds. f) Semi automatic Sniper rifles. -increase damage to always one hit kill grey hooded sprinters g) Machineguns fine as is. 4) Building Materials I have noticed that the amount of building materials that are inventory efficient dropping has decreased. Kamensk Quarry rarely has Tarpaulin, Wire Coil, Insulation Foam or Metal Sheet dropping anymore. You removed the axe infinite durability bug, thats good. But for the love of god increase the drop rate for good building materials at construction looting sites/maps. It used to be straight forwards, go to the woods and farms for food, military sites for guns and gear, city/hospital for medicine and clothing and industrial areas for building materials. Bring that back, 5) Inventory space and preset loadouts. The inventory management during missions is essential and a fun mechanic. This can remain as is. You know hat isnt fun though? The 999 inventory limit in base. Its not enough it has to increase. You know whats not fun either? having to painstackenly equip survivors by hand everytime you go on a raid especially if you have to move gear and weapons from one survivor to another which happens a lot since you cant hoard enough gear for all survivors plus spares. My solution: Add a new building! The Arsenal it has five levels of upgrades. Each level increases inventory size by 300 for an absolute size of 1800(player starts with 300 inventory space at base, so 300+300xArsenal Level inventory space) each level of the arsenal unlocks the possibility of a pre-configured loadout. What are these? Let me explain, So in the arsenal there is a "loadouts menu" There you can equip a manequin with a loadout like you would a survivor. Then you save that loadout. When you are in the survivors inventory preparing for a raid you have a button that reads "loadouts" where you can select a loadout and the game tries to equip the surviors with the items listed in the loadout. You can select if you want the lowest durability items to be equipped or the highest durability items to be equipped. If you are missing certain items, the game places a greyed out version in the inventory to alert the player that he is missing the desired equipment. Upon tapping the screen the greyed items disapear and the slots are empty. Of course in the survivor inventory there is also a button "unequip all items" which does what it says on the tin. 6)Monetisation You know that we know that you wish to earn money with this game. I figure that is not currently working out for you. Nobody has to spend any fuel for anything other than accelerating the waiting periods. Hasnt worked for me and I leveled up all my buildings to the maximum level within 2 Months. But I got an Idea for you. For this monetisation to work FIX POINT 1) and add point 5) A)The Radio Tower and Walkie Talkies. Add 2 additional upgrades to the radio tower. So it will go to level 5. Level 4: 2100BM 60 gears Level 5: 4080 BM 120 gears Upon reaching level 3 and unlocking Maxim "Crusher" the player also unlocks 1 slot on the radio tower. Level 4 and 5 unlock 1 additional slot each. Each of the slots can hold a walkie talkie/radio like the ones in MiniDayz 1. It has a weight of 1 and can be put in the inventory of a survivor when going on a raid. What does it do? Glad you asked. You carry the radio upon your person. If the survivor dies you can call for EVAC. You get all your gear back that you took into the missions. Only gear! No loot, no ammo, no consumables! Only the gear you took into the raid. Radios can only be found at Military Laboratory, Orlovets Airstrip, and Svetlojarsk Hospital in a broken state in the orange loot chest with a 5% drop rate(1/20).(They cant be used on the raid they have been found on) They can be repaired for 20 gears and 24hours at repair station level 6. One can also buy Walkie Talkies/Radios from the micro transaction shop for 150 fuel per radio, so about 4.99€/piece B) Buying consumables When automatically equipping loadouts as described by point 5), the player should get the options to buy missing/greyed out consumables for fuel. Only consumables as in bandages, saline solutions, vitamins, blood bags, energy drinks, alcohol, painkillers and antidotes. So if a player ran out of consumables but doesnt want to enter a raid ill prepared, he can buy his way out with fuel. C) Advertisements Not what you are thinking! Whatever that was, stop it! And fellow players please hear me out before getting out the pitchforks and torches. There is another game that I play which has a very very good monetisation system with ingame advertising. Like any other freemium game it has artificially set waiting periods for certain unlocks and building processes.(like MiniDayz 2 has) But, you can speed those up by playing an ad. Bohemia Interactive could make use of this system aswell. Say you have to wait 50 minutes for your military hazmat suit to be repaired. Well, you could watch this 30 second ad and take 15 minutes off of that waiting period. 15 minutes should be the maximum taken off of any waiting period though as to not break desired progression time by devs unless one really wants to give the devs advertisement revenue. You could also have players be able to watch 1 advertismenet every 24 hours for 5 fuel.
  2. Helo :) This is a pretty long list of suggestions, changes and fixes all based on what I can see playing the game. Suggestion are my own and I think even the smallest consideration would be cool. :) Suggestions: 1. LTMs are a big part of a consistent player base in some games and I think this is a perfect platform for some fun to be had with LTMS, That being said I'd like to see a Loot cache point gamemode that would consist of say there are 5 points in the map all with the highest tier loot (not overkill obviously) and having to fight for it for 10-15 minutes. You can choose to go for multiple or grab one and leave ( you could also maybe have a gate on the exits until a certain time is up,say 5 minutes in). There would be no airdrop and radiation would come in quickly to force players to hurry and make a decision to leave or continue fighting. Double XP would be a great incentive for these LTMs to be played considering the way the Battlepass level up works. 2. You could also consider adding a weight stat in the inventory in an encounter so that the weight of everything makes sense. All we know is the guns weight and that is pretty useless when everything in the inventory weighs me down. 3. I know the dev team has considered Shelter customization but please introduce that with bringing friends to the shelter as well. 4. Here's a big one... Proximity chat. I know it's asked for over and over but it really would make the game so much more fun. You'd be able to ask someone to leave you alone, and let them know you don't want trouble. You could entertain them which would be great for content creator in and out of the partner program. It obviously can make for intense moments like hearing a team above or below you and trying to stay quiet. But there's also the toxicity part which, I say, it's the internet, you can't expect everybody to be nice, simple as that. 5. Dropping items from your inventory. Players want this but I know it's not that easy. Making models for the the things to be able to drop them is a tall order. BUT, it would make for better loot distribution across teams, less teamkilling, and cool scenarios when you could stick up a player combined with proximity chat ad ask them for loot to leave them alone. It would make the game more survival based. You should value your life more than loot. Changes: 1. I have already seen a lot of players complaining about the quickplay and Batterie only option. To me, that's a good change for what the change is intended for. I do think it needs to be reverted unfortunately because you don't want players going in and out of matches to find a map they want. That would make "quick play" a joke and it would make players who stay really bored with the lack of people. (at least the aggressive ones) 2. I really want Challenges to get a refresh. If I get a challenge for making 10 pistols, why does that give me the same XP as "kill a Threat", Difficulty = Reward, (I know the reward is meant to be a crate vs 2 wire, 1 glass, and 4 chemicals but xp is just more important right now with the battlepass) Every development company knows this is a wanted thing but unfortunately not a lot do it. 3. The symbol for a scoped weapon in the stash is really confusing when a lot of other games use the same logo for accuracy or kills. I think it should literally be a scope from a side on view to escape confusion. 4. When it says capacity, am I the only one that thinks of the amount of room it takes up? Just put Magazine Capacity there to make it more clear. 5. Where it says "Bonus Ammo", I think it should say "Bonus Ammo when crafted", as well as the actual ammo type symbol. ex.Bonus Ammo when crafted: 'Purple ammo type Symbol' 7.62x54 (10) to make that more clear. 6. Having the ability to sort your stash would be nice. Please give us the choice to sort by: Gun Type, Sort by: Rarity and Sort by: Ammo Type. The stash in my opinion is a mess. 7. I don't even know when the ammo costs were changed but they are way too expensive now, I refuse to use my ADRs , simply becuase I don't want to make the ammo for them. some prices need to be lowers and others raised. I think Rare should be 8, Military Grade 12 to 15 and Special Issue 20 8. Food box. I know this one is tough for you devs to try and get right and I understand but just leave it at 30,000-40,000. The way you got the crates before was good and I found myself making it no further than 30,000 but I don't play for 8 hours a day like some other people. 1-4 hours is often a time range of how long I play and last box I only put in 25k because there is no point losing the rest of my food when I can save it for next time. Fixes: - Pistols fly out of your hands when in left shoulder view (aswells as Scorpion) - I found that the Silver Pigeon peaks and make an awful sound when my headset is at full volume, could just be the headset but I think the audio for the gun should be adjusted - On prone to crouch, my hand is in the way of Suomi KP/-31, SKS and M2 Carbine in 1st person - AUG A1 seems awfully close to chest when prone - scoped weapons Arm bug when ADS and prone to crouch 3rd person-left shoulder - 1 Person issues with MGV-176 - Stats board cannot see the bottom three stats in leaderboard unless clicked on and name above the stat does not show above leaderboard Thank you for reading :)
  3. These in-game bugs will be listed as to the priority in which I think they should be fixed. As they are the most detrimental to new players and vet players experience alike. This list will be added to and changed as each update progresses and these bugs are fixed. Thank you~ The Truest King 1. CRAFTING WEAPONS AND CONSUMABLES DISAPPEAR IF NOT IN GAME. Under certain circumstances when crafting a weapon, the materials will be gone and the item will not be in stash if the Outlander is not in game. When clearing saved data or clearing cache while a weapon or consumable is being crafted, the item will disappear from que and materials are still consumed. If a weapon is in que and set to finish as an Outlander is leaving or entering an encounter. The weapon will disappear from que and materials are still consumed. 2. LOOTING DEAD OUTLANDERS IN BUSHES. Somehow looting a dead outlander in certain bushes is still impossible. 3. PRONE BUGS When looting a car while prone there's a good chance of getting stuck in the car. Occasionally miniscule surroundings stand you up. Occasionally when vaulting the Outlander is unable to crouch or prone until the Outlander aims down sights or swaps weapons. 4. MISALIGNED AIM DOWN SIGHTS. The G3 ironsight has to cover the target in order to hit the head. The AUR Para perfect crosshair is actually the very bottom of the circle. The E16A2 ironsight has to cover the target in order to hit the head. The AUR A1 perfect crosshair is the lower part of the circle. But not the very bottom like the Para. More test are to be done and added to this list. 5. PERMANTLY OUT OF BREATH Once an Outlander is out of breath. The heavy breathing continues even after you've regained your vigor. 6. THE LEGENDARY AUTO STAND PRONE GLITCH IS BACK This time we know the exact scenario in which this is triggered. When meleeing while aiming the outlanders ammo will read -/max ammo. The outlander will melee every time he shoots. The crosshair will be as if he is laying down. Both an advantage and disadvantage.
  4. These in-game bugs will be listed as to the priority in which I think they should be fixed. As they are the most detrimental to new players and vet players experience alike. This list will be added to and changed as each update progresses and these bugs are fixed. Thank you~ The Truest King 1. *FIXED* BUSH CAMPING Bushes act as a shield in certain instances. This is a plague on the map "Batterie Draug" 2. *SEMI-FIXED* ADS BROKEN WITH CERTAIN OUTFITS AND STANCES Ads(aim down sight) is broken for the following guns while having the Outlander pack outfit equipped: suomi(crouch), kk62(standing, crouch), sks(crouch, prone), Thompson(crouch, prone), m2 carbine(all stance), vz 58 p(all stance), izh43(prone), a74k(crouch, prone), rpk(all stances), PA md. 86(crouch, prone), Aur Para(prone), Aur a1(prone), ADR-97(prone). The outfit clips over half the screen not allowing you to see. 3. *SEMI-FIXED*AUTO STAND PRONE GLITCH When proning sometimes the Outlander will be stood up by miniscule surroundings. *FIXED*ASPG CONTINUED When proning and using toggle aim if the Outlander is forced to stand the Outlander will have their ammo appear as "-1/0". They will melee with the gun every time they shoot but will still be able to fire, and ammo will be used as normal. 4. *FIXED* AT CERTAIN TIMES OUTLANDER IS UNABLE TO JUMP CROUCH OR PRONE There is no conclusive data as to why this is happening. During these incidents it is reported to have network connection unstable the entire duration of the encounter. 5. *FIXED* LIGHTING GLITCH MAKING AIMING/SEEING IN CERTAIN DIRECTIONS [TOWARDS THE SUN] UNSTABLE/IMPOSSIBLE Occasionally when loading in there is a lighting glitch making you barely or completely unable to see when facing the sun. Doesn't happen often but when it does its a certain death sentence. 6. *FIXED* PLACES TO GET STUCK NEED REMOVED Various places throughout the maps have spot where there is normal traffic whether it be by the comms or signal detector that players can get stuck and not unstuck. In fiske there's a mountain where the sig detector is, where many have fallen victim myself included. This is just one example the maps that are most effected seem to be the mountainous maps. 7. *FIXED* CRAFTING WEAPONS AND CONSUMABLES DISAPPEAR UPON COMPLETION Clearing saved data while having craft a weapon will cause it to disappear if it hasn't been completed and stored. If the Outlander is not in game during completion the item crafted and materials used will also be lost. 8. *FIXED* DUOS CRASH UNDER CERTAIN AND UNCERTAIN CONDITIONS If one Outlander has their mode set to solo when grouping occasionally a glitch will occur where it will indicate one Outlander is not in shelter. If one Outlander has their mode set to solo when grouping occasionally a glitch will occur where only the Outlander that starts an encounter goes into the encounter. Occasionally when grouping the Outlander will instead be in a group with no one, and will be given the option to leave group, but is unable to invite anyone until their game is reset. There are more instances where there is crashing and being unable join friends but more evidence needs to be produced for direct claims to be made. 9. *FIXED* Auto Fire When an Outlander has an automatic weapon, set to auto, and pressing RT rapidly, the weapon will fire until the round is empty or when player presses RT again. 10. *FIXED* Shooting Range Bugs When doing challenges if the Outlander completes challenge and runs out of area, the Outlander will fail and complete the challenge giving them the option to retry 3 times. This allows the Outlander to complete challenges with ease on gold due to each target have multiples of three and four. When starting a shooting range challenge you will lose loadout you currently have equipped. When an Outlander reloads a gun in their loadout while simultaneously leaving the shooting range the Outlander will lose ammo in their loadout.
  5. The Truest King

    Ideas For Future Content

    1. Voice communication proximity. It would add another heightened sense of realism. As well as make it easier for outlanders to decide if they want to kill or if they want to let live. Another point is that it would be a heavy marketing strategy as rage videos would go viral on social media platforms. 2. Mod meh gunz! Higher tier weapons could include base guns with mods. Example es16a2 is a common gun. But the scoped es16a2 is purple scoped silenced es16a2 is gold. Mods should be random found in vaults or safes. And they need to make sense. Scoped RAK is example of a bad mod. RAK should get a extended mag or grip. Snipers could have a 2x scope. Thermo? Night vision? You get it. To access the mod weapons click the weapon but make a window pop up similar to changing weapons when you're looting. To better explain you'd click the es16a2 as if you were equipping it. Then the window will pop up. Left for base, Right for modded. 3. Add these new guns FN SCAR 16, M4, M249(SAW), MP5, Desert Eagle, Barret .50, and the M1216 Shotgun. 4. Custom Clothing Emblems for Crowns Design your own emblem and apply it for 100 crowns! 5. Team Killing penalty Now when team killing a teammate on duos an Outlander will receive a red skull icon on their pregame loadout character sheet. Indicating that they have killed a teammate in a recent game. The outlander will have the red skull for 24 hours or until a successful exit without killing a teammate. 6. Communication has your back! Now when activating the communications, radiation will be visible on the outlanders map. Allowing them to loot all the way to the end. 7. Signal detector buff. Signal detector now shows your targets gps position for 3 secs after it has been activated. 8. 4v4v4 Squads. An Outlander can only hold 2 crates in this mode. Quickplay is the only option as to prevent easy 8-12 man group ups 9. An exit to the game application Yeah bruv.... 10. Suggestions and Fixes Fall damage needs reduced Stagger needs to be less potent needs a very slight tweak. Prone is sometimes bugged when nothing is in the way. The Outlander is forced to stand. Recoil needs reworked with certain guns(PA, A74k, scorpion, vz,) unless modded guns are added and compensator is a available mod. Then a rework wouldnt be needed. New Clothes for winter terrain Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keep up the good work! ~The Truest King
  6. Pyrit.

    Changelog 0.5.25128

    Changelog 0.5.25128 Added: Tips from onboarding added to the options menu Added: "Reset To Default" to Options screens Changed: Matchmaking status now displays elapsed time instead of player count Fixed: Accuracy in the result screen should no longer be higher than 100 %. Shotguns were scoring more hits than shots, resulting in above 100 % accuracy Fixed: It was not possible to loot dead players in some cases due to wooden crate physics Fixed: a Broken visual style of "Advanced Controls" button
  7. My computer Freezes or restarts after 1min-1hr of playtime in Arma 3 using no Mods. I play on HostileTakeover.co -King Of The Hill - US #2 - Infantry. I'm not sure if it does it only for this server or not, but I have hosted a server using port forwarding and was able to play for +2hrs without crashing with my friends. My system specs: https://pastebin.com/vHictppN RPT crash report: https://pastebin.com/qHYUi5ng One more RPT log: https://pastebin.com/Qq7brEci Paramaters:
  8. Sleepyc18

    Suggested tweaks

    I think the ambient sound of the environment mask the sound of other players. In the tunnel on fisk factory i can hear foot steps just fine until i walk out the tunnel. Walking in a building i can hear foot steps when standing still. The only time i can hear other players that are outside is when I'm not moving or they are shooting. So i would like to see adjustments in the sound. Once you have a blueprint for a gun getting another from a drop should grant you one gun of the blueprint rather than a blueprint you have no need for. Grenades should also be found by looting. Say give a green circle that would have a single grenade located in it. Cause one every so often from drops is good but not rewarding enough. Also i would like my sensitivity settings to stay rather than everytime i load the game up i have to change them, and give a description of what some of the sliders do. Another problem i have is player draw distance. I will be aiming at a player (I'm sniping) and he just running by but then they character disappears when i should still see the character. I have mostly all blueprints, when will you be adding the scoped guns into the game?
  9. PhoenixKingV


    Ok so I played the beta and the games actually really fun I will definitely be buying the game on release but I would like to put my input on things. The glitches that happened to me were the obvious 1s that the developers knew would fluke other than that it was fun. I would think new maps would be the obvious point of this game it feels close to a br but it leans more toward tarcov and day z and if they added new maps it could very well take the lead. You guys should think about added like a bigger map and no radiation for a longer gameplay no exit just something like a mmo game mode because a lot of people are waiting for games like day z and you could get there attention with that idea a more hardcore with more players that would count as a new or custom gamemode, a br gamemode like 50 players or so or you could do br on the same maps with 16 players that's still fun but you guys gotta remember lots of people want biggggger game modes (amount of players). You guys could add like objective game modes like hold out and cover the area from enemie team until exit is ready. Although I have wayyy more ideas it's not my game but personally I'd focus on new gammodes new maps. Please guys I've been waiting for a goooooood PvP mmo long term survival game that needs more skill than cod so I'm putting my attention to this game and I'm counting on you guys to make the best of what you have started bc it's the closest thing to what I want lol GL XD
  10. I have played a decent amount of the browser version, and a few issues I have come across include -saving on browser: when I continue where I left off after saving, I have less than half of my food and water amounts as well as various items are dropped from my hands and bags -flares and gunshots and basically anything that should emit light instead emit some kind of pulsating black hole that make it impossible to see -it is possible to farm composite arrows, after shooting a composite arrow out of a crossbow, you pick up two arrows in the spot where you only shot one. -idk if this is a fix so much as I dont know what happened, but I cleared a city as dawn was coming and then after killing all of the zombies In one area I moved on to another area of the same city to clear that so I can safely loot houses once darkness came. I went back to the spot I cleared and it was infested with military zombies when there werent any before and I subsequently died because of it. a good game, but there are certainly a lot of bugs that make it frustrating to play.