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Found 16 results

  1. Vincent Rada

    Day/Night option

    Hello, Can we get a Day or Night switch in the shelter. Add more lights, Bright moon. Also weather choices.
  2. Delta_1128

    Shelter keeps resetting.

    I have an issue where my shelter keeps resetting to it's base. I normally only get on once a day and every time I do, the shelter looks like it reverted to a Lv 1 crafting table state. I have a lv 13 craft table, and 4 lv 11 rat traps. Before the update my traps could store about 400 food. Now they store 216. I have found that getting a crate in elimination restores my shelter, but my rat traps remain altered. Does anyone know what the heck is happening here? Edit: as of 10\12\2022 the shelter no longer is in it's destroyed state when I log in. Still wish the rat trap had more storage, but I'll take what I can get at this point.
  3. rosey456

    Lobby weather cycle

    I had an idea for there to be a weather cycle in the lobby like there is in some maps that the player could remove if they just want the weather to be normal, this could also apply to a daylight cycle for the lobby that follows the same rules as the weather cycle idea.
  4. I recently started playing and greatly enjoy the game and I think it has a lot of potential. I have compiled some of my and friend's suggestions. It would be great to have a new and perhaps larger shelter that could be shared by a group or clan and could be built and improved by its members. I've already fully upgraded my shelter and feel less purpose to play the game outside of playing with friends. The materials required to improve the group shelter could be immense but it would give a shared purpose for playing with teammates. Group challenges could also be created with the addition of groups/clans. Overall, I think the team shelter and objectives would increase and improve the player base. Additional Suggestions -Make pathways out of shelter to various encounter maps -Highlight shelter upgrade icons a certain color when materials required for building the upgrade are acquired, even if the maximum number of upgrades are currently under construction. This is not the same as the gold icons shown while no upgrades are being built -Allow certain music records to be removed from the record player in the shelter -Allow dropping and sharing of loot items between players in the shelter or in-game. -Allow metal parts to be obtained from deconstructing items -Allow crates to be purchased with crowns in the store -Allow decoys to be activated wirelessly Thanks!
  5. Hello Vigor Team, there is still a problem with the shelter status (in game/ in shelter) for team members. Team members must be reinvited after every round beause there status is still in game and not in shelter. Happends to me between PS4 and PS4 Pro before and after the latest update. best regards
  6. LuminareHQ

    Shelter Menu Bug

    When in the shelter level, when you jump, and mid jump press the "open shelter menu" button, when your character lands the background glitches and slides up and back to its normal state.
  7. DaddyBaz369

    Additions to consider?

    Hi, Firstly, I’m loving how the game is developing overall, and look forward to each update that improves gameplay and the environment. The following are a few of my personal thoughts, some of which are already shared by others, on possible additions I’d like to see within the world of Vigor: Dressing for the occasion; If map selection is no longer available, the ability to change clothing and equipment selection during the encounter lobby to suit the game would be preferred. Why dress in bright red tracksuit to then go to a blizzard in Dverg Forrest, or a Winter Hunters smock to visit a sunny Grontheim Valley? Add a Ghillie suit to the wardrobe too, crafted from local flora and fauna! Wildlife; an additional threat to ‘campers’ and ‘teamers’ but also a source of food and reward (animal hide or head trophy for the shelter)? Native Dogs, Arctic fox, Musk ox, reindeer, wolves, Brown bears, eagles, seals? Times of day: Norway experiences some amazing displays of the Northern Lights, so why not have an encounter to view them? Additional equipment could include flashlights and glow sticks, Signal Flares (Fired and loiter on a parachute to illuminate an area) but not Night Vision Goggles. Spotting a wolfs eyes in your torchlight could be a chilling experience!! Vehicles: there are plenty of abandoned cars and trucks, why not Hotwire one (Or find a bunch of keys in a nearby building?) to get across the map quicker. Fuel could be limited, add more to go further. Keys get instant activation, or take longer to Hotwire with wire\nails etc? Shelter interaction: I would love to take my boat out on the water to a) catch some fish and b) row to the oil rig! I would also love to play the arcade game!! Vigor Playlist: share the Vigor Score/soundtrack on Apple Music, Spotify etc so I can listen to Vigor mood music when not playing. That’s all for now. I’ll await your feedback before I add more comments/suggestions. Keep up the great work. Best regards DaddyBaz
  8. PGxWarlord117

    Weapon bug

    Hello, I create this topic because I have a bug concerning the weapon Scharfschützengewehr 82, it's been twice that I make but I do not get the weapon in my inventory and yet my materials are well consumed and I must wait 20 minutes but I do not get it in the end. It's been 2 times now and it's very annoying because I would really like to use it. thank you for responding quickly and sorry for the mistakes, I'm not English ^^
  9. In the spirit of previous posts about enabling other players to visit each other's shelter; it would be nice to see a shelter customization feature added to the game sometime. Something along the lines of craftable items such as carpeting, furniture and lighting using various materials. These items could also be found in crates, hidden across different maps or earned through in game challenges to act as trophies to be shown off. It would be cool to see a challenge system that as you complete them certain items are added to your in-house mantle above the fireplace and/or displayed on your loading character boarder. This could be a nice way to keep players interested in looting while in game after shelter upgrading is completed, which really is not that long. In a month or so we are going to see players with fully upgraded shelters that have no reason to loot and will just go around killing other players that are still working on upgrades. Could just be me, but I see the game turning from a loot-and-shoot to a full on PvP game if there aren't systems put in place to keep people interested in looting.
  10. Come on guys I love Vigor and I wanna keep it cool but I don't just wanna invite my friends to my shelter! I WANNA SHARE ONE! So I wish there can be clans of players and there would also be a clan shelter along with that to meet and hang with the other clan members at. Because if you look at Warframe they just don't have clans and clan members, they have huge Clan Dojos. These dogs are so fun though too, because they are rewarding to all the people who helped contribute to the progression of it and it getting new things and better. So I think It would be cool if the could be like a moderately large shelter for the clan but can keep getting taller like a skyscraper to fit the newcomers joining the clan. And the Clan shelter would have its own Location like the players locations. I think that it would be cool if the Clan shelter was on the shore of a beach. Because then the clan could invest in building boats to sail on the ocean too. I just feel like when I have more friends get this game we won't be able to all be in the same place because there are only duos and you can only invite one person to your shelter. So I think it would be cool if there are Clan shelters so a group can stay connected in that clan shelter.
  11. The bugs I’ve noticed when playing Vigor during the free to play weekend. - I noticed in the firing range when using the silver pigeon, the weapons animation is both bugged visually and the fact that the gun would show you reloading during the countdown and then you wouldn’t have any ammo in your weapon by the time it’s needed so you have to reload immediately when you start any of the challenges, also I’m not sure if it was intentional to make the scarecrows so far away in the challenge or I’m just not using the pigeon correctly. - Sometimes plates or bottles would be missing from a challenge and I’d have to restart my game to fix it. - While in a game was a generally smooth experience for what time I was given, I would say that the audio is a bit weird for sounds such as footsteps. When in a duo with my friend I can’t tell wether or not my friend and me are the ones I’m hearing or enemies because the footsteps would be delayed for about a second after we would stop moving. - Gunplay is ok, I didn’t necessarily have problems during my time in game but instead with the firing range mostly. - The shelter menu sometimes would bug to whenever I was in my equip menu, I would try to bring over one piece of ammo and I can’t see the ammo count unless I turned tabs and went back, having to go back and forth from tabs after every couple of taps. Also it sometimes sent the whole pile of ammo to my inventory and back when I had it on the 1x option. This is was my general experience of about 5 hours of gameplay during the weekend and this is also my first time posting something on a forum and I’m not very good at expressing myself.
  12. ReaperDave

    Character Reset at Launch

    With the official f2p launch being this year, I was wondering if characters will be reset for those that have been playing the game in Game Preview? I was searching through the forums to see if anyone has asked yet and found very little. I know there are perks from the Founders Pack but I don’t think that will be enough to suffice the character, shelter and weapons that players have been acquiring within the Game Preview time. With the gameplay as well balanced as it is, I don’t really see the concern of how new players could be overwhelmed by everyone else having better guns and such. I use the Suomi a lot and find it to be a really well balanced gun even against someone who is using a higher end weapon.
  13. The Grim Reefer

    Green environment shelter glitch

    YouTube link below of a glitch I encountered in the shelter area after playing a few rounds.
  14. Response to the Vigor team's tweet. Some of these ideas where mentioned on twitter from the community and the rest are from me and my friends. Apologies for my poor English in advance :P. * Some music in the shelter be it a cassette player or a vinyl record. It would add to the atmosphere and add character to the shelter. I also think that it would be a good option if you decided to make the cassettes or vinyl's a collectible item. I think some downtime is needed while your at ease after some intense looting and shooting. * Adding weather effects to the home shelter would be a step in the right direction and prevents the home from becoming distasteful over time. Also adding to the previous point I think some music in the shelter would be so comfy while it’s raining. * I think an extra improvement would be a visual representation of your resources. As the game is going for a immersive feel it would be great to see a pile of wood logs stacking up at the back of the house to represent how much crafting parts the player has. Bigger the resources , bigger the pile. Fable 3 done this idea justice in the way it displays your resources. * A lot of people are suggesting pets. Personally a dog would be a great way to add some company in your home. I also understand that you want the player to feel isolated and vulnerable but that is where the gameplay and maps come to life. * If you don’t agree with the previous point then maybe try and make the shelters accessible to friends if they are in your duo team. Adding some more social interaction while you are waiting for ques would be more enjoyable. * Another feature which would be adored by the community is if we could display our favourite guns in a display case or above the fireplace. These simple touches add to the survivalist feel. * Similar to the previous point maybe as an alternative we could have a mannequin to show off our cosmetics. It could also be used as a gun holder to show off the firearms. * A change that is minor but would be appreciated is if we can use our knives on the training dummies as there is no way to try them out. * My final suggestion would be to make some interactive objects to pass the time while we are queuing or waiting for friends. The Rubik's cube was a good addition but maybe something more immersive. Lets say you were in the living room next to the fire place and the "X" button was prompted on screen and your character could sit down and warm his/her hands near the fire. Gta online houses are a good example of this.
  15. The Jewish Nerd

    Ammo Glitch

    At your shelter when placing items from your backpack to your shelter storage, at random times the ammo will freeze in the item slot its in and cannot be removed; even though its registered as stored. When I go to bring ammo out of that same kind it goes into the slot thats frozen (which can be multiple slots) at this point its a moshpit in my backpack and still unsure how much ammo I bring to the encounter. When in the game, you're left with only what you brought out which is confusing because before the game it will show say 6 stacks of ammo, 3 of which are the frozen ones; only the extra 3 I spawned in will be registered in game. Its especially confusing when the ammo stack has say 21 bullets but the stack you bring in is a full 30 but gets pasted underneath the 21 stack thats frozen, until you're in game and the frozen items get deleted. Its just an inconvenient issue, hopefully someone can look into. Hope this was detailed enough haha? Keep up the good work Devs!
  16. I bought the game yesterday after the two hour trial. I think that the time spent in the shelter should be not only functional to crafting and looting but can become a tactical and important aspect of the game. Preparing the player to hit the outlands and be ready for that. I want the community think about this, it can make a real difference in the game, and maybe also for chilling out in between sessions. My ideas: 1) Introducing a physical activity that helps our character to gain more stamina, more speed, or a better aim, temporarily for the next session or simply adding levels that need to be kept through time. I was thinking like an house made gym, and also to give more value to the shooting range outside the shelter as a sort of training court. 2) Growing plants and cooking. Growing plants can give you the possibilities to create medicines and house made remedy, or others valuables to define. Cooking should give to the character some extra strength for the next session or some other effects to define. 3) Mapping. This game is very tactical because of the importance of looting and also because when you die you loose all your loot. For this reason, having the possibility to look at the map before the session can be something very important for looting or PvP, and I think that while you are in the session you should have the possibility to take photos of the territory, and in this way build the map for the shelter. Obviously the camera should be something that you can craft or find as a special loot. I'm rumbling on other ideas, but for now is enough. What do you think guys? What can be an activity to spend time on when you are in the shelter? Have a good one! PS: Guys I truly believe this can be a great and fun game and if we threw ideas in the forum can be beneficial for all of us and developers as well ;-) !