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  1. In the spirit of previous posts about enabling other players to visit each other's shelter; it would be nice to see a shelter customization feature added to the game sometime. Something along the lines of craftable items such as carpeting, furniture and lighting using various materials. These items could also be found in crates, hidden across different maps or earned through in game challenges to act as trophies to be shown off. It would be cool to see a challenge system that as you complete them certain items are added to your in-house mantle above the fireplace and/or displayed on your loading character boarder. This could be a nice way to keep players interested in looting while in game after shelter upgrading is completed, which really is not that long. In a month or so we are going to see players with fully upgraded shelters that have no reason to loot and will just go around killing other players that are still working on upgrades. Could just be me, but I see the game turning from a loot-and-shoot to a full on PvP game if there aren't systems put in place to keep people interested in looting.